Friday, January 30, 2009

Amendments to the Constitution

There seem to be a big hoo-haa about the rakyat wanting change.

I want Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat to remember about the 13th May 1969 incident.

Please bear in mind that you are leaders of the people. Every word you utter bears weight on the multiracial Malaysian society.

Many people seem to buy the talks of leaders about discarding the Malay special rights and creating a more equal future.

Of course our good friend Anwar Ibrahim have never said that "Ya, saya akan memansuhkan hak istimewa orang Melayu".

He merely said he offers hope of a new dawn in Malaysia and better equality among Malaysians. I do not know why many seem to be telling me that a vote for Anwar is a vote for equality.

Malaysia's Constitution states clearly that

1. Islam is the official religion thus making Malaysia an Islamic nation.
2. the special position of the Bumiputra and the legitimate interests of all the other communities are safeguarded.

Please read the Constitution of Malaysia HERE.

A change in the Constitution that affects the daily lives of Malaysians from all walks of life should obtain the agreement of ALL MALAYSIANS, not any individual or political party.

No one should do anything drastic until every single Malaysian have their say and voted.

I hope leaders do not play with the people's emotions or unity. It is not easy for us to forge unity in a multiracial country.

This warning goes to Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional.

Malaysia can take a leaf from the Australian democracy. It is compulsory for Australians with voting rights to vote during Elections and when a vote is needed for amendments to the Constitution of Australia (referendum).

Someday, Malaysia must do the same. It is the people's country. Not Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat.

Juicy News

Kapar MP files report against Selangor police chief.

I am surprised to read that the 50 people with two Deputy Ministers did not barge into the Serdang Hospital mortuary. In fact, it was said that the hospital staff allowed them to enter.

A week ago, the following news report made the headlines.

Family barges into mortuary
An assistant medical officer from the hospital’s forensics department has lodged a report yesterday alleging that family members and unknown people had barged into the mortuary where Kugan’s body was kept.

Remember one thing. The law is indifferent to all. No one in Malaysia is above the law.

Arrest all the policemen involved in brutality of those under custody or in prisons. Note that this must exclude self defence on the part of the police. Investigations must also be carried out on those who barged into the mortuary. If found to be true, they must face the law too.

I have to say the Attorney General, Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, is very strict with the investigations of this case. After all the criticisms from the rakyat and the Opposition, I think he deserves a pat on the back this time.

Read: AG sends back investigation papers
Yesterday, the AG sent back the investigation papers from the police and ordered them to conduct a more thorough probe. According to a report in the New Straits Times, Abdul Gani was unsatisfied with the results of the investigation. He had also demanded to see the results of the second post-mortem conducted at the University Malaya Medical Centre (UUMC) on Sunday.

But I am wondering why the police personnel to be charged in Court next week will not face a murder charge but a case of causing hurt/grievous hurt to extort confession.

Didn't the AG classify this as murder?

If I beat someone up and he died, am I also causing hurt or grievous hurt but not murdering the victim? The Attorney General's chamber must investigate this case thoroughly, whether or not the victim is a criminal.

Also, do read the opinions of a CONCERNED CITIZEN from Selangor.

The incident at the Serdang Hospital mortuary, where the body was with unauthorised persons for about two hours, was against ethics. These unauthorised persons have used it as a reason to claim police brutality and that the police wanted to cover up the matter. The police themselves do not encourage its members to use inhumane methods to obtain information from suspects. And knowing how violent perpetrators can treat their victims, it sometimes gets on the emotions of the officers.

(Credits to TheStar for the pictures)

- end -

Thursday, January 29, 2009

System Error at Kehakiman

I was a little bored a moment ago and browsed the Kehakiman website for some archived judgements.

Among those I searched for include Anwar Ibrahim and Eric Chia. Surprisingly, I came a cross a PPP vs M Kayveas case too.

Upon clicking the searched judgements, I could not access the pages at all.

I did a check and realised that the archiving is messed up a bit. JUDGEMENT was spelled as JUGDMENT.

Someone must inform the Webmaster.

Also, I have waited 24 hours to see my comments at Vasan's blog to be published. My comments were nowhere to be seen but other comments were published.

The blogger reserves the right to moderate comments and I respect that.

I read the website where Vasan got the statistics from. It was none other than a Hindraf4U Blog. Check the contents of the Malaysian Indian Minority and Human Rights Violations Annual Report 2008.

This Report is prepared by the leader who goes around the world while his organization in Malaysia stay unlawful.

Mr P Waythamoorthy, Hindraf Chairperson, continue to claim that Malaysian Indians are sidelined.

I wonder if he can save his money and bring it home to assist the Malaysian Indians in terms of scholarships, education, job opportunites, social welfare and justice.

That, I feel, is better than flying to India, London, United States, Geneva and Brussels.

Nevertheless, if the reports are true, the Malaysian Government especially MIC should be open for investigations. All parties should forge a greater unity and help every Malaysian to progress and prosper.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Different Perspective

I refer to a blog I came across a few minutes ago. I left a comment and hope that the blogger is impartial and publishes my comments, although not in line with his ideology and perspective.

Please read: Kugan's Death is a Racial Issue!

I do not agree with certain views and I will use APOMM to say a few words, just in case my comment at your blog is not published.

"SK Devamany is trying to cover up Kugan's issue, he is indirectly denying that MIC is not responsible for Kugan's death and previously reported 80 cases as well."

APOMM: Sir, an accusation of YB Devamany trying to cover up the Kugan issue could land you in hot soup. Be responsible with your comments.

I would like to state again that there are 90% of the deaths in police and prison custody victims are Indians although their population not more than 10 %. What else need to prove you that its a racial issue?

APOMM: I do not know where your statistics came from. I wonder if it is accurate. Anyway, no matter what the figures are, it should not be generalised as a racial issue.

Instead, the cause for you to fight for justice should be the brutality of the individual policemen who ILLEGALLY bashed those in custody. It should be justice, not racial politics. It should be a crime case of individuals, not the police as a whole.

The Police do not have blueprints to kill Indians. Keep that in mind.

Pakatan's Indian MPs striving very hard to help Kugan to get justice, but he is good for nothing and only able to blame others. In this case I'm not intend to support any party politics but I would like to praise Pakatan leaders for their sincerity in upholding Malaysians rights and justice.

APOMM: This will be a long one. Pakatan Indian MPs are striving hard to protect Kugan? That is true. So are the MPs from MIC, MCA and UMNO with Pak Lah and Najib giving directives to the Police to be open with their investigations.

I am not a big fan of Samy Vellu, but another side of my mind is wondering how do Indians feel under Pakatan Rakyat MPs, ADUNs and State Governments.

The Malaysian Indians should ask if they are having better quality of life, opportunities, wealth, education and healthcare under the soon to be 1 year old Pakatan led State Governments in Penang, Perak, Kelantan, Kedah, and Selangor?

As far as I gather from the newspapers and blogs, opportunities seem to be siding with the Malaysian Chinese in Perak. Concessions and opportunities are very much accessible by the non Malaysian Indians in the Pakatan led states.

Where are the Malaysian Indians standing then?

Ask Hindraf's Chairperson to bring his fortune home to Malaysia. Tell him to create organizations, scholarships, welfare homes and provide healthcare as well as assistance in any manner required by the Malaysian Indians.

That he should do, instead of touring around the world where leaders from India, United States and Britain will only shake his hand and tell him "Oh, is that so? I see".

MIC, although they have problems in Barisan Nasional and in Maika Holdings, I have to say that they are helping the Indians quite well.

The number of Malaysian Indian graduates, professionals, scholarships and university entrance seats have grown considerably well over the past few years.

AIMST now provide the opportunities for all Malaysians especially the Indian community to further their studies.

The scholarships from various Government agencies and NGOs are also provided for the Malaysian Indians - be it based on quota or meritocracy.

MIC of course needs to rebrand itself at the very top post. Someone must go. Any hanky-panky matters in MIC must also be cleansed and MIC should care more for the people's welfare.

Contributions of MIC should not be wiped off. Jasa patut dikenang. Ambil yang baik, buang yang tidak.

If the welfare and opportunites of the Malaysian Indians are not provided well enough, perhaps the Malaysian leaders should look into this matter - be it Anwar Ibrahim, Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional.

As a personal suggestion, Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat should go to the ground and listen to Malaysians from all walks of life.

Malaysia belongs to all Malaysians who must maintain peace and harmony in a multiracial society.

(Credits to Malaysiakini, AIMST, Bernama, PMO, and PDRM for the photos)

Law and Order

It is sad to read that a probable criminal (car thief) who could face a jail term, died in police custody.

The police team involved have since been transferred to desk jobs, pending thorough investigations of police brutality and murder of Kugan.

The Subang Jaya - Taipan police team will soon face the law. Anyone found guilty of causing the death of Kugan will be brought to Court and sentenced accordingly.

Malaysiakini's headline - Will Kugan get the justive he deserves? - will be answered accordingly by the Attorney General and Bukit Aman.

Be assured that not only the nosey Gobind Singh Deo and Manickavasagam will look into this matter. Barisan Nasional parties have also voiced out their support for a thorough investigation.

Law and order must be preserved in Malaysia. Justice MUST be delivered for Kugan.

Does the story end there? I disagree.

Justice MUST also be served for those who intruded the mortuary.

I believe there are witnesses and CCTVs at the mortuary where the personnel there were locked out of the place while the intruders were taking pictures of Kugan's body.

The body of a victim has been tampered.

Malaysian laws must be used fully to prosecute the police who brutally bashed Kugan and also to punish those who trespassed the Serdang Hospital mortuary.

This of course is reference to the 50 people who barged into the area together with two Deputy Ministers from Barisan Nasional.

Justice must be served. Kugan's body was tampered and thus additional fresh bruises might cover up old bruises which will hinder any thorough investigation.

Send Kugan's murderer to Court together with the 50 trespassers. The true meaning of justice is blind of sides. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!

As for P Waythamoorthy, why enjoy in London and issue statements while the Indians in Malaysia proceed with demonstrations and criticisms of the Government? The Indians, as you claimed are sidelined, will not fare better with you staying overseas.

If you have the money to live comfortably in London, why not bring that treasure chest of yours to Malaysia and help to develop the education, welfare and healthcare of the Malaysian Indians?

The 6 people arrested during the funeral procession were challenging the police and obstructing the police to perform their duties.

Not all policemen are like that. The police protect our lives and security. A bad apple in a basket does not mean we have to discard them all.

Shout and scream at the murderer or the former Subang Jaya police squad. Not the current ones who have to bear your grunts and spits.

Be fair to all. APOMM prays for Kugan to rest in peace and may justice prevail.

(Credits to Malaysiakini, The Malaysian Insider and The Star for the pictures)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


PKR 'berkampung' pujuk ADUN

"Mereka guna hujah ini untuk pujuk rayu kami, kononnya mahu Melayu yang dominan seterusnya mengimbangi kekuatan DAP di Perak. "Sebenarnya mereka takut kehilangan dua wakil rakyat yang berdepan tuduhan rasuah dan oleh itu mereka berusaha mencari pengganti bagi mengembalikan kekuatan PKR dalam pakatan pembangkang," katanya.

Note: There are no statements from Pakatan Rakyat about the ethics of crossovers. Where are you, the lawyers in DAP? Where are you, the Muslim scholars of PAS? Are you all now Anwar's yes-men?

Khalid warns Khir Toyo of new 'revelations'

“Once the Officials Secrets Act (OSA) tag is removed from documents, the darkest secrets regarding the state opposition chief Dr Khir Mohd Toyo will come to light,” he said. Khalid said that things done by Dr Khir, which were worse, would be revealed in the Selangor State Assembly.

Note: The word 'worse' clearly is a confession from Khalid that he is bad - perhaps abuse of power, corruption, poor leadership - with Khir Toyo having more dirty linen.

Ampun Tuanku, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah. Tuanku should summon Khir Toyo and Khalid Ibrahim to the Palace. Both leaders must leave politics gracefully and be open to investigations by MACC and PDRM.

Should we be happy or worried? Or just stay with tidak apa la.

It has a minimalist and modern interior with design cues from the Lotus subsidiary. However, very low quality of materials and fit and finish of interior components seriously hurt the public's perception of the quality of the vehicle at launch. Later models used improved quality materials and assistance from the TUV of Germany to help maintain the quality improvements.

Note: Proton from an engineering perspective. I didn't know Juara was actually a car model from Japan's Mitsubishi Town Box Wide.

(Credits to PhobiaCollaboration, Perak BN, Wikipedia and TheStar for the pictures)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Say No To Nasharuddin Hashim

On the first day of CNY, I dedicate part of my time for the world of politics and for Malaysia.

It irks me to see such an unethical switch in the political landscape. Eating my CNY biscuits and drinks are not appetizing upon further research of this man yesterday.

Dato' Nasharuddin Hashim, ADUN Bota in Perak won the State Seat on 8 March 2008 with a majority of 2068 votes. He received a total of 6556 votes from the rakyat of Bota.

Yang Berhormat Bota, 59.36 percent of the people in Bota voted for you, UMNO and Barisan Nasional to continue to serve faithfully and diligently in Bota.

Actually the crossover to PKR is not because of the growing support for the bull (Pakatan Rakyat) which might hit a wall or run amok one day and the riders will fall and get hurt.

In October 2008, during the UMNO Division elections, Dato' Nasaruddin lost his Parit Division Chief post to Datuk Mohd Zaim Abu Hassan.

Is that the main reason? No. In this same month, his tenure as Felcra Berhad President ended with a 2 years service.

Perak UMNO Chief Datuk Seri Mohd Tajol Rosli Mohd Ghazali had an emergency meeting with the BN ADUNs yesterday amidst claims from Datuk Seri Mohd Nizar that there might be more crossovers.

Only 20 attended. The rest, 7 or 8 of them, were reported to be overseas.

DAP should really say something about these crossovers. DAP is voiceless in Pakatan Rakyat now. Just like a eunuch. All the talk about reforms, democracy and equality.

DAP is not even sitting on par with PKR and PAS. Only YB M Kulasegaran dared to disagree with crossovers.

The rest are Anwar's yes-men.

Related link: Breaking News

(Credits to Jakarta Post, Felcra and Perak BN for the photos)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Breaking News

Bota Assemblyman joins Parti Keadilan Rakyat on the eve of the Chinese New Year 2009. Thank you very much, Datuk Nasarudin Hashim.

His details from Perak BN are:

No12, Taman Pari
Jalan Manjoi
30100 Ipoh

Although I am not an Islamic scholar and not a Malay, I know very well about the prinsip kepahlawanan, kesetiaan, dosa and the Islamic principles.

UMNO and Barisan Nasional component parties assisted you with your State Seat election campaign in March 2008.

The thousands of people who campaigned for you and contributed to your campaign funds entrusted their welfare and future to you.

Not forgetting, the thousands of voters who voted for you. That seat which you are sitting comfortably in the Perak State Assembly, belongs to the rakyat.

The rakyat in Bota voted not only for you but also for UMNO and Barisan Nasional. Jangan mengkhianati kepercayaan rakyat kepada Datuk. Berdosa!

Let me show you the picture of this Datuk who crossed over unethically and betrayed the trust and votes of the rakyat.

The rakyat did not ask you to crossover to Pakatan Rakyat. Do not put words into the rakyat's mouth.

I remember DAP top leaders like M Kulasegaran disagreeing with crossovers from one party to another. I wonder what will DAP say.

You might be right that Pakatan Rakyat is on a run now. They are on a bull run. But a bull might barge into a big wall. A bull might run amok.

Riding on such a bull, be aware that you will get hurt too, Nasarudin Hashim.

NEWS: Umno man joins PKR in Perak

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai

I have just returned from my bro's wedding, Mohd Aimran and Sufya's grand day, in Subang Jaya. Congratulations bro!

To all Malaysians travelling back to their kampung, have a safe trip home. Although the journey took me 4 hours from Subang to Ipoh due to the heavy traffic, while driving back, I realised that Malaysians are always on a rush and drive recklessly.

Not only that, whenever there are cars parked at the side due to accidents or breakdowns, the traffic is particularly slow. Malaysians have the busybody attitude.

I urge all highway users to continue driving safely and maintain their focus on the road.

I would like to wish all Malaysian Chinese a very happy Chinese New Year wherever you are and a happy holiday to all Malaysians.

Enjoy this festive season with the elderly people, relatives and friends.

My sister received a lovely gift from her former teacher and it caught my eye. A very unique gift that represents the Chinese New Year - a bull year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai and a Happy Chinese New Year from me and my family.

Wei Liang Goh

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Proton In The Eyes of Malaysians

Proton in the eyes of Malaysians:

1. Vinnan's opinion
2. Jared's opinion
3. River's opinion

The opinions by Vinnan, Jared and River are indeed special. I hope everyone learns from there and clear all misunderstandings about race relations and Proton.

I would like to sincerely reply to a specific comment made by my friend Vijendran on Facebook about Proton.

Of course the Ford cars are cheap in US. Many cars are retailing at USD10,000 which is what we pay for our Proton Saga.

However, we do not have the money to buy patented technology or invest billions of USD in Proton's R&D.

Ford invested USD 8 billion in 2007. Daimler invested USD 7.3 billion. I wonder how much Proton invested. Ford faced losses of billions of dollars especially in 2006.

No problem! Americans say we support you!

Imagine if Proton invests USD1 billion and make losses of USD10 million. Malaysians will say, SHUT DOWN! BUY FORD!

Do you really think Proton leaders do not want to sell their cars to 80% of the globe? Of course they do. But money is a big problem. Proton does not have a safety net like Ssangyong, GM, Ford, Daimler etc.

Whenever Proton faces problems, people tell them to shut down. Sales are bad even since 1980s. Yet we persevere and manage to accumulate RM2 billion in cash reserves (I think it has disappeared), own a production plant in Tanjung Malim, bought and sold the controversial MV Augusta, and still own the luxury sportscar Lotus Group.

Proton's birth is not a bad idea. It is the birthplace of Proton that is bad. Malaysians are not like Japanese, Australians or Americans who are so patriotic and constantly support their products.

Malaysians hate their own people and their own identity projects like Proton, Sepang F1, KLCC and the KLIA.

Please do not get me wrong. I am not saying Proton is such a beautiful company. I am actually sick and tired of Malaysians who tend to criticise and generalise something tainted as bad.

A bad durian still has good flesh to offer. Not everything is bad. All we need to do is to chop off the bad part and keep the good part.

I beg all Malaysians to give Proton Persona a try. My dad has just received a new piece of this machine from his company.

The interior bears similarities with the Toyota Camry Sportivo range, although not as grand and as beautiful. Similarities do exist.

The quality of Proton Waja and Persona can really be accepted. Having said these, I have to agree that export versions of Proton are of better quality.

My dad used to drive an export edition of the Proton Wira. I agree that is better. I am not sure why Proton has two sides to the production and sales policy.

Does that warrant a closure of Proton's plants and operations? No, my dear Malaysians.

Ford lost USD12 billion in 2006, and another USD 2-3 billion in 2007 if I am not mistaken. Yet, Ford is supported by Americans and the US Government.

When Proton loses RM50 million, Malaysians tell Proton to shut down. Actually if we compare level of investment and sales, Proton deserves more support.

Honestly, if we sit down and think about our daily lives, Malaysians like to shut down Malaysian made goods and purchase Chinese, American, Japanese and British goods. That is actually bad because we need to pay other people from other countries for the goods.

If one day, people from my generation manage to turn Proton into a world class carmaker, I wonder how many of those who have criticised Proton will turn up at the Proton car dealers' steps to catch a glimpse of the new machines with intentions to purchase one.

Let us learn like the Japanese. Do not praise the West and say their systems are so good. Those are just the Macro views. If we look closer, the people's sense of patriotism and attitude actually contributes to the successes of their nations.

Malaysians keep on praising the systems of the Japanese, the West and even Singapore. But Malaysians do not have mirrors to look at themselves. Are they willing to be like them?

We will never achieve anything, unless we change our attitudes. How can a building stand tall and mighty if its pillars and foundations are not strong?

That, we have to ask Malaysians. More to come about Proton from the Engineering perspective, provided by a reader.

Please read: Big Three auto CEOs flew private jets to ask for taxpayer money

(Credits to Proton and Skyscrapercity for the photos.)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Proton Fairytale

My opinions on Proton was published today in The Star. I was so busy that I didn't have time to read the papers at all till 8pm.

Before I even managed to see my article in the papers, I received a few calls and messages from friends and family about it. Some disagreed with me and said the biggest problem with Proton is quality.

Look at the Big Three carmakers in the United States of America. Are they really good carmakers?

I agree they are. Their utes, sedans, trucks and 4WD are amazing machines. But at what price do they come in? Read on and try to understand the fairytale.

Proton is going to be 26 years old. When we started off with Proton Saga in the 1980s, Malaysian engineers learnt from there with the assistance of Mitsubishi, as much as they could.

Resources, knowledge and finances were limited - only to be enhanced by the backing of our Malaysian Government and protectionist policies.

The Malaysian Government is actually very poor. Malaysians will get mad if we have something like this - Uncle Sam Grabs the Wheel.

We want quality cars but at the price of mud and dirt. Be patient, I am sure many will begin to disagree with me already. Read on and you will understand.

It seems to me Malaysians all agree on one thing - QUALITY. Of course we can be like Ford, GM and Daimler.

We can borrow billions of dollars and fund our sales, marketing and especially Research and Development departments.

The question is, what will the plan be when things go awry? Will Malaysians agree with a USD 17 billion bailout, just like what the automotive makers in US are enjoying now?

To produce quality cars, it is not that simple. Things do not come right out of textbooks. We have two options actually.

The first option is to spend billions of dollars to acquire the knowledge and technology from the top carmakers (just like how we spent on Lotus and the CamPro Engine). The technology, quality and design of cars are patented. These knowledge and quality can only be acquired at a price. Nothing comes free, right?

The second option is to invest a big sum in the Research and Development department of Proton. That funds have to come from somewhere. The Government is not willing to pump in money. Malaysians, who are always complaining of being poor, are driving Hondas, Toyotas, Mercedes and Beemers.

No one supports Proton. Not even Terengganu, Penang, Perak and Selangor Government officials.

Malaysians want quality cars. But can quality cars come overnight? Yes they can if Proton invests heavily with borrowings and have a safety net if things go bad, just like the Big Three in US.

Unfortunately, money does not fall from the sky in Malaysia for Proton. Only in the United States for the Big Three. Even the Koreans will soon have a bailout too with news of Ssangyong facing financial troubles.

Americans are so different from Malaysians. When their companies fall, Americans scream:

1. Buy American!
2. Save our jobs, save us Americans!

In Malaysia, when our companies fall, many will scream:

1. If we can't compete, shut down!
2. Why save the companies? That's the taxpayers' money!
3. Cronyism (In China it is called guanxi, in US it is called networking - Malaysians call it cronyism)

These words, are only uttered by those unaffected.

Imagine the 100,000 or so people who are affected when companies tumble. They will be jobless and they cannot pay bills, feed their family and pay for medical bills. Malaysians are heartless - at times.

Whatever it is, there are two sides and I have to be fair. Mismanagement in Proton exists, that is for sure.

When Tengku Mahaleel was the CEO, Malaysians see a momentum of car production, quality amd design. We were improving at a desired pace.

Sadly, due to politics, Tengku Mahaleel was directed to the EXIT door. Proton was never the same - with their 1 Euro sale of MV Augusta, poor car sales, heavy losses, the tale of the disappearance of the cash reserves, slow pace in launching new models.

These must be corrected. A proper management of Proton must be in place.

A new Saga was born last year. Soon, we hope to see Proton competing with other carmakers.

A long term plan will be to open their doors and invite Malaysian fresh graduates in automotive engineering from overseas as well as experts to join Proton.

Protecting local graduates is a good thing. But Proton is in need of help. The two options stated above are too expensive to execute. Proton must begin to open up.

Having said these, I must say I am always impressed with Toyota cars. the organization, their business model and their profits. The new Camry is an eye-catching machine.

Perhaps Proton can start knocking on Toyota's doors and negotiate something with them.

Everyone needs friends. So do carmakers. This is the Proton fairytale.

(Credits to, Wikipedia, Bernama, and The Star for the photos)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Buy American Last

Today is an important day for all eyes are looking at Barack Obama. He will be the President of United States of America on this fateful day - January 20th 2009.

The strong words of "Yes we can!" remain in my ears. The hopes of change remain close to my heart.

The world awaits, Mr President.

A PIECE OF MY MIND condemns the war on the Palestinians. I strongly urge a formal declaration by the Malaysian Government with a Buy American Last policy.

Malaysia's track record in the global arena is highly respectable.

We were instrumental in the global objection of apartheid, till it was successfully abolished. In the 1980s and 1990s, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad successfully launched a Buy British Last policy. The effects were felt in Britain, economically and politically.

Recently, the Badawi Government launched a Buy Malaysian campaign. That campaign can be interpreted as a domestic economic plan in view of the global economic crisis.

The world dislikes the United States of America's foreign policies. The victims in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Palestine have no one to turn to for help.

Not even United Nations can help. But I believe the international community can make a change in the American foreign policies.

Malaysia should take the lead in the international community and launch a global Buy American Last policy.

Remember. We are equally important in the cause for global peace. We all can make a difference no matter who or where we are.

We do not have access to the White House and Washington DC. But we do have access to American products.

Yes we can.

(Credits to TheStar, Washington Times and AFP for the pictures)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Cries of Gaza

After reading the article “Boycott what?” by Dzof Azmi, it motivated me to respond to requests for comments on the Boycott American Products recommendations started by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Actually what Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad suggested was not a complete BOYCOTT of American goods.

Walk into a shop and if you see a can of Coke, tell yourself that you should not buy a can of Coke. Perhaps buy a bottle of mineral water (which is of course Malaysian made).

If you are hungry and you want to eat a burger, why not buy a burger from local sellers like those Burger Ramli stalls instead of McDonald’s?

We all have choices.

Supporting Coke or McDonald’s of course does not mean a support for Israel. However, Israel is heavily backed by the United States of America, the kingmakers.

Look at China (Shanghai skyline above). Do you really think the Chinese became rich with their ability? It was the United States who discovered the cheap labour there and decided to throw money into China and purchase their goods.

Think about the economic sanctions, occupation of sovereign countries, and embargoes. What about the United Nations?

All these occur at the pleasure of the United States of America. Of course not all Americans are bad, but the American politics and Government is indeed highly questionable in terms of ethics, morality, economics and policies.

Hitting American goods hard with a boycott up to a certain degree will surely put pressure to their Government to reconsider their foreign policies.

With American companies tumbling down, and their Government already slapped with a USD 10 trillion debt, American foreign policies will evolve from hooliganism to an internationally friendly country.

The United Nations (above) is nothing but a Eunuch. They can even be described as a No Action Talk Only forum (like NATO) where Government leaders enter the UN building in US with a luxury itinerary in place – five star accommodation, transportation and shopping.

The world leaders will raise their hands to vote for something substantial and in one voice (except for US and their main allies). The Secretariat of UN will then print out official Declarations or Memorandums as a result from the summits or emergency sittings.

The American Government will not value the Declarations or Memorandums. Not even the picture above. In fact, the American Government will file the few sheets of paper and keep it in their cabinets and that is the end of the story.

If China or Russia wants to play an active role, the next thing you know, the Chinese and Russian ambassadors are called up to the White House and will be given an official warning from the United States of America.

When things do not subside, for sure, Beijing and Moscow will have visitors from the Secretary of State’s office and in most cases; the Secretary of State will be there for a cup of tea or a shot of vodka.

The American Government must stop making Israel the king in that region. The world is helpless, but American companies are powerful.

We do not have access to the White House and Washington DC. But we do have access to American products.

We can surely play a role with a reduced spending on American products and support the Buy Malaysian campaign.

A boycott, as suggested by Dr M, is not a complete boycott but a rational consideration when spending your dollar.

If you see an alternative good that is produced in Malaysia next to an American good, why not support the local business while making a point to the White House that you, Mr Ah Beng, want United States to be fair to all?

The Buy Malaysian campaign is also good to sustain our country’s economy when facing the wave of global economic crisis. Money circulation will continue in Malaysia and local businesses will continue to provide employment and cash to Malaysians.

Money must stay in the country and circulated domestically. A dollar for an overseas company will surely see a repatriation of capital or profits back to the foreign country.

Since we know that, why don’t we keep every cent in the country and circulate them domestically?

Buy Malaysian. Buy American last, my fellow Malaysians.

Gaza’s cries are ringing in your ears. If you do not believe me, why not rip the audio from the Palestinians who cry and plead for help?

Use it as your mobile ringtone or play it repeatedly in your speakers. Imagine the Gaza massacre happening in Malaysia.

Listen to the cries and wonder what will you feel if the child crying for aid is your dear son or daughter?

That is the Gaza war and the boycott from A PIECE OF MY MIND.

This Chinese New Year, we smile happily with our wonderful biscuits and we enjoy our chats and laughter with relatives, family and friends regardless of race.

What about the Palestinians who are beginning to walk out of United Nations schools in Palestine only to see their homes are now rubbles and ashes? (A ceasefire has just been agreed by both Hamas and Israel)

Remember. We do not have access to the White House but we do have access to the American goods.

I cry for you, Gaza.

Credits to BBC, Wikipedia, Coca-Cola, NY Times, Wired New York and The Star for the photos.