Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

I just got back from Disneyland ! Yes , Christmas Eve at Disneyland is indeed special ... with all the rides , lights , deco , parade etc . It was indeed a special day to me . Anyway , I will blog more about my fun filled trip later ...

I would like to make use of this opportunity from my hotel lobby in Hong Kong to wish everyone a happy and Merry Christmas ! Enjoy this festive period with your family and loved ones and cherish every moment ! Merry Christmas !

Thursday, December 13, 2007

To The World , This is Malaysia

Of course the Royal Malaysian Police has done us proud once again ! Thanks to the marvellous Youtube , we can now put Malaysia on the roadmap and achieve our image as global partner with peaceful and harmonious society !

Hurray ! This is what we call Malaysia Truly Asia ! Indeed Malaysia is no different from the fist fighting MPs in Taiwan , from the demonstrators in Hong Kong and Korea as well as Japan , from the martial laws in Thailand and Myanmar !

Oh no no ... we are different . We are more "civilized" in that sense ... because our Royal Malaysian Police did us proud ! Malaysia .... Truly Asia .

I was sooooooooo proud to see Malaysia's image when I was reading through Jeffooi's blog. Let me give you the wonderful Malaysia's image links here ... courtesy of Youtube's users .

1. Mr Mustafa Ali , PAS Election Strategy Director at the compound of Malaysian Parliament . YB Kulasegaran repeatedly asked the policemen to show the court order.... well ... the policeman did flash a few pieces of A4 paper only ... haha ....

2. Wah ... this is so much like the SWAT team's actions .... where the barge in and drag some one out .... but normally I think these procedures are applied to a terrorist or a criminal or perhaps to save a victim at a hostage scene .... but applying these on a Tan Sri ? FYI , Tan Sri is a honorific title given only by the DYMM Yang di Pertuan Agong Malaysia . I repeat ... ONLY !

3. This can be a video evidence of the brutality of Malaysian Police where the person in custody of the Police was hit . The officer who did that should be sacked and charged in the Courts of Malaysia under the Federal Constitution on the basis of assault and perhaps abuse of power .

Yeah , well there are many more .... visit Jeff's blog to find out . I am so proud of you Malaysia ! The elections will come soon ... I have seen people setting up stalls at Pasar Malam showing videos like these .... so faham - fahamlah .....

Whatever you do these days , there are black and white evidences , there are videos . And these will not lie ... I remember what the Muslims always say ... Allah hu akbar !! The word means Allah is Great ...(If I'm not mistaken) ....

Although I am not a Muslim , I am always reminded by this word ... because it also means God is Great ....

Dear YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ....on July 28th 2006 . Your son-in-law was captured in picture and published in front page mainstream media together with approx 10,000 people held a demonstration with anger towards the United States . KJ stormed into the Asean Regional Forum while Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was in there . How did that happen ? Our Malaysian Police and Federal Reserve Unit can prevent people from entering the Palace grounds but not the convention centre where Miss Rice was in with Secret Service also around I believe ?!?

Arrest your son-in-law too ! Be impartial ! Be fair to all Malaysians .... the Bersih walk was no different from your son-in-law's walk !! Bersih's was for democracy and a fair and just elections ! KJ was for the Palestinians and Lebanese ...

It is never too late to arrest your son-in-law now Pak Lah ! Just do it ! If you need a reminder ... let me help you ...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dec 10th - My First Experience

On Dec 10th , I was scheduled for a thyroid nodule operation .

While in ISH , I was monitored by Dr Giritharan , my long time family physician specialist . The surgery was carried out by Dr Loo Voon San , a senior and top surgeon in Perak . The anaesthetician for my operation was Dato' Dr Jena .

Many thanks to all the doctors and nurses . More importantly , thank you to my parents who helped me when I was in hospital from Dec 10th till Dec 11th evening . I was allowed to discharge on Dec 11th for rest at home . The surgery was successful .

Earlier on in Australia , doctors found by accident through ultrasound that there was a thyroid nodule . In fact , many human beings are walking with thyroid nodules . Many are advised to go through a Fine Needle Aspiration with about 90% accuracy to determine if it is cancerous or not .

I did that in Australia and the pathologist needed more samples . I was scheduled for another round of FNA but I rejected it and want my case to be handled by Malaysian doctors . I went for a check under Dr Giri after a few days of arrival in Ipoh . Dr Giri could not feel anything physically at my neck . So I was told to go for an ultrasound .

By looking at the nodule , it was small and nothing to worry about . But he told me that I will need to do yearly check ups , perhaps FNAs when necessary . The other action was to remove part of the thyroid .

So that was what I chose after having another consultation with Dr Loo . I don't want to see the doctors every year just to check on one small nodule at my thyroid . Moreover , there is the 10% chance remaining that might cause it to be cancerous and thyroid cancer is among the easiest to cure !

When Dr Loo filled up the forms for surgery , my God .... he commented that he can see I was already shivering at his clinic . He calmed me down and explained to me all the details of the operation . I went as far as googling about this surgery , the procedures and the images of this surgery . So I was pretty prepared . I kept it a secret except for a few close friends who knew about my scheduled op . Thanks for calling Sue Ann , Jimmy and others .

After the op , Dr Loo told my mom after the op while I was still under the influence of General Anaesthetic (GA) that the nodule was small and he removed the left thyroid . According to his initial judgement , it was nothing to worry about .

Well , whatever it is , I can sit on a chair and type this blog entry now . But speech wise , I can't speak loud yet . I still have some swelling and pain to handle , but I guess I am all right for now . All healthy .... but I have to go through the boring diet of porridge everyday till I am comfortable !

It was a hell of an experience and I tremored in pre-operation time . But in the waiting room outside the operation theatre , I realise many patients have greater surgery than mine . Some went for angioplasma , there was a pakcik with problems at his left leg , there was also another who needed an operation at the spinal cord . The nurses didn't give me much attention in the operation theatre while waiting for my turn . They told me my surgery is minor ... they gave me a heart calming jab .... but I think my heartbeat raced even faster anyway !

So I guess I was all right while laying there waiting for my turn to be given a "sembelih" session . Dato' Dr Jena and his team pushed me into the operation room then to paste those heart monitoring stuff on my body . Then he injected the anaesthetic into my left hand . Within 5 seconds , I lost control of myself .

Soon , I heard a voice calling me "Sir , sir ... wake up .... it's over already" . At that time , all I wanted was painkillers and someone to hold !! After about 20 minutes , I was ready to go back to the ward ... sis and mom was outside waiting for me . I was glad my surgery was over .

Many thanks to all the nurses and specialists of Ipoh Specialist Hospital for all that you have done .... I appreciate it and keep up the good work !

Meantime , I might not be logging in to my blog or reply any emails or messages or calls ... I need time to rest and I want my loud voice back ASAP ! So all of you out there , take care and have a good holiday !

Sunday, December 09, 2007

What A Joke !!

Wah .... 500 policemen and a chopper ...... just to guard 100 lawyers in today's walk ! And KL City Council officers took down banners and placards at Bar Council without a warrant ?

Oh my my .... dear Datuk Bandar KL , you are in such deep trouble .. but let us not all forget about our judiciary system . It has elements of politics from the ruling party in it .... so .... if the Bar Council President wants to take action , maybe she should think twice :)

All right ... freedom of expression is only available online .... but I guess not for long ! I remember KJ and UMNO Youth barge into a US delegation meeting led by Condoleeza Rice in KL . I believe it was in front pages of the mainstream media too . Wah .... was KJ arrested ?

Itu lagi lah malu YAB PM Malaysia ! US is our major partner in terms of trade , partnership , etc . It is also a global power . Isn't it harmful to our image and bad for foreign investors to see the tightest security for US Secretary of State being cracked open by KJ ?

Or was it "allowed" ? Hmm ..... tsk tsk .... the peaceful walk of lawyers and peaceful Bersih walk was dangerous to society ..... bad for the image of the country ... shameful to the foreign investors etc . But KJ's act of charging into Miss Rice's place was all right .... no problem at all ?!??!

Hmm .... in the long run , justice will prevail .

Friday, December 07, 2007

December 10th

This is gonna be one hell of a day for me .... haha .... will let you guys know more perhaps a few days after Dec 10th .... but pray for my best ...

Anyway , to comment on other things , HINDRAF has links to terrorists ? Hmm .... I am wondering what the hell does that mean !?

I remember seeing Jeff Ooi posting a Youtube video of a group of kids dressed in terrorists ski masks with some Islamic verses as backdrop etc . These kids threatened the safety and life of Mr Wee aka ... the Negaraku rapper . I think these guys are even more dangerous than HINDRAF . Why didn't our IGP go find out who these guys were and arrest them ?

I doubt the IGP and PDRM are doing the job with their motto Bersih dan Cekap ..... I believe our PDRM forces are lop sided .

I don't know why our UMNO leaders are playing the racial cards . Starting with Datuk Wira Ali Rustam ..... then we have Khir Toyo ..... initially we had the keris problem from UMNO Youth Chief , we even had problems from KJ . But of course not only UMNO plays that . Many other parties play the racial card . When then can we realise a Bangsa Malaysia ?

I am surprised Rockybru and other bloggers are very much into achieving a united Malaysia . Now we have an MP from Parit Sulong trying to be a hero .... calling for the removal of non Islamic signs in missionary schools .

Hello Mr MP .... let me give you an example of SMK St Michael Institution . This school is in Ipoh , Perak . An excellent premier school . Let me tell you about the many signs of un Islamic and un Malaysian statues , art and design located in many parts of the building . We even have a La Sallian Brothers Quarters for the Reverend and Brothers and their staff to stay .

Any problems ? Not at all ! In SMK St Michael , we can see Malays , Indians and Chinese joking and playing with each other , studying and helping each other !!

I enjoyed my days in Ipoh being friends with my Malay pals ... I sit with a Malay guy all throughout my studies there . His name is Hafiz Harun . My good friend and he is in UiTM now with another friend of mine Azlan . I even had Indian friends .... Chinese friends .

My school teachers are so close to me .... I even have a teacher called Mr Rajan who calls me brother .... we shake hands and joke about everything together ..... I even have Malay teachers who are so fond of the students .... we live in St Michael's like a family . I even have a Malay teacher called Encik Sidek who is so dedicated and teaches with full spirit ... this is the spirit which we call it as The Michaelian Spirit .

We live and fight together . The current Principal is Mr Poon and I do not know him at all ... but the former Principal is Mr Louis Rozario .

He punishes those who are racial . He scolds teachers who are racists . He teaches students to love each other . He doesn't care whether you are Malay , Chinese or Indian . He practices democracy and equality . In schools , we are allocated about 4 days of leave at least . Mr Louis Rozario announced every time that he will apply only one day off for each race . Hari Raya Haji , CNY , Deepavali , Good Friday .

And that's it . No extra no less .... any extras will be for Sports Day , Teachers' Day . Did we have any problems in school ? No ... all teachers enjoyed teaching in St Michael's Institution .

Each time any student or any team or any teacher brings any trophy or championship back to SMI , he will make sure everyone knows that person by calling him or her to the stage during the daily assemblies . Many were motivated to do better and many were challenging each other to win something as they all wanted to go up the stage .

All students are willing to come to SMI ..... I used to hear from the school authorities that there are at least 1000 students in the waiting list each year !

In SMI , Mr Louis came in and revamp the system . He used the system of helping the least , the last and the lost . We always hear about it on Monday assemblies . In SMI we do not promote favouritism . We only focus on the last , the least and the lost and bring them up to excel like everyone else .

That is why in this school , we live in harmony . I will not deny the problems of gangsterisme in SMI , the problems of smoking etc . But in SMI , the gangsters do not fight . Mr Louis personally stand around school and get tip off of fightings . Mr Louis goes around at 6am near the school to check on those who loiter and smoke . And whoever does not tuck in their school uniform outside school be it in mall or outside buying food or going for tuition , these students will be punished . During his time , all students tuck in their uniform whenever they are wearing it . Nowadays though , the discipline level has dropped after Mr Louis retired .

Did we have any problems ? No .

What I am saying here is not all about Mr Louis' life or SMI's great legacy . But I am telling you the harmony we had . It was all due to the happy life we shared , no racism , no racists statements , no favouritism , great leadership under an excellent Principal who received an award AMN from Sultan Perak Sultan Azlan Shah .

So you see .... why the shouting of racial chauvinism !?? Are we happier if another May 13 occured ? So please stop all these nonsense . Leave it to the General Election . Whoever we are unhappy with , "Sack Them" .

I would prefer a better administration . And I believe if this goes on .... and in year 2020 if Malaysia declares that she has achieved Vision 2020 , I would like to call upon the Attorney General or Bar Council to sue the Prime Minister in year 2020 . Because I don't think the Bangsa Malaysia objective has been achieved at all .

Let us all stop these racism . Racial tensions have to be put off . Otherwise , we are gonna live in a real Tanah Tumpah Darahku where plants are covered in red , tar roads are coated with red , cars splattered with red , shops and food in red .... and this red is what we call "Blood" .

Enough is enough . We should stop all these nonsense . If there is a problem , we look into it . And not put it off just like that . What if the economists in MTEN calculated wrongly and the Indians were really left behind in the NEP ? What if the policymakers really did not include the poor Malays and the Chinese ? What if the Opposition was right by saying that NEP only helped those connected to UMNO ? What about those Malays not connected to UMNO ? I can see that Kelantan suffers from Federal Government assistance . Other states receive a lot of help from Federal Govt . I can see that many Malays are still with low education , joining the street racing , backward etc . I can see that many Indians are with low education as well .... fighting and drinking alcohol . I can see many Chinese are still cheating for money , with low education , taking drugs .

What then are the government policies for ? I wonder . One day , we should all read the Manifesto of Barisan Nasional . We take the election promises for granted . The Star , NST , Utusan Melayu etc should conduct a survey and check how many Malaysians read the manifestos of political parties especially Barisan Nasional .

I doubt the percentage reaches 20% .

That's all ..... let us pray for better days ahead for Malaysia .....

Amazing Kevin

I just read from Jeff Ooi's blog about Kevin Rudd . Watched his video . Wow . Amazing .... Australian PM Kevin Rudd speaks great Chinese !! Even my dad was shocked ... haha ... I would say that Mr Kevin speaks better Mandarin than I do ..... better vocab definitely !

Dec 1st - Dec 6th

Dec 1st
Went down early morning with parents to Shah Alam to check out the Setia Alam property . The township development there was just great . It is still currently developing . After that , went to Mid Valley to meet Sue Ann after so long . Haha . She's still funny and lovely .

Dec 2nd
My good friend Chee Yeong and Jimmy crapped all the way with me to Ipoh via CY's Honda Accord . Reached home around 2pm . Went out for some Ipoh Hor Hee ... basically it is just koay teow with fish cakes , fish ball ... in soup . Then , went to Sri Maju HQ to pick up Yu Jin who came all the way from Sg Petani .

Cool . At night we went for seafood at Menglembu ... Restoran Wah Chai . It is one of the best in Ipoh .

Went for a movie at TGV Kinta City .... a totally ridiculous Hitman show . I heard Beowulf is even worse . After the late movie , we went to Oldtown Kopitiam Cafe .... had some nice refreshing drinks and went home after that .

Dec 3rd
Went to the Ipoh old town for the ever famous Hakka Mee . Then , we visited all the three caves in Ipoh . Perak Cave , Kek Lok Tong , Sam Poh Tong . Bought some pomelos from Mom's friend .
I had no idea Perak Cave had a hill to climb . I had a terrible time climbing it .... haha ... great exercise though .

Lunch was at the old town again . This time we had the famous Kai Si Hor Fun .... koay teow soup with chicken shreds . Ordered the famous satay and popiah too . After that , I can't remember what we did .

Haha . But dinner was taugeh ayam ! Ipoh's famous bean sprouts and chicken ..... the shop was closed sadly . Restaurant Lou Wong . We went the one opposite instead .... Restaurant Onn Kee . And it is the same because these two shop owners are brothers .... but due to rivalry and perhaps misunderstanding , the Onn Kee boss quit Lou Wong and set up the current shop .

After dinner , we went to Ipoh Jaya for pasar malam ... my 2nd time there in my whole life ! I normally go to the pasar malam at Stadium Perak . Dad drove us around Ipoh and we stopped by Lat's house . Yes I know where he lives . Haha .

Dec 4th and 5th
All of us woke up late but we still manage to get a place for Pork Noodles in Ipoh which cost RM5 a bowl . Haha . Ordered some sui gao ( dumplings ) also . Had a filling breakfast and it was all back to the highway !

Left for Bukit Tambun . Arrived there to get some seafood lunch at 12pm . But this shop was superbly weird . They didnt have "Lai liu har" , didn't have any soft shell crabs !!!

So it was a simple prawn - fish - sotong lunch ! Arrgh .

Arrived in Penang and visited Khoo Kongsi . It was very difficult to find it . In Penang it was basically eat , eat and eat . We ate about 5 meals a day at least . We visited Queensbay Mall , Gurney Plaza , Prangin Mall , Komtar , the Fort Cornwallis and .... hmm ... can't recall if there were any other places ....oh yes .... Gurney Drive .... the Esplanade ... etc . We even ate the famous cendol ... but hygiene wise ... I would rate it C+ because they sell it at back lanes though it is delicious .

Bought tau sar pneah home for mom and dad . And visited Kek Lok Si temple . While descending from the Pagoda at Kek Lok Si , clumsy Wei Liang aka me fell down the stairs . It was slippery and my butt just thumped down at least 6 steps . Could have been more if not for the Indian uncle in front of me . He helped stop me from falling more and carried me up . Haha . He was nice .... thankfully I was all right !

Headed off to SP after that . Arrived in SP and Yu Jin took us around town for a quick view . Went out dinner with his parents . Then it was off to cyber cafe to play DOTA . Haha ... how sad . We actually played once in Ipoh against unknown people there and we got scolded for being amateurs and some even called us noobs ! Well this shows how bad we are in computer games .

Dec 6th
Woke up really early and headed off to this shop selling Wan Than Mee . Apparently you have to take a number for your order . Arrgh ....

But it was worth waiting coz I think the noodles was nice . I even bought some pau from another stall and they were tasty too !

Yu Jin drove us to Alor Setar and we started lookin for someone's home . We found it after some difficulty . The signboard was misleading initially till we ask a Mak Cik . She told us the way and we found it . Anyone recognize this ?

Yep yep .... it is Rumah Kelahiran TDM ! We are not allowed to take pictures inside but I took a snapshot from the outside . Inside , we get to see the rooms , furniture , pictures , articles , certificates etc . There are two other buildings for exhibition of Tun's items , history etc . It was great to able to see it .

And then , we headed off to the Muzium Padi . Sigh . This is one terrible place to find . The signboards are either small , misleading , or not to be seen ! We had to ask for directions twice ... but upon entering the museum , I was fascinated by the piece of art at the viewing gallery . It was like entering planetarium . The walls are spherical . And the walls are not really walls ... it was all art . And the piece of art look so damn real !!! But it is really an art !

I wonder who the artist was . I am unhappy that there weren't any articles of notices or story of this marvellous piece of art .... not even anything on the artist !

Those of you who have not been there , please do go there to see this piece of art . There were lots of people there and my aunts even go there just to see it from as far as KL .

After that , we headed back to SP for lunch . And that was the end of our holz . Had to say "see you" to Yu Jin and his family and we went back to Ipoh . CY and Jimmy drove back from Ipoh to KL . So yeah .... it was a great holiday !


The picture above was taken at Khoo Kongsi . We were given circular stickers as entry passes . What was left can be seen below behind Yu Jin's shirt .... Jimmy did it on Yu Jin ..... and he walked all over Fort Cornwallis with that "pattern" . And the last picture was Jimmy with Sir Francis Light ....