Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Wishes for Tan Sri Eric Chia and Family

It is of great sadness for me to read that Tan Sri Eric Chia has passed away this morning at 9am in Sungai Petani. According to reports, he had difficulty in breathing and died in the hospital.

(Note : Latest news reports - Tan Sri Eric Chia had a heart attack at his hotel, Park Avenue, in Sg Petani)

My wishes and thoughts are with the late Tan Sri Eric Chia and family. I remember Tan Sri Eric Chia responding angrily to reporters when asked "How do you feel about this?" with reference to his court case over the Perwaja Steel multi million scandal.

He said something like," Look at me now. Do you think I look happy !!?"

It was something like that. The court case ended with an acquittal in favour of Tan Sri Eric Chia. The Perwaja Steel issue is discussed and analysed in Professor KS Jomo's book - M Way : Mahathir's Economic Legacy - which I read with interest two years ago.

I had the greatest sympathy for this man when I heard him saying after the case that he lost his family because of the court case and they cant bear the shame. I do not have insights or connections to his family. As such, I do not have news about him and his family.

However, I hope his family, over time, have returned to him. Nevertheless, if they have not, I hope Tan Sri Eric Chia is given a proper and deserving funeral - befitting a Tan Sri, a businessman and once a prominent figure of Malaysia.

Again, condolences wishes to the late Tan Sri Eric Chia's family.

Note : I have arrived safely but unhappily at 3am Malaysia time on 22nd June at KLIA. I have blogged about it in my personal blog. But I shall raise it officially later when I have the time for my readers here in APOMM with reference to flight MH 122 Sydney - KL that was scheduled to fly on 21st June at 2.20 pm Australian time but was delayed to 9pm.

I have received my copy of The King Never Smiles (from mom - she went to Kinokuniya KLCC to get it for me - thanks Mom !) and I am reading it whenever I am free. I had some worrying family matters to handle upon arrival in Malaysia but things are getting better again. Will try to blog more about some matters I came across, read about, and thought about at a later date.

Thank you.

Wei Liang


Letting the time pass me by said...

My Wishes too..

I heard a lot of good stories on Eric Chia... A friend of mine who have experience working in Perwaja always talk nice thing about Eric Chia..

Well I only have nice thing to talk about him too...

Anonymous said...

My condolences wishes to the late Tan Sri Eric Chia's family. I had worked for him during the good old UMW era back in Batu Tiga. He was the chief then and always tough but was good towards all his staff. He was a great man however was being used by someone highly powered. I do hope his family finally understand all.