Wednesday, June 18, 2008

YB (uhuuhuhuh) Goh Responds

Haha. Amzar. Laa ... sampai panggil aku ni YB uhuhuh Goh? Batuk pi jumpa lah doktor. Haha. Tapi jumpa doktor kat Jepun tu susah juga.

When I was in Japan, I fell sick and had bad cough. I needed to take certain cough syrup each time I have cough and I was allergic to an antibiotic group. They had to search for a English speaking doctor. It was more like they had to find someone who understands and can attempt to communicate in English.

Thankfully, there was one at the hospital. Haha. And man, I was at the centre of attention. So many doctors and nurses were around me that time. I told the doctor about my cough and my allergy. He had to search the dictionary of Medicine, and online to identify what I was talking. Haha.

Language barrier is a problem huh? I was always mistaken to be a Japanese. Perhaps due to my looks like a Chinese. Whenever I put on my Japanese school uniform, people will speak to me like I am Japanese. Although I was quite okay in terms of speaking and understanding Japanese at that time, but still, I wasn't fluent. It was like chickens talking to ducks. Haha.

Oh well. Anyway, I was surprised to read that people close to Amzar are slamming him and questioning him about what he wrote on his blog previously.

That is really wrong. First of all, Amzar has his rights to blog whatever he wants. That blog entry was written at his private blog and not the political one. Secondly, he has his opinions and can speak out what he feels is right and what he feels is wrong. Finally, there is no need to attack him because only if you do so, it will only prove to us that what Amzar said is right.

Reading your entries lately, made me think of my dearest. Sigh. I missed her so much and I really cannot hide it. I was advised to let her be and who knows if she will regret it or not. Tsk tsk. The greatest episode of my life.

Anyway, back to your story Bro, there is no need to come up with another explanation. People can believe what they want, and can live the life they want, and they can always voice out to you what they feel. I can understand that you are defending your opinions. I stand by your views.

In the short run, many things will not be clear. Human behaviour is very unique. We look for short term gains when we are young because we cannot identify the steady state that is necessary in life. We make rash and irrational decisions at times.

That can also explain the existence of the learning curve. Learning curves exist not only in Economics but characterization of human behaviour against time. At some point in time, people will realise what they have been doing is wrong. And that will only occur in the long run.

In my life, I went through a lot of experiences. Riding the tide, I can only say that I have one regret. I have not treated my mom like the way she deserves it.

When I was young, I was not respectful and appreciative of my mom's contributions and sacrifices for my life. I have not appreciated my mom as much as I want to right now. I shall make things right again, mom :)

A confession from Wei Liang. Haha. Rarely seen in APOMM. Some parts of my personal life deserves to be made public :)

Okay Bro Amzar. Haha. I mention your name and your blog a couple of times lately because you have been blogging juicy stuff ! Tapi janganlah panggil saya ni YB (uhuhuhu) Goh ...

YB (uhuhuhu) Goh. If one day I really become a YB for whichever seat (I have a preference for Ipoh Timur or Ipoh Barat - because I am a Ipoh kid, or Subang - due to sentimental factors), I hope my constituents can call me - brother, adik, boy. A little bit informal please when you meet me. Hmm.

Just got a message. My buddies are returning home in July ! And there's this hero from Russia telling me he is arriving home tonight without telling his parents. He wants to give his parents a surprise. Lee Tjen Jhung, your mom will be shocked !! Haha ... I am sure your sis Debbie will scold you for playing such things. He is in Dubai now for transit. Damn. I want to go home too :(

Wooohoo. I will be having a personal lawyer soon. Qi Wen graduates from Uni Reading in July with a Law Degree.

Hm. All my loyal readers seem to be very quiet at my blog. Semua ni datang baca dan terus menghilang. Ish. Komen la sikit !

Haha, Li Chen. I cant remember when was the last time you visited my blog oi ! Hope you liked the cheesecake :) Lol, just as I was typing this, received a message from you on MSN.

Hijaz, mana kamu menghilang ni ?? Datuk Wee kat NZ pun datang jenguk, kutuk aku dan hilangkan diri. Ish.

Sedih. I am lonely and bored and stressed here... ish ... MGH = mahu go home (according to CY)

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