Thursday, June 19, 2008

What Is There To Say?

Motion of no confidence was tabled against PM Samak and his Cabinet lineup in Bangkok. And supporters of PAD will be laying siege to the Government House to oust PM Samak from the hot seat of PM of Thailand.

The Thailand chaotic political landscape continues. It is made worse with the Commerce Industry of Thailand approving price hikes for 60 consumer products. The economies in South East Asia will be heading towards recession soon. Earnings inequality will widen between the rich and the poor, perhaps the West and Asia, and there will be an increasing percentage of poverty levels in parts of the world.

I do not know why so many events are happening in Thailand. Rallies happen frequently these days against PM Samak's party. If that is what PAD wants, I believe PPP can also charter in millions of Thais from other cities to show their power and support for PPP.

I hope peace is restored in Thailand. Perhaps the monarchy should issue a statement to calm His Majesty's subjects and call for peace. Without stability, the matters in hand will only get worst. Otherwise, the fortune teller's prediction of a dark July 2nd will be inevitable !

In Malaysia, we have SAPP headed by a former CM of Sabah Datuk Yong Teck Lee declaring that his party's two MPs who won under a BN ticket will table a no confidence motion against PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Now, two sides of this. Firstly, Tun Dr Mahathir and several quarters in UMNO have called for a no confidence vote against Pak Lah, be it in Parliament or via EGMs. The ends are met here and the objective of sending a message to Pak Lah is clear here.

However, it is not via UMNO but via SAPP. Wait a minute. The difference here is that SAPP is not doing in under the umbrella of BN.

News reports are flowing in that Datuk Yong Teck Lee met Anwar in Hong Kong do discuss about politics. This is actually a trick from SAPP.

SAPP could have left BN right away. But no. They want BN to sack them. So technically they did not betray BN. But BN betrayed them and sacked them. Playing tricks, DSAI eh? Datuk Yong? You have already betrayed BN long before yesterday by meeting up with DSAI. Why stay in BN still?

Datuk Yong, the people of Sabah are not blind, stupid or dumb. They have ears, eyes and brains. The election was held in March 2008. The people voted for the candidates of MPs from BARISAN NASIONAL. Allow me to repeat. BARISAN NASIONAL.

If they quit BN, the people will surely ask them to vacate their seats. They will feel "obliged" to do so to allow a by election. However, if they are sacked from BN, technically they are still ethical and they need not vacate their seats. They did not abandon the party but the party abandoned them. So that is the card you want to play, SAPP?

I call upon the Supreme Council of Barisan Nasional not to sack SAPP from the party. If you have the appropriate Constitutional rights, which I am not sure about, attempt to sack Datuk Yong Teck Lee.

He is leading the news. I have never heard any grouses from the two SAPP MPs. The funny thing is SAPP deputy president raised a point that this wasn't discussed beforehand with the Supreme Council of SAPP. I hope Datuk Raymond Tan can reveal more to us.

Datuk Yong, if you are unhappy, or SAPP is unhappy, tell the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council face to face what you are unhappy with. SAPP can hold a General Assembly and gather every member together to draft a referendum. Hand this referendum to the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council and I am very sure they will look into it.

What nonsense are you saying that BN is no longer in Sabah, Sabah is not getting this or that? This is utterly preposterous !

It is like telling me "oh that phone is lousy" but not telling me the details like "why it is lousy". Stop the nonsense. If you are unhappy, just leave BN. And the two MPs of SAPP in Sabah who won under a Barisan Nasional ticket, please vacate your seat and allow for a by election.

You can stand again under Pakatan Rakyat if you want and if the regulations permit you to do so. If you are unhappy with Pak Lah, there is no need to go to Hong Kong just to rub shoulders with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

If I am unhappy with my cousins, I talk to them straight and work within my family to discuss and sort out the problems. I do not go out to my cousins' enemies and tell them "please send this guy to hell for me".

No. I believe the Supreme Council of Barisan Nasional are willing to meet up with SAPP boss Datuk Yong Teck Lee and the other two MPs from SAPP.

Embarassing. Pakatan Rakyat should respect the people's choices. Fishing MPs away just like that does not help the country in anyway. Your actions are merely causing political instability which will affect businesses and investments in Malaysia.

If the rakyat is unhappy, they can go to their MPs. The MPs are elected representatives. They are WAKIL RAKYAT. They serve the rakyat and not the rakyat who serve them. If the rakyat of Sabah is unhappy, they can come up to their MPs. And the Sabahan MPs can form a bloc and have a meeting with Pak Lah, the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council, the Parliament of Malaysia or perhaps the DYMM Yang diPertuan Agong Malaysia to discuss about "The Sabah Dilemma".

If only 5 people come knocking at your office and tell you, "aiya this Barisan Nasional no good already, you should join the Opposition", is that a good indicator? No. Please resign from your seat if you intend to crossover. Otherwise, in the name of democracy and the people's choice and vote, you have committed a great sin and it will be a disgraceful act !

Updated 4.48pm
I am in no way saying that I support BN and Pak Lah and I am in no way slamming SAPP for tabling a motion of no confidence for Pak Lah. Neither am I saying that the rakyat loves every inch of Barisan Nasional. I am merely unhappy with the ethics of some of the Barisan Nasional MPs and their methods of conveying a message to the leadership of Barisan Nasional, especially by colluding with an Opposition leader.

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