Saturday, June 23, 2007

I'm Home

I'm home everyone . It is kinda warm here I feel . But it's all right . Malaysia is the land of my birth .

Anyway , I do not like the replies of Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz to Dr Wan Azizah . We should not compare corruption levels with Singapore . Singapore has 4 mil ppl . We have about 23 mil ?

Does that give us an opportunity to be 5 times more corrupt than Singapore ?

Hmm . They have 4 mil ppl . They employ .. say ... 10% as enforcers . We have 23 mil ppl , we employ say ... 10% as enforcers . Shouldn't we be on par with them ? In proportion we should . I didnt know corruption goes with size of population and land .

Then according to DNA , that rating system is not credible . Not credible ? Hmm . Then if one day we improve our standings , please dont use that ok . It is just perception . Dont go boasting like we did initially when Pak Lah took over . Dear leaders , and prospective leaders , please dont use the corruption index ok . It is just a perception and rubbish and not credible . Really . Why ? My answer is based on what Datuk Seri Nazri says ... a Minister of Malaysia . So my source is entirely credible .

Lol . All right . Just bought a badminton racquet . Hmm . Cant wait to try it when I get back to Canberra . Altantuya's case is getting juicier .

We shall see ....

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Abdul Razak Baginda ... And Proud of It !

Reading The Star Online's article on Abdul Razak's case really made me ponder . I remember once Mrs Razak shouted "He is not out to be the PM , why do this to him?" . Hmm . What exactly is happening ?

Then I read that Mr Shariibuu made a press conference on who is Altantuya , her daughter . He said Altantuya and Abdul Razak merely had business relationship and not sexual and she was not a model .

What is actually happening ? Why are the family members of Abdul Razak so supportive and even wear printed shirts that they are related to him and proud of it ?

Imagine you have a uncle who everyone thinks is a murderer and there are clear evidence against him . Will you be that supportive or outspoken or daring to voice such support ?

All these are possible if .... if and only if Abdul Razak is indeed innocent and the family members know the truth behind it .

Assuming that it really was a murder case with the victim name Altantuya , daughter of Mr Shariibuu , why did Mr Shariibuu once said that her daughter merely had a business relationship and not a sexual one with Abdul Razak ?

Now the case has a different story . Hmm . I sure hope there are some DNA sampling and concrete evidence in this high profile case . For all you know , Abdul Razak is the kambing korban in this case .

But he might be guilty as well . The press should not play up the story so wild . According to legislations and rights of a human , you are innocent until proven guilty .

That is the way we look at things . We can almost be certain that the two corporals were the "hands-on" murderer .... I think . But is Abdul Razak involved ? He is innocent until proven guilty .

The actions of the family members being so supportive and also the words of Mrs Razak raise suspicions in my mind of this case .

Was there a need to murder her ? Being so powerful , ARB could have just blocked her visa to come to Malaysia , charge her for extortion , ban her from coming to Malaysia etc . At most , he will just quarrel with his wife . And say "maaf sayang , saya dah insaf" . But there wasn't a need at all to kill her with C4 . Assuming of course ARB is involved in the murder .

All right . Make justice rule the face of Earth again .

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kata - kata DSAI

The time now is 3.45 pm . I have been listening to BBC Radio channel from my radio-clock and I'm still listening to it . Guess who is on air with Mr Owen ? The ever popular DSAI . Yes yes . Anwar .

According to a question , Mr Owen asked "Well you were almost a PM ... an inch away .... if only you had been quieter..." .

And our former DPM DSAI said "Well I would say this replies ur other question on my ambitions . If I had the ambition to be a PM , I would have given out billions of ringgit to the PM's children and family members ... " .

How wonderful Datuk Seri . I believe I have read somewhere that you were also distributing shares etc . Najib revealed some during the Ijok campaign . Maybe we should put out the dirty linen of DSAI for some "public exhibition" . Perhaps someone can start it out .

RPK said "Beware of 18 June 2007" . It might be true perhaps . Maybe it might be the end of a wonderful career in DSAI life . Or perhaps the court will rule against Tun . Perhaps Altantuya's case will end up "the prosecution team had not proven this case beyond reasonable doubts , thus the Court orders the immediate release of the three suspects , CASE CLOSED !"

Or maybe ... some say it might be linked to Najib and thus the end of the road for him .

What will happen , RPK ? Hmm ... we shall see . No matter what happens , we shall pray and hope for the best for our beloved country , Malaysia .

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Apologies , Proton and the IGP

According to a certain website , Jeanne's ex husband was no longer around . My apologies . According to TheStar , "Jeanne was formerly married to Endon’s younger brother Othman, who was also at the ceremony." So , my apologies .

Hmm . Proton is dying my friends . How can a company that suffers net losses that sum up to 9 DIGITS per quarter ( or was it per annum ) survive the dark hole of bankruptcy ? There are a few questions I would like to ask :

1. Datuk Seri AAB , apakah misi dan visi kerajaan Malaysia dalam isu Proton ? It seems to me that efforts are not as solid as the commitment during Tun's era .

2. Datuk Azlan Hashim , di mana janji anda untuk membawa Proton ke era cemerlang , gemilang , terbilang ? As the Chairman and person in charge , you should resign if Proton continues recording a 9 digit loss . Let a competent and highly qualified expert take charge .

3. Dear Proton , when the management team is failing to produce results , do you not refer to the advisor of Proton , Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad ( just in case all of you forgot our PM for 22 years ) ? Proton was his brainchild . In other words , created and formulated by him . When we employ advisors , they are meant to provide some guidelines to us , and not as a puppet .

4. Kerajaan Malaysia , apakah tindakan yang perlu diambil apabila lambang kebangsaaan , identity negara dan institusi yang mempamerkan kejayaan dan kemajuan negara hampir tumbang ? Module MAS harus digunakan dalam isu Proton . Apply the same technique . Remove the management team that is not performing . Put in good ones . If you can see , Tengku Mahaleel was making Proton profitable . But now ?? Making losses ? The comparison of two management dynasties - crystal clear .

5. Ahli - ahli Parlimen BN , DAP , PAS , PKR dan sebagainya . Sebagai wakil - wakil rakyat , YB sekalian juga bertanggungjawab memastikan isu - isu negara diselesaikan , pentadbiran negara berjalan lancar , rang undang undang dibahas dengan kepentingan rakyat dan masa depan di minda . Oleh itu , saya ingin bertanya , apakah pendapat anda tentang Proton . Sebenarnya Proton bukanlah perkara remeh :

- Proton hak milik kerajaan Malaysia dan secara tidak langsung , hak milik rakyat .
- Proton merupakan kebanggaan negara sejak tahun 1980an .
- Proton telah membantu ramai anak-anak Malaysia terutamanya anak - anak Melayu dalam bidang kejuruteraan dan pengurusan
- Proton meletakkan Malaysia dalam senarai pengeluar otomobil yang tidak banyak di dunia
- Proton sentiasa berkembang maju dan ilmu kejuruteraan , otomobil , pengurusan dsb "diimport" ke Malaysia dari serata dunia .

These are just some of the questions I would like to raise . I know those of you who have been reading my blog will be bored of my constant nagging and entries on Proton . But trust me . Proton is winding up . When that happens , unemployment rate will get worse perhaps . Many other issues will creep in . The Proton you and I are using will be reduced to mere junk and scrap metal that is worthless when that happens . MG Rover is a good example in the UK .

Everything in this world starts slow . Even your parent's businesses . I'm sure they suffer losses . The Chinese businessmen always like to say "ask your friends and relatives to come to my shop , ok?" . The Malays and Indians will say "Sila datang lagi" . The same goes for Proton . It needs help of many buyers to survive as well .

The businesses of your parents , I'm sure when we calculate , is not as economically efficient as perhaps Walmart and Tesco in terms of consumer goods , Lafarge Group in terms of industrial materials , Exxon Mobil in terms of oil production , Nestle in terms of food products and many more . What's your dad's business ? Mini market ? Convenience store ? A restaurant , hawker ?

Well if you think Proton should wind up due to inefficiency , your parents or perhaps your own business should wind up too ! Why ? Lets take Malaysia for example . I believe economically , Esquire Kitchen that sells Chinese food is more efficient than you . Tesco is more efficient than you . 1901 Hot Dogs are more efficient . 7 Eleven as well . Many more examples .

Proton will one day succeed like how you would like your parents' or your own businesses to succeed . Proton cars are arguably inferior in terms of quality when compared to Toyota and BMW . But then , do you not agree we have moved on to greater levels and have improved our cars be it design or technology since 1980s ?

The decision lies on your hands . Not just the consumers . But the murderers of Proton range from consumers to the highest level of command , the PM of Malaysia .

For now , I shall label those who are not sailing Proton to the right direction as Pembunuh Proton . In English , it is murderer of Proton .

The IGP of Malaysia will be in hot soup from now on I believe . With RPK revealing the scandalous affairs of the Chinese gangs and the IGP of Malaysia , I wonder what will those who walk the corridors of power do . Nevertheless , this case will be up in Parliament soon . That's because our friend YB Lim Kit Siang has received a copy from some one who investigated it . Good good . Let us all see how "clean" and how "cemerlang gemilang terbilang" our country is .

Press freedom and corruption ranking was worse than Tun's era . HUH !? What was AAB's manifesto again !? Perhaps what he say is true . He has the ideas and good implementation . But in the middle of the process and the time needed for reforms to take effect , a few black dots start to impurify the content . And there ... magic .... Harry Potter made us lower in press freedom and corruption rankings . Tada !

Lol . Whatever . A Piece of My Mind rests its case .

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

SOPO Sentral of Malaysia

Lol ... was looking through the directory of's link to a Malaysian Blog Directory . It led me to SOPO .

According to this website , SoPo is a blog lingo to mean Socio-Political Blogs. This Blog is (an attempt to create) a Directory of Blogs on Society, Politics, and Economy of Malaysia. If your Blog is one, leave a note for up-dating .

Cool . And guess what ? Under section M , I saw the following :
Manifestogwl @ The Tun - A Piece of My Mind .

Hmm . Well , according to my buddies , we should not be bothered about attention but instead focus on the core reasons of blogging . Which is quite true I believe . But I am happy to have these recognition anyway , and thanks to those out there who placed my blog link at their pages !

Now now . I was shocked to read the latest update ... it was up just a few minutes before I read I believe . And it proved that RPK's story about Pak Lah is quite true . Makes me wonder whether RPK is the de-facto head of our intelligence department or Secret Service of Malaysia . Haha .

Hmm . Jeanne Abdullah . Some details I googled and found out at . She's the Official Residence Manager of Seri Perdana . Her husband is Osman Mahmood , brother of the late Datin Seri Endon . According to somewhere that I read , Osman has already passed away .
Well well , these are just facts I read online . Don't blame me if these are wrong . Haha .

Oh yes . Cuitsikit posted an interesting post . Go read it here . Sounded quite funny but true . Keep it up my fellow blogger friend !

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Just got to know from my buddy in Japan ... a guy whom I respect a lot ... Amzar . Howz studies there pal ? Hope things go well for you . I miss the lifestyle in Japan , my host family and friends . Glad my sis went there to study for two months too . Look East Policy is no small deal . It is really beneficial to many .

Got to know from him that I've been tagged at IsuHot . Hmm hmm . More and more political blogs are putting my link up . But let me stress I take no sides in politics . I just write what I think . A search around for more , I found that my posts occasionally appear on as well and a few more .

My pal asked me a good question . Do I want all these attention ? Well , at times yes , at times no . Theories and ideas are meant to be spread . But the fear of the so called "freedom of expression" that do not exist in many places worries me . The remaining freedom of expression in blogosphere is already being regulated and monitored in Malaysia . The fear always exist in us .

Are we to fear blogging ? No we should not . Sheih once told me that the blogosphere is a gift from God and we should continue appreciating this wonderful masterpiece .

Well then ... my finals are coming up ... last assignment due on Monday . Will be back home on 22nd June 2007 .

Up till then , I do not wish to see Proton continue bleeding hundred of millions of losses . Decisions have to be made like in the MAS case . Datuk Idris is doing a good job on paper . Accounting profits were recorded . Fantastic job Sir !

So what about Proton ? Radical changes must be made like in MAS . Sack all management members who are not performing . Put in experienced and top execs . I do not wish to see at all anyone wrapping up Proton and call it closed once and for all .

I call upon all the blogosphere citizens to fight and be united . Proton is our national pride . Our national pride is being punched and smacked . Are we to sit and do nothing ? We shall support them with all our might . Blog about Proton . There are millions of you out there whom I believe at least one has the right idea and thoughts of how to run our national carmaker .

Ok . Winter is here in Canberra . But doesnt seem to be like a winter . John Howard might be having his last days in office with Kevin Rudd being the leader of polls now . Hmm . A change of leadership ?

PKR's elections ... was merely what RPK describes ... a circus show . What about PAS ? I personally would love to see Datuk Husam Musa to lead the party one day . Of all the stories I read about him , he seems like a good leader . Well , that's just based on what I read . But of course there are always two sides of a coin .

All right then . Need to get back to my assignment that's due on 4th june .