Friday, August 25, 2006

The Dilemma

I can see what you mean Shal . Glad to hear that you are grateful to our Govt for their sponsorship in realising your dreams .

Yet here I feel the frustration of those who were unsuccessful in receiving scholarships .

Firstly , we must not forget that we are the minority of the country and we make up to about 40% of the non bumiputra community .

Thus , to be just and fair , we get the equal amount of representation in Scholarship receivers .

But then again , many people feel unhappy that they did not get even though they achieved greater heights than me and you .

But then again , justice has no boundaries . We can argue that many top students are from Penang and KL but we can't give all Scholarships to the top students from there .

Again , we must look at percentage holdings where we should distribute the Scholarship among the best few in each State be it from Kelantan , Perlis , Sabah etc .

And yet again , we must look at the reason why a student is rejected from having a Scholarship in the course which he or she applied for .

Being asked the question of why do you want to be a doctor , if you provide the answer "I wanna help save lives" , I would agree with the common rebuttal that being a Nurse can also chip in .

Hmm . It all goes down to suitability I guess . Let me reveal something about me which I believe is controversial . A minimum requirement to apply for Econs degree under JPA require at least a B3 in Econs , Perdagangan ... and something else .

But guess what . Mr Goh did not do any of those . I did the Pure 9 Science subjects plus Information Technology . My application was rejected , I appealed , and I got an interview
with the JPA officers .

I think I provided a substantial argument on why I would like an Econs degree to be my passport to my future rice and chicken . Maybe they see that I am suitable .
But I hope no one questions this scholarship awarded to me . I proceeded to being shortlisted for a newly created Scholarship under JPA after going through some camp and interviews . It
can give me a higher positioned job and a 50 % allowance increase according to the terms .

Haha . Hope I get , higher costs coming into my way next year with Uni Lodge Apartments . This will definitely help fund my budgets .

Anyway , it is good that JPA has revamped its system . Those who wanna do Medic will go through a course for suitability and stuff . They should do a test for all other Professions
too . This way , it will be fair .

At times we can contest the our minority rights . But let us not step a foot into that messy racial rights issue .

It is too controversial and I really do not wish to go there for now . At times we should feel happy that we have a representation called MCA and MIC who are always in cooperation with UMNO in discussing and outlining each community's feelings , wants and needs with a fair , just and rational mind .

And we should also be grateful that UMNO did not shut us out completely even though we are the minority and you can see Minorities elsewhere facing all sorts of issues with examples ranging from US and Australia .

But of course , here I stand condemning radicals of their race and sing praises for people like Tunku Abdul Rahman for removing his top UMNO men who were too radical and Tun Tan Siew Sin for his ability in seeing through Lee Kuan Yew's racial politics during the Formation of Malaysia .

In the words of Dr Mahathir , we Malays only want 30% of the economic prosperity cake as outlined in the New Economic Policy and the rest is shared among non Bumis and foreigners .

In the words of Dr Mahathir , do we want a huge chunk from a small growing cake ? Or do we want a rational piece from a huge growing cake ?

The Economic Cake grow because of cooperation , understanding and fairness to all . I opt for a rational piece for peace is what we seek in the land of multi cultural society .

At times I feel it is unfair to the top students . Just like the way you all feel . For those who really deserved but did not receive a scholarship , there are channels like MCA and The Star , MIC , NST .

These channels provide an effective solution by assisting you to get Scholarships , appeals and
supporting letters .

To date , I believe MCA has always been successful though not all who appealed got it impossible to satisfy everyone right), not sure about MIC .

Bumiputeras do not complain much mainly because they receive a majority amount of scholarships from JPA and all for MARA , partly from Petronas and many more corporate firms .

Probably one day MCA investment arm Huaren Holdings should start doing so too , sponsoring students overseas , the Chamber of Commerces should do so . Treat it as part of your
Corporate Social Responsibility .

Well , good to hear from you Shal . Nice opinions that we should look at their family background , issues and stuff .

But again , I hope all of you understand that my story created was a hypothetical one with limitations and boundaries .

Had Apple Struder for dinner . Yummy ... sigh ... I miss home ...

It has been a long time since I ate

sambal ikan bilis
fried koay teow
proper fried eggs - a long time since I ate this
mom's fried rice
roti canai + roti telur
the ever sweet roti planta
milo ais
teh tarik
wan tan mee
curry mutton

Sigh . Home sweet home .

Certified Highly Stress

Hmm .

All JPA students must do a Psychology test before leaving overseas . I did mine .

Guess what ?

I scored high in Sympathetic and .... Kindness I think .

But that's not the point .

I did extremely well in Kemurungan , Kesedihan , Stress Level .

Yep . I think I scored an average of 90 + % on these three .

Haha . Means I certified Stress King from JPA .

That set of questions they gave was superbly long ... and it can remove untruths or clashing opinions to table out an accurate identification of your life character .

I was amazed and shocked and how true these results were .

Haha .

K . So don't blame me if I stress . I am naturally born to be stressed .

Hmm . Holidays coming soon ... should I go somewhere ?

But I'm broke ... ahem ... $$ anyone ?

Sigh . Sien la in the room ... sleep whole day ... gonna do some reading later ...

Amazingly ... while sleeping ... Mr Jimmy came a few times ... Sue Ann called ask me how am I , Hazel called about JPA meeting next month . All in the space of 3 hours .

Hmm . Sleep is nice and enjoyable with the weather today . Probably lunch was good with some Fish and Chips , chicken corn soup , fruits , juice .

Happy and contented , but bored and tired . Hmm .

Modification To My Story

Eh eh Sue ... haha... it sounded like you ? Nah ... I changed your perspective as far as I know . I am succcessful in saving a fellow Malaysian to love Malaysia again . You have been saved by me .

Haha . Remember you told me about your pals in IMU who only think of working overseas and they dislike Malaysia ? Well , the story I told was mainly for people like that . Though definitely there are more people who think like that in other Private Colleges and Public Universities .

Hmm . Anyway , even if Ah Kau gets super good results , JPA do not look only at results . If he is a mere bookworm and someone else play good basketball for his State with an equivalent results , then of course the basketball guy will get .

Even if Ah Kau gets super good results , but if in the interview where we have a topic to discuss , in which he failed to provide substantial arguments that are deemed mature and intelligent , then again ... does Ah Kau deserve it ?

Even if Ah Kau gets good results and spoke well in the interview of his session , and if there were other people with slightly less A's ( still meet the minimum requirement ) in his session but spoke way much better than Ah Kau , don't you think that will capture the eyes and attention of the Officer ?

As long as there is a certain standard of results on the paper , it all goes down to how you dress , sit , talk and carry yourself on that day .

Haha .

Anyway , this does not necessarily mean JPA rejects are fighting against the country .

I certainly agree that even those who did not think about applying JPA are already preparing to live overseas and serve the Mat Sallehs with their expertise .

And these are the people who will again spend their leisure time by critisizing Malaysian systems . I can imagine them shaking their heads reading the news on Malaysian problems and say "What a country !"

Again , I say to you . What a disgraceful life you lived !

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Malaysia , Our Land , Our Home .

Dear friends .

Let me tell you a story . Ah Kau wants to be a Doctor . He finished his SPM , but he did not do well , or we can also assume he did fantastically well. However, he got rejected by JPA for a scholarship .

Ah Kau was so angry that he is determined to be a Doctor by all means . Thus , his parents who are business taukehs , gave him a scholarship called FAMA Sponsorship .

Ah Kau proceeds to Sedaya University College to read medicine with an option to go to UK for his final 3 years .

Ah Kau feels delighted and he scored well in his first two years in local studies . Ah Kau complains that he deserved a scholarship and he is angry with the Government .

From here , Ah Kau felt mad and started saying bad things and critisizing the problems of our democracy and Government .

Ah Kau goes to UK . He excels and is determined to serve in UK . Why ? Coz UK doctors earn 200,000 pounds per annum . Convert it into Msian Ringgit , it will be approximately RM 1.4 million .

Wow ! Huge sum . Ah Kau then spends the rest of his life serving UK folks and earning big bucks with a smile .

Dear friends . The End .

Are we to blame the government if you did not do well in SPM and fail to obtain a scholarship ?

Just because your dad doesn't approve ur application to buy a car for your use , you hate ur dad and never acknowledge him forever ?

To sponsor a student to study overseas , like me , it costs around RM400,000 at least . It is not easy .

Ask around which government in the world sponsors their students overseas . Not many , probably none . Just Malaysian Government who sponsors at least 1300 new students overseas in all fields .

Ah Kau is determined to be a Dr . So be it . But he stays overseas because he doesnt like Malaysian system and overseas medical personnel earn Millions .

That is true . I do not deny the fact that in overseas , you earn big bucks and the system is good .

But let us look at which country you are talking about . UK ? Australia ? US ? These are the countries with an established Medical System for centuries . These are the countries that are rich and developed !

How then can you compare them with Malaysia ? She is just 49 years old !

Being a Doctor , we must look at our mission and purpose . Are we here as Servants of God to help save lifes or are we getting a piece of paper from the Medical Faculty to earn millions ?

Where is the objective and direction ? Being a doctor is to save lifes , help the sick and needy .
Australia , US and UK .

They have among the highest Life Expectancy in the world and a chain of established Medical System .

Malaysia is different . We have so many sick , old and poor people who needs medical experts , medical knowledge and assistance of cure and care .

If all 10,000 doctors we produce in the private education sector thinks like Ah Kau ,


You walk right in front of my face and tell me !!

Do you expect some politicians who graduated in Economics or Islamic Studies or Agriculture to help revamp the Medical System ?

That will be pure bullshit . Its like asking a gardener to fly a plane .

I challenge you guys out there . If you think that Malaysia sucks till the limit where it is worth 5 cents , get back here in bulks and revamp it yourself .

Don't be hypocrites and go around critisizing the country that gave you a life till 20 years old , that gave you subsidized education till 20 years old , that fed you till 20 years old .

Be it you are a baby in Somalia , please do tell me how you are going to achieve your dream of being a Doctor . I doubt you will even make your 16th birthday .

Don't think that ,"Aiya , I one fella cannot make any difference la" .

If 100,000 of you think like that , Heaven knows where Malaysia will head to .
I am speaking here not only critisizing the many medical students .

I do target them honestly because they are the most critical of the medical system in Malaysia .

I agree with the critics but not their actions of not returning . The reason of bad system here and higher pay elsewhere is not an excuse that's appropriate .

There are many professionals in Finance , Agriculture , Science .

You laugh that Malaysia's Financial markets are badly formed .

You laugh that Malaysia can't have proper harvest . You laugh that Malaysia can't produce Rockets , Astronauts , Missiles .

You laugh all you want .

But I laugh at you for being a Graduate in Bachelor of Betrayal Studies .

You get the knowledge overseas with the foundation of 20 years built in Malaysia . You stay overseas and critisize Malaysia . You stay overseas and serve the Mat Sallehs .

How then can Malaysia change if 10,000,000 Malaysians go overseas and think like that ?

Do not forget that in times of emergency in wherever you are , our Malaysian Embassy will be the first to evacuate you to go home .

That time , you will cry and beg for our Government to help , you will beg and pray to live in Malaysia in peace .

Do not forget that one day , your descendants , your great grandchildrens might consider migrating back home to Malaysia .

Then , they will be a victim of your actions . All of you could have made a difference back then . You could have corrected a wrong system , you could have fixed a damaged system , you could have upgraded the system ... you could have . But you didn't . Ur descendants might be a victim .

So be rational . Success is not measured by money .

If it is , Mahatma Gandhi , Jesus Christ , Gautama Buddha and Prophet Muhammad would never have been our heroes and Gods .

Their sacrifices are examplary and should be adopted in our lifes .

Day in day out , you tell me money is not everything , money can't buy love , money can't buy you this and that . But yet you practise the Money Devils Code of Life .

This is reality . Think about it .

Happy 49th Birthday , Malaysia ( 31st August 2006 )

23rd August , Alor Setar .

The day Dr Mahathir fumed the loudest since he retired . In his past speeches , I used to hear a calm and soft spoken Dr Mahathir .

In Alor Setar , Dr Mahathir's voice was raised and he was one hot and angry man on that day .

Like it or not , what Tun Mahathir say is true . The building of the Half Bridge is on our side .

Where is the sovereignty that we defend for 49 years if we can't even build a bridge on our waters ?

The bridge will replace our half of Causeway . This bridge will be better in the sense that water will be able to flow .

And from free flowing of sea water here , ships can then go to our ports in Johor , namely Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas .

For now , ships from West have to go past Singapore , Eastwards , then only can they go to our port in Johor . With the bridge , the ships need not go past Singapore . They can just past through the bridge .

Does this sound prosperous to our GDP or what ?

You decide .

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Tests here and there , everywhere ... my misery... and stressful days only Lydia , Chee Yeong and Jimmy knows . Sigh . Rite eh ?

Anyway , today is Tues 15th August 2006 .

Dear blog ,

Sue Ann just took off from Sydney International Airport at 10.20pm . Tsk tsk . I thought she's flying tomorrow at 2.20pm.... sigh... our distance apart are getting into really bigger numbers now that you are flying back to Malaysia .

Sadness fills my heart , my eyes , and my room . Only tears can prove my feelings and represent what a thousand words cant tell , what a picture cant say ... sigh... what a day .

Hmm . Never mind la dear . Have a good flight home . I'll call you tomorrow .

K . Have to get back to my books and will blog more during the weekends probably .

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I Can't Do Anything

What I have been doing since you left dear ... is all just cry... and sitting in front of this laptop looking at ur pics ... you glow like a princess in all our pics ... love you always... sigh

I can't seem to do anything . Really .

This is gonna take me lots of time to recover .

Sigh .

Haha . I keep talking and typing with my blog . Used to play piano whenever I'm angry and sad . But now whenever I angry and sad , sure type in blog ... blog is my best friend now ... sigh sigh sigh

Dear you go back Msia asap k . Haha . I need call you everyday .

Sigh . Howz Sydney... if I having holz now I sure go with you ... enjoy with you till Wednesday ...

Its so nice of you to come see me ... I dont mind spending so much on you while you were here . You are worth way more than any dollar amount .

Sigh :(

Unlock the Code of Life

Sue Ann arr .... haih.... where r u !?? Cant get ur mobile . Hope you are enjoying urself in Sydney .

You are always welcome in Canberra . My room will always be available for you to use . Sigh . So nice , can study with you and stuff , spend time with you and see you everyday . My life here abruptly ended by ur disappearance .

I have never felt so sad before . You cheered me up since Wednesday . Though I know you cried , and I just remained calm , its just becoz I do not want to make u feel worse .

Sigh . Each time I look at my wallpaper , I miss you and start crying . I need u beside me


I think if ever anyone sees me crying like tat , all respect for a big man like me will be gone .

I just talked to Lydia . At times I do not understand Heaven's destiny and fate . My relationship with dear is so complicated with parents and distance and stuff . Then God let me us meet again in Canberra for holz ... then fated for you to leave me on Saturday . And now I have been crying since morning .

Sigh . A sudden memorable joy with lots of memories but a great heart break in the end till God knows when .

Don't even try to make me happy , anyone . No one ever succeed .

You see . Israel and Palestinian war . Leaders have their principle and a clash means war there . But what about the pitiful kids and people who actually have a future ? They are trashed by the war . We see thieves grabbing lives of passerbys . We see robbers shooting at civilians .

Where is humanity may I ask !?

Is it difficult for us to live in a street of joy ? Where we can go to cafes and greet the waiters with a smile and be greeted with a happy sound and nice food ? Then have a nice cup of tea with nice people chatting ?

There are only two obvious questions .

Are these all destiny and plans of God ? If yes , why ? If the leaders are the ones God want to punish , then why the side effects on other people ?

Or are we created by God with a brain and left just like that to think and carry on on our own with no intervention from God ? If this is so , does this mean there is no such thing as fate or destiny ?

Which is right ? Sigh . Life is really full of mystery .

I'm not questioning God like a challenge . But I'm merely asking for signs and guidance , answers that will satisfy us all and give us light for the current and future .

Sigh . Never mind .

Messy Room

Gosh . My room so messy . And this morning dearie cleaned up my room and packed my cupboard .

Haha . I so shocked and stunned but happy . She did it by herself and ... it was just so damn nice .

Sigh . Whichever guy who touches my girl , you trust me , you will never have a peaceful day .

Jangan sesiapa berani sentuh dia . Amaran .

Haha .

Things in life about me that I shall reveal publicly now , if anyone is reading anyway .

1. I'm the type who wants something , MUST and MUST and MUST get it . There's no such thing as will try . Haha . My mom knows . She find me irritating when I kept making noise to buy something I want when I was younger . I will nag her 24 hours non stop from morning she wake up till nite when she sleep . Really . Haha . That's me .

2. I'm straight and I only love Sue Ann . So if anyone tries to take her away from me , don't give me that bullshit "you are lousy , I'm better" ... coz I will make sure you don't have a chance to say that . Trust me . You won't want to mess with me . We love each other a lot and don't give me crap stuff . You treat her well , I treat you well . Otherwise , sorry mate !

3. I want be a politician and serve my people . I don't care what you say about our govt and its bad system . I just want to do my part . I don't care if it is a meagre income and you earn big bucks . I just want to be a politician and serve my men .

4. I don't like people bullying my girlfren , my family , my dogs , and my dearest friends . Touch them means you are fighting me . Haha . Not sure about my new friends . Not sure if you guys know me . But my mates in secondary school know me . I am loyal and truthful to friends . Everyone is my heng tai !! Any problems I'm willing to help . I adopt the policy of the underworld gang lords . Loyalty , honesty , sincerity . But er .. I dont adopt the concept of brutality , cruelty and insanity of their lives .

**Note : Take Tjun Kong for example . I owe my success till this day to this man . Without him pulling me into the school debate team , I will never have gotten JPA scholarship . With him , I went on being Rotary Cup champions and the Ministry of Education's National Runners Up title . This title is authentic and true as it involves all schools in Malaysia compulsively . Unlike the Taylors and Help National Debate Cups . Those are junkies I feel .

I'm not smart but with my good record in activities , that earned me my scholarship . I owe Tjun Kong and I shall help him whenever I can . Yup . Tailow this blog entry is for you .

5. I am loyal and honest to people whom I respect and willing to serve . I dont care how you treat me , but as long as you are my friend , I bring out my best level of sincerity to be your friend . But as time moves on and I'm being stabbed in the back , don't forget I can be as cunning as a politician and I'm plotting against you ( haha joking ... ).

6. I'm a big eater . Sue Ann say I making her fatter . Haha . But she still can wear that super mini shorts I bought . So I guess she still have a nice waist . But me ....big eater... i Like to eat yummy food .

7. I love dogs . Haha . Fluffy and Snoopy are my brothers . I pamper them . That day went Federation Square in Nicholls with Sue Ann . Took pic of her and a Shih Tzu . Yup , Fluffy and Snoopy's bday coming ... gonna buy cake celebrate with them .

8. I am the world's messiest person . Ask Sue Ann , my mom . They know . Haha . So , try avoiding coming into my room unless you are a guy ... guys can live in messy conditions . But my room is always open for whoever wants to come in and have a chat and eat my stuff :)

**Note : I always think that folding blankets in mornings are pointless becoz we are gonna need it in the nite again . Haha . Mom say " if that's the case , you don't have to eat and take bath now , you are gonna eat and bathe again later anyway " . Ish ish .

Ok . Lunch time . Sigh .

I want eat with Sue Ann :'(


Aiseh.... Sue Ann took pic with Dr Mahathir at airport the other day .

I am so so so so so jealous .

Jealous ok , Sue Ann !!?

Sigh . Haha . Tak apa lah . Walau pun tak dapat bergambar dengan Dr Mahathir , saya akan tetap sokong Dr Mahathir , demi bangsa dan negara , demi wawasan dan pencapaian , demi aku , mu dan seluruh warga Malaysia .

Dr Mahathir , you are my idol and you have my support .

Oh yeah . Dear , thanks for the Mahathir books . Haha . Sue Ann brought Malay Dilemma and Mahathir Menyinga for me .

Such a sweetie . Muax !!

Let Me Set Things Straight

Hmm . I've been hearing many cases of Homosexuality , Bisexuality . Then there's one kind of sexuality with erm .. animals ...

Then today while waiting for Bus 34 to come back to AIHS after sending Sue Ann off to Sydney , I saw two 'round' aka huge ladies at the age of probably 40 , kissing in Civic .

Surprising to me .

Let me start by differentiating Constitution and Religion (sigh ... i typing this to stop crying .... i really miss Sue Ann) .

You see . There is a multi religious land called United States . But in this country , the Founding Fathers laid down the Amendments that will guarantee their citizens the liberal rights of religion , lifestyle etc .

Thus , probably this led to them having all these funny funny sexuality stuff .

But of course religions did not promote things which are against nature .

The law of nature confines and guides us the path to being "straight" ( I don't know what other terms to use... poor vocab ) .

So lets just walk down the path . Religious rites did not guide us to have scenes of men kissing men , women kissing women , men and women with animals and stuff .

Why do things which are outlawing the boundaries of nature and religions ? This probably has to go down to Genetics some say .

Some say genetics might cause you to like an opposite sex ( normal ) , same sex ( I strongly feel abnormal ) , animals ( I don't know why this happen ) .

But if it is genetics , who are we to blame ? Evolution of the intelligent genetics ? Or ... haha.. you decide .

But if one day I succeed in being a politician and am asked for the stand of same sex marriages , let me lay it straight . Right here , right now .

I do not agree in any way for the acts that are against the paths of nature . Nature has said that we should walk down the path of our lives with a happy marriage of two opposite sex of homo sapiens . And this is the path I shall walk down and hold true till the end of my life time . I do not rage war against homosexuals , bisexuals and .. lets call it crazy sex with animal ( I shall call them NUTS ) .

I do not hate them as I respect them as my fellow human friends . But it is my principle and I shall say it loud that I do not agree with these social outcomes . If it is my government , I shall strongly voice my disagreement and condemn the acts of same sex relationship .

Sigh . At times I don't understand . Got so many pretty girls out there , why want be homo ? There are so many handsome guys out there .. why want be a lesbian ??

There are so many !! Haih . The world is changing .

When I see two people of same sex er.... kiss or embrace or whatever... it gives me the goose pimples . Haha .

I still remember my BM teacher telling me and friends when we were having tuition in my house . He said that Thank goodness that there can be no forming of embryo through same sex and sex with animals . Otherwise , whatever that comes out in 9 months will surely shock all of us and we can see many different alienated type of looks walking among us .

Hmm . That taught me well and I shall remember Cikgu Sidek's advice .

Ok la .... sigh..... sad sad ... I wanna call my dear again . Tata . But before that , I pray that the world can go back to being normal and live a happy life according to nature's definition and God's will .

Heaven bless us all and love us , guide us all the way to the right path . End all misery ad wrongdoings and bring back the days of joy , peace , and happiness .

And I want my Sue Ann back here with me :'(

Roll of Honours

A great and loud shout of THANK YOU to the following people whom I will always remember and repay with kindness and gratitude and life membership of being Wei Liang's friend . My door will always be open if you need help . I will repay with all possible means .

Sue Ann - thanks for coming sweetie
Aunty Bee Khee - thanks for bringing Sue Ann here ( haha )
Uncle & Aunty Vong - great people and thanks for everything
Chee Yeong - thanks for the bedsheets for me to put on the floor and sleep
Lydia - thanks for accompanying Sue Ann and me for dinner and stuff
Abi - thank you for bringing my dear to Pancake Parlour
Elaiza - thanks for accompanying Sue Ann for lunch

Everyone else ... Jimmy , Yu Jin , Liang Wei , Teng Choon , Adeline ... if I miss any , just fire me , .....thanks alot for the card games with Sue Ann .

Sigh . Big thank you and appreciation .

I miss Sue Ann . Haha . Nvm .

Life With Sue Ann in Canberra

Sigh . Good things first . Sue Ann arrived in Canberra on Wednesday , 9th August . Her relatives picked her up at Jolimont and then we all met for lunch at Hidden Dragon (nice duck noodles and fried rice) .

Then Sue Ann came over to my place .

We studied Maths together as I had a test on Thursday ( EMET 1001 ). Anyway , Sue Ann joined me for lecture in ANU ( fun) . Then dearie went Pancake Parlour with Abi and Elaiza .

Hmm . After that , the best part , we went Parliament House . Security was high as they were in session !! We were so lucky and manage to get seats in the Chamber . We saw all the big shots from Govt and Opposition quarreling and shouting .

John Howard answered well but did not really answer . His style of answering is by attacking . As Art of War says , the best defense is attack . But as a politician , I feel that when questioned , an honest and sincere answer must be given .

Anyway , we saw the Lord Speaker used Standing Orders to remove the MP of Lily from the Floor . So cool .

Hmm . Was so happy . Sue Ann had fun there listening too . They were debating on AWA and stuff .

Then , we went City for shopping . Ish . Dearie was so picky on clothes . But at last found one black top which look elegant on her . I bought it for her . So happy . Then went Boost and got some mango smoothies . Yummy .

Then we did something that I will never do alone . Went Happy's Restaurant . Ordered Crab Meat & Chicken Soup , Lemon Chicken , Beancurd with Mushroom and Pork . So nice . Can eat Chinese dishes with Sue . Normally we just eat Western when dating .

Then came back AIHS , took a rest , played some cards , supper with gang . After that , it was all oink oink sleep sleep . We were dead tired .

Friday was nice . Haha . Sue was so tired . Woke up late . Went National Museum after breakfast of eggs and pastries . The Museum was not at all good .

Then went with Sue Ann , aunty Bee Khee and their relatives to Cockington Green Gardens . Superb ! It is a 5 star recommended place . Haha . I like these miniature garden and greenery . So happy . Then went eat Burger and Nuggets and Chips with them . Yay yay yay .
After that where I went ?

Hmm . Let me see . Oh yes ! We went Dickson , then City . Bought some fruits for Aunty and Uncle Vong , and some strawberries for Lydia . Sue Ann bought one for me too . Haha . Then went back to AIHS .

Sue Ann said she must stay at Uncle Vong's house for the night . We went with Lydia to their house for dinner . Nice yummy food . Superb house and friendly , food was amazingly wonderful .

Tsk tsk . The food for that night was way so much better than a 4.5 Star hotel's kitchen in AIHS . Haha .

Then , thanks to Aunty Bee Khee , Sue Ann was permitted to come back AIHS to spend time with my friends . Played some cards , ate some strawberries .

Hmm . Not bad right . Then sleep sleep . So fun fun fun !

Monday, August 07, 2006

Selamat Datang

Ketibaan YAB Puan Sri Chan Sue Ann

Tempat : Canberra , Australia
Tarikh : 9/8/06
Waktu : 9 pagi

CANBERRA : Puan Sri Chan Sue Ann dijangka akan tiba di Canberra pada hari Rabu ini pukul 9 pagi waktu tempatan . Rombongan Puan Sri akan melawat Parliamen Australia , Australian National University , Taman Cockington dan beberapa tempat lain di Canberra .

Ketibaan Puan Sri akan disambut dengan tangan terbuka oleh saudara Puan Sri dan seterusnya dibawa bertemu Tan Sri Goh untuk urusan - urusan rasmi dan peribadi pada sebelah petang .

Menurut sumber rapat kepada Puan Sri , beliau kemungkinan besar akan menginap di hotel butik bertaraf 5 bintang , Hotel Kurrajong , yang terletak di pusat Pentadbiran Perdana Menteri Australia .

Selamat datang Puan Sri !

Lack of Visitors and Comments

Dear homosapiens ,

I am bored and in need of chat ,
Fill my blog with opinions on this and that ,
Talk to me , share with me and be my friend ,
I shall blog more from time to time till the end .

Sigh . Never mind . The only people who read my blog are probably Choon Wei , Sue Ann , Chia Yie , Me Myself and I .

Hmm . Its ok . You guys keep posting comments here ok :)

Anwar Ibrahim , Homosexuality & Politics

This is sensitive I know . Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim ( more popularly known as DSAI ) was charged and slammed behind bars for charges of sodomy and corruption . Malaysians tend to ignore the corruption part because statistics can prove that most Malaysians either take bribes , offer bribes , or both .

Undeniable fact . In fact , I think the greatest revenue earner of “Extra Income” is the Government agency which I will not name but it has got to do with roads , cars , licenses . So , yeah , you go ahead and guess it because I want to avoid controversy .

Let us look back in 1998 . Dr Mahathir removed Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from the Deputy Prime Minister post . DSAI was almost there to being PM of Malaysia , if not for the economic downturn I feel .

Dr M felt that DSAI was not capable of healing the economy and adopted the IMF formula . Dr M was well known to be wary and suspicious of Western Agencies like World Bank , IMF . Thus , he took it to himself to heal the economy which was later labeled as “The M Way” .

DSAI had lots of power in UMNO and the mainstream media . Some analysts say Dr M felt threatened by DSAI’s power as he had in place many of his friends in powerful seats like Ministers , CEOs , Editors etc .

To remove DSAI just like that would mean a revolt against Dr M . Thus , Dr M ‘invented’ the idea of a gay DSAI . That’s what some say .

Dr M said that he cannot accept a homosexual PM and that his actions to sack DSAI was based on police reports and recommendations .

Did the many Malaysians forget that part of the story ? I think you all did . Each day we blame and question the credibility of our Police force . But when the police force produce something special , we always treat them with suspicion .

Why didn’t the public question whether the cops’ arrest of certain Directors for corruption or certain robberies are for real or not ? In fact , as far as I know , we all just agreed with the police .

When Dr M said DSAI was removed based on intelligence reports , we all question him . And trust me , many people thinks that he is free now and proved innocent . I don’t know what to trust on this issue .

But if it is the police’s findings , thus I will hold true to what the police say and what Dr M did . Moreover , there were reports of Sukma’s physical dent at his anus by a specialist in Court .

And again , though the court released DSAI from jail on charges of sodomy , please read the court judgement ! The court agreed that DSAI had committed acts of sodomy based on evidence but the inconsistency of time of actions given by the Prosecutors brought about the release of DSAI . Is he innocent or what ?

Hmm . One thing is for sure .

It disgusts me to see men kissing men or even having sex with men . Haha . I am not sure about women making out with women ( as long as they are pretty I don’t mind … kidding ) .

I personally do not accept homosexuality and for the time being , do not accept a leader who is homosexual , bisexual , trisexual or whatever sexual that is defined in today’s madness filled world . I only accept what nature has defined for us .

Nature set the path for us to walk through and spend our lives . So lets walk along the path prepared for us . Do not act smart and build a highway , another road or whatever .

The Meaning of Democracy - Part 1 : A Tree

I was stressed with this question for the past week . I keep saying the word “Democracy” to myself whenever I’m in my room . I felt relieved on Saturday when I finally found out myself understanding of Democracy .

I was at a Malaysian luncheon , Mamak Day . It was a plain day till I saw the sawing and chopping of trees and branches . That inspired me to the doctrine of democracy.
Democracy is like a tree .

The word Democracy is the trunk itself with the roots being the Founder of the democratic ideology . And from this trunk , there are many branches and each branch has twigs , leaves , flowers . The branches represent the definition of democracy .

There are so many branches in a tree . Well , it is undeniable that the many countries in the world who exercises democracy have their own definition (version) of it .

But of course if we match them up , they can be grouped into certain types of democracy and thus , they are the few branches of democracy . Slowly , other countries will follow their ‘adopted master of democracy’ and thus , they form the twigs .

Whether or not that particular doctrine of democracy is suitable for their own people , time will show the nation if it is the Pill of Wealth , Health and Prosperity . Time can also show whether their choice of democracy from that particular branch will be their Prophets of Doom .

If their love of democracy and suitability exists like perfect chemistry , it signifies glory and advancements , progress and strength . Here , we can see flowers and greening leaves from the twigs .

Otherwise , it will all just be a twig waiting for a chance to bloom . Prosperity , glory , progress , and growth will need time to take place . It will take place ( it might ) but the nation concerned must face the test of time .

Now , you see , lets use United States for example . Many have the opinion that it is a highly democratic country . Thus , we shall honor them with a branch . From here , we know that Australia’s Constitution is modeled after America .

Again , we shall honor Australia the title ‘Twig’ . The results ? A beautiful flower and lots of green leaves of course . Australia became the 9th richest country , possess one of the highest Life Expectancy , attained peace and prosperity .

Makes sense ? Good . Coz there will be more ideologies from me based on Nature . Have a nice day !

Festival or Politics ? You Decide !

Oops . When DSAI was released from prison , of course he went back home . But at home , Khairy Jamaluddin met with him . Scenario number one .

In Taman Melati recently , Dr M gave a speech organized by Malaysia-Today and it was attended not only by UMNO people or Mahathir’s friends , the media said that Opposition Parties attended as well . And they say Dr M befriended the Opposition .

My my my . KJ went to DSAI’s house . Did anyone say that KJ is befriending the opposition ? Nope . Rumours were that KJ was trying to bring DSAI back to UMNO which KJ denied constantly . KJ said that he was there to visit DSAI .

The same with Dr M . Dr M was giving a speech . Coincidentally , the Opposition gang were there . So I do not see why the mainstream media would want to ‘demonise’ Dr M .

Malaysian politics are so weird you see . We can read in papers saying that “Oh , Dr Mahathir is befriending the Opposition , he is using the Opposition stage” etc .

Tsk tsk . But when Hari Raya , Chinese New Year , Deepavali and Christmas is around , we see a different thing .

We used to see Lim Kit Siang shaking hands with Dr Mahathir , PAS members , DAP and many other Opposition parties making visits to the many Rumah Terbuka of the ruling parties . That is during festivities . But other times , are we not permitted to befriending the Opposition if we are in the Ruling Party ?

If for me , I might be joining MCA soon after I complete my degree . But I would like to share the views and friendship with great minds like Datuk Seri Nik Aziz , Nasaruddin , Tian Chua etc . Can I do so ? Or will I be suspended for breaching party discipline , governmental ethics or maybe even for not ‘toeing the line’ ?

Tsk tsk . Unity is at stake . Thankfully we have a lot of festivals in Malaysia which can provide a shelter of unity . Otherwise , the bond among the leaders of different parties will break and have an effect on the followers ( which means me , you and most of us ) .

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Masalah Polarisasi Kaum Bagaikan Tiada Garisan Penamat , Seperti Dinasti dan DNA

Choon Wei raised the issue of a scenario of unity where Ah Chong is being educated in Chinese , mixed with Chinese , and raised by Chinese customs (probably chauvinistic characteristics involved) , all the Chinese Dilemma issues etc . Thus , I came up with the follow response and discussion with him which is related to my previous blog .

Sekiranya kita rajin membaca sejarah , kita pasti dapat memahami faktor – faktor polarisasi . Namun , ketekunan mengaji sejarah tidak akan menjamin kefahaman ‘human behavior’ di Malaysia .

Izinkan hamba memberi analysis yang dipercayai pencetus isu perkauman .

Isu perkauman ini telah mula sejak pemerintahan British . Dasar pecah dan perintah British berlaku bukan kerana British ingin membuat demikian pada awalnya .

Apabila British datang dan menjajah ataupun menaung kita , masyarakat sendiri telah pun pecah mengikut kaum . Orang Cina bersifat materialistik dan menggilakan wang , harta , kekayaan , kenamaan … apa-apa sahaja yang Tuan – tuan dan Puan – puan dapat fikir dan namakan . Orang Cina telah lama bermastautin di pekan – pekan , bandar dan sebagainya dan terlibat dalam perniagaan , persatuan . Pergaduhan pun orang Cina rajin melibatkan diri dahulu .

Orang Melayu bumiputera pula dilihat British sebagai orang yang ‘contented’ . Sifat orang Melayu pada pra – British dan semasa pemerintahannya telah dikatakan sebagai masyarakat yang cukup puas sekiranya dapat hasil laut dan mengisi perut . Inilah yang dikatakan sebagai menikmati kehidupan .

Memang benar kehidupan patut dinikmati kerana nyawa yang diberi oleh Tuhan merupakan keajaiban yang menakjubkan dan harus dinikmati .

Orang India pula dilihat sebagai pengusaha ladang getah . Mereka pula hidup di ladang – ladang , estet – estet .

Apabila British datang , British nampak kaum – kaum di Malaya dah pun berpecah sendiri . Ada kaum yang hidup di bandar , ada pula di tepi pantai , dan yang lain di estet – estet . British pun tidak ingin perpaduan kerana bimbang mereka akan ditentang . Maka , British meneruskan polisi pemerintahan seperti sedia kala dengan cara yang Kerajaan Malaysia hari ini klasifikasikan sebagai Pecah Dan Perintah .

Sejak itu , memang benar ada berlaku pemodenan , perpaduan dan kemerdekaan . Kita dapat lihat kemajuan di kalangan beberapa kaum , pergaulan , perkahwinan campur dan sebagainya .

Nak kata Ah Chong salah pun bukan , nak kata orang Cina salah pun tidak . Nak tuduh Kerajaan Malaysia bersifat berat sebelah pun tidak berasas .

Bermula daripada ibu bapanya , mereka orang pra kemerdekaan . Sudah tentulah mentaliti mereka juga bersifat perkauman . Kita tidak boleh salahkan mereka . Memang benar ada orang dewasa yang tidak bersifat perkauman , namun sudah pasti ada golongan besar yang masih berpendapat bahawa orang Cina lebih agung dan hebat , orang Cina sekarang ini dipijak oleh kaum Melayu semuanya kerana Tongkat Melayu ala Mahathir . Kemudian apabila baby Chong dilahirkan , ibu bapanya mengasuhnya , mendidiknya dan mengajarnya pelbagai isu dalam kehidupan . Issues of life ini boleh dikatakan sebagai brainwash (teknik informal education) . Kemudiannya , pendidikan Ah Chong sudah pastilah terletak dalam tenaga pengajar Sekolah – sekolah Cina , persatuan – persatuan Cina .

Apabila Ah Chong dewasa kelak , Ah Chong pula akan berkahwin dengan Ah Moi . Dan Ah Moi pula akan memberikan anak mata yang bernama Ah Kau kepada Ah Chong . Proses ini berlangsung seperti kitaran yang tiada garisan penamat . Ah Kau pula akan dididik dan mindanya dibasuh bersih dengan Klorox Cina sebagaimana ibu bapa Ah Chong memberitahunya .

Sentimen perkauman ini berlaku macam dinasti di Cina , Italy , Brunei , Siam . Tidak ada garisan penamat . Sifat perkauman bagaikan DNA yang berterusan selama – lamanya dari satu generasi ke generasi seterusnya .

Memang benarlah kata Tun Dr Mahathir . Bangsa Malaysia tidak akan tercapai selagi kaum Melayu tak maju dan berada di pentas dunia . Misi dan visi Tunku Abdul Rahman dan ahli UMNO adalah untuk melihat kemajuan kaum majoriti . Kesombongan Lee Kuan Yew dan sifatnya yang anti Melayu , pro Cina itu juga faktor Singapura disingkir daripada gabungan Malaysia . Tunku sedar majoriti orang Melayu berada di belakang dan tidak semaju orang Cina yang telah lama melabur peluh , darah dan harta dalam bidang perniagaan dan ekonomi .

Bagi saya , memang patutlah bantuan diberikan kepada orang – orang Melayu kerana edisi May 13 pula akan disiarkan sekali lagi di RTM , TV3 dan Astro . Tetapi mungkin kali ini lebih heboh kerana adanya CNN . Walaupun bantuan dan tongkat Melayu diberikan , sayang sekali ada sebilangan orang Melayu yang tidak bersyukur kepada Dr Mahathir (perintis Tongkat Melayu) . Malah , ada di kalangan mereka yang menentang Dr Mahathir , bersikap ‘take for granted’ , masih mengharapkan bantuan tanpa membuat apa – apa . Dr Mahathir sedar dan selalu memarahi kaumnya supaya bangun dan sedar di setiap perjumpaan agung UMNO . Saya gembira kerana ada ramai orang Melayu yang menggunakan peluang bantuan kerajaan dengan baik dan telah maju dan membangun . Namun ramai masih lagi yang berpendapat bahawa kerajaan akan terus memberi mereka gula , tepung dan susu untuk selama – lamanya . Itulah yang membawa kepada kata – kata dan kesedihan Tun Dr Mahathir iaitu beliau telah gagal selama 22 tahun dan beliau masih sedih akan sikap sesetengah orang Melayu dan gembira untuk mereka yang telah berjaya .

Apalah daya kita untuk mengatasi isu perkauman . Apa yang kita boleh lakukan cuma berdoa untuk kejayaan diri dan semua , mengharapkan kaum Melayu , Cina dan India membangun bersama – sama demi bangsa dan negara . Mentaliti kaum bukan Melayu juga perlulah berubah dan memahami motif kerajaan .

Bergaul bersama – sama tidak akan membawa kerugian . Malah sikap dan emosi yang muhibah akan menyatukan rakyat Malaysia .

Maka para pembaca komen saya ini , percayalah dan berusahalah .


Dr Mahathir In Kelantan And Racial Politics

Hmm . Dr Mahathir claimed that during his time as PM , Tun Ghafar wanted to employ a secretary (the then Deputy PM) . But Dr Mahathir and Tun Ghafar was informed by police force that Datuk Kalimullah is an agent for a foreign country ( suspected to be Singapore ) . Thus , they did not take him into their side but Pak Lah did in recent years .

Wow . Amazing news !

How can an agent infiltrate our country and become so powerful ? For those who do not know , he is a powerful man in NST together with Brendon Perreira . And people say Khairy is their close pal .

Come on Dr Mahathir . Is this true ? If it is , I call upon all Malaysians who know about this to send a traitor out of this country !!

Choon Wei once said that he read from somewhere on Dr Mahathir's speech . Dr Mahathir claimed that we will not see the achievement of a one united race ( bangsa Malaysia ) unless the Malays progress and have results ( or something like that ) .

To me , I have nothing against the Malays . I have lots of Malay friends . Uncountable . I support Dr Mahathir's vision to improve the fate of Malays . For I myself believe that is the right way to improve national unity . Ahah ! This idea was not really convincing till I read Malay Dilemma , Ousted , and other racial unity books not only written by Dr Mahathir but other authors as well . But let us put my idea aside .

If what Dr Mahathir say is true , I would surely want the Malays of this country to progress . And you and I can't deny the fact that there are certain quarters ( races ) that do not agree with the NEP , quota system in Unis , special rights and others . But if equality and national unity can be achieved only through these means , SO BE IT !!

The tongkat issue raised by my friend in NZ for discussion is a good one . Read the comments he wrote in my blog entry about me losing my beloved Sony Pouch (sigh) .

Isu tongkat Melayu memanglah menyebabkan banyak pihak tidak gembira , terutamanya orang - orang bukan Melayu . Namun janganlah orang - orang Cina lupa . Orang Cina sejak dahulu masa zaman negara kita dijajah dah mula berniaga dan maju . Karakter orang Melayu pula gembira dengan apa yang ada ( contented ) , maka dilihatlah orang Melayu menjadi petani dan nelayan . British pun nampak lah orang Cina di Pekan , Melayu di persisiran pantai , India di ladang . Maka gembiralah si Mat Salleh tu dan teruskan sahaja pemerintahan mereka dengan kegiatan harian yang sedia ada . Keadaan ini saya namakan "Natural Pecah dan Perintah" .

It is true what some people say . If Tunku , Tun Abdul Razak , Tun Hussein and Dr Mahathir let things continue as it is , the Chinese will be making the country prosper to heights that are probably equal to the achievements of Singapore , Japan , Korea . But bear in mind . Who will produce the rubber and palm oil ? The Indians . Who will produce the daily fish intake , vegetables ? The Malays . The Chinese will be their usual business minded , cunning group . Well , this shows that the country will prosper not only because of a race , but all races . That of course , if the 'pecah dan perintah' policy is continued .

But think again . The majority are the Malays . The Malays at that time would have been happy to see their motherland prosper with the push and rush of the Chinese . But will it last ? I do not think so . Thus , I believe that prosperity should be shared not only among Chinese , but also Malays , Indians and all citizens of Malaysia .

Biarlah Tongkat Melayu diteruskan sehingga satu tahap di masa depan . Sebenarnya terdapat pendapat bahawa orang Cina boleh memajukan Malaysia dengan pesat , rapid growth . Namun adakah formula ini terbaik ? Tidak langsung . The style of glorifying the minority will cause displeasure to the majority . Though May 13 occured , we should be happy that this issue was solved in the early days . Our past PMs were intelligent enough to understand the winning formula .

We can still see growth of course even though with Tongkat Melayu . The leaders were always faced with the dilemma of whether to see a slower but certain growth by assisting the Bumiputeras or should they leave the matter on itself and let the Chinese feed the country ? Of course the latter will not be ideal as displeasure will surely rise one day among the majorities and an even bloodier war than May 13 might even break out !

As such , the Government formulated a win-win case where a piece of a growing cake is shared among the multi racial community that pleases all parties .

But let me voice my displeasure over a certain Malays who really disappointed not only me but especially Dr Mahathir . Dr Mahathir gave so many assistance to the Malays . Yet they fight him , criticize the man who feed them , and take things for granted as Dr Mahathir say .

If the government gives you a contract , work on it . If the government gives you Approved Permits to import cars , make use of it and turn it into an automobile business . Do not just make fast cash and sell away instantly ! Bersusah payah Dr Mahathir dan orang UMNO berjuang untuk hak orang Melayu dan untuk membantu orang Melayu . Ada pula orang yang nak lawan Dr Mahathir , UMNO dan sanggup jual apa - apa sahaja demi kekayaan yang seketika sahaja . To be honest , you and I know how much the non Malays and the understanding modern Malays have to sacrifice in terms of progress and wealth for national unity's sake and to help improve the economic fate of other groups ( be it Malays and Non Malays ) . Yet these people are taking things easily and for granted and how dare they fight the government which feeds them ?!?

Then there is this MARA . MARA gives loans to small businesses who want to start up their own enterprise . The most popular will be selling Ramli burgers . The government gives you money to start up the business . The business is owned by one or two guys . But at times you can see these burger stall owners have their 'motorcycle gang' around them , chatting all night long , wasting time etc . To me , they could have been more productive ( I mean their accompanying friends ) . Moreover , at times you can see the burger stall operating and at times not . Where is the commitment to progress given such opportunities ?

Having said this , some of my Malay friends might be mad at me . But remember . I am not criticizing you . I am criticizing those who are still unconscious about the sacrifices and bloodsheds and sweat by the many races and the government . We are glad to see many Chinese , Indian and Malays benefitting and progressing to be educated , healthy and happy . But there are certain quarters who are merely sitting there and enjoying whatever they are given which is wrong .

I can't say much about the Indians as I have not been reading much about them . So I do not want to blog uneducatedly like a mad man who knows nothing . I shall say more about the Chinese . But I do not wish to retype . I have actually said this in Choon Wei's blog . I will put it in my next blog titled Masalah Polarisasi Kaum Bagaikan Tiada Garisan Penamat , Seperti Dinasti dan DNA .

Let me share with you what I know . When Singapore joined Malaysia , Tunku was worried . He was worried because our friend down there in that mini island , Mr Lee Kuan Yew , gave worrying statistics that the Chinese will over - populate the Malays when the Federation of Malaysia is formed . Thankfully for the Tunku , a solution was found . The British offered Sabah and Sarawak as well . Thus the term Bumiputera came about . The natives in Borneo will be transformed into Bumiputeras aka Malays . And this , the Tunku believed will please UMNO and take in Singapore as well . So it was a win-win situation .

But Singapore's PAP was blowing racial fire till certain UMNO strongmen were not happy and t hus results in the Tunku kicking the island away from our unity and independence . Interesting ? Yup . Very I think .

At that time tension was high with some extremists of Malays in UMNO . After the secession of Singapore , Tunku felt that these extremists are not healthy for national unity . Thus , he came to a conclusion that they should resign . That is the right way I feel .

Today , we hear Dr Mahathir saying that APs are given only to certain Bumiputeras . Yes I admit at times people say that Dr Mahathir have double standards in his opinion . Yes he made some Bumiputeras rich . It is true that he chose a few Malays and made them tycoons . But these were the people who were already having a business foundation . And he made sure they promised him that they will in turn help other Bumiputeras to rise and share their wealth . That was the condition . Yes these Malays were able to be rich but Dr Mahathir put a limitation to their wealth . Till a commanding level of wealth and influence , they will be required to help other Bumiputeras all the way . But today we hear APs are sold , AP Kings do not have showroom for their cars , AP Kings have helicopters and jet planes etc .

To me , is this just ? The policy is to enrich and improve all Bumiputeras and along the way , progress with the Non Malays . But here we see some people helping certain people only and then , full stop . That's it .

Then we hear Dr Mahathir in Kelantan making noises about Brendon Perreira given authority in NST ( of course under Kalimullah ) . He claimed that Malay editors are no longer in position there . NST was once adopted by Dr Mahathir . Tengku Razaleigh ( the then Finance Minister ) was ordered by Dr Mahathir to buy NST and controlled by UMNO .

Thus if these things are happening , I believe the Bumiputeras should voice out their displeasure . And if this is happening , and Dr Mahathir's words (that we will not achieve a united race status unless the Malays progress) hold true fully , then the many sacrifices of the Non Malays and Malays who have progressed will be flushed away useless and meaningless .

In the words of Matthias Chang , and I personally agree , I spit in the faces of the Malays who show disrespect to a Malay hero called Dr Mahathir !

Dia telah banyak memperjuangkan nasib UMNO dan orang Melayu sambil menggunakan formula yang dipersetujui oleh kaum - kaum lain . To be fair , I do not wish to see extremist or ultras of any races running the country or being lawmakers in Parliament like extremists in DAP (probably LimKitSiang) , Nazri (Umno) etc . Cukuplah . Kami generasi muda dah ada perpaduan . Tak usah , tak payah dan tak perlu langsung nak tinggikan nada dan berkelakuan sebegitu ultra kepada kaum sendiri . Kalau tak percaya , datanglah ke kolej , sekolah , pejabat . Lihatlah bagaimana orang muda bergaul biarpun Cina , Melayu , India . Kami tak ada masalah langsung .

To me , it is a matter of dynasty racial politics as I described up there . Whether it can end or not , time will tell . But let us all unite and end it with our generation !