Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oil For Food Scandal

For the pictures below , "Right click - save target as" . This way , the pics will be clear and easy to view on what I'm trying to blog about :)

I briefly searched through the Independent Committee's report led by a former US Federal Reserve Chairman on the Oil For Food Scandal .

Of course I searched through to see Malaysia's involvement as some parties have claimed that there are 'certain people' involved in this scandal .

Thus , the following are what I have found .

Please be assured that I did not do this with a biased mind . I merely searched "Malaysia" and these are among the few pages that came up .

Actually there are a few more pages , but those pages are on Graphs of International Countries (which has the word Malaysia in them) and the rest are on Mastek Sdn Bhd .

I think I do not need to put up so many "Mastek Sdn Bhd stuff" . One or two will do .

Yep . Enjoy reading .

Haha . I think Sue Ann likes reading my blog .

I will make it interesting for all to read ok :)

Hehe . A bored WL is a very dangerous WL .

All right . Its midnite here and I gotta go enjoy my comfy sleep :)

Tata .

Gambar Datuk Johari

Gambar Datuk Johari menangis semasa Sidang Akhbar untuk meminta Tun menarik diri daripada pemilihan perwakilan bahagian .

Out of 600 branch leaders , approximately 25 attended .

Then mid way through the press conference , Datuk Johari got "emotional" .

Tun Tewas Di Kubang Pasu , Terkuburlah Jasa 22 tahun

Haih . Dr M lost in Kubang Pasu .

Haha . I think Datuk Johari can sleep well that night . Tak payah menangis lagi Datuk .

Anyway , it is disappointing . 3 former strongmen of Dr M had a last minute campaigning against Tun when they were giving their speeches in the hall .

And guess what ... Dr M was sitting in the front row , right in front of them .

I guess it is a culture and it is all right to have no manners at all . Moral Education should be extended not only to students in school but to adults like these .

Dr M appointed them as MB , political secretary etc . Yet this is how the fight back against Dr M in Kubang Pasu .

We used to see the great support for Dr M in Kubang Pasu .

Haih . Tengku Razaleigh used to challenge Dr M in every UMNO election for the presidency .

Did Dr M send his men to make sure Tengku Razaleigh fail to become a delegate or even to contest ?

I certainly did not read or hear any of those stories .

And yet , here we read that Dr M's strongmen was offered a ban lift .

Read the following remarks by Tun Dr M and many bloggers wrote this piece of information too before Tun said it yesterday .

" .....Saad Man (bekas Setiausaha Politik Dr M) yang disingkir dari UMNO…dia kempen menentang saya sekalipun dia bukan ahli UMNO…tapi dia diberi peluang bercakap kerana dia dijanjikan selepas ini dia akan diterima semula masuk UMNO ..."

And that is not all . Dr M claimed that money politics is involved in this delegate election . Apparently a lady shooked Tun's hand and manage to slip a small piece of paper to Tun .

Tun received further info that there are brown envelopes going around with RM200 or so in it and a "menu" of delegates to be voted for .

You are so gonna like this . All 6 out of 7 in that list were elected among the top 7 . Only Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir , who is not in that menu , was the "odd" one .

Fishy things ?

You think about it . The "menu" is in the picture above .

Interestingly , there was a Chinese lady at the UMNO meeting singing praises for Tun but was ticked off by a UMNO member .

Haha . And amazingly , some UMNO members defended the Chinese lady .

You see . Support for Tun does not come only from some UMNO people . This is because some UMNO people have the "mudah lupa" syndrome .

Not only some UMNO people , I can say some other parties like MCA and MIC too .

Nevertheless , there are many more multi racial support out there for Tun .

We are grateful that Tun has brought many things into our lives .

Here today , we can go overseas watching TV telling us about magnificent engineering in Petronas Twin Towers , KL Tower and sports LIVE ON ESPN like Malaysian Motor Grand Prix , Malaysian F1 Grand Prix , Lima De Langkawi etc .

We can go out telling the world that we have certain things which countries like Indonesia and Singapore do not . This is Malaysia , my friend . A Malaysia visionized by Tun and which we all hand in hand worked with Tun to develop .

Do not let it fall out of track !

Malaysia was put on the map because of Tun . So let us not shut him up . But attempts to do so will only trigger more "evidences" of wrongdoings to be "leaked out" by Tun .

Haha . Sun Tzu's Art of War at work !!

Tata .

Friday, September 08, 2006

Malaysiakini Article

According to Malaysiakini , "Rafidah to Dr M: Sit with VIPs"

Hmm . Really ? That's good .

But I wonder if that is what the Tun wants .

Anyway , good to hear that Tun will still get a VIP seat around UMNO's front row .

News and news and more news

News today :

  • Datuk Johari got emotional and shed tears in a press conference attended by around 25 people only in a call to Tun Dr Mahathir to pull out from contesting as a delegate .
  • Wong Sulong replaced by Michael Aeria as new GEIC
  • Read this piece of news . I got this from http://60minit.blogspot.com/2006/08/menteri-seposen-dna.html .

I hereby state that I'm not to be held liable for this but I am merely sharing it with me , myself and my blog about this news that someone wrote on DNA .

~ Kalau dibiarkan, satu Malaysia dia ranapkan. Tak cukup dia ni menteri paling corrupt (rumah di Glenmarie - kawasan jutawan, kereta aje sebanyak 40 biji). Dia juga merupakan menteri yang paling samseng (tak bersesuaian dengan portfolinye menjaga undang-undang dan parlimen). Kawan-kawan baiknya merupakan samseng-samseng underground kaum Cina.

Ingat tak kes pembunuhan budak Cina yang belajar Law tu yang dikatikan dengan anaknye? Saya dengar-dengar budak yang mati tu anak ketua samseng Cina di Malaysia. Saya dengar lagi yang sekarang ni anak DNA terpaksa ambik cover sekejap. Kalau dijumpa, mampuih budak tu dikerjakan dengan samseng Cina tu. Inilah dia masalah anak-anak orang kaya. Bapak borek anak rintik. ~

Tak tahulah cerita ni benar atau tidak .

Walau bagaimanapun , saya rasa memang benar kata Majlis Tertinggi UMNO , memang benar kata Datuk Seri Radzi , Setiausaha UMNO dan Menteri Menteri lain .

Memang benar Tun Dr Mahathir tidak patut merendahkan statusnya menjadi perwakilan Kubang Pasu .

Namun bagi saya , perwakilan tetap perwakilan , negarawan tetap negarawan . Negarawan boleh mencapai statusnya kerana adanya sokongan padu rakyat dan perwakilan - perwakilan ini .

Maka dalam erti demokrasi , perwakilan - perwakilan inilah yang menjadi Raja dan penentu masa depan parti dan negara .

Adakah ahli MT kata menjadi perwakilan ni satu isu yang merendahkan martabat ?

Mungkin dalam konteks Tun .

Sekiranya itu pendapat pihak atasan UMNO , maka buatlah yang sepatutnya .

Hantarlah undangan kepada Tun .

Hantar undangan VVIP kepada Tun sebagai bekas Presiden UMNO , ahli UMNO Baru pertama dan sebagai bekas Perdana Menteri selama 22 tahun .

Bagilah front row seat kepada Tun dan biarlah Tun bercakap sebagai tetamu jemputan .

Tapi tak dengar pun ada sesiapa kata nak bagi VVIP Invitation kepada Tun .

Haha .

Haih . Kalau nak kata "TUN TAK BOLEH DATANG!" ... kata aje lah . Tak payah sampai Datuk Johari dan orang Kubang Pasu serba salah , tak payah sampai negarawan terpaksa mengambil langkah sebegini .

UMNO boleh dikatakan anak Tun .

Maka hormatilah Tun .

Saya duduk di sini berdoalah untuk Tun semoga Tun berjaya , Pak Lah berjaya dan semuanya berjaya .

Namun kejayaan ini perlulah Win-Win situation untuk rakyat dan negara . Berdoalah ..... kejayaan demi semua .

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Everyone is away for holidays while I sit in front of my computer every single day to read news , surf the internet and sigh .

That's right . That's all I do .

Weather in Canberra fluctuates these days . Certain days are warm , certain days are cold .

Hmm . Hope it stays cold .

Anyway , I watched a video with pals the other day on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim . Haha .

I don't know how true it is , but it might be .

I let you decide , have fun watching . It will take 40 minutes of your time but it is worth it .


Ok .

Hmm .

Gonna listen some music and have a nice nap .

DAP - A Tiger Waiting

This might be DAP's best chance to shine in Penang .

Barisan Nasional must understand that Penang is highly populated with Chinese .

If UMNO Youth keep on pressing to rotate the Chief Minister seat , my prediction is that sooner or later , UMNO will win Kelantan from PAS and lose Penang to DAP .

Do not only look at the sentiments of a side . When we speak , we speak with care and caution .

If one day , I go out and tell MCA delegates that we should close ranks and be united , otherwise the Malays will take further advantage of us .

What will Datuk Seri Hishammuddin say ? YOU ARE A RACIST !

What will Datuk Seri Nazri say ? YOU ARE A RACIST !

What will Bung Mokhtar say ? YOU ARE A RACIST !


When UMNO was declared illegal in the late 1980s , MCA took over the Chairmanship of Barisan and could have taken over the whole government .

But MCA held it firmly FOR UMNO .

We did not want any further racial riots and we wanted peace , that was what the rakyat wanted .

If rotation is what UMNO Youths want , then I also would like the rotation of a few other MB posts in other States .

What will BN leaders say ? YOU ARE A RACIST !

Come on . We do not need Racial Chauvinists and REAL RACISTS .

We can do anything through discussion and not going all out to attack other races .

If we want , we Chinese could come out with Statistics as well to say that we are marginalized and that we want the Prime Ministership to be rotated .

Guess what , many contracts are UNTUK BUMIPUTERA SAHAJA . Did we make a noise or fuss over it ?

Nope . We try to find other means to fill our rice bowls .

There are property discounts for BUMIPUTERAS ONLY . Did we complain ? Some did but many non Bumis learned to live with it .

In Biro Tatanegara camps , at least the one I went to , there were racial sentiments . We non BUMIs held our anger and frustration and endured all the racial stings and remarks that BTN officers brought up . Thankfully , we youths are not as racists as you adults are now . Many of my Malay pals knew that these people are so racist and we remain united in our colleges .

In Biro Tatangera camps , again at least the one I went to , the officers showed Statistics that Malays are not competent enough .

And guess what , luckily I saw the asterisk and the Note at the bottom of the table .

It goes like this "Statistic ini dijalankan di Pulau Pinang" .

Something like that , it was longer .

What is that suppose to mean ? I could have done the same in Kelantan , Pahang , Selangor where non Bumis are probably in the same position as the Bumis are in Penang .

Come on . Do not be racists . Penang is highly populated with Chinese . That is undeniable . Other States are populated with a mixture of multi racial Malaysians and Bumiputeras are the majority .

Why then do we need racist officers to instil racism culture in our youths ?

I do not know .

For all I know , at least for this instance , I agree with Pak Lah's comments in cooling the temperature down in Penang .

But again , Khairy raised the remarks .

Each time Khairy raised a thing , they are normally extreme remarks and Pak Lah has to cool it down .

I wonder what is going on .

But UMNO must not bring us back to the days of racial riots .

I want to live in peace in Malaysia .

Be sensitive .

So must the non Bumis . Never ever make racist statements and let us carry on our beautiful lives in peace and harmony with prosperity in our hands .

I respect the Constitutional Special Rights of the Bumiputeras without a single doubt .

But when we sing the song of peace and multi culturalism towards a united Malaysia , we should practise it as well .

I certainly do not want to see extremists of Chinese political parties get more powerful .

I certainly do not wish to see extremists of any political parties get too powerful .

I certainly wish to see the Weighing Scale of Barisan Nasional remain in our eyes as our leaders that promote peace , harmony and give us wealth and health for many years to come without any hiccups or bumpy rides .

Discuss it , straighten it and ensure satisfaction of all parties .

That's what it should be like in the spirit of unity and independence .

Jasa 22 tahun Hilang Di Mata Rakyat dan UMNO ?

Kata Datuk Seri Di Raja Tajol Rosli ,

Redang berpaya tanah lundangan...Kayu reput tempat meniti...Setianya saya tiada tandingan....Bagaikan rambut bersimpul mati

Betul lah tu .

Kesetiaan mana wujud dalam politik . Sama ada aku mati , atau mu .

Hanya ada fakta sebegini dalam bidang politik . It is indeed a constant sum game where one will benefit at the expense of the other .

Ada pegawai kerajaan dan ahli UMNO yang telah bersama Dr Mahathir selama 22 tahun .

Selama 22 tahun , Dr Mahathir jadi Perdana Menteri , Presiden UMNO dan Barisan Nasional .

Ini belum kira tempoh Dr Mahathir jadi ahli aktif dalam UMNO dan menjawat jawatan Menteri .

Haih . Ni 22 tahun jadi ketua , takkan tak ada orang yang setia kepada Dr Mahathir .

Nak tunjuk kesetiaan biarlah ikhlas dan rasional .

Dulu zaman Dr Mahathir , ada yang setia , ada yang tidak , sampai lawan Dr Mahathir dan menimbulkan ketidakstabilan politik pun ada .

Terbuktilah 22 tahun Dr Mahathir jadi PM pun tak berguna , sekarang ni semua rakan menjadi lawan .

Dr Mahathir ni berjuang seorang . Sedih aku melihat perkara ini berlaku .

Saya risau sekiranya Tun dapat menjadi wakil Kubang Pasu , UMNO akan 'boo' beliau di Persidangan Perwakilan UMNO .

Dr Mahathir perlu berwaspada dengan orang UMNO yang kini nak jadi pelindung kepada Pak Lah .

Dr Mahathir nampak yakin , namun kami tetap risau .

All the best , Tun .

SCOMI in the NEWS again

Hmm . Malaysia terlibat dalam isu Senjata Nuclear ?

Beberapa pegawai eksekutif Syarikat Mitutoyo di Jepun ditahan kerana mengekspot alat pengukur yang dikatakan terlibat dalam process senjata nuclear .

Syarikat ini dihubungkait kembali ke tanah air kita iaitu Malaysia dan nama syarikat di Malaysia itu ialah SCOPE , Scomi Precision Engineering .

Dulu SCOMI dan Datuk Kamaluddin pernah disiasat dan kemudiannya Polis kata SCOMI tidak tahu isu Centrifuge yang diekspot oleh mereka akan menyumbang kepada pembuatan senjata nuclear .

Sekarang ni dapat pula isu kat Jepun . Apakah Polis Di Raja Malaysia akan memberi laporan yang sama ?

Allow me to show you part of the article from AP,Kyodo . All credits given to the Journalist .

"Tokyo police arrested the president and four other employees of precision instrument maker Mitutoyo Corp. for allegedly exporting equipment with atomic weapons applications to a Malaysian firm that is suspected of dealing in the nuclear black market, officials said Friday.......

................Mitutoyo is suspected of illegally exporting two three-dimensional measuring devices that can be used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons to Malaysian subsidiary Scomi Precision Engineering Sdn. Bhd. in October and November 2001, trade ministry official Hiroyuki Murakami said ... "

Hmm ? Hebatnya .

On the 4th of September during a Press Conference with Tun , a journalist mentioned that Dr Mahathir personally made a decision to cancel an export of centrifuge overseas in the 1990s .

Well done Dr Mahathir . We do not need to be involved in controversies of the nuclears . We adopt the principles of ZOPFAN !