Friday, February 27, 2009

The MCA Leadership

  • MCA's biggest problem was never with their coalition partners. The Party's dilemma lies with the internal affairs.
  • Factions exists in all parties but the line has always been clear under MCA when it comes to power groups.
  • In the past, we had Team A vs Team B till Dr Mahathir had to step in and broker a peaceful solution for the sake of Barisan Nasional.
  • Remember the time when Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik faced Tan Sri Lim Ah Lek?
  • MCA went on to be strong under Ong Ka Ting and Chan Kong Choy, although I am sure differences existed between them.
  • The problem with MCA was not meant to be between the top two leaders then. Perhaps it was destiny that placed the MCA Vice President as a challenger to the party leadership.
  • There were talks that although the former Health Minister visited more than 70% of the hospitals in Malaysia, he did the same with MCA too.
  • Some groups were not happy that there were moves to challenge the top leadership of MCA. Although it is democratic, but MCA's leadership at that time were solid and strong.
  • I remember reading newspaper reports and articles about how Ong Ka Ting spent his time talking to the poor and needy folks. He even spent a lot of his time on the Government scholarships and loans cases.
  • In most cases, he was very helpful and looked for ways to help everyone within his means.
  • A challenge on the MCA leadership that has done nothing wrong but brought progress to the party is unacceptable, I believe.
  • Today, we suddenly hear about a case against Dr Chua Soi Lek, Deputy President of MCA, for a part in the sex DVD scandal that involves sex against nature, i.e. oral sex in this case.
  • To be honest, I didn't know there are laws which govern how people have sex in Malaysia. That is surprising but not worthy of discussion today.
  • When the DVDs were out last year, Ong Ka Ting and Chan Kong Choy were at the receiving end of anger, blame and all sorts of allegations.
  • With the fresh case now, all eyes are on Ong Tee Keat and his team. Ong Tee Keat is a President who stays focus on what he does in the Government and in the Party he presides.
  • “Now it is me and other party leaders. You have to ask the person making the allegations if there is any political motivation.
  • When this move takes place, MCA members should take a look at the Party. Is this what MCA needs when the Party is in a critical phase of winning the support of the people?
  • Is it good for the Party if someone claims there are political conspiracies against him and he uses these as a motivation and reason for him to step up against the Party leadership to takeover as President of MCA?
  • MCA members must think. Think you must, and think hard!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I am very disappointed. Many things have been hijacked by Pakatan Rakyat.

At first, we read that PKR wants to restore immunity of monarchy. Then this happened.

Then, we see a new shout-it-out: 'Ketuanan Rakyat'. To me, it is more like a Ketuanan Pakatan Rakyat.

Of course all of a sudden we had claims from Kedah ADUNs and Perak ADUNs about bribery. Read: Najib Bankrupt.

As always, before any investigations, the Ketuanan Pakatan Rakyat judged Barisan Nasional as corrupt.

Perhaps some members or leaders of BN are corrupted, but it is very wrong to generalise the whole party as a bad apple.

The United States Democrats continue to govern the country, although there was a scandal in Illinois that involved the former Governor who was replaced recently.

Americans are more mature when it comes to political mentality.

One bad apple does not make the whole basket of apples unwanted.

I understand that Keshvinder Singh (DAP-Malim Nawar) and Abdul Yunus Jamsari (PKR-Kuala Kurau) lodged a report with MACC.

I wonder if there were concrete evidences presented. If they did not have any concrete proof, then I am very confident that when MACC throws the case out, Ketuanan Pakatan Rakyat will say "See ... they are bias".

According to Pakatan reps tell of attempts to buy them over, Keshvinder claimed that he was offered RM 10 million, Perak MIC Chief Post and a State Exco post.

But if we compare with Pakatan Perak reps: We were offered millions to quit, Keshvinder claimed that he was offered RM 20 million, Perak MIC Chief Post and a State Exco post.

Benefit of doubt exists, Keshvinder. RM 20 million and RM 10 million is a big figure. Don't just mention some random numbers to sensationalize issues.

I think Keshvinder also made a very big mistake as a lawyer, politician and DAP member. I suggest he reads Karpal questions MACC's motive.

Karpal said "A person is presumed innocent until proven guilty, that’s elementary".

But Keshvinder made a big mistake when he said "I urge Najib to come forward and explain the matter because this shows that the federal government is corrupt and desperate". [Malaysiakini]

How do you know about that even before MACC investigates or the Attorney General files a case in the Court, YB Keshvinder?

Innocent until proven guilty. That's elementary.

(Credits to TheStar, Bloomberg, Malaysiakini for the photos)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is MACC bias or not?

  • It is not my business to meddle with the Selangor affairs. But the alternative media like Malaysiakini and blogs are carrying misleading headlines.
  • There seems to be heavy discussion in my blog too these days. I am surprise to see a few thousand hits/visitors over the past few days.
  • Is MACC bias against Pakatan Rakyat?
  • People have turned a blind eye on occasions when MACC arrests UMNO leaders, investigate and prosecute BN leaders, Government Department leaders, and corrupted Government officials.
  • But when the police or MACC investigates Khalid Ibrahim, the VoxPopuli of Malaysiakini, bloggers, and the rakyat start to say MACC is bias and the Commission is a lapdog of Barisan Nasional.
  • Do not shy away from the main question. Was Khalid Ibrahim wrong or not?
  • He chose to drive his own Lexus and not use the Government's official car (the brand new Camry cars). By right, he should not use the State funds to maintain a personal Lexus car.
  • The cows might seem like a funny issue to Pakatan Rakyat. But the fact that all the 46 cows were given to only Bandar Tun Razak raises many eyebrows.
  • He claimed that he did not order the cows to be sent to Bandar Tun Razak and has never seen the cows. This is not the first time Khalid says he is not involved in these scandals.
  • Many have forgotten these articles which marked the first hit in Khalid's Government.
Yahya undur, tidak yakin Khalid
Ex aide: Khalid did not give me a chance to explain
  • MACC is a lapdog for BN when they investigate the highly regarded Pakatan Rakyat team.
  • But when MACC investigates UMNO and BN, MACC will be hailed as an efficient, fair and just Commission.
  • If we can see a fight for the leadership and power in Barisan Nasional, I do not understand why PKR is so confident that the same won't exist in Pakatan Rakyat component parties.
  • BigDog wrote a very good piece which sums up the latest news on Selangor's internal party power struggle - The Ketuanan Rakyat Conspiracy?. This is a "must read" article.
  • Everything is BN's fault in the first place. The media and rakyat always throw vegetables and eggs into BN's courtyard first.
  • But when investigations later show it is actually an internal party's job, the media and rakyat are told to stop talking about it.
  • One senior leader of Pakatan Rakyat even said "if you ask me again, I smash your head".
  • This is the press freedom and democracy of Pakatan Rakyat.
  • This is what Malaysia has become - never seen before in 50 years of Independence and history.
(Credits to The Star for the photos)

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Reflection for Pakatan Rakyat - 3

  • There are a lot of pictures circulating online these days, especially UMNO leaders' children. And I can confirm, pictures of Najib's son are in circulation. (The picture below is just one of the many. I leave it for you to search it, if you haven't received the circulated emails)
  • When these pictures came about, the people say that these leaders and their children are immoral and against the religion.
  • No one from Pakatan Rakyat or among the people who said that these are invasion of privacy of their family.
  • Those pictures, if we say or blog that they are wrong, some will come and tell me "You are a fool. This is what we call press freedom and freedom of information."
  • But when pictures of Elizabeth Wong came up, leaders claim that it is invasion of privacy, not immoral.
  • Have we ever thought about the feelings of Najib Tun Razak's son who is still studying in a University? No, we haven't. Because we treat the people in UMNO like enemies.
  • A picture paints a thousand words. These words can be the truth, half-truth or lies which supplement the picture.
  • We (the non Bumiputeras) tend to forget UMNO is the party that fought for the Independence of Malaysia and granted citizenships to our forefathers via jus soli.
  • What more to say about the Malays who are supporting a very unstable alliance of PAS, DAP and PKR against UMNO?
  • Khalid Ibrahim is asking the Federal Govt to honor the free water promised by Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor. What they promised, they ask the Federal Government of Barisan Nasional to provide.
  • Guan Eng always say "We will work with the Federal Government to tackle these issues". But I wonder if Pakatan Rakyat remember the days when they publicise the investments and businesses in Penang?
  • When they have money, the call the press and say this is Pakatan Rakyat's effort! But when they can't find anything to boost the economy, they tell the press and the people "Barisan Nasional Federal Govt is not helping us".
  • The non Bumis might not understand the importance of a respect for the Sultan, but the Malays must not forget.
  • When an unregistered coalition seeked an audience with the Palace in Perak to form the State Government in March 2008, I felt it was improper because Barisan Nasional had the most seats. (given that BN contested as a party, but the Opposition contested on their own platforms). Yet, I respected the decision of the Palace.
  • You see, you can claim that this is not under your orders, but your supporters did the job. Why not send a peace mission with an apology to the Sultan of Perak? Unless of course, Nizar & Co "masih ingin derhaka".
  • Nizar can continue to say he is a PAS leader and a PAS MB of Perak. But then, it seems that the DAP is running the show. Look at the news articles and pictures of Nizar. Ngeh Koo Ham and DAP leaders are always beside him.
  • Is Nizar a PAS member or a DAP member? What happened to the PAS supporters or PAS legal advisors?
  • I think Sivakumar (Perak State Assembly Speaker) and Wong Kam Woh forgot to suspend or report the ADUNs of Changkat Jering and Behrang, formerly of Parti Keadilan Rakyat when they were arrested red handed for corruption.
  • These two ADUNs went on as EXCO of Kerajaan Negeri Perak until they left Pakatan Rakyat to be Independents. Their support for Pakatan Rakyat were well received by Nizar and Co.
  • Nizar & Co, refused to suspend these two ADUNs. What kind of integrity are you talking about? And yet you place yourself as the righteous leaders of Perak?

Some links that are worth reading, especially for Perakians:

1. Dude, where is my third vote?
2. Pakatan Rakyat Perak Budget 2009
3. The Blame Game Begins
4. Raja Adil Raja Disembah
5. DAP Perak

(Credits to Malaysiakini, MStar and The Star for the photos)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Reflection for Pakatan Rakyat - 2

  • BN must not hold back but deliver a RM 100 million lawsuit to his doorsteps.
  • Anwar Ibrahim said Agendadaily's publication of Eli Wong's photo with Khalid Ibrahim was a "kerja celaka". But he forgot to tell Tian Chua the doctored photo (Najib, Altantuya, Razak Baginda) was a kerja celaka too.
  • When Tian Chua was asked if Elizabeth Wong was his ex girlfriend before, Tian Chua said "If you ask me again, I smash your head". He even threatened to sue Agendadaily if they carried a report on this, as claimed HERE.
  • Press freedom will face a low under Pakatan Rakyat - believe me.
  • As for Hilmi, we are told that he is now in Indonesia, and by a strange coincidence, Wong is also said to be in the same country - On The Beat
  • You see, the only way for Hilmi to escape the anger of the people, is to direct all of that to Barisan Nasional. As far as I remember, Anwar has a lot of contacts in Indonesia.
  • My suggestion is that the Interpol reaches Hilmi first, before he is coaxed, threatened or bribed to make any false accusations. Just in case, you know?
  • Pakatan Rakyat leaders said Arumugam received kidnap threats and he went missing suddenly after his resignation. In the end, Kedah PKR said they are keeping him in a safe place. I am worried, where is Arumugam now?
  • It is actually quite simple for Pakatan Rakyat to govern. We can avoid people scrutinising the Penang Govt by saying "We will work with the Federal Govt". It is as though the Federal Govt governs Penang and the State Govt is useless.
  • When BN used closed or selective tender system, the Opposition disagrees with it. I remember Lim Guan Eng announcing that he will use the open tender system under his administration right after taking over Penang in March 2008.
  • What the Opposition does is right, while BN is always wrong. This is the rule of law for Pakatan Rakyat.
  • We can also divert the attention of using Govt funds to give away cows and maintaining the Lexus in Selangor by saying "The MACC is bias and they are so quick in investigating our case".
  • I think Anwar forgot that those cows went to Bandar Tun Razak, which is the constituency of the Selangor Menteri Besar. A conflict of interest arises here, don't you think so?
  • I do not deny that some Malays in Bandar Tun Razak are poor. But as a Menteri Besar of Selangor, isn't it the responsibility of the Menteri Besar to spread the love to other poor Malay areas too like in sections of Shah Alam, Hulu Selangor etc?
  • After all, those money (RM 110,400 approx for the cows) are the Government's money and every constituency of Selangor deserves the love.
  • Do not forget about the Lexus case too, Anwar. It seems that Khalid said the Lexus was his, but there are invoices and maintenance receipts of that car charged to the Government.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Reflection for Pakatan Rakyat - 1

  • Elizabeth Wong and Pakatan Rakyat leaders claim that "Hey, it is invasion of privacy! No one should force her to quit!".
  • As far as I know, no one asked her to quit - except PAS members in Selangor and Khir Toyo.
  • Yet, Pakatan Rakyat leaders especially from Parti Keadilan Rakyat kept saying "Don't pressure her to quit. This is an underhand tactic of Barisan Nasional".
  • It is as though someone pointed a gun at Eli's head and told her "QUIT NOW!".
  • You see, Anwar Ibrahim will never answer any challenges. When Saiful challenged Anwar to take an Oath in a Mosque with a Quran, Anwar did not do so.
  • Of course Anwar said even the Imam went over to his side! But Anwar forgot that Saiful took an Oath by touching the Quran, which is between Saiful and Allah, not the Imam. Yet, Anwar did not swear on the Quran, or did he?
  • I remember reading the news on 17th February. Leaders like Wan Azizah, Sivarasa, Anwar Ibrahim and Nuraidah linked Barisan Nasional to the nude pictures of Elizabeth Wong.
  • On 18th February, when the press managed to dig out that it was Hilmi Malek - a PKR member and former aide of PKR MP of PJ Selatan - Tian Chua shielded YB Hee Loy Sian from the press and told the media they should leave her alone.
  • The media were asking YB Hee about Hilmi, and the media did not approach Elizabeth Wong.
  • How come Pakatan Rakyat leaders can say it is BN's job on 17th February before investigations?
  • And when the media and the people found out that it was Hilmi from PKR, the people were told by Pakatan Rakyat to stop talking about it and the media should stop reporting the case.
  • Anwar must now answer Huan Cheng Guan's challenge. I have some words for Huan Cheng Guan (right). If Anwar fails to apologize to BN, then Anwar should be sued in Court and make him prove it was a BN job.
  • Failure to do so in Court, Anwar will have comply with whatever the judges decide. Perhaps a RM 100 million lawsuit will make sense, Huan, to make Anwar recall something with those figures.
  • Pakatan Rakyat always blame the dirty tricks of BN and claim that BN are always in a state of denial. With my words here, PR supporters or the rakyat will continue to slam me. But are we all not blindly supporting Pakatan Rakyat now?

(Credits to MStar and Daylife for the photos)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Najib's Economic Plan

It worries me to see the state of the economy at the moment. Thousands of workers in manufacturing factories, production plants, electronic firms, banking sectors, equity groups, and the financial sector are badly affected.

Lack of assignments and projects occur not only in small players but among the largest firms in Malaysia as well.

Fresh graduates also face unfavourable responses from many companies - "We are freezing employment temporarily. Do come back to us in the future when times are better".

Malaysians are feeling the effects. But are we at the lowest yet?

Najib's economic plan 1
Najib Tun Razak will takeover as the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia. His first big involvement in Malaysia's economy was when he announced the 3% EPF contribution cut for all.

A Piece of My Mind disagreed with Najib's policy with a simple economic model as explanation back then.

However, as an Economist, I have to agree that the EPF policy was implemented to improve consumers' liquidity and money circulation of the economy in the short run.

The EPF cut policy will end 2 years from the date of implementation. It will and it must. Read more on why I think the 3% EPF cut must not be a long term tool.

Najib's economic plan 2
In view of the global economic crisis, Najib launched a RM 7 billion stimulus package.

Malaysia's economy is a RM 500 billion economy in constant year 2000 prices and a RM 640 billion economy in current year prices (2007).

If RM 7 billion or any of those small stimulus packages can transform a bearish market into a bullish one, then Malaysia's economy is really unique (or should I say weird?).

The mini-budgets and small scale stimulus package will not be sufficient. Najib needs to look into things deeper and perhaps take Dr Mahathir's idea into consideration. [Mahathir: Govt can inject another RM 28 billion].

Economists and the business sectors feel that the stimulus package is insufficient and Najib has yet to announce anything big. The 'delay' will cause a massive problem for Malaysia because stimulus packages are not instantaneously felt by the people but a lagging period exists.

I understand that something big will be announced on March 10th. I hope it is big enough to move the RM 640 billion economy. [Najib: Second Stimulus Package To Be Stronger]

I am also worried after reading this news report - Malaysia's budget transparency: Surprised and embarassed.

Najib's administration
Even though many bloggers stopped attacking the Fourth Floor of PM's Dept, the No. 1 blogger of Malaysia did not.

I suggest that Najib increases the participation of the Finance Ministry, Transport Ministry, Works Ministry, MITI and EPU in decision makings to move Malaysia from a Contender country to the Developed status. [Malaysia is not a developing but a contender country]

Najib Tun Razak will takeover a leadership which is facing a strong Opposition. He has successfully shut out Anwar's crossover threats for the next four years.

The people are angry about crossovers and party hopping. Anwar will not be able to threaten Najib with crossover claims to PR. Otherwise, Anwar will face the anger of the people.

With Anwar's wings clipped, Najib Tun Razak must focus on rebuilding the Government system and developing Malaysia or lose the support base not only among Malaysians but also inside UMNO with several leaders waiting to takeover the leadership at the sidelines.

(Credits to MStar, NST and TheStar for the photos)

Irresponsible Statements

It is important that leaders make careful and responsible statements because words uttered bear a lot of weight in the people's daily lives.

Pakatan Rakyat leaders (17th February)

Anwar Ibrahim
“No one in Pakatan Rakyat is pressuring her to leave,” he said, adding that he was concerned with the “pattern of tarnishing PKR MPs’ reputations.” [TheStar]

Elizabeth Wong
Although Eli Wong had a fair share of slanderous attacks on BN on her case, I understand that she is already going through a lot of stress. APOMM will retreat and lend her the much needed support. Eli should continue as ADUN if the Bukit Lanjan people wants her. I hope Khir Toyo follows BN leaders' statements which clearly support Eli in her our of darkness. His stand does not represent BN's. [APOMM]

R Sivarasa
PKR vice-president and Subang MP R Sivarasa said: “We know that what has happened is clearly politically motivated. “All this happening on the first day of Parliament yesterday was too much of a coincidence. We call on the people to reject gutter politics being practised by BN.” [Malaysiakini]

Nuridah Mohd Salleh

PAS Muslimat leader Nuridah Mohd Salleh was of the view that BN is still unable to accept its defeat in the general election last March, and has chosen underhanded means to topple the state governments chosen by the people. “We hope the Pakatan leadership is ready to face further challenges as they (BN/Umno) may have something more up their sleeve,” she cautioned. [Malaysiakini]

Media (18th - 19th Feb)

New Straits Times
Petaling Jaya Selatan Hee Loy Sian was a man under siege in parliament today over the Selangor executive councillor Elizabeth Wong's 'nude' pictures incident.

His former aide Hilmi is said to be the person who was Wong's alleged lover and widely believed to have taken the nude pictures of her. Hee said said Hilmi had worked with him for nine months but was no longer in his employement. He has been working with him for 9 months.

Azmin confirmed that Helmi is a member of the party but declined to give anymore details on the subject. "I really don't know about his private life," he said. [NST]

New Straits Times
State executive council member from Pas, Iskandar Abdul Samad, yesterday dismissed allegations that Barisan Nasional was involved in the circulation of Elizabeth Wong's photographs.

The Selangor Pas deputy commissioner (III) said the distribution of the photographs may be the work of disgruntled developers who were not satisfied when the state government banned development on class three and four hillslopes.

Note: Sivarasa, Nuridah Mohd Salleh, Anwar Ibrahim have not apologized publicly for the accusations against Barisan Nasional before any investigations.

(Credits to NST and TheStar for the photos)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Attacks on APOMM Blogger

Only the ladies from MCA supports ELI, not the men. The men from there are hypocrites (if they claim to support ELI).

Come back to work here OK. You are much in need here. Oh I forgot You are from a wealthy crony background and you only work for your family. Come back lah anyway, hope your offsprings will continue your good luck

Oh oh ... one more thing. I think Anwar, Haji Hadi and Lim Kit Siang told Pak Lah to stay on because they like him I forgot you like older man for (their money).They whispered to you, luv?

This is a comment by an Anonymous. I challenge the person/group actively involved in personal defamation of me and my family to continue writing comments in my blog with a name - instead of anonymous.

Of late, I am beginning to receive emotionally charged personal attacks on me. I have been advised not to respond to these.

It has reached a point that is absolutely hurtful and baseless and APOMM must stand up to answer.
  • My flesh and bones are dedicated to Malaysia. Every single person who knows my name clearly understand my willingness to serve Malaysia. In 2010, please come and see my name in Malaysia's employee lists. I can easily get you 100 supporters in a blink to clarify my stand and service for Malaysia.
  • I am not from a wealthy crony background. My dad works in a production factory. I am 23 years old this year and my family has never owned any cars more than RM 65,000 of value. The most expensive car my family owned (is owning now) is a Proton Waja.
  • My family owns ZERO businesses. Please check with the Registrar of Societies, Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) and all the relevant agencies.
  • I have been to countries like Japan and Australia. But do you know that my education in Japan was a Monbukagakusho Scholarship sponsored by the Japan's Education Ministry? And my education in Australia was fully funded by the Federal Government of Malaysia.

Other than these, I don't see any luxury things that I have which will make me seem like I am a crony.

If you read the comments in my blogs, I do not censor any arguments against my opinions or blog entries but continue to engage active debates.

I will not hesitate to make a police report for investigations on this matter and file legal proceedings for defamation against the Anonymous writer.

I hereby launch a challenge to the Anonymous writer to reveal his/her identity and to repeat the allegations above in a Court of Law, in the presence of a lawyer or the police.

Accusations like this will never be tolerated by APOMM. I am not afraid of any quarters that are playing dirty tricks to defame bloggers like me.

I will continue to speak what is in my mind.

Wei Liang Goh
Editor of APOMM

Updated (20/2/2009) 9.45am

My credentials:
1. National runners up Parliamentary English debates organized by the Ministry of Education.
2. Perak State Debating Champions with several best speaker award.
3. Monbukagakusho Scholarship to Japan (Junior Ambassador Program)sponsored by the Japan Ministry of Education (MEXT).
4. 10As SPM
5. Chief Editor of Prefectorial Magazine
5. Rotary Cup Debating Champions

With these qualifications and several other certificates I received such as UNSW English Competition, Kinta District Malay Language Debates, I applied for the scholarship.

I was rejected in the first round. I approached the Malaysian Chinese Association, Board of Governors of my school, and several others to help me.

With the clerk's advice in MCA, please note CLERK, I was required to type appeal letters to JPA.

And taking the advice, I sent appeal letters to: (Please note: I SENT THE LETTER)

1. Pengarah Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (who doesnt know who Goh Wei Liang is)
2. Malaysian Chinese Association (who doesnt know who Goh Wei Liang is)
3. Menteri Besar Perak (who doesnt know who Goh Wei Liang is)
4. Menteri Pengajian Tinggi (who doesnt know who Goh Wei Liang is)
5. Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Bahagian Biasiswa (who doesnt know who Goh Wei Liang is)

After the appeals, I was not given the scholarship. Instead, I was summoned for a interview in Institut Tadbiran Awam Negara Sungai Petani.

I was among the hundreds who were called up for the interview (appeal cases).

I finally received my scholarship to proceed with my studies in UiTM (Pre university).

In the South Australian Matriculation, I achieved a result of 99.15% for TER (which puts me in the top 0.85% of the world) and I received a Merit Award for Economics (the highest attainable for the course).

In 2006, I was admitted into the Australian National University (ranked 16th in the world). In 2008, I graduated with a Distinction average.

I hope that answers the person/group who has been attacking me and attempting to defame me.

The IP addresses have been identified and further action will be taken if pressed.


Who Politicised Eli Wong's Case?

Consider the timeline and remarks made:

R Sivarasa
All this happening on the first day of Parliament yesterday was too much of a coincidence. We call on the people to reject gutter politics being practised by BN
[17th February]

Anwar Ibrahim
No one in Pakatan Rakyat is pressuring her to leave,” he said, adding that he was concerned with the “pattern of tarnishing PKR MPs’ reputations.” [17th February]

Malaysiakini headlines

1. Right out of Umno's dirty tricks department
2. The political rape of Elizabeth Wong

Tian Chua
Tian Chua launched into a tirade about how the media should leave Wong alone but despite this a few questions were posed to Hee. [18th February]

So who politicised Elizabeth Wong's case?

Pakatan Rakyat leaders left Eli Wong's case wide open for discussion and public inquiry - the rakyat, the media and politicians.

You can't just swing faeces into the court yard of Barisan Nasional on 17th February and tell the media to stop talking about it on 18th February.

When you open the floodgates, this is the consequence and Elizabeth Wong has been used as a tool of Pakatan Rakyat.

Instead of respecting Elizabeth Wong's privacy, leaders (Sivarasa, Anwar Ibrahim) and the alternative media (Malaysiakini) linked UMNO to this scandal INSTANTLY !

Of course there are two sides of a debate. So when journalists and Barisan Nasional tried to find out more about these allegations or rather - THE TRUTH - Tian Chua said "I think the media should leave her alone".

Malaysiakini continue to publicise readers' comments that said "This is an underhand tactic of Barisan Nasional" and write articles about Elizabeth Wong.

The mainstream media and bloggers faced the anger of Tian Chua and Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

We must shut up and leave Elizabeth Wong's case aside, while Malaysiakini and Pakatan Rakyat continue to openly word that "This is Barisan Nasional's dirty job".

This is a classic case of "baling batu, sembunyi tangan". More to come.

[Credits to MStar, AFP and for the photos]

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Anwar Kata Celaka

Apabila Anwar kata ini kerja celaka dan jahat

Dalam politik inilah yang dipanggil “bola tanggong”.Penasihat PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim rupanya marah betul kepada Agendadaily kerana menyiarkan gambar ADUN PKR Bukit Lanjan Elizabeth Wong berdiri ‘ terlalu rapat’ dengan Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim dalam satu majlis.

Ini diluahkannya semasa menjawab soalan para wartawan dalam sidang akhbar di lobi Parlimen petang Selasa mengenai langkah Wong tawar diri untuk letak jawatan Exco Kerajaan Negeri dan ADUN serentak.

Bagi Ketua pembangkang yang petah bercakap itu ia satu kerja jahat untuk menghina dan mengaibkan orang.

Katanya,“Menteri Besar beritahu, dia beri ruang kepada Eli (Elizabeth) yang tentunya sebagai manusia biasa mendapat tekanan kuat termasuk beberapa web site yang cuba menghina beliau terus. Saya perhatikan dalam web site Agendadaily yang cuba mempermainkan seolah-olah ada gambar-gambar kurang baik YB Eli dengan Tan Sri Khalid,”

"Cara ini merupakan kerja yang celaka dan jahat. Kerja menghina dan mengaibkan orang. Kalau ada bukti, silakan,” katanya.

SEBAGAI CATATAN: harap-harap Datuk Seri Anwar tidak mudah lupa.Orang kanan Datuk Seri yakni YB Tian Chua iaitu Ketua Penerangan PKR pernah bikin gempar membuat lakaran gambar superimpose Timbalan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak sedang makan bersama model Mongolia yang mati dibunuh di Malaysia ,Altanyuya serta Abdul Razak Baginda.

Semua orang faham apa tujuan disebaliknya.

YB Tian Chua sendiri mengaku beliau yang lakar gambar itu.Lakaran ini yang mulanya disiarkan dalam laman blognya kemudianya disiar dalam berbagai laman web dan blog setelah ia menjadi isu kontroversi.

Hairan juga kenapa waktu itu sebagai bosnya, Datuk Seri tak maki hamun YB Tian Chua kata,” apa ini kamu bikin kerja celaka mau aibkan orang main-main macam ini.”

sumber :

Nota: Sampai hari ini, Anwar dan Tian Chua tidak dapat menunjukkan gambar Najib dan Altantuya.

Kesalahan Dihalalkan Oleh Pakatan Rakyat

Apabila Barisan Nasional buat salah, semua kata betul. Apabila Pakatan Rakyat buat salah, semua kata ini konspirasi Barisan Nasional. Kesalahan itu dihalalkan dengan cara ini.

Actually I feel that the Pakatan Rakyat leaders are playing a dangerous game of politics.

Whenever Pakatan Rakyat faces a problem, before any investigations, Barisan Nasional will be blamed.

1. Elizabeth Wong
2. The Script
3. Where is Arumugam?

Many seem to talk about Statutory Declarations (SDs). Are these SDs so valuable?

What if some day someone makes an SD saying that Anwar Ibrahim sodomized Saiful, Sukma and several others?

I think I remember Saiful taking an Oath at a Mosque but Anwar did not do the same.

Of course Anwar said the Imam crossed over to his side. But what happened to Anwar's guts of taking an Oath in the name of religion that he did not sodomized Saiful?

Will anyone actually believe SDs against Anwar or Pakatan Rakyat?

No, you wont believe anything against Anwar Ibrahim. Everything will be turned around with the words "This is a political conspiracy against me" and the people will believe it.

If I ask people about the possibility of these hypothetical situations, people will ask me, "where is the proof?".

But whenever I ask them the same question, where is the proof that Najib practices Hindu rites or Najib bribed the "unknown" Kedah ADUNs or the famous Perak ADUNs, they say they believe the SDs and stories.

This is how cheap Statutory Declarations or stories are. I think I can summarize it to be like this:

"Proof against Barisan Nasional is glorified. Proof against Anwar Ibrahim is a conspiracy. This is what Malaysians have become. Cheap."

As much as I respect Hannah Yeoh, I cannot avoid the fact that she is blinded with her "love" for Anwar Ibrahim.

I think she is a case of DAP mudah lupa, just like Lim Guan Eng.

Pakatan Rakyat, as claimed by Anwar's yes-men, would have called for snap elections if Sept 16 2008 came true.

But when Nasaruddin crossed over from UMNO to PKR, I don't remember Anwar Ibrahim, Hannah Yeoh, Lim Guan Eng, Nizar, Haji Hadi or Wan Azizah calling for snap elections in BOTA. [Nasaruddin later returned to UMNO under pressure from the Rakyat for betraying the votes given to BN]

So please, do not make Sept 16 "halal" but February 4th "haram".

Do you know that ADUN Behrang (Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi) and ADUN Changkat Jering (Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu) continued to be EXCO of Perak until the Pakatan Rakyat Perak Govt collapsed [3 February 2009]?

Pakatan Rakyat refused to suspend both the EXCOs. [Note that it irks me also BN accepted the vote of confidence from these two people. BN should have advised them to resign.]

Do you know, that Arumugam was not kidnapped by Barisan Nasional's supporters or leaders as claimed?

He is in a safe place,
according to Kedah PKR. I wonder if he is still under Kedah PKR's custody or he has already received his freedom.

(Credits to NST, Daylife, BHarian and MT for the photos)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elizabeth Wong

In my humble opinion, Elizabeth Wong should continue as ADUN if the people of Bukit Lanjan wants her.

I truly understand how she feels but if her service is still needed by the people, she should continue because the people will back her all the way.

It is not like she spends her private time killing people or robbing banks!

In this hour, I do not want to go all out to rebuke the statement by Eli Wong. I share your pain and feelings.

However, I have to make something very clear. The pictures were not taken by BN people for sure.

As a leader, it is improper to make unjustified statements and blind accusations. What more to say, from a lawyer?

I hope Elizabeth Wong understands this.

If it is investigated that the acts of distribution originated from a BN party member, then BN leaders should apologize publicly, sack the culprit, and let the authorities take further action.

Even President Obama dares to admit "I screwed up".

Nizar and Anwar can wipe their hands clean from the incident in Kuala Kangsar, February 2009.

But Barisan Nasional leaders should not be like them. BN should not sweep aside if one of their members break any political ethics but should humbly face the people and say "We are sorry for what happened and we do not condone such actions".

If it is investigated to be otherwise, I demand that the Opposition leaders come up with a press statement to clear the air for the hinted conspiracy against Barisan Nasional over this immoral intrusion of privacy case.

Nevertheless, I strongly urge Elizabeth Wong to look inside her family or her own party over this issue. They could be the source of this scandal.

I stand firm that Elizabeth Wong need not resign solely due to this incident. I urge the authorites to collaborate with MCMC and arrest the culprit who distributed the pictures.

(Credits to TheMalaysianInsider, BBC, AFP and NST for the photos)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hannah Yeoh: Yes, Anwar

Hannah Yeoh
I understand that YB Hannah Yeoh is a good YB from the news I read in blogs or the media and the stories I hear from friends.

However, YB Hannah Yeoh must not be what the Opposition and the Rakyat has criticised Barisan Nasional for.

Have we forgotten that BN had a team of "yes-men" under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi? Leaders from Barisan Nasional are now vocal and dare to challenge the leadership (like Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin).

The Yes-Men culture in BN is fading and we are now heading back to the fair and frank days which we experienced under Dr Mahathir. [Read also: Najib adopts people-first leadership style]

Now, Pakatan Rakyat's system has evolved into what we (including PR) have criticised BN for, all these while.

Everyone has become Yes-men of Anwar Ibrahim.

I wrote an article - Hannah Yeoh living in another world on 15 February 2009. I hope YB understands where she went wrong with her latest article.

If YB Hannah Yeoh is so confident about Anwar's grand plan of Sept 16 crossovers which will make him the Prime Minister of Malaysia, why not send shivers across Barisan Nasional by announcing the list?

I am not a lawyer, but I am extremely certain that the Constitution of Malaysia does not forbid Anwar to announce the crossover list of Sept 16th [31 MPs were said to have agreed to crossover and the numbers were increasing by the hour as claimed by Anwar in September]

"The numbers are increasing by the hour, but as of now, it is in excess of 31 MPs."

I wonder the figures increased from 31 to what?

Also, Hannah's points were clearly wrong in her blog when the letter from Pakatan Rakyat to Pak Lah did not state as claimed by YB. Read Hannah Yeoh living in another world.

YB Hannah Yeoh should take the lead and publicise the list. Unless of course, the list has never existed. Show it to us, the rakyat! Don't hide behind the excuse TAKUT MATI anymore.

Why be Yes-men of Anwar Ibrahim?

A man who is:

1. an Opposition leader of Pakatan Rakyat (but party-less as highlighted by BigDog)
2. visiting fellow of a few Universities (formerly)

with a lot of money to go around the world and fund the party's campaigns in Sarawak, Sabah, and many other parts of Malaysia.

Are you not curious, Hannah? I am.

(Credits to TheStar and Daylife for the photos)

Minit 1:38 - Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim on KT
Haha. Tergelak saya apabila mendengar Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berkata

"Saya [baru] dapat mesej, telefon, sms, emel dari ribuan ... Afrika, Asia, Arab, India, Pakistan [yang] kagum dengan keputusan rakyat Kuala Terengganu."

Afrika, Asia, Arab, India, Pakistan. Mereka semuanya kagum dengan keputusan rakyat KT. Saya menghormati keputusan rakyat KT, tetapi saya kurang percaya dengan kata-kata Anwar.

Orang dari Afrika, Asia, Arab, India dan Pakistan hantar mesej menyatakan mereka kagum dengan pilihan raya di Kuala Terengganu?

Minit 1:38.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hannah Yeoh living in another world

Hannah Yeoh said this in her blog:

To those who argue that the political crisis in Perak now is a taste of Pakatan's own medicine (referring to the Sept 16 takeover plan), they have failed to see the key differences between the two.

If you remember what happened when Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim claimed to have the numbers to form the new federal government, he wrote to PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi requesting him to convene an emergency sitting of Parliament. This was rejected by the PM.

The next constitutional option is to press for the dissolution of Parliament to make way for fresh new elections. That was also not entertained. Anwar Ibrahim exhausted the constitutional means that were available to him. If Pakatan were to act unconstitutionally and lure defections, then we will be having a new government today. But we didn't and we will not act unconstitutionally. So you can't say that Najib's coup and Pakatan's plan were one and the same.

Hannah Yeoh did not read:

The letter from PR to Pak Lah

June 16, 2008 News - Malaysiakini
source - Anwar: MCA MPs will defect to Pakatan

“I can safely say that several MCA MPs will join us soon,” he told journalists yesterday, after opening a service centre in Bayan Baru, Penang. “It’s about time that we take over. It’s only a matter of time for us to take over. We are so close to Putrajaya,” he said to roars from some 30,000 people.“It’s very soon. I will not say how (soon). But it will happen soon.”

APOMM : No MCA MPs left to join Anwar. Fairytale? Myths? Busted.

June 30, 2008 News - Malaysiakini
source - Anwar leaves Turkish embassy

Anwar claimed that component parties - of whom two were from Umno - four parliamentarians from the ruling Barisan Nasionalwill be defecting to the opposition Pakatan Rakyat this week. "This week, I was supposed to announce which constituency I was going to contest in and the four Barisan Nasional parliamentarians who are going to join us. As such, they've had to act now (referring to the Saiful allegations)." According to Anwar, because of the allegations, he has had to put off the announcements.

APOMM : No one left to join Anwar. Fairytale? Myths? Ask Hannah Yeoh.

September 18, 2008 News excerpts - Malaysiakini
source : PAS tahu senarai MP lompat

Senarai bilangan ahli Parlimen Barisan Nasional didakwa akan menyertai Pakatan Rakyat telah dikemukakan dalam mesyuarat jawatankuasa pusat PAS Ahad lalu.

Berdasarkan senarai tersebut, kebanyakan mereka adalah dari Sabah dan Sarawak itu yang beragama Islam, demikian menurut ahli jawatankuasa PAS, Ahmad Awang .

Dalam senarai itu juga, kata Ahmad, terdapat wakil rakyat dari MCA dan MIC yang akan menyertai Pakatan. “Sebab itu kita tengok MCA (contohnya) ada hentam penggunaan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA). Itu bunga-bunganya (tanda-tanda hendak keluar daripada BN),” katanya.

PAS saja tahu. Anwar saja tahu. Hannah Yeoh tahu? Kalau tahu, YB Hannah Yeoh sila hantar ke emel saya.

September 19, 2008 News - TheStar
source : Anwar wants to go to Parliament before Court case

Opposition Lea­der Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the only way for Pakatan Rakyat to form the Federal Government was via an emergency session of Parlia­ment to be convened by Tuesday for a no-confidence motion to be tabled against Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

He insisted yesterday that Pakatan Rakyat had the numbers to form a new government, adding that the names of the Barisan Nasional MPs who were ready to switch sides would be revealed in Parliament.

Will a vote of no confidence against Pak Lah crown Anwar as the new PM, Hannah Yeoh? The last time I checked, since March 2008 till 15 Feb 2009, Barisan Nasional holds the majority in Parliament. According to the Constitution, the majority gets to form the Government of Malaysia.

September 16, 2008 News excerpts - NST
source - Anwar: Public will know crossover list today

The list of Barisan Nasional members of parliament who would cross over to the Pakatan Rakyat will be announced today, PR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said last night. Addressing more than 10,000 people gathered at the Kelana Jaya Stadium for the PR's Malaysia Day celebration, he claimed that the opposition coalition was poised to take over the Federal Government. "We have the numbers and we are ready. Tomorrow (today), we will announce it (the crossover list)," he said.

Hannah, Anwar did not announce the crossover list and have not till today (check the "days passed" widget at my sidebar).

I think the Constitution did not say Anwar cannot announce the crossover lists. And by the way Hannah, please do not use the same excuse which others have been using - Takut Mati.

No one has ever died in any political struggles in Malaysia - Mahathir, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abdul Razak, Anwar Ibrahim.

Hannah Yeoh living in another world.


(Credits to The Star, Malaysiakini and Dailylife for the photos)