Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Malaysian Failure Code

One thing I am sure to say about Malaysia is that we have all failed . We here are not the youths - us . But I put the blame on our founding fathers .

They have failed miserably in incorporating the most expensive trait in the world - nationalism .

This particular 'gene' did not appear strong enough in Malaysian . In other words , it is a dominated gene , not a dominating one .

Proton's birth on 7th May 1983 was a marvel to Malaysia . At that point of time , Malaysia was at a tender age of 26 years with about 3 months to go . Many belittled Proton but it ended up successful and shocked the pessimists of the country's ability and visions .

The 'gag' on a large population of Malaysians' criticisms and sceptical views of Proton was mere temporary . Proton had a rocky ride all the way till today , accepting dirty slings and shots from the general public and international viewers .

The age of Proton today ? 23 years .
The age of Toyota today ? 73 years .
The age of Ford today ? 103 years .

The last figure '3' is just a mere coincidence by the way . But the truth does not lie on the figures .

We all know how loyal Japanese are . At times , we think they are an extreme civilization that places their country above their own lives . Or should I say placed and still place ?

Take a look down the history of Japanese . Due to war and the style of governance in Japan during the Ages of Dynasties , Japanese are a population of nationalists . Their love for their country , if measurable , can sink or even bury the whole South East Asians' with lots to spare .

From this factor , I would like to link it back to the automobile industry .

One reason why Japanese carmakers are so successful today was because of substantial and solid support initially .

'Japanese babies' that were learning to walk had support from their countrymen . That factor contributed to a tremendous flourishing automobile industry in Japan that soon expanded overseas . And today ? They are giants in the automobile industry , statistically surpassing many top companies in the world , if not ranked the best .

The Japanese since ages ago till today are well known to be nationalists and they have a huge chunk of patriotism running in their blood . Because of that , many Japanese people are successful in developing their industries and corporations . Undeniably , the automobile industry was one of the main benefactors of the 'Japanese nationalism gene' .

Proton ? People are critical . And just critical . People ? What people ? Malaysians to be exact . We go around critisizing Proton and comparing Proton with many other companies in the world like Mercedes , Toyota , Ford .

But again , look at some facts . The most glaring one would be their ages .

Do you expect a high school kid to be comparable with a Postgraduate student in University of London ?

Do you honestly expect that ?

The same lies with Proton . Give it some time . But you keep arguing . Give it some support . But you keep critisizing .

A baby born in Malaysia is fast dying . It is on the fast track in search of Death .

Why ? All because of nationalism genes . We are having a lack of this particular gene . And this gene's abscence are causing us to bleed in shame and might die a shameful death soon in the name of Proton .

Why ? It is because we do not give Proton a chance . Imagine that the high school kid was knocked down .

What would be the case ? Well , we would prefer to let a high school kid die without medical support and let the university lecturer continue feeding us with information , knowledge .

Why ? Why the poor kid must be sacrificed ? Because the cost of bringing the high school kid up is too high ?

Yes . The high school kid requires extremely high expenses with tuition fees and consumption expenses daily . And he doesn't earn any revenue . Thus he is in the red in accounting terms .

Yes . The university lecturer is earning money , his accounts are in the black , and he is contributing to the society . Perfect .

But then again , are we to kill of that high school kid ?

Many will say "No , we won't . It is not the same as letting Proton shut down and praise the heroes of Toyota and BMW . IT IS NOT THE SAME !!!" .

Does that high school kid sound like Proton ? The university lecturer can be any of those car companies you compare with - Toyota , Honda etc .

Whatever you say , it is the same . We are no different than the murderers of the high school kid character that I had just created a moment ago .

We are indeed no different .

Simply because we were born without the nationalism genes .

Congratulations . That is all for today's class on The Malaysian Failure Code .

By now , we will all be clearer with the analogy drawn and the Code on Proton interpreted .

What is My Next Move ?

What is my next move ?

I seriously need to know . I can't think of which pawn or knight that I want to mobilize next .

Sigh . The props are not at all good looking . The scenes are all below a Grade C . The characters are far from satisfatory level . Things are not as beautiful as the springs of a blossoming flowery bed .

Something must be done . And I need to know what , how , why and when .

The pieces must be moved into position as soon as possible . I am lacking time . But I do not see any light at all . I need some motivation and inspiration .

I guess I have to go into a 'sleep mode' and go back to 'the cave of inspiration' once again in a quest to search for another life line to carry on with the game .

Sigh .

No one will know what I am doing or even thinking . The pictures you see are not complete . The scenes you are watching , watched or are about to watch are not at all finalized .

Be assured . It will be interesting .

Dear bloggie , I rest my case . For now .

Soon bloggie . Soon . My bloggie and I will be one and we will move our pieces forward in unison .

Until then , I reserve my words "checkmate" .

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Are You Not Embarassed ?

My support for Dr Mahathir will never dim .

Take some of your time and visit websites like , and . And perhaps as well .

These websites will broaden your political views . Some even reveal news of certain 'top flight' people in the country . Some even bring news quicker than any media in Malaysia .

Most of these websites carry news and analysis with facts that you will never read in the papers or the mainstream media's website . The news you get are normally edited and some end with a simple reply . But these online news portals carry on revealing truths , provide analysis and many more .

I pity Dr Mahathir at times . But I would say my level of pity for those who fight him are even higher .

Tsk tsk . Shame on you . I pity you that you have such characteristics .

Dr Mahathir fed you and made you Ministers , Chief Ministers , gave you the opportunity to lead and do something proud .

Now not only you vote him out , you campaigned against him , you made lodging reports on money politics tough .

Are you sincere in going against Tun ? Tsk tsk . If it is , and if I am you , I would feel shy . Malulah kamu , malulah seisi keluarga mu . Sepatutnya bersyukur kepada Tun kerana Tun tak kira kawan atau musuh , Tun memberi peluang kepada mu semua .

Namun kini , anda membaling pinggan yang digunakan sekian lama untuk makan dan menjamu selera . Melawan Tun pula kini .

It is indeed embarassing .

Me , Myself and I

At times I feel frustrated that I have so many people to entertain - friends , family , loved ones .

The frustration I feel at times happen because 'entertainment responsibility' on my part has to happen at the wrong time . It has reached a level till I felt that I am being bullied and assumed to be 'bulliable' , perhaps public property .

But never mind ... it is good to test and train my patience .

Privacy is a valuable item to me these days . Probably my mood is bad , motivation is low and concentration is badly affected .

Whenever I eat more than usual , spend more than usual , it simply shows the above .

I might need a vacation , hibernation , or hide myself out somewhere to get some refreshing enlightenments of my mission in life .

I need to be alone at times . To be honest , I am the type who can live alone in a humanless world perhaps ... all silent and peaceful .

It will be the type of life where I can close my eyes and every breathe and moment , where I can move around freely to seek peace of mind and put a smile in my face .

I need some enlightenment . Sigh . A week or two , I will be fine I guess .

Up till then , may the best be with me ...

Why didn't I blog for so long ?

Where am I ?
Don't worry . I am all fine and safe . It has been a bz time for me .

For starters , I apologize for not blogging and telling stories to my beloved blog .
Initially I had wonderful and close friends over here holidaying in Canberra . Eileen , Ash , Li Let , Shalini .

Nice and friendly people . I do hope your visit to Canberra was memorable :) If not , just let me know and I will be glad to improve .

And immediately after my pals left , I had a problem again with my belly button . Had one issue with it in April . This time the Antibiotics did not make the suspected bacteria go off .

Unexpectedly , I had a minor growth of flesh growing out from the top of my belly button hole . It juts out and looks weird .

During that period of a week , the pain was so unbearable . It was like a knife piercing through my belly button . And whenever I take bath , it hurt so badly I felt like screaming . I had to take painkillers for the first few days and took more when I had an assignment to be completed .

I went to the hospital and was recommended for a scan . Did a scan privately (ultrasound) . The results ? I am having a special medical condition .

Oh yeah ! I had an antibiotic injection at my right arse and a tetanus jab in my left arm ! Guess what ? The antibiotic was meant to hurt and so was the tetanus . The contents of them hurt my arse so badly that I can barely walk out of the hospital that day . Couldn't sit as well . It was like a bullet in my arse .

Sigh . Pain pain .

The doctor say it is pus that was causing all the pain and that growth thingy . But there was more . The radiologist had to call in a specialist to verify a suspected urachus tube .

A urachus tube normally turns into a ligament after birth . It was just to transfer urine from the baby in the womb .

But the Dr saw traces and they suspect I am still having that TUBE !! After TWO DECADES !!And my urachus tube is still there !!

The doctor said the urachus tube connects the bladder and the belly button . And they suspect that there is an infection at the end of the tube at my belly button .

Amazing . My Physician in Malaysia said there might even be urine in it . Haha . A urine that is as old as me ? It is just fantastic . Yep yep . My mom is keeping in touch with me and my Malaysian doctors . Haha . Moms are always worried .

Yeah . The sad news is I might have to verify whether it is true or not after I settle that growth like thingy in my belly button . I will need another ultrasound scan .

And if it is true , sigh , I will have to go for surgery to remove that tube . Compulsory to be removed . Sigh .

Never mind . Thankfully my family has a trusted surgeon . Haha . My whole extended family goes to this surgeon . Good fella .

Haih .

Well . That is all . Basically I have been kept busy by these stuff :)

Will blog more all right ?

Tata .

Jasa 22 Tahun Jauh Di Hati dan Mata

Selama 22 tahun menjadi Perdana Menteri , Si Doktor ini dipuji dan diangkat . Visi beliau dijadikan Kitab rakyat pelbagai lapisan .

Namun , kerana RM200 dan “Menu Perwakilan” , jasa itu terkubur dalam Buku Sejarah Kurrikulum Bersepadu Sekolah Menengah . Menteri – menteri kabinet perlu diberi kredit sepenuhnya kerana memaparkan diri sebagai keliru dan buntu .

Di Perhimpunan Agung UMNO semasa Si Doktor mengumumkan persaraan , ada yang menangis , ada yang merayu , ada yang panik .

Selepas bersara , saya sebagai salah seekor Harimau di Malayan Tigers ingin bertanya , adakah ahli UMNO MT , ahli Kabinet , PM dan DPM membuat kunjungan ke rumah Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad di Seri Kembangan ?

Adakah anda semua ada meluangkan masa di Rumah “Seri Perdana” di Mines pada bila-bila masa , semasa Hari Raya ? Tangan yang mu cium selalu dulu , tangan yang memberi mu nafkah hidup , tangan yang memberi mu pangkat dan kenamaan , tangan yang memberi mu peluang “berkhidmat untuk Negara dan rakyat” .

Lupakah tangan itu ? Detik permulaan untuk menguburkan jasa ini telah bermula . Namun , jasamu Tun , tetap di mata saya , hati saya , dan kepercayaan saya dan rakan – rakan yang bersefahaman dengan Visi ,

Misi dan Aspirasi Tun untuk merealisasikan Wawasan dan kegemilangan . Wahai rakan – rakan ku . Ketepikanlah segala emosi anda dan pengaruh dari sumber lain . Memang benar pimpinan 22 tahun ini , ada positif dan negatifnya .

Jangan datang beritahu saya bahawa ibu bapa mu tidak buat silap pun . Ingatkah kata – kata “Datuk , tolonglah datuk , saya insaf , tolong jangan saman , ni saya bagi ni minum kopi , ok ?” . Tentulah ingat .

Tun pernah buat silap . Namun kesilapan itu , saya percaya sebahagian besarnya hak milik para menteri kabinet . Tun tetap berpendirian teguh untuk menjadi Panglima dan menjadi perisai kepada segala kesilapan administrasi beliau .

Ini tentulah tidak sama seperti kini . “I don’t know , you have to refer to my Minister” . Haha .

Janganlah lupa . Biasiswa JPA , Biasiswa Mara , Biasiswa Petronas , KLCC , Monorail , Pesta – pesta , Perayaan , KL Tower , BTS dsb . Inilah simbol Malaysia . Berjasakah Tun ? Sudah tentu ramai yang tidak setuju .

Namun mampukah anda mencapai rekod Tun selama 22 tahun ? Sudah tentu tidak . Kami semua setuju Visi beliau cukup mantap dan progresif untuk Negara .

Dan kerana titik inilah kami perlu terus berjuang demi diri , bangsa dan Negara .

Berjuanglah demi Negara anda . Negara , tanah tumpah , darah mu .

The Truth of Economics - Differences With No Sides

The subject Economics is a theoretical subject . It is a subject that holds true to the principles of law and demand . The truth of Economics is kept within a boundary of assumptions of course , if you study the subject .

By analysing all factors of policies , supply and demand , etc , we put in a logical explanation to the effects of each action . And these resultant are based on assumptions that many times hold many things constant , ceteris paribus .

The analysis of economics cannot be a Bible or Quran for our daily lives . This is simply because Economics are a set of theories and we analyse each case so distinct that it does not apply in the real world .

There are many great leaders in the world who have and had different opinions on economics . Some did not obey the principles of economics and yet excel to bring glory to the nation .

To begin with , Dr Mahathir with his Mahanomics . Dr Mahathir disobeyed IMF’s “tablets and syrups” prescription . Thankfully , he steered us through from the crisis in 1997 . We did not face huge interest bills like Thailand and other SEA countries .

Look at Thailand . Not everyone agrees with me that Thaksin Shinawatra is a capable leader .

He is so good that I believe he is a new force in SEA . But his only mistake was high level of cronyism though that was not the turning point .

Upper class Thais were irritated with his sale of Shin Corp to a threatening pest called Temasek Holdings .

That caused an uproar as it is a national security threat to sell the firm . But besides these , you should read more on Thaksin . Thaksin not only delivered goodies to help the poor , but he taught them how to fish and gave them rods and baits to carry on with life .

Thaksonomics wasn’t that bad either . If the world condemns him , I can understand that . But why adore and praise Robin Hood then ? Thaksin is just another Robin Hood . If he did not feed the upper class people while giving out to the poor , the upper class group would have never agreed with his party and policy .

For a win-win situation , he had to “adopt friends in business and politics” to ensure the smoothness of his low income enrichment policy .

Thus , to comment on another person for having not an economic sense , would that be a case of reflection of the mirror ? Economics are there for everyone to debate , and again , there is no right or wrong , it is just different .

Current Issues in Politics (Posted in Malayantigers also)

Read the book “Ousted” by Patrick Keith . You will get a grasp of Lee Kuan Yew’s political style . Lee Kuan Yew is a man who always fight for political grounds on racial grounds .

There is no point we fight over the words of Constitution . Why harp and attack on the rightful Malay special rights when it is carved out in the Constitution ?

A Malaysian Malaysia will definitely mean that Malays will be at equal par with the Chinese . And will the Malays be willing to see the Chinese carry the economy on their shoulders up the hill and consuming the Cake ?

Of course the Malays will be glad to see Malaysia climb up the hill to greater heights but they will want a piece of the Cake and participate .

This is where Tunku and Dr Mahathir saw the reasoning to put a “weight” on the economy . They can provide a win-win situation for all with the Malaysian wagon still moving forward towards the peak . But this wagon will definitely slow down a little . Slowly but surely they will move forward . And this is where the Malay rights come in .

The Malay rights were placed to help the Malays to walk and stand on their own while slowing down the speedy Chinese . This way , we will all progress forward but of course the economic growth will be dampened .

From here , I personally agree with this formula . But then again , we recently have a think tank which revealed that Malays already have an equity of approximately 40% in Malaysia .

Here we call upon the Government to be truthful and transparent as the figures of the think tank were obtained from a credible source called Bursa Saham Kuala Lumpur aka KL Stock Exchange figures .

Anyway , the formula is a fair one and no one should raise the issue anymore I believe . Why raise it and cause tensions in the country of multiracial cultures and face the risk of a volcanic eruption of emotions that will see bloodshed ?

We have ultras of the day that do not reflect modern thinking but of those in the pre independence days like Khairy Jamaluddin , the Penang UMNO guy who wanted the CM post so much and Ong Tee Keat .

Ong Tee Keat need not raise such an issue at a function . He could have been more diplomatic and political with his answers but he chose to fling the stone into UMNO’s court . Again reviewing the scene backdating it to months before , wasn’t Khairy the one who started everything and began to act like a hero to champion some support ?

Khairy started on the racial line . Gerakan defended and attacked . MCA threw in some pebbles . Are we gonna face ethnic wars ?

I don’t know .

We have a huge piece of rock called DNA in Parliament . He shouted the word racist 40 times in Parliament , more or less . His attitude were so much of the upper class in the Underworld which some labelled him as Samseng .

A leader in charge of a Parliamentary Portfolio is certainly not a King without laws in Parliament . But the Speedy Gonzales attitude of rounding up the 9MP debate and attacking the already wheel chaired Karpal Singh are attitudes which I believe many Malaysians feel unfit and so not Malaysian .

Well well . Elections are upcoming soon . Not far away . Many say that we should maintain stability by voting for the National Front .

True true . I do support the ruling party . But then again , do we need ministers with a “certain attitude” ? Leaving them will do our country a good deed as we are here to reflect ourselves as Malaysians who have cultures and customs , not gangsters and rudeness .

The National Front’s victory can still be in the books without the individual victories of Cabinet members that do not go in line with our country’s vision , cultures and image .

Looks like there is a need to do some house keeping , don’t you think so ?

Leaders are meant to lead .

To go up on national TV and say that “My son did not receive any government contracts” was indeed courageous and commendable .

To come up to papers again and say “I will apologize if my son’s company did receive government contracts” is a greater bravery than before !

And to end up saying “My son received the contracts the proper way” ?

What was that , mate ? What was that , SIR !!?

I do not understand to which extent are we Malaysians ignorant of the words .

Where is the apology ? Was there a lie told ? Was it another “I don’t know” incident ?

In today’s political scene , domestically , we see chaos . And only the champion of chaos will be the victor , just like Cao Cao of the Three Kingdoms era . We see racial sentiments being brought up with increasing risks boiling up in the pot , we see a respected leader attacking the current administration , we see newspapers cooking up news and making high level mistakes without apologizing them , we see many things .

Yet we , if not many , remained ignorant .

This is our identity . Ignorance is Malaysian .

This post is manifestogwl's personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect Harimau Malaya's view.