Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Special Mention

When I was staying in my aunt's house in Castlemaine, Victoria (about 1-2 hours away from Melbourne), we had a great time admiring my aunt's cats.

Actually, Aunty Chi Ling and Uncle Charles have two cats and a dog. One of their cats was brought in from Singapore. Aunty Chi Ling stayed in Singapore last time when she worked under SIA as an airhostess. That cat is very very fat, rarely moves around and only stays in aunty's room.

Another one lives in the hall and she is like a Princess. However, her sleeping method made all of us impressed. Haha. I shall show you the pictures of her sleeping style.

I wonder if there are any interesting pets who have amazing stories like this? Do share with me and I will be glad to blog for you here to share with my readers.

I have also included some pictures of me in a fruit farm near Castlemaine. I did not previously upload these pictures because it was all in the camera and mom took it home to Malaysia. I only had some pictures that I have saved from her camera mid way through the trip.

So here ! The fruits look better in real life though. Hmm.

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