Monday, June 16, 2008

Lessons from Wei Liang

First of all, when I reach home soon, I will surely fry you up, Sis. Secondly, my dear cousins who are reading this blog, you will also be in the frying pan !!

And finally, my mom will surely hear my lecture of not hiding things from me in future because I deserve to know what actually happened at home !!!

Damn it. Sigh. I do not like people who hide things from me, especially when it concerns people dear and close to me. I am the type who likes the truth and I like to know everything.

Telling me "we dont want you to worry" is not something I will accept. Ish. Thankfully everything is okay now. And yes, telling me "he is all okay now" really drives me nuts.

So yes. My dear readers, in future if you are closely linked to me whether politically, friendship, relationship or whatever "ships" in the English vocabulary book, never ever hide anything from me and dont tell me stories.

Hmm. When there is something happening, and you want to convey to me, I will only want to hear about the main issue and the current state of it. After hearing these two, preferably in two sentences only, then only I want to hear the details and what happened.

I am one who believes that if we have a problem, I need to know the current condition or state of it. Because certain problems require immediate decision making and any time wasted will be too costly for all of us. I know some details are necessary to make informed decision making, but at times we all need to be swift too.

Haha. There. I said it. My style of communication. A little impatient eh? Oh well. I better get back to my notes.

Before that, just read Amzar's entry here . As I said, pal, lessons in life are always expensive. And human behaviour is characterized as unique such that we wont learn until it happens :) Keep it up pal. Had a great chat with you yesterday. Haha.

*Updated at 1.33pm*

Read this online just now. Najib dulu dan sekarang. Someone posted it up at the forum of and it caught my attention. Was kinda funny though. Check it out here.

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