Sunday, February 25, 2007

From Canberra with love

All right guys .

Friends of mine , loved ones , family . I arrived safely in Canberra on 21st February and checked into Uni Lodge around 1pm .

It is a very nice place and comfortable but it was stressful in the first few days .

After about 2 hours spent at the queue of Melbourne International Airport and then checking in for another domestic flight to Canberra , we were all dead tired . But when we faced a slightly dusty Uni Lodge apartment , we had to do a lot of cleaning , shopping for kitchen and personal stuff .

The first three days was basically torturing .

Well well , I'll upload more details with pics of UniLodge for you all soon but till today , we've cooked 2 meals . And it was all right I guess . I've always wanted to eat out instead of cooking but then , decided to just join my nice housemates and neighbour to cook for meals .

Hmm . We had a Dialog session with the High Commissioner of Malaysia to Australia in the Australian National University today . There's this crazy idiot rude Chinese boy whom I would love to bash up . Not only me , but most of my friends felt the same .

This rude guy who's a freshie and enrolled in Actuarial Studies and Law , asked the High Comm Datuk ,"What is the PURPOSE OF THIS MEETING!?!?"


And sportingly , Datuk Salim answered with a story of a joke and said that it is merely a dialogue session to get closer with the students .

After that , something popped up in my mind . Datuk Salim raised a few points about Dr Mahathir who contributed a lot to racial harmony and to the success of our country all these years . So during the Q&A , I said ,"Datuk Salim , we will be celebrating 50 years of independence this year . And I believe Dr Mahathir has never (I think) been to ANU , Canberra to meet students . So can we have Tun here with us to celebrate and share with us his views ?"

To the blogosphere , you guys will like this . My question ended with claps and cheers from the students . Tun , you are still well loved by us students . Kami mengenang jasa Tun .

However , Datuk Salim gave a reply that we can always have Tun or even our PM or anyone here . Tun is a free man and anyone can invite him to come anywhere . But the High Comm will not do it . We will have to go through the channels of our Student Association , and probably bear the costs .

Well well , I've got many ideas to invite Tun over . But then , how many actually will help me out and work with me ? I might need to call Sufi (Tun's PA) , write letters to Tun , wait for Tun's reply (hopefully he will if I sent him a invitation) . And if he agrees , I have to consider the costs , accomodation , security , venue , etc .

But perhaps Petronas can help with his flight and accommodation . That was what I had in mind . A big project to ANU . Many students would love to hear Tun's ideas on future and current prospects , his visions and his knowledge of the historical side of building a nation , Malaysia .

Sigh ... I'm sad . I know Tun will never come to Canberra , Australia to meet us . It will be hard ... I guess ...

But if there are sponsors willing to help out , and if Tun is willing to come , I assure you . I will put it all my time and effort to make this event the greatest ever student event that Tun has ever been to . Not only the few hundred or thousands of Malaysian students will be there listening and waiting for every word of Tun . There will be thousands of East countries waiting to meet Tun . The Muslim Associations , the Arabs , the Japanese students , the Koreans and many more .

We all have a dream . To hear Tun's views in Canberra .

Sigh ... but it is just a dream .

Well , if anyone of you knows Tun and know any sponsors that are willing to help expense Tun's trip here , let me know .

I can be easily reached at or +61433786698 .

Call me . Text me . And I will be there for this project .

Well , nevertheless , I tested the ground . And Tun , we still remember what you did for more than 2 decades .

Lastly , before I continue with my Maths for Economics tutorial work , KAMI SENTIASA MENGENANG JASA TUN !!

Thank you ... and good nite ! Will blog more some time later ... having a bz period now to settle down with studies and my new student apartment .

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Time Factor

Minutes turn into hours , hours into days , days into weeks , weeks into months and months into years .

That is how time passes by . How meaningful , Arthur (my Dutch friend) .

Well , the time is here . Happy Chinese New Year !! Gong Xi Fa Cai .

Me , my sis , my parents , my two Shih Tzus and my tortoise would like to wish each and every one of you out there a HAPPY HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR AND A HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAY !

Funny SMS

Got this SMS from Mom's cousin . Kinda funny to me :)

Anjing pegi , babi mali , 'sueh' pegi , ong mali .
Untong untong manyak kali , hali hali suka hati .
Kena ekor kena loteli , Gongxi gongxi lu sama famili .

Wahaha ... nice one ...

Hmm ... Happy CNY . Season greetings from me and my family to all of you out there :)

Happy Chinese New Year !!

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone . I'm currently busy helping mom doing some last minute cleaning and cooking as well for prayers later this afternoon .

Well well . Went Jusco in Ipoh yesterday . Wanted to buy some sparkling juice for my uncle's kids in Taiping . Guess what . The queue was so damn long !!! Even the express counters .

Sigh . You know the problem with Malaysians ? The other day I was shopping for sundry at Giant Hypermarket near Tambun , Ipoh . The express counter says 10 items or less . I had just a pair of slippers and a bottle of yogurt drink . Know what ? There was this family in front of me in the queue with a trolley load full of things . They had 4 - 5 people there . So they each separated the items into about 8 - 10 items each . And each of them paid individually !!

I mean it is your rights to do so ... to pay individually with ten items at that express counter .

But to see you being one family and having a trolley load full of things , why can't you go to the normal counters ?? The queue was so long and everyone waited for this family to settle their bills for a couple of times . That was very inconsiderate I feel .

Hmm . Anyway , thanks dad ! Dad bought me something luxurious ... well at least to my moderate family . Haha ... knowing the fact that I'm obese :( .... he bought me an OSIM Uzap belt ... cool .... hopefully it helps me to reduce weight .. plus some exercise and some weight control pills that my specialist physician prescribed..... I WILL GET TO MY IDEAL 80KG ...

Haha... someone special out there challenged me ... hmph ... and I will do it ... and that will be the time you are marrying me dear !!

Haha .... all right . Hmm ... politically the country is kinda quiet nowadays except for some hero minister calling another ministers work 'BODOH' . I agree with Datuk Seri Shahidan . You are right . If you do not agree with another minister , just say it in a proper manner ... using the word BODOH on a colleague and respected minister's work ..... it is totally unacceptable .

Well . Visit Malaysia Year 2007 ?? Some minister was using the word BODOH !??!? Leadership by example some say .. :) you decide the consequences of your remarks , Mr Minister . Do not tarnish our country's image especially when Tengku Adnan is working hard (at least it seems so in the papers) to bring in tourists and ensuring things go smoothly . But then , wasn't Mr Minister Radzi the one who was alleged to be involved in Tun's election as a delegate in Kubang Pasu ? Remember ? Mr Minister Radzi and Mr Deputy Minister Johari ... the two knights who went all out against Tun ... and I do mean all out .

Now now . WHERE IS THAT INVESTIGATION OF MONEY POLITICS IN KUBANG PASU !?!??! GIVE ME SOME ANSWERS ALL RIGHT !? Datuk Zaid in Kelantan and Tan Sri Isa was swiftly investigated and punished . Compared to Tun's case , these are small flies . TDM was our former PM and he even made a press conference of the possibility of money politics in KUBANG PASU . Hmm ... the longer you wait ... the longer you feel suspicious ...

Haha . So much for that . CNY celebration starts tmr ! And I hope to see my relatives before I get back to Australia . All right . Let us put down all miseries , unhappiness , crises , anger or whatever negative side and join hands together to in a festive , cheerful mood to celebrate a Malaysian celebration , holidays and CNY .

To all my friends and readers , to A PIECE OF MY MIND , Happy Chinese New Year , Happy Holidays , drive safely if you are travelling . Happy CNY !!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

No SenTuh

NSTP...No SenTuh Please


It has been a very long time . I can't remember when was the last time someone really left a comment in my blog with an identity or ID .

I just read my email and I'm surprised that the popular blog owner of visited my blog and left a comment . Thank you , my friend .

Blogs keep us united , blogs promote friendship , harmony and knowledge . Thank you , Creator of Blog .

Thank you for your question about the 'driver' of this nation . Read through my blog , and all of you would know what I think of the driver of this nation . But probably I should comment a little bit since I have the time now .

What I dislike and do not understand was why wasn't the bridge in Johor built , be it the crooked or the straight one .

And many are questioning the power of KJ .

Tun was respectable in the sense that he barred his kids from entering politics . I do not know much about corruption in Tun's era . Maybe there was . Maybe it was all lies .

But I read many articles from RPK's site , Malaysia-Today . These articles expose the corrupt practices of the current upper echelons .

Even Tun himself critisized the misuse of funds in purchasing aircraft . RPK's RM 600million exposure during the UMNO general assembly .

The many comments from bloggers and public tell all . I need not say much about the current situation of our country . I need not comment more about the driver . I have commented way too much in my many previous articles in this blog .

My comments ? Might not even be relevant . I'm happy to see The Star being more liberal now . They allowed Tun's comments to be challenged in their opinions section . But a day after that , I saw a rebuttal in support of Tun's comments which he made during the War Crimes . A comment that he wished to see more Americans return in body bags .

For this , I salute The Star . You are respectable for not being biased . NST ? Haha . I decline to 'describe' this media company . They are , after all , TAK MALU with their plagiarism case . And now they are suing Jeff Ooi , Rocky Bru . Who is next ? Dr M ? Kickdefella ?! Well , we all must be careful when we comment on the untouchable .

NST = No SenTuh ? Perhaps .
[It's a combo language of English and Malay , for any foreign readers .]

Tun , you are and will always be , the greatest Prime Minister of Malaysia . Your flair , your courage , your leadership will always be remembered .

Vagabond Vigilante

I don't get amazed or touched by movies , series or dramas .

But this series really touched me . Vagabond Vigilante . 40 series in total . I was sad and down seeing how this girl sacrificed herself , did not want to trouble anyone including her newly wed husband .

She was poisoned and everyone around her tried finding the proper cure for her which was almost impossible . She was a lovely and nice character . And she left in the end , left everyone , walked away alone as she did not want to trouble people around her . She wanted everyone to stay focus and move forward in their careers and life .

She died in the end . An angel . It was a very long story , of love , revenge , martial arts , conspiracies , poisons .

But the story wasn't about love , martial arts or revenge to me . These are probably the elements that made up the story .

The moral that touches me was how important time is and how important it is we cherish those we love .

I love my parents , my home , my dogs and tortoise , and my gf . I love my friendship with my many pals , my life .

And I'm sad I will be leaving back for Australia soon .

Time is important . Cherish your loved ones . Appreciate your time . Time is not money , guys , trust me . Time is love and memories .

The past hour was a memory already , the very fact that you hugged ur child or gave a call to your parents just now , was already a memory .

But what we have right now is time to use . Use it well , make sure we all have good memories . Good , beautiful , lovely .

I believe we say our prayers to our respective religions every day with sincerity . We ask for blessings , health , and good life .

Be honest and sincere when you say a prayer . Think of time , love and life .

Life is short . Too short that I'm afraid one day you and I will regret that we have not done this or that , we have not treat others nice , or we wanted more time to do things .

Don't regret . The time is in your hands . Use it well . My dear blog readers , go . Go pick up the phone to call ur parents , children or wife . Call your friends . Do it now .

If you are away from home , call ur parents ask them how are they . If you have a family already , call your spouse , or your kids . Ask them how was their day .

If you are at home , go talk to your loved ones . Doesn't matter if you are alone in this world . Call your beloved aunt , uncle , or your closest friends .

Go do it now . Spread the love . Love is contagious . Love , care , happiness , joy . All these are contagious . Shower it on one , it will spread to another , and this world will once again be merry , happy and joyful .

Close your eyes and imagine it . Isn't life beautiful ? It is .

Happy Chinese New Year , happy holidays to all .

Monday, February 12, 2007

Tragic Accident

Went to KL on Sunday . Have you read the papers ? Today's copy . 12th of February 2006 .

Sigh . Left home at around 5 plus ... almost 6am . Saw an ambulance , many Plus Ronda personnels and a few cars somewhere near Tapah .

At first I thought a lorry container crashed into the side . Cause that's what I saw . But as my car moved , I saw something tragic . Do you know those times when we stamp our feet on a can of 100 Plus or Coke ? And it gets flat right ?

That was what I saw !! A car flattened ... crushed..... sigh... and today's papers confirmed the death of that guy in the car . Body ripped into two .

That's sad . I think the car and the lorry were moving in opposite directions . And that lorry container smashed into the middle divider bars and towards the car , ended up crushing the car and crashing straight into the bushes .

Sigh .

I hope all of you drivers , be it cars or trucks or any vehicle , are careful especially in this festive season .

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Well . A group of friends ... students who are scholars across the globe came together to form a blog . A blog called Harimau Malaya at

But sadly , I realise after a few postings , it went dead . A project that started as a normal blog with ambitions to turn it into a nice 'coffee shop' where we share our opinions and knowledge for issues like religion , politics , medical , and business .

I hope it will come alive once again . For now , my condolences to Harimau Malaya .


Wow . I've been using the word 'wow' very frequently these days . To all my friends , sorry if you here my new found habit ... i like to use this word... it can be used for sarcasm or expression of shock , amazement etc . Good word to use .

I was shocked to receive a new comment on one of my entries . Read it below .

"The Tun is the man who damaged respect for the law because he confused rule of the law with rule by law. He also did nothing to further the cause of a free press (freedom of the press) when he was in a position to do so. Tun Dr Mahathir does not deserve to write in any newspaper/blog/periodical. He is not an intellectual and we will all pay when the oil runs out in 20 years time. Perhaps Pak Lah will lock him under the ISA to shut him up. As for the rest of you, migrate now if you can. "

Now the problem with this comment . At first you said Tun damaged the respect for the law . And then you expressed a hope through prediction that Pak Lah will lock him under ISA to shut Tun up .


You are wrong , Anonymous . You are so wrong . Tun does not deserve to write in any newspaper ?? A leader of 22 years who won the Mother Theresa award and is currently nominated for Nobel Peace Prize , a man respected widely all over Japan , South East Asia and the Third World . You are telling me he does not deserve to write in any papers or blogs or any media !??

I heard Pak Lah a PM for just a few years already has a paper of his own . Kepala Batas paper . And many are ordering and subscribing to it too !! I mean ... what the !?!??!

So who deserves it more ? You , my dear Anonymous ? Or me ? Tun ? Pak Lah ? Of these four , Tun has the highest credentials and credibility to write .

Normally I don't publish harsh remarks like this . But I have read some comments that Jeff Ooi only publish comments that support his ideas in Screenshots . Not me . I do it liberally . You can say what you want , I publish it . But I have the freedom to refute any comments .

And to encourage me to migrate , yeah . I don't know whether you are a male or female . But let me ask you . When your mom made a fuss over something she wants , your dad doesnt really agree and they quarreled , DID YOUR DAD ASK YOU TO LEAVE THE HOUSE AND GO TO ANOTHER FAMILY !?


Its your country , my friend . The country which you ask so much for subsidies , more money , more tax benefits . If you are so unhappy , just go . Just leave . Keep your ideas to yourself and just go .

I'm staying . My country is dirty , my country is in a mess . My fellow relatives are here . My favourite hawker is here . My mamak stall is still here . My friends are here . And this is home . When my home has problems , I will serve my home all I can . I will try contribute my expertise to them . If till the day I die , my country is still as it is , backward , racists and corrupted , at least I die knowing that I have tried . And it will be a life that I won't regret .

Perhaps . But I can't tell the future . Perhaps I might be having a thinking like you later . A thought that I hope will never occur in my mind . Sigh . But for now , I'm firm with what I think .

If I have problems with my parents and my wife , I don't ask my kids to go live with another family . Yeah , boy , girl , daddy thinks you will be happier to live with Uncle Ah Seng and Auntie Rosie . So go live with them ok . Migrate to their family . Let the problem grow at home . Well , we are bringing out the parangs and guns later for a family war ok ? So you go away and live with Uncle Ah Seng .

GRAND IDEA . Yeah . I don't know who you are . But you are emotional (I believe I am emo now too !!) . Do you think UK , Australia and New Zealand are so damn peaceful and nice !?

It is true we have problems in our country .

But if you are a Chinese or Indian . Let me tell you this . You won't be here today speaking English with a learned mind like you are now . You might not even be born into the world . The war and poverty might have killed your family earlier . But you came to Malaysia , seek shelter , and prospered perhaps . But you have the right to have your ideas . Migrate as you wish .

We read about the Hmong group being turned away from Thailand . Refugees being sent away everywhere in the world . With the knowledge we have , it is unlikely they will progress personally when they are no different from nomads . Being homeless . Imagine we Chinese and Indians were turned away last time from Malaya . You and I won't be around I guess . Or might be sleeping in some unknown Island somewhere .

But after 50 years of independence , we should be like the Thais . They are living like Thais even though they come from many countries in the past few decades . And they are Thais , not Laotian migrate folks , not some Chinese or Indians . They are plain Thais . We ? We still have some parties shouting the keris issues , shouting racist comments , we still have some hardcore racist Chinese and Indians who taunt the Malays . This is the fact in Malaysia . The argument of Social Contract and the Malays had great hospitality 50 - 100 years ago were right I believe . But to keep arguing that after 50 years or 200 years of Independence and formulate lopsided policies , corrupted officials and having extravagant expenditures that only enrich the upper echelons and not the country as a whole , these are absurd and we need a reform . Intellectuals must come back not just by truckloads , preferably by the thousands . Come back . Reform . Save the country .

Well , that's a side issue but ... oh yes . If you are a Malay , then I got nothing else to say . Tun tried his many best to help Malays . But greedy UMNO folks and other politicians might have caused you a better life and education . Or it could be other factors .

I don't know who you are . You might be a friend of mine , a relative or just a normal blog reader . But I believe you are a Malaysian ? No hard feelings . The above was just A PIECE OF MY MIND .

You gave us your piece . I give you mine . Only available here . In the blogosphere . A Piece of My Mind ... cheers .

Saya Tak Tahu

These days I keep telling my dad how disappointed I am . I have won national titles for debates . And I know what is a suicide comment , what is not .

A suicide comment will be something like 'I don't know' . Or maybe I will let my fellow debator answer your question . Saya tak tahu .

These comments ... I have heard many . And when you say that in a debate ...I hope you start praying cause you will be sliced by the opposing team ... and judges will send you packing . I'm serious ...

And at the highest level of leadership , debates and quality in the country ... I read and hear comments like that . How disappointing . Tun , you have always said you make mistakes ... some with the Malay Agenda , some with the Malay billionaires turning their backs and not supporting your cause , some with the racists in Chinese and Malay associations , some with choosing your Deputy .

Tun . Did you choose the right successor ? I wonder . And I hope you did Tun ... but you dont seem to think so after a few years of your retirement .

Sigh . How I wish you stayed on Tun . I like your style , we all do ... we always do Tun .

Sigh . RM 30 million yacht . I don't care about the jet . Probably it is all right to buy a new jet . You know ... maybe the life of those government planes are too old etc .

But the RM30 mil yacht should not just fade away into our dreams by saying I didn't order that boat .

Hey ! Hurriyet Turkey ? Where's the apology to the Prime Minister of Malaysia and to the Chairman of OIC !?

But Anwar was told by the Premier of Turkey that the yacht was for our PM . Some said that Ananda Krishnan ordered it and will be giving the yacht to him .

Sigh . Dr Mahathir said that PMB is wholly owned by the government .

Haha . Yeah Mr PM . You were saying that the corporate jet will be leased from PMB and it is not owned by the government ?

Wow . So does that mean Sime Darby , Guthrie , Proton is not government linked ??

I am seriously confused with the rationale given . Haha .

To be fair , it is good to see some things moving these days ... review of community colleges etc .

But till today , I still want a half bridge in Johor . Open up that barrier style Causeway... let the water flow through !! And let Johor ports prosper !!

And Singapore ... sigh... they are giving trouble to Malaysians and Thais . Remarks are going around that the flood in Johor was mainly contributed by the land reclaimation in Singapore inwards to Johor !!

Yeah . And Singapore has a problem with the Thais . Well , I came back since November and Dad did not entertain me when I talked politics . Sigh . I wonder if dad will like my idea of being a politician . My heart is with the people and I gain happiness when I help people . I don't care if I'm not a tycoon or what .

But surprisingly , he offered me a view in the Thai situation . But then ... haha... I mentioned it in one of my entries previously ... but nice to hear him talk . I tried talking more ... but he didn't give a response .

Sigh . So yeah ... I have no one to talk about politics to ... probably Amzar eh ? My friend in Japan now . Close pal ... need to catch up with you Amzar !

Well ... kinda late now ... gotta go sleep soon .

Keep it up Dr Mahathir . Tun , we need you and I will always support you . MAKE WAR A CRIME , TUN !!!


Sigh .. Sue Ann called me ... 2 guards murdered .

Sigh . If you idiots want to rob a jewellery shop , just rob ... and gag the guards or whatever .

Leave the guards alone . They have families you know !? Why must you kill them ? This happened at Subang Parade a couple of hours ago today .

Thankfully you are all right dear .

Dad's factory was intruded some time two years ago I think . Yeah . And those robbers are big time ones . Stole the company's forklifts... guess that is about 400k lost for the company ... but I think it is insured .

And these robbers left the guards alone ... they just tie them up .

Arrgh . Please . You have guts , hands and legs . Why on Earth must you rob ?! My dad was once a waiter at a canteen in Johor - Singapore !!

And he worked patiently till he is successful today . So why can't you !??!

Man . Get a life . Get a religion . But please , get out of this country if you don't change yourself .