Thursday, June 19, 2008

Talks of Dream

Now, let me start off on a lighter mood. I just texted a friend of mine. She is away from home now and she has a pet in Facebook called Lucas. Haha. Fed it for her over the past few days and I disturbed her saying her pet tiger Lucas bit my hand.

She replied saying that I woke her up from a nice dream where there were cute guys wooing her! I guess I should say ... "sorry" ? Haha.

Had another funny conversation with Adeline, my housemate here. She has French classes every Monday and Wednesday and they sell really nice croissants. So, Adeline will buy some back for us. My usual order is 4 pieces. Ham and cheese croissants. AUD 3 each but it is worth every cent I pay. Really delicious.

So yesterday she asked us how many we all want this time. I told her, "For tonight, dont get me any croissants. Just pack home a French chic for me".

Adeline replied "Okay okay. I will pack a French egg for you. You can hatch it into a chic (chick actually) yourself".

Damn. Hahahaha. Oh well, it might not sound funny here but it was really funny when we conversed.

I must be day dreaming alot huh ! And this blog entry is with regards to "dreams". All right. Now let us get serious.

I came across a website about Rice Cartels. The title of the article - Is Rice Cartel A Pipe Dream? - caught my attention. We all know that Asia is endowed with Rice. However, major consumers are also Asians. Will it be economically beneficial if we had rice cartels? It will only hurt Asian consumers. These consumers can include the rice grain producing country itself.

To compare it with the OPEC, a rice cartel doesnt seem like a possible movement. OPEC has consumers globally. Every continent in the world consumes high level of petrol, oil and gas. Look at the hungry Dragon of China.

Fuel energy, coal and hydro energy are considered scarce there. These energy sources cannot support the needs and appetite of China sufficiently.

Hmm. Rice cartels. It is the first time I heard of such a thing and seems like it is being considered. Read more here.

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