Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Leaflet from My Life, Thoughts from My Mind

Allow me to remind the MCA MPs what MCA means to Barisan Nasional and what your position as an MCA member means.

As a candidate for MCA and as an MP that won under the Barisan Nasional machinery, you owe Barisan Nasional a great deal. The voters always vote based on individual and party. Try running as an independent, would you have won?

If you had contested under DAP, PAS or PKR, would you have won? Sorry, Pakatan Rakyat did not exist back then. And it doesnt seem to exist right now as clearly as we would all like to see. And yes, the Opposition contested with support only from their own party platform.

I do not know if you would have won under DAP or PKR ( since it is impossible for PAS to allow the MCA MPs to contest under them given that they are Chinese ). But one reality is for sure. You contested under MCA and Barisan Nasional.

MCA members at each constituency and the Barisan Nasional machinery helped you day and night to campaign and coordinate pre GE affairs. Having won under MCA and Barisan Nasional, and if any of you had the intention to jump ship to PKR, I think the MCA members and BN workers as well as the voters should be permitted to spit on your face.

A winner of an election did not obtain the success individually. You had a great team who worked day and night for you to win votes after votes. If any MCA MPs jump ship just like that, it will disgust me a lot. As I said to the Sabahan MPs before, I guess I will say it to SAPP MPs and MCA MPs.

Datuk Yong Teck Lee will hold a press conference today but I am not sure whether they will quit BN or not. Until then, let us all assume they stay in BN.

And my remarks are for all those who intend to jump ship. Please do not jump ship. The voters voted an individual with the consideration of the party they represented in March 2008. So if you plan to crossover to any other party outside Barisan Nasional, please resign from your seat as MP or State Assemblyman.

Do not betray the voters' trust and choice. It is unclear whether voters voted you because you are a great individual or did the voters voted for you because you are a BN member. As such, due to the uncertainty, please allow for a by election.

You can run against BN in the by election. And we shall see the results. That way, you will not be betraying the voters and you can keep your reputation. Otherwise, tsk tsk. You are bloody unethical !!

Allow me to also remind my readers of a piece of history in Malaysian politics. When UMNO was declared illegal, Dr Mahathir held on to the post of PM because he had the confidence of the majority of MPs in Parliament and the Yang diPertuan Agong. However, the ruling coalition was Barisan Nasional and they needed a leader for the party in the absence of UMNO.

MCA took over the BN leadership. MCA kept the spirit of Barisan Nasional unity together and did not exploit the political advantage in their hands at that time. The leaders of MCA held true to the struggles of their founding fathers and maintained unity for the sake of Malaysians and for the future.

I hope the current MCA members will not forget about this chapter. Unity is important and loyalty to party is even more important.

UMNO must also not forget that Barisan Nasional is not all about UMNO but it is a coalition of many parties that formed the strong Barisan Nasional since Independence Day. If we all forget about Barisan Nasional and only focus on UMNO, MCA and MIC, how different are we from the Opposition?

The Opposition is now singing the tune of Pakatan Rakyat. But I am very sure DAP and PAS cannot sleep on the same bed. PAS shelved its Islamic state agenda for some time, only to bring it up now. I have no objections to declare Malaysia as a Islamic nation because our official religion is indeed Islam. Anyway, I sincerely suggest Datuk Husam Musa and Nasharuddin to come up to take over the leadership of PAS. I believe these two can lead PAS better.

Hudud laws are not necessarily needed in every place. Laws are just laws. Constitution and the legislation of Malaysia can be drafted such that we have a better place where peace, harmony, prosperity and zero crime exists. The end result is more important than the means to it. I shall not touch on sensitive issues like this much. But you all get what I mean.

As for DAP, if a Malaysian Malaysia is indeed what you fight for, then walk the talk. Start with the National Conventions of DAP or press conferences. Speak in Bahasa Malaysia. In Thailand, they practise a Thais Thailand. The Chinese who migrated there adopted the locals style and lived like true Thais. They speak, eat, sleep and work like the Thais.

Look at Japan. People migrate there and speak Japanese. In Malaysia, our Government permits a multi racial culture, education and lifestyle.

If Malaysian Malaysia is indeed what DAP is fighting for and what the many quarters of professionals in Malaysia are supporting, then start speaking in Bahasa Malaysia in your official functions.

Do not come arguing with me about the importance of English. I know it better than you and I have even went through a debate on this, at the National Debates final in Sarawak. Look at the Thais, the Vietnamese, the Russians, the Japanese, the Koreans. They speak their own language. Look at Indonesia, the largest Muslim population market that speaks Bahasa Indonesia, a language closely related to Bahasa Malaysia.

The politicians in Malaysia are heading no where, to be honest. They are fighting for something that they wont even practise themselves. However, the fight by some of them for reform and better quality of life should be given full credits.

CM Lim Guan Eng seems to be bothering a lot about national politics. I hope he keeps it minimal and focus on Penang. Leave the national matters to YB Lim Kit Siang, your dad.

I just read from that Cheras UMNO chief and the Wanita UMNO head there have patched up. Hmm. They used to be very bitter rivals at one point in time with Datuk Syed Ali attacking Datuk Faridah fiercely. What happened and what made them patched up? Follow it at

Oh well. I need to have some online-ing session now. Have been using Google Talk lately. Quite a good software. Email alerts come in right away upon receiving a new email.

I will be home very soon. Drop me a message or email and I will arrange with all of you who wants to meet up. I cant guarantee my allocation of time, but I will try my very best.

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