Monday, June 16, 2008

Bangkok - The Battleground

In 2004, the Thai Rak Thai backed candidate won only 16% of the votes in the Bangkok Governor elections. The race was won by Apirak Kosayothin, who garnered 40% of the votes. He was backed by the then Democratic Party.

Soon, Bangkok will see another Governor-ship elections. The PPP has challenged the PAD to use that as an indicator of the people's choice and feedback of the current happenings in Thailand, especially Bangkok.

With so many things happening, especially the highlights of the new censorship policy and the B 2million snack box issue, I am a little bit worried about PAD and the army. Demonstrations after demonstrations. What is becoming of Bangkok?

PAD has repeatedly called for the interference of the army. Some said that the army has kissed and made up with the ruling PPP heavily influenced by Thaksin Shinawatra.

Bangkok is not the only part of Thailand. We have Thais elsewhere in other cities. The election results showed that Thais want the PPP and the policies that will come with it. However, I do not really agree with the new censorship matter. Seems like a wrong time and might trigger more matters.

PPP might not be able to win the Bangkok Governor-ship race. The elites have always voiced their unhappiness with Thaksin and whichever party he is linked with. Hmm.

But I am a little surprised with PPP's challenge. Perhaps the citizens of Bangkok are angry that the demonstrations disrupt their lives?

I call upon the Thai Government to look into the farmers' request for help as well. Do not argue with me that subsidies and cheap loans will cause disequilibrium in the economy. Tell that to the EU and the US first.

The wrestle for power in Bangkok will be a good one to watch. The PPP is sick and tired of PAD. The PAD is angry and is using the people's feelings and threats of control from the army to keep PPP on their toes. PPP will surely go all out to win Bangkok to have peaceful nights and sleeps.

Keep an eye on Thailand. Something is cooking there, eh PM Samak? Haha :)

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