Monday, June 29, 2009

Prof Diraja Ungku Aziz - PPSMI

Laksana PPSMI 'tidak beretika'
Prof Diraja Ungku Aziz menegaskan, tindakan kerajaan memperkenalkan PPSMI enam tahun lalu sebagai "tindakan gila" kerana Matematik menggunakan "bahasa simbol" – melalui angka, nombor dan penggunaan rumus tertentu.

"Apa bahasa matematik? Bahasa simbolik, angka, semua simbol. Matematik ini bahasa simbolik. Kalau guna bahasa Inggeris untuk belajar Matematik, pilih bahasa Inggeris untuk belajar Matematik, (itu tindakan) gila.

"Kalau hendak belajar bahasa Inggeris dengan bahasa matematik, bagaimana boleh belajar?" katanya di hadapan 150 pendidik sekitar Selangor.


Inilah masalahnya Prof. Ingin ditegaskan sekali lagi bahawa PPSMI dilaksanakan bukan dengan objektif untuk belajar bahasa Inggeris.

Sebagai seorang ahli akademik, Prof tentu sedar bahawa hampir kesemua research papers diterbitkan dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

PPSMI diperkenalkan bagi memudahkan proses pembelajaran dan pemahaman subjek ataupun bidang Sains dan Matematik yang luas.

Memang benar Bahasa Matematik itu Bahasa Simbol. Tetapi itu bukan pada setiap masa.

Dalam Matematik Ekonomi, kami belajar
  • eigenvalues and eigenspaces,
  • subspaces,
  • Lagrange multipliers,
  • Implicit Function Theorem,
  • Positive and negative definites dan sebagainya.

Ada soalan kepada Prof :
  • Adakah ini semua bahasa Simbol, Prof ?
  • Bagaimana pula perkataan-perkataan ini difahami oleh pelajar-pelajar ?
  • Adakah kami mempunyai cukup tenaga dan ilmu penterjemahan ?
  • Adakah Kamus Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka mempunyai cukup perkataan untuk menterjemah bahasa Sains dan Matematik kepada Bahasa Malaysia ?
Prof seorang ahli akademik yang saya sanjungi, selain K.S. Jomo. Namun, saya sedih membaca kenyataan Prof yang terkini itu. Sila baca juga

Janganlah duduk berselindung di belakang tirai "Pertahankan Bahasa Kebangsaan".

Ibu bapa menghantar anak-anak ke sekolah dengan harapan mereka akan muncul seorang yang berjaya kelak dan menjadi insan yang berpengetahuan luas, bukan hanya untuk mendapatkan sijil.

Kalau alasannya ramai akan gagal peperiksaan, ini tidak munasabah. Bukankah penting seorang anak muda mengubah strategi pengajian dan belajar dengan lebih tekun lagi ?

Inilah yang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim perlu jawab juga. Sila baca : Anwar - Scrap use of English for Science and Maths

Sekiranya kami tegas nak pertahankan identiti Bahasa Cina, Melayu dan Tamil, bukankah kami patut memberi tumpuan kepada subjek Bahasa dan bukan Sains dan Matematik ?

Hairan saya. Kalau bahasa ibunda yang dipentingkan, mengapa tidak memberi cadangan kepada Kerajaan agar gred minimum subjek Bahasa untuk lulus SPM dinaikkan daripada P8 kepada C5 atau C6 ?

Janganlah mempolitikkan segala-galanya, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dr Mahathir in the eyes of a Ghanaian

I have just checked into Sydney International Airport. I took the cab from my home here and my cab driver was a Ghana-ian.

Interesting man as he talked to me about Malaysia and especially our former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

This is the 3rd time I hear praises for Tun Dr M from foreigners myself, none against so far. The first time was in Japan where my teachers and host family envy the leadership
of Dr M.

The 2nd time was in Melbourne last year when a PhD student from Bangladesh stood up and told YABhg himself that he is more popular than his local politicians.

Today, I heard the reviews from a Ghana-ian (Ghana is an African country).

I was told by him that Dr Mahathir is indeed a smart man because Tun went to his country to see the palm kennel industry and "imported" the idea back to Malaysia.

According to him, Malaysia has far surpassed Ghana now all because of Tun Dr Mahathir. True or not, I cannot confirm because I am not a plantations man.

He also told me that Australians dislike Dr Mahathir especially during Paul Keating's era. Unfortunately, he didn't know why.

I explained to him about the capital punishment on two Australian citizens with drug possession and that caused the strained diplomatic relations between the Keating Administration and Mahathir Administration.

He took it as a knowledge and from there, he also shared with me how he respect Dr M for standing up on the right issues against Australia, the British and of course the United States of America.

If you think that is it, I have to say NO !

He even talked to me about Dr M's opinion on currency trading, derivatives and financial crisis - all recent articles and ideas from Tun himself.

Truly amazing and I am proud of my country Malaysia. It is in the international map and in the good books of people overseas.

Let us get down to business now. I strongly urge the Malaysian Government and the Tourism Ministry to scale down their extravagant expenditure on former Ferrari supremo Jean Todt or any other high end celebrity.

I humbly feel that they are people who will only sell Malaysia half heartedly and only to a handful of rich people. These people will prefer to choose Italy or Mauritius as their 2nd home, rather than the islands of Terengganu.

We should target the masses, not just celebrities and the rich which will come at a high cost. In the end, do we gain much ?

Since Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is already an international figure that commands respect from South East Asia, Arabian countries, the African continent and many other regions, why not appoint Dr M as the Tourism Ambassador instead?

That is all for now and I shall continue my blogging activities back home. Malaysia, Truly Asia.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

RM 10,000 Taser

I first read about this piece from OutSyed The Box : Tasers for the cops. It is indeed a progress upwards where Malaysian police reduce their reliance on bullets and guns.

For those who are big fans of Tasers or are curious to know more about them, this is a detailed information of Taser X 26. Check it out HERE.

From NST : Tasers gun in use soon, I quote

"Federal police logistics director Datuk Mashuri Zainal said although the force had taken delivery of 210 units of the stun guns, known as the X26 electronic control device, which cost RM2.1 million, last year they have yet to be distributed to personnel on the ground."

Syed Akbar Ali pointed out something worth taking a look too. According to a website brought up by OSTB, the Taser X26 costs only $1098.

In fact, I did browse through the internet and found one website for a slightly lower end X26 model that even provide a $100 rebate and total cost is just $899. (This model comes with digital power magazine (DPM) only while the higher end one has Extended DPM)

Assuming that it is the highest price we can find online at $1098, and the exchange rate that time was still pegged at 3.825 (some bought in 2003, and exchange rate is now lower after depegging in 2005), the "extreme" cost is RM 4199.85 .

That will be a difference of RM 5800.15 than what the RMP is paying now, or in percentage terms, 138% more.

To be fair, the RM 10,000 per piece might include additional supplies of cartridges and future technology services from Taser.

I am saying this because the Houston City Council once had a similar contract but they clearly outlined that the costs were for additional equipment, technological services, cartridges and the Tasers.

Perhaps the RMP Logistics Director can come out and explain. I surely don't want to see another screwdriver-digital camera absurd payment episode (Sports Ministry).

This clearly shows that it is time for the RMP to have a Media Unit that talks to the press professionally. Nitty bitty things like this will spark a hoo-haa in the public and the blogosphere.

The Royal Malaysian Police folks have always been in my good books for busting drug syndicates, prostitution rings, the many heavy weighted crime gangs and many more.

This will surely put a dent to it. It will also hurt the image of the thousands of loyal, sincere, and true crime fighters in the Police force, if there are any wrongdoings involved.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Malay Unity

I don't understand. Why
  • MCA and DAP can talk to Chinese educationist groups, chambers of commerce, various clans and associations as well as other Chinese based parties.

  • MIC can talk to parties like IPF and Hindraf for a united Malaysian Indian community

  • PKR can shake hands with Malay and Malaysian Indian rights groups, professional lawyers and doctors who are mainly non Bumiputeras

But UMNO cannot talk to PAS about Unity Government concept just because it means Malay unity ?

Are you not racists yourself to fear the unity of Malays ? Is it justified to see a united non Malay community but it is totally acceptable to see the Malay community split ?

This must end and Yang Berhormat Ipoh Timur Lim Kit Siang must be given a better and proper briefing about reality of politics today.

As time passes by, so is his political career - merely fading away like the sunset.

Read : Kit Siang - Unity talk IS against 1 Malaysia

1 Malaysia means a united Malaysia. It does not mean that the rest can unite while Malays are encouraged to be divided and segmented.

UMNO-PAS Unity Government talks were never about a merger of two political parties. It was just UMNO inviting their brothers and sisters in Islam to a table talk for good governance.

DAP and PKR knows that if PAS, being a strong Opposition party with 1 million members, participates in a BN Government, they can no longer scream the words of INJUSTICE, TRANSPARENCY and INTEGRITY.

Having a strong critic and Opposition on board the Government, there will no longer be stories like this and the Opposition political parties can no longer spin stories they are good at.

That is why, DAP and PKR are totally against PAS-UMNO talks.

As for the fear of Malay Unity, I would like to remind all quarters that UMNO has never said that they will leave Barisan Nasional to team up with PAS.

The spirit of Barisan Nasional remains and unity in 1 Malaysia includes everyone who holds a Malaysian identity card.

1 Malaysia, Uncle Lim.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heads must roll in Gerakan

The Central Working Committee of Gerakan is seen as arrogant and ignorant of grassroots sentiments - be it in Gerakan, Barisan Nasional or among the Penangites.

Till today, the DAP led State Government has managed to articulate the land scandal in Penang in such a way that it will haunt Gerakan for at least the next two sets of elections.

Moreover, there are words around Gerakan Penang that warlords are still running the party with an iron fist where trusted "generals" are placed in strategic positions and locations - a move which is unwelcomed by the branch members.

When Major Huan Cheng Guan raised several points in public recently, it was a clear sign of frustration that the Gerakan leadership is not listening and reforming.

It shocked us all after reading that in papers while Penang chief Dr Teng Hock Nan was busy with national politics and interests like Chin Peng's return.

As veteran politicians, Gerakan top brass must know that if we cannot even perform housekeeping and upkeep our own component parties in Barisan Nasional, how can we go out to the public and tell them "VOTE ME" ?

Gerakan must also emulate UMNO's political system where they have an independent Disciplinary Board led by Tengku Tan Sri Ahmad Rithaudeen as well as MCA's team of Party Elders.

The Central Working Committee of Gerakan must present their justification on why the decision was made to suspend Huan.

It must also be told whether the decision was made unanimously or it was a divided one. Either one, a justification is vital because the grassroots in Gerakan and other Barisan Nasional component parties are unhappy with the way Gerakan is run now.

Heads must roll, if necessary. Not only in CWC but in Gerakan leadership where warlords must release their grip and allow their members to work together for the party.

I have yet to hear MCA's offer to Huan to join the party, unfortunately. This stalemate must end soon.

I wonder if Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek will go to Penang to hear the matter out as a BN Chief Coordinator after his recent Bakri - Muar trip (not as MCA leader since parties do not interfere with each other's matters).

Barisan Nasional component parties must welcome Huan with open arms as he is still a BN man inside out.

Recently : Penang BN must return to MCA's leadership

(Credits to Malaysiakini and NST for the photos)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Penang BN must return to MCA's Leadership

Gerakan's warlords are truly unbecoming. The outspoken leader who holds a Vice President post in Gerakan has just been suspended for 3 years.

Datuk Lee Kah Choon and Datuk Dr Tan Kee Kwong have both left the party. Will Gerakan send Huan Cheng Guan packing as well ?

Honeymoon is over Gerakan.

Gerakan must learn from MCA and UMNO where leaders who speak out against the leadership and being frank are not threatened with expulsion or suspension.

If Gerakan refuse to learn, then Barisan Nasional cannot place Gerakan in the priority frontline for the leadership of Penang. The taskforce must be returned to MCA - as it was before the 1970s.

From time to time, I read about the ridiculous land problems in Penang.

The articles seem to vaguely paint a picture of mismanagement by the Gerakan-led former State Government that benefited developers and sadly, at the expense of the people's welfare.

The debate organized by between Lim Guan Eng and Dr Koh Tsu Koon was less than impressive.

Read : Debate on Penang Land Issue Falls Short

Yes, as much as we are BN supporters, we do not kow-tow and be yes-men like Pakatan supporters and their second string leaders.

The yes-men days were all finally buried in the days of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's administration led by vocal calls for reform by Tun Dr Mahathir, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Datuk Seri Rais Yatim, and many more.

Gerakan was an Opposition party before joining Barisan Nasional. In fact, this party was a shining star under Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu and Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik's leadership years.

Penang was well managed since the 1970s by Gerakan in terms of development, industry growth, investments and the welfare of the people.

When Penang was handed over to Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon and Dr Teng Hock Nan, Penang continue to be governed with excellence in terms of their economy (Penang contributes about 30 percent of Malaysia's GDP today).

But to read from time to time about the land scams in Penang, it puts Barisan Nasional in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

What more to say about the suspension of a leader who has recently spoken out against the lack of reforms in Gerakan ?

Read : Land scam case - Penang to deposit RM 14.7 mil

Penang is definitely not governed by the Chief Ministers and the EXCOs only as they all depend on their thousands of civil servants there.

Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon and Dr Teng Hock Nan must step forward to offer a proper explanation once and for all that will make it to the frontpages of our mainstream media.

The people of Penang wants to hear answers and solutions, not excuses or vague replies. As much as we know that CM Lim Guan Eng is sensationalizing issues, but that excuse does not justify mismanagement by the Gerakan State Government.

Are the Gerakan leaders directly involved in the land problems or were they misguided with information from the State Economic Planning Unit as well as the City and District Councils which caused what we have today ?

Read : Why Tanjung Bunga residents are protesting

Not only Gerakan must provide answers but the team of civil servants directly involved in the approval of these development projects have a responsibility to tell all.

Again, if Gerakan has no answers, then Penang's taskforce must return to the leadership of MCA and UMNO.

p/s MCA must now welcome Huan Cheng Guan into the party as he is still a man with a Barisan Nasional ideology.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dr Mahathir on new industries

Dr M on new industries (excerpts from Chedet)

1. Keju Susu Kambing

Malaysia bukannya terkenal sebagai negara yang mengeluarkan keju. Tetapi saya fikir, setelah melihat pengeluaran mozzarella cheese dan keju susu kambing, tidak ada sebab kenapa kita tidak boleh adakan industri baru ini.

2. Langkawi International Shooting Range Malaysia

Saya terfikir ramai pelancong datang ke Langkawi. Di antara dua juta pelancong tentu ada sebilangan yang berminat dengan sukan tembak-menembak.

Jika disedia jenis-jenis alatan menembak di Lisram dan disewakan kepada peminat sukan ini di antara pelancong yang datang ke Langkawi, ia bukan sahaja akan memberi pulangan kepada pelaburan yang besar yang telah dibuat, ia juga boleh jadi satu tarikan untuk pelancong datang ke Langkawi.


Although the former statesman is not an official advisor to the Government, DS Najib must be open to suggestions and views from Dr M.

Langkawi can potentially be a great place of tourism in Malaysia besides the various highlands (Genting, Cameron, Fraser), nature parks (Taman Negara) and historical towns (Malacca, Penang, Perak).

As an introduction, a blogger wrote a piece about Friendly Farms (Langkawi cheese production). Read it more HERE.

The Government can consider not just the goat's milk cheese but also a whole dairy (milk butter cheese) industry.

If Malaysia intends to adopt and develop this sector, we already have a Malaysian market of consumers who enjoy a simple breakfast of bread, butter, cheese and milk besides the growing love for Italian food that circles around cheese.

We can also see a potential market in the Asean region, if it becomes successful.

Giving birth to new industries and assisting in the development of them surely bring along many benefits - employment growth, additional Government tax revenues, domestic money circulation and economic boost, increase in education and technological level.

It is indeed a considerable project, since we see our country's economy as dull and not progressing.

The LISRAM proposal for it to be a tourism destination is also a viable project. I heard that Vietnam also attracts tourists who want to get a feel of firearms like machine guns, rifles and many more.

We might be able to add something special to the itinerary of international tourists with this proposal. It will also boost domestic travels - Cuti Cuti Malaysia - since I am sure many Malaysians especially youths will be attracted to that range.

Malaysia's economy can be interesting. The MoF, EPU and the PM's Dept surely can consider these two suggestions from our former Prime Minister.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chin Peng's return

Anwar Ibrahim has finally politicised Chin Peng's quest to return to Malaysia. If we look at the Court judgement, Chin Peng was said to be unable to produce proper identification of himself.

A prominent historian, Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim, further added that Chin Peng is technically a British national based on the reasons he gave here -Chin Peng a British national, says historian

Chin Peng's return was also supported by Dr Teng Hock Nan (Gerakan Penang) but drew criticisms and objections from Barisan Nasional coalition members - except for MCA. I am not sure if MCA made any comments on this matter, but as far as I know, the party seems silent.

Darshan Singh, Chin Peng's lawyer, had strong arguments and the points he made to justify the return of Chin Peng is quite touching.

"Chin Peng only wants to visit his ancestors' grave in Sitiawan and also to meet up with his two children who are in Kuala Lumpur. The children are all Malaysian citizens, so are his brothers and sisters."

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak officially announced that Chin Peng's homecoming is not possible - further substantiating the Court ruling.

Lately, many NGOs especially the families of the CPM victims have voiced their objections against Chin Peng's return - which were swiftly met with counter arguments that other communists like Rashid Maidan and Shamsiah Fakeh were allowed to return.

As expected, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim took the opposite stand on Chin Peng.

Just a thought impassing here, if Chin Peng is to be allowed to return to Malaysia, will the surviving member of the Communist Party Malaya be exposed to lawsuits by families of the victims ?

A permission to return to Malaysia does not mean immunity of any sort. Are there laws that can be used to file lawsuits on compensations and criminal killings against the former CPM leader and are there laws that Chin Peng can use to protect himself from these ?

This is merely a question posed to discuss with my readers. Hope to hear opinions on this especially the technical part that he is a British national (Khoo Kay Kim) and the legal exposures if he returns.

Also, will a conditional return be a possible solution to this long standing and heavily politicised case ?

MCA's silence on this matter is eerie !
Say something !

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mainstream Media - MarGeeMar's Story


An article came to my attention yesterday. The latest MarGeemar article partially sounds like it is targetted at APOMM Editor (at least that's what I think).

"You don't need a Masters in Economics to figure out that the Main Stream Media in Malaysia are owned by BN linked companies. When you go to the MSM and attack your party and its leaders, you are in essence prostituting yourself to the Evil BN/Umno regime. The MSM is already spinning on overdrive against PR. The Evil BN/Umno regime has also got so-called political analysts such as the maggot Siva Murugan Pandi(an) to deceive the Rakyat (People) that all is not well with PR. If this is not enough, the Evil BN/Umno regime have young punks in their early twenties to spin their lies with the hope of influencing young voters to turn against PR. It's indeed very surprising that these BN cyber troopers who are in Universities have so much time on their side to spin in their Blogs when they are supposed to be focusing on their studies. "

Being in University, I am not sure if MarGeeMar experienced University life before, we get 12-16 hours of classes a week. Of course I have time to blog ! I should be asking the Pakatan Rakyat bloggers instead who have 9 - 5 pm jobs and yet they blog every single day ! Don't you have a job to do ?

Again, this goes on to prove that my opinion is confirmed to be true. Tenets of Pakatan Rakyat - Intimidation, Defamation and Affirmation Seeking

The blog postings of the Opposition cyber troopers are definitely filled with elements of anger, hatred and very unacademic. But I shall not step foot into such waters. Instead, let us walk point by point on the "Evil BN/UMNO and their links to the Mainstream Media".


I am surprised with MarGeeMar's piece actually about the Mainstream Media. Let me provide you with an example.

The Chinese newspapers were once accused of being MCA's invisible hand even though Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King took control of them - dailies, newspapers and mainstream.

Yet, MCA's President recently filed a report against an article by Special Weekly (Chinese daily) owned by a company under Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King.
So does this show that the accusations are baseless ?

Also, note that
  • it was and the Mainstream media that gave attention to Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang's tantrums on fishy land scams in Penang as well as the PKFZ scandal.

  • it was the MSM that provided Anwar news headlines like claims of injustices, corruption and abuse of power.

  • reporters followed Anwar and Nizar during the Sept 16 fever and the Perak State Assembly fiasco. Those articles in NST and The Star definitely did not help BN's unity and image !
  • Deepak Gill's letter about the Controversial Freedom Festival 09 in Malacca to the Editor of NST was published and that letter could embarass or implicate the Minister, Chief Minister and Religious Dept, surely it will also cause a few votes to Barisan Nasional.

The mainstream media is undeniably linked by a certain degree to Barisan Nasional political parties.

But newspapers like NST and The Star have thousands of employees - of which a large percentage are independent-minded journalists who do not have guns aimed at their heads to support Barisan Nasional.

Many journalists were also daring with their ISA review articles such as the once famous ISA on bloggers fever.

Barisan Nasional journalists write that kind of spin and articles all the time that will hit the Party badly ?

It is also the evil Barisan Nasional that gave national news to PKR's impressive party reforms in terms of leadership elections. So evil are these Barisan Nasional's linked media companies till they frequently allocate national news to PKR, PAS and DAP on their calls for reforms.

If the Editors are so draconian and pro Barisan Nasional,
  • you can be sure to see no letters from readers that slam the corrupt practices, abuse of power and the Government decisions

  • Anwar, Nizar, Nasharuddin, Lim Guan Eng and Zaid Ibrahim won't even see themselves in the newspapers that slam the land scandals in Penang, the fight against corrupt practices, comments against our Prime Minister and many more.

The people must at times calm down and think rationally. Do you think the above snapshot (Zaid on Tun Dr M) will be splashed out in our newspapers if Malaysia does not have any Press Freedom at all ?

For the record, Mainstream newspapers do not report only political news like Harakah, Suara Keadilan and Rocket. They provide news on weather, accidents, business, entertainment and lifestyle.

It puts some "fear" in me and think whether the ruling party aims to influence what clothes we wear, what music we should hear and what stocks we should buy or not.

Or are the arguments by Pakatan Rakyat supporters and leaders merely politically motivated ?

I leave it for you to judge, my friends.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

March 08 revisited : PAS betrayed by Pakatan supporters

If we look at the news headlines and the "free speech" corner of the alternative media like Malaysiakini over the past few days, we can see that many are against PAS and their leaders.

Of course, even Tok Guru Nik Aziz is against it as he does not want to see PAS sitting in the same boat as BN anymore (they once did).

There seems to be a misperception of the Unity Government concept however.

The proposed idea is actually to see power sharing in States and perhaps the Federal Government. It will provide a chance for PAS to perform in their allocated Ministry and State Exco portfolios.

PAS will be able to make use of this opportunity to shine and implement their ideals. Also, it will place their appointed Executive leaders in the State Exco or Cabinet of Malaysia weekly meetings.

If there are any abuse of power or corrupt practices, PAS will have first hand information and can of course go out and feed it to the people.

Given an opportunity to govern, to execute their ideals and to sit inside Executive meetings, PAS face a win-win with the Malaysian people.

Undeniably, BN will also "profit" from this as they will be seen as friendly, people first performance now, and transparent (since PAS can sit inside the meetings and expose any wrongdoings).

When election comes, it all then depends on how people judge the political parties in Malaysia. It will all then be performance based and Malaysia can also take a step further to combat corrupt and abuse of power practices.

PAS seems to be a two leadership headed party - one from Kelantan, one from Terengganu. I can understand why Kickdefella, Datuk Husam and Tok Guru are against the Unity Government agenda.

However, the party voiced out and voted for Datuk Seri Haji Hadi Awang and Nasharuddin Isa. If the top two's manifesto are so heavily rejected, I suggest a re-election in PAS because a party cannot be governed by two sets of leadership as the party will hit the wall one day.

PAS must now come to their senses. Was March 2008 for them or not ? PAS membership list boasts a respectable number - approximately 1 million Malaysians.

Pakatan supporters are now slamming PAS with accusations of being power hungry. PAS must reach out to them and ask whether they are accepted in Pakatan as the dominant party if they win the most seats in the next election.

PAS must also bring it up with the Pakatan Rakyat Leadership Council and ask their fellow leaders if PAS will be given the democratic rights to lead Pakatan or the Federal Government if they turn out to hold the most number of seats.

The truth must be seeked. Otherwise, PAS will continue to be a stepping stone to power only and I am sure the 1 million members in the Party will not be happy.

It seems to me there are many BN partners who are unhappy too. If PAS talks to UMNO about unity, I don't see any reasons why that is hated and objected.

If we recall, IPF and Hindraf were invited to join MIC and the MCA receive support from various clans and Chinese associations, why can't our Malay friends sit and talk together for the sake of our people ?

The Unity Govt concept was never about PAS joining BN, as far as I understand from the statements among the leadership. It was about PAS and BN forming a joint Government - a practice common in Western democracy.

This move will help reduce the level of politics and be more people-centric. It won't mean that it is the end of BN either.

Perhaps we should also hear it from both sides about this idea. However, I think we can call this issue "sealed and buried" as I don't think the Unity Govt concept will materialize since Kelantan PAS is heavily against it.

(Credits to The Malaysian Insider, The Nut Graph and The Star for the photos)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Controversial Freedom Festival 09 - Malacca

It is splashed out across many political blogs and Malaysiakini on the Freedom Festival 09 in Malacca.

There were many comments that slammed the Jabatan Agama Islam Melaka for their presence and the rules set upon them.

Many have resorted to push the blame to the highest office that granted the permission and passed the regulations of the entertainment event - Datuk Seri Rais Yatim was held accountable by these bloggers.

Among the claim by a particular writer (Deepak Gill) that was published in Malaysiakini and NST is :

Also, non-Muslims were subjected to dress rules normally invoked in respect of the aurat issue and directed only at Muslims. My companion, who was dressed in a spaghetti-strap top, was told by security personnel she couldn't attend because she was immodestly dressed. The fact that she was a non-Muslim was immaterial, we were told. (NST)

Perhaps the Malacca State Government and Datuk Seri Rais Yatim should offer an explanation. If it is true that the civil liberties of the non Muslims were infringed, then the Government of Malaysia must offer an explanation.

One possibility is the misinterpretation of rules and regulations by the security personnel of the organizers and the religious department officers.

Whatever it is, there is no need to jump so quickly into conclusions and analysis like this one in MarGeeMar

This has been going on in all states under the BN/Umno rule with the tacit approval of their lapdogs MCA, MIC, Gerakan et al. This was reported by Deepak Gill in a letter to Malaysiakini. What's obvious here is that BN/Umno is trying to do discreetly (Talibanization of Malaysia) what certain extremists elements within PAS want to do overnight.

I didn't know that is happening under BN and UMNO's rule. As far as I remember, UMNO and BN coalition never separate people according to gender in malls, cinemas and UMNO has never ordered any girls not to wear skirts or shorts when they go out to the public.

But Pakatan Rakyat's partner (you know who) implements that and I wonder who are the yes-men (lapdogs if we use Pakatan's vocab) in PR ? Are they not DAP, PKR and their massive group of supporters ?

Anyway, I just spent 5 minutes searching for articles related to the event in blogs. A check on the non political bloggers who attended the event, I found the contrary judging by the pictures of the following blogs.

1. Freedom 09 Rave @ Melaka
2. G1 @ Freedom Music Festival 09 Melaka

Quite skimpy outfits there and there was a girl at the party with no straps (link 2) on her top too (contradicting what Deepak said).

I stopped searching after 5 minutes to write this piece. Might add more links later but I choose not to pose those pictures here to respect the privacy and rights of non political people and party-goers who were there for a fun night.

However, I join your call to the Government to provide an explanation on this. After all, we need to listen to justifications from both sides.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big Blunders in MSM , Credibility of Malaysia Today

As I was doing my daily news reading this morning, I realised two headlines in two different newspapers (Mainstream Media - MSM) that are totally contradicting !

1. English as SPM compulsory subject : Majority says aye ( NST )
2. Many object to making English a 'must pass' SPM subject ( THESTAR )

Seems to me that NST received feedbacks from professionals, VIPs, Educationist groups and several NGOs while TheStar's report is based on an Education Ministry ongoing survery.

Whatever it is, using the word "Majority" and "Many" don't seem proper yet. If both claim that their sampling is random and sufficient to model a true population, then I think they better start choosing a new journalist or Editor.

Contradictions like this in MSM that try to tell us the opinions of the people rarely happen. So what does the majority say now ? Hmm.

One thing for sure, APOMM says AYE to PPSMI and English as a must pass !

Perhaps, this is apparent to the Opposition that the press has a very high degree of freedom and not ruled with an iron fist ?

Don't bother telling this to the Opposition and their supporters. They will never believe us. For example, if we talk about RPK, they come in droves to defend him.

I am sure many of you saw the video of "Police Brutality" in Malaysia Today recently. Contrary to many's beliefs, the video was sent by Obefiend to test out the credibility screening of Malaysia-Today !

Read : How I punked Malaysia Today and RPK

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

RPK and the blogosphere

Recently, a shocking article with a picture appeared in Malaysia Today. It was an article that supposedly reveal the identity of an anonymous blogger accompanied by a photo of Mr Rusdi Mustapha (DS Najib's aide), his wife and his beloved daughter in the blog.

In that article, RPK claimed that Barking Magpie and Seri Menanti blogs are managed by the same person - Rusdi Mustapha.

This was subsequently denied by both Rusdi Mustapha and Pasquale.

Whatever it is, I wonder why RPK who has always defended his "anonymous" sources and "Deep Throat" chose to disrespect the anonymity of bloggers this time.

RPK is just one of the many pro Opposition blogger promoting a dangerous trend of values in Malaysia.

As I have said before, the tenets of Pakatan Rakyat are based on intimidation, defamation and affirmation.

Take a look at the comments section in RPK's website or any pro Pakatan site. All these promote hatred, anger and extremism.

RPK's recent article that apologized to Rusdi was indeed a gentleman's act. Read My apology to Rusdi . But the damage has been done, RPK.

You owe an apology not only to Rusdi but to his innocent wife and daughter whom you placed on the political table.

My country is living on a thin thread. One side tends to sow the seeds of hatred, intimidation and seek only affirmation. When criticised, they rise like thugs and unethically against the critics.

Whoever speaks out against Pakatan leaders or policies, they are to be intimidated, ridiculed, discredited and name callings as part of the script.

If this continues in the free and least regulated blogopshere, one can imagine what will happen if Pakatan Rakyat leaders become our Federal Government and their supporters come out in droves daily to support them.

By the way, what did RPK mean with this sentence ?

I had also written that my son was beaten up and asked to confess to all sorts of crimes

If RPK doesn't mind, I hope he tells us which crime his son did not commit. The Star covered the story including the charges as well as confession of crime by RPK's son.

Perhaps the IGP should also take a look at RPK's claim. Read more : Raja Petra's son pleads guilty to theft.

(Credits to The Star and BBC for the photos)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

PAS - Liberalisation A Step Backwards

One fine day in April on the 27th, the Prime Minister of Malaysia made an Executive decision on behalf of the Government of Malaysia.

In his Press Statement, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced additional liberalisation of the Malaysian economy.

On this faithful day, it was decided that the financial sector shall be liberalized, hot on the heels of the services sector quota lift about a week before.

In the words of the PM himself,

The liberalisation measures announced today will also provide greater access to consumers to a wider ranger of world-class financial products and services and further strengthen our position in Islamc finance to become an international Islamic financial hub


1. Govt lifts 30% bumi rule for 27 services sub sectors (April 22nd)
2. Financial sector liberalisation (April 27th)

During the 55th Muktamar PAS, which was attended by DAP leaders like Jeff Ooi and Lim Kit Siang as well as PKR President Datin Seri Wan Azizah, there were fiery speeches made on many areas.

In the final day of the Muktamar PAS, the Youth movement passed a resolution that slammed the Najib Administration on the liberalisation policy.

Ahmad Sabki Yusof, the Youth VP said that it is a step backwards that could destroy Muslim Bumiputera businesses in the long run.

A delegate also added that

It is a move to kill off bumiputera entrepreneurs’ businesses despite Umno claiming that it has been defending the Malay people’s right. Turned out that it is only empty talk and Umno has betrayed the Malays

Read the full piece : Liberalisation of economy 'a step backwards'

This is totally against the Pakatan spirit, don't you think Pak Anwar and Uncle Lim (s) ? Remember the shout of a Malaysian Economic Agenda ?

I hope Pakatan Rakyat supporters and leaders do not sweep things under the carpet anymore. Come clean and transparent instead of being elegantly silent as this is not the first controversy from Pakatan Rakyat.

Allow me to bring back some memories

1. Housing quota only a suggestion by MB
2. Lee: Guan Eng contradicting himself
3. Kedah Land Policy - Pakatan Rakyat reverts to initial housing quota

What happened to the vocal pro - Opposition bloggers and readers who ridicule the National Economic Policy ?

Does that mean that Barisan Nasional has been right all along in their policies to elevate the economic status of the Bumiputera ?

Why are Pakatan supporters so silent ? It is indeed an eerie feeling to sit in the political world where the sound of a pin drop can be heard clearly.

Could the silence be because Pakatan supporters know they need the support base of PAS to win the next election and because of this, they refuse to slam their coalition partner ?

Trojan horse in PAS was not from UMNO or BN, we all know this all the time.

As I have said the in the past, the NEP and Bumiputera policies executed by Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad were to ensure that Malaysia propels ahead with 100% contributions from every single citizen.

Without the NEP and the policies, the economic growth will see itself generated by only 30% of the people due to the "divide and rule" policies of our colonial masters - the British.

Today, the ball game has changed. In the words of our PM and DPM,

Other Asean countries have opened their services sector and we are way behind in this. You mean to say our people can’t compete? What’s wrong with our people? (Najib)

The liberalisation of Malaysia’s services and financial sectors is essential for the country’s economic expansion. Otherwise, the country would suffer huge losses, lose its competitiveness and be left behind. (Muhyiddin)

Continue the elegant silence, supporters and leaders of Pakatan Rakyat.

(Credits to The Star, MStar, Muktamar 55 and Daylife for the photos)

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Muktamar PAS - A Victory for Erdogans and Ulama

Over the past few days, the 55th Muktamar PAS saw many speeches which only confirm political analysis that there are two factions in the party now.

After seeing the results, we can see that the divide in PAS is apparent and great.

The Erdogans won a big share of the Central Committee while the top 3 leadership remains under the Ulama faction.

Significant focus was also given on Nizar, the man who questioned which page under PAS Constitution or objectives that they are setting up an Islamic State - a battle point for the party since establishment. (Nizar was voted into the Central Committee with the highest number of votes.)

Decisions in PAS are not made by Datuk Seri Haji Hadi Awang or Nasharuddin Mat Isa only. They are decided collectively in the Central Committee - just like other political parties - with some degree of influence from Kelantan's TG Nik Aziz.

The Ulama faction will not have things fully their way since Erdogans are in strategic positions in PAS. It was a victory for both factions, I would say.

Having said these, I was happy to read the words of Datuk Husam Musa on the economic front. It was impressive and I think it was the first time a PAS leader came out with an economic agenda and stand !

However, questions now remain unanswered with victories for both Erdogans and the Ulama side.

  • Is PAS looking forward to replace UMNO ?

  • Will PAS be given the PM-ship or assume the position of "de-factor Pakatan Rakyat leader" if they become the dominant force under the coalition ?

  • Are the Erdogans backing the Ulama to make Malaysia an Islamic state - something which their major coalition partner DAP refuse to acknowledge and support ?

  • What is the PAS Presidential Council's position on Malaysia's economy and do they have the expertise for it ? (So far I heard and read Datuk Husam talking about the economy only)

Governing a country is not as easy as talking, rebuking and opposing. Datuk Husam Musa was a good bet for PAS to move ahead, but the election machinery of Datuk Husam was not at all clear on many areas.

If only the Erdogans were not linked to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and they truly push to make PAS the most dominant force in Malaysia, surpassing the trouble-laced PKR, then perhaps Datuk Husam Musa could have led PAS to greater heights.

Anyway, before DAP Penang start putting condition on asset declaration like "we will only do it if BN does it", perhaps the focus should now shift to PAS also.

I quote from Penang's Chief of Staff Jeff Ooi's blog

There were many 4-wheel drives and Mercerdes-Benzes and non-National cars outside. The only numberplate announced during the proceedings for blocking traffic was that of a "blue Mercedes-Benz" with a Penang insignia.

Hmm. Looks like rich ones are not just in Barisan Nasional. No wonder Nizar rejected Proton in Perak. And if anyone bought THIS story last year, think again if he is lying on national TV and press or not.

“Thousands (of supporters) come but they don’t even get water. I cannot afford it...I also do not have shares or land,” (Anwar Ibrahim)

He is said to be in Paris now (his wife said this). Maybe having tea with Arnaud Dubus besides giving his speech at some conference there ?

I hope to hear his "gracious" official statement soon on speeches from PAS demanding to lead Pakatan Rakyat and the PM-ship.

(Credits to The Malaysian Insider, The Nut Graph and Malaysiakini for the photos)