Monday, June 30, 2008

The Healthy Blogger

Okay I know some of you will chuckle when you read the title ! I am laughing myself too. Some of you might know that I used to be the most unhealthy person on Earth !

Times have changed. This blogger is now adopting a healthier lifestyle and diet. No no. Dont get me wrong. I dont drink or smoke. In fact, I cant even take Shandy !! Haha. Yes. Shandy might be nothing to some of you. But I hate the smell and taste of alcohol.

Well, in the past I have always loved meals and unhealthy stuff like chips, fried and oily food, etc. Who doesnt? Haha. Aunty BK asked me recently about weight loss matters and suddenly I remembered and realised that I really have adopted something very different in my life these days.

My blog entries here are all heavy, academic and analytical issues that focus on social and political matters. Let us all take a short break and look at health issues, shall we?

A Piece of My Mind wants to have some light sessions with all readers at times. Fuh ! I myself feel tired and stressed. Haha. My dad and family knows that day in day out, I only read matters on politics and business. I always leave aside health sections in The Star or any other news portal that I read.

Whenever I come back from Australia, he will keep clippings or photostated news articles for me to read when I get back. He never fails to do so ! Of course this time is no different. The most recent article he kept for me is the one dated 23rd April 2008 - The Star - "Star fruits can kill, says doc".

I believe most of you had read it? If you had, then it's okay. If you hadn't, then pay some attention to this article.

The Star carried the article here. Also, a Google search brought up an interesting website. Read it here. It is similar to The Star's article but there are additional comments and researches.

Wei Liang :)


Anonymous said...

if thats true, we're running out of food to eat! haha. well, can't believe all the stuff we read. otherwise, life wud be such a bore. dont u agree?

aryumy{bonsai keramat} said...

please klick