Friday, June 06, 2008

Dad - What a SMS !

My dad sent me an sms. I didnt understand it at first and had to call him up to ask him what was he sending.

Trust me. If you sms my dad and he replies, firstly he doesnt use punctuation marks and secondly, at times I dont un what he is saying. Haha. Coz it is all in a straight line. I cant make out his meanings at times and always have to call him back and we will laugh over it.

Sis and mom find dad's sms funny too :)

Anyway, most of the time, I just spend more time in interpreting what dad is saying. Okay back to the SMS dad sent to me yesterday.

He said someone forwarded it to him and he knows what an ardent supporter of Mahathir I am. Haha. So the message reads :

M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R = Must Always Hentam Abdullah Till He Is Removed

Er. I hope Tun or Pak Lah is not offended. I got no idea who created this message or who came up with it. But yeah. Haha. It is circling around now. Hmm.

I previously posted a post on Tengku Razaleigh - The Untouchable One and instantly or rather in a short while, I received comments already. Hmm. I got only one explanation for those slamming me for crediting Tun for his contributions.

There are always two sides to a coin. Everyone has the right to choose which side he or she wants to see. And in a scale, we weigh the banes and the boons. To come up with a sweeping statement that I have shallow knowledge of Tun's era, is indeed ridiculous.

I am in no mood to start a debate with whoever that wants to view Tun's matters from the other side of the coin. But I am happy viewing them from my own perspective with my rational mind taking into consideration the many books I have read (and I am not referring to KBSM Textbooks), the many speeches and videos I have read and seen, and the knowledge that I have.

I thank all my readers for coming back and creating a debate here in A Piece of My Mind. This is where we engage in Intellectual Conversations.

Only by engaging in intellectual discussions and debates can we progress. I welcome any comments be it against my views, supporting my views or any discussive topics.

Okay :)

Haha. My pals will be so sick of me if they read this. I have been using the word "intellectual conversations" a lot these days. Hmm.

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