Friday, June 27, 2008

Websites To Visit

For shop-a-holics, I have a friend who sent me this link a month ago. It is a website which alerts all shoppers about upcoming sales from many various departmental stores, boutiques, power brands etc in Malaysia. Update yourself here.

I have tried out The Loaf once only when I was in KL in February. I was browsing through some food blogs two days ago and I came across this webpage that promotes The Loaf "U hu! hu!"Cheesecakes. Read it here and go give it a try!

One of my readers' blog commented about a recent Time article of influential people. Guess who is on the list? Hint hint : A Malaysian. Find it out yourself here.

Someone ran a "check" on KJ's website and found out something special. An error at KJ's website programming language. It was interesting to me and I am amazed how this guy found out about it. So, here we have the silly loophole. Check it out here.

For those in Australia and are interested in pampering their pets, I came across this website that is worth checking out. It seems like they pack treats and food for dogs and cats with natural and organic ingredient. Take a look here.

There is a website that provides a salary survey, comparison of wages between peers in a similar job position and industry etc. Perhaps this is useful only in the United States. But I guess there is no harm checking out on it. I checked some reviews and they say you will get an estimate of what other people, in the same position or industry as you, are earning. Hmm. Cure your curiosity here.

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