Thursday, December 23, 2010

1 Malaysia logo banned

For a very long time, the Opposition hid behind veils. They accuse BN of putting pressure on the finances of the rakyat by increasing prices of necessities. Yet, they accuse the Government of having a high subsidy bill which depend heavily on Petronas funds.

In fact, some states have increased some Government rates and this was swept under the carpet away from the media's attention.

Now, we have this : Selangor bans 1M’sia logo on billboard ads

Excerpt from the article

The 1Malaysia logo is a political logo, said state Housing and Local Government Committee chairman Ronnie Liu, adding that this contravenes local by-laws.

Selangor is the first state to introduce the freedom of information bill. This created the impression that under Pakatan rule, the rakyat will enjoy greater freedom. But the most fundamental freedom which is freedom of expression has been stripped off from the rakyat as of now.

This is bad. What more to say when Selangor decides that this logo is a political statement

But this is not a political statement and totally acceptable.

Pakatan is full of nonsense.

I totally agree with Pakatan Rakyat. In the 13 GE, we should vote for change. But please, my fellow Malaysians, vote for CHANGE of Government in Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Kelantan. Selamatkan Malaysia dan undilah Barisan Nasional.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wikileaks on Anwar

The following piece is in today's Sydney Morning Herald papers. The online article is available here: Malaysian opposition leader Anwar's political sex trap. Anwar must be thanking his lucky stars that this article came after his Australia tour last month in Sydney and Canberra or he will have a tough time answering!

When can we start the Courtroom trial?

Don't worry. Nurul Izzah and Wan Azizah have a lot to answer too. They will join you in Court, brother!

Whatever it is, Nik Aziz won't know what Wikileaks is. Someone please brief him before the PR convention. Just in case he plans to declare Anwar as Khalifah or something. (big enough to get your attention, I hope)

Philip Dorling and Nick McKenzie December 12, 2010

MALAYSIAN opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy charges are the result of a ''set- up job'' which the politician ''walked into'', according to an assessment by Australia's peak intelligence agency. A leaked US state department cable reveals that Singaporean intelligence officials told their Australian counterparts that Dr Anwar engaged in the conduct for which he is accused, a claim he has steadfastly denied.

Australia's Office of National Intelligence also states the conduct was the result of entrapment by Dr Anwar's enemies.

The cable is one of several that deals with the highly explosive private views of senior Singaporean officials, including claims that:

>Malaysia is in a ''confused and dangerous'' state due to its incompetent politicians;

>Thailand's political elite are dogged by ''corruption'' and the country's crown prince is ''very erratic and easily subject to influence'';

>Japan and India were struggling to deal with China's influence due to their ''stupid'' behaviour;

> and some Asian leaders wanted the junta to retain power in Burma to ensure the country's stability.

The cable that deals with Dr Anwar's sodomy case, dated November 2008 and released exclusively to The Sun-Herald by WikiLeaks, states: ''The Australians said that Singapore's intelligences services and [Singaporean elder statesman] Lee Kuan Yew have told ONA in their exchanges that opposition leader Anwar 'did indeed commit the acts for which he is currently indicted'.''

The document states the Singaporeans told ONA they made this assessment on the basis of ''technical intelligence'', which is likely to relate to intercepted communications.

The ONA is also recorded as saying that Dr Anwar's political enemies engineered the circumstances from which the sodomy charges arose.

''ONA assessed, and their Singapore counterparts concurred, 'it was a set-up job and he probably knew that, but walked into it anyway','' the cable states.

Sodomy is illegal in Malaysia and carries a jail sentence of up to 20 years.

Dr Anwar, a former Malaysian deputy prime minister, was jailed in 1999 on charges of corruption and sodomy after a falling out with then prime minister Mahathir Mohamad.

He later had his sodomy conviction overturned and was freed from jail in 2004.

In 2008 he was charged again with sodomy. Dr Anwar has maintained the case against him is fabricated and trumped up by his political enemies who fear his political resurgence.

The case against Dr Anwar has drawn widespread international criticism and has included some bizarre twists. Earlier this year, a prosecutor in the sodomy trial was dropped after she was accused of having an affair with the star witness.

The witness, 25-year- old Mohamad Saiful Bukhari Azlan, worked as an aide in Dr Anwar's office. He has accused the 62-year-old of sodomising him in an apartment in Malaysia.

Earlier this month, Australian politician Nick Xenophon travelled to Malaysia to observe Dr Anwar's ongoing court proceedings, which were adjourned.

In December 2009, a month after ONA's brief assessment of Dr Anwar's case, the Malaysian criticised Kevin Rudd for not meeting him during his visit to Australia. He accused Mr Rudd of appeasing Malaysia's ''corrupt leaders'' by snubbing him.

''He [Mr Rudd] was too obsessed with interests of getting the two countries together [and therefore] appease Malaysia's corrupt leaders,'' Dr Anwar said at the time.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Anwar and his stories

It is always good to remind us what sort of person Pakatan Rakyat is putting forth as Prime Minister material if the Federal Opposition takes over the Federal Government.

Check out Minit 1:38. "Saya [baru] dapat mesej, telefon, sms, emel dari ribuan ... Afrika, Asia, Arab, India, Pakistan [yang] kagum dengan keputusan rakyat Kuala Terengganu."

Go on. Roll on the floor and laugh!

Today, fresh from Apanama2020 : Kg Buah Pala - Revisited

Well, good news is, nothing has changed either for PAS and DAP as described by Anwar (in the following video). Read : Pakatan to avoid Islamic state debate at convention

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Malaysia's transformation costs

For those who missed the news, read this: McKinsey paid RM36 mil to set up Pemandu

Back in the 90s days when the economy was booming, the stars on the stage were MTEN, EPU and several notable civil servants as well as corporate leaders.

PEMANDU's significance today to Najib is as much as MTEN and EPU was to Tun Dr Mahathir. When PM mentioned that the days where Govt knows best are over, naturally the private sector had to lead the way.

From what I heard and what I was told, PEMANDU consulted many top CEOs, senior Vice Presidents, Group Heads, and industry leaders from across the nation (not the GLCs lah, REAL CEOs).

No doubt, at the same time, there were several professional consultants involved during the Lab phase (these consultants don't exist till today if they are not good or if their recommendations produce crappy results lah).

So what were the actual fees paid to these consultants? Malaysiakini seem to know and they have unnamed sources that pointed out that PEMANDU's operating expenditure is as high as RM 66m.

Let's do some simple mathematics and with simple assumptions. Let's not waste time arguing or guessing if PEMANDU's opex is RM 10m, RM 40m, RM 66m or whatever. We assume that PEMANDU's opex is RM100m per annum, i.e. by 2020 they would have spent RM 1 bil.

If PEMANDU's figures are spot on and we will achieve RM 1.7 trillion GNI as opposed to the approximately RM 660 billion GNI at the moment, that's nearly 3 times the value.

Let's look at two simple cases (I don't have time to explore other cases today, busy!).

Expected Income = RM 1.7 trillion
Hypothetical costs = RM 1 bil
Cost per dollar of expected income (%) = 0.06%

Current Income = RM 660 billion
Hypothetical costs = RM 1 bil
Cost per dollar of current income (%) = 0.15%

If Tony Pua walks up to Anwar Ibrahim to tell him that he can triple Anwar's wealth by paying about 0.06% of his expected wealth or 0.15% of his current wealth, I believe Anwar will kiss him!

Of course, if we pay RM 1, we will get RM 1 results (Dr M: Anwar right person to bankrupt Selangor)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ketuanan Anwar Diperkasakan

When Mahathir was PM of Malaysia and UMNO President, most of the delegates went straight to issues related to their party, the Govt policies and the leadership. Hardly were there any Perhimpunan Agung UMNO (PAU) that sang praises of Mahathir like he was a demi-God.

Malaysians made him the Prime Minister for 22 years for his economic and political policies that ensured FDIs inflow and stability.
As we moved on from Mahathir to Pak Lah to Najib today, life goes on. UMNO was and still is as democratic as any party in the world. It was always the Government and Party first, never about any individuals.

From a "self declared political victim" in 1998, Anwar was then appointed as a De Facto Leader. Every ounce of that title symbolises dictatorial leadership, hardly any democratic element in it. (There's a de facto leader also in PAS by the way)

Today, in Wan Azizah's speech at the PKR National Congress, Anwar was immortalized as a "God sent leader" and not just a De Facto Leader.

Let's ask ourselves. Ever since he became the De Facto Leader, what reforms have been done and how influential is he among leaders of PAS and DAP?
  1. Any real reforms taken place in Kelantan? Kelantan is still talking about getting clean water. Read CTS's piece - Air bersih di Kelantan 17 tahun lagi

  2. Any real reforms taken place in Penang?

  3. Any real reforms taken place in Selangor? Selangor's economy is not good even after he became the Economic Advisor.

  4. What about Kedah? Kedah, contrary to Wan Azizah's "Ketuanan Melayu harus ditinggalkan", is in fact getting more discriminatory. Read Tan Keng Liang's piece - PKR should first abolish Ketuanan Melayu concept in Pakatan states

After reading Tan Keng Liang's article, we now feel assured that Barisan Nasional, led by UMNO, has been fair to all races all these while comparatively.

Anwar often travels overseas and he often speaks of his experiences and encounters with global leaders. Well, if Anwar was that influential globally, he would have attracted countless state level FDIs and ensured that the economy of Kelantan, Kedah, Penang and especially Selangor enjoy rapid growth!

Anwar is not God sent, never. God would never send such a person who prefers rhetorical speeches rather than delivery of results, political demonstrations rather than stability and hatred rather than peace. But like it or not, the Chameleon is now God-like.

Ketuanan Anwar Diperkasakan, Kedewaan Anwar Diperkenalkan.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MCA and Friends of BN

I am sure MCA saw it coming when PM announced that there will be direct membership for BN without alliance to any political parties.

Back in those days when Tee Keat was President of MCA, there were worrying analysis that Hua Zong or any respectable Malaysian Chinese might be placed as candidates for the 13 GE to replace MCA.

Today, there is no guarantee that the same won't happen with Soi Lek as President even after taking into account his good rapport with the Chinese guilds and associations (I wonder if Tiong Lai is doing his job as Bureau Chief. I only see my President moving around)

Read: MCA uneasy over polls ticket for BN friends

MCA was quick to state their uneasiness on the direct membership matter but the election matters most especially the 13th GE. The Party must make clear their position in the coalition to fellow BN members.

BN should never replace traditional MCA seats with others from any Chinese association and guilds in the upcoming General Election. This will be suicidal both to the BN political machinery and to the candidate.

The Supreme Council of BN must not forget the true friends of BN are those sitting at that long table who have fought for the coalition through rain and shine and when it matters most.

It worries me when the PM, alone, is saying THIS (Najib: Seats for Barisan parties not for direct members). MCA should get the Supreme Council to agree to the PM's words especially when members vote on issues during the meetings (you never know when the PM's words will get overruled by component members).

In the coming 13GE, which everyone seems to be excited about, the Supreme Council should also address issues on campaign machinery. I hope that all BN parties campaign together with a concerted effort in their constituency regardless of which component party gets selected for the seat.

By-elections are never good measures of success as compared to a grand scale General Election. So, don't tell me we all clicked well, had a great campaign and won the by-elections.

Many times, I have heard about boycotts, uncooperative component parties or poorly organized local political campaign machinery during elections. BN can no longer afford such things in the 13GE and those who disobey the chain of command in the political campaign machinery should be hauled to the Disciplinary Committee.

In any "too close to call" battle, the winner has always been the side with the most dynamic and efficient campaign machinery.

Know your "true friends" and you shall win the elections.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

MCA accused of handing out RM

It is sad to see the level of politics today and how foolish Pakatan Rakyat's "value chain" can be. Right from the top of the Ketua Umum (sounds like Kim Jong Il equivalent by the way) down to the spin doctors led by the alternative media.

The public is against public funds mismanagement and corruption ESPECIALLY electoral vote buying practices. Clearly, this was captured when Idris Jala's PEMANDU organized the Government Transformation Programme lab and acknowledged that corruption is one of the National Key Result Areas.

The people are more tech savvy these days and with the electronic media as well as the social networking sites, the truth is out there and no one can hide.

Now, put yourself in MCA's shoes and think rationally if MCA will go around telling the folks that "hey, we are giving out money if you vote for us!".

This is like telling the people "hey, vote for me and I pay you cold hard cash, tell the world!". In other words, this is no different than MCA shooting themselves with a gun.

MCA might have their weaknesses but will never commit to such corrupt acts - crystal clear corruption lah my friend! Siapa percaya?

I wonder who was paid to spread the rumour and who organized the trips for the people to queue up at MCA for this "payment". The fact that DAP reps were present at the "queue" is enough for me to have my own personal interpretation.

As proven over the past years in every election, Barisan Nasional has always adopted the "rakyat friendly policies" such as welfare payments to the poor, better infrastructure and facilities, religious worship places, and schools.

That is the level of intelligence Barisan Nasional has and clearly, the "I buy your vote" strategy has never taken place. You should ask if PKR, DAP or PAS practices that in their own Party elections. Itu saya tak tahu lah.

Having said these, this one might be a different story. See this (I am not and I did not say anything. Just see the picture!): What do you call this

If that's not enough, consider this - PAS Offers Transportation Cost For Galas Voters

Well, the number of outstation voters was said to be 1557 people. That is RM 250 x 1557 = RM 389,250 cold hard cash budgeted to be spent by PAS for the by-election in Galas. If you ask me, that is a lot of money and it is RM 250 per vote!

Rakyat mudah lupa. Kita maju bersama Barisan Nasional.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Liew Chin Tong vs PEMANDU

Seriously, from the news articles and war of words in the press between Bukit Bendera MP YB Liew Chin Tong (DAP) and Senator Dato' Sri Idris Jala, I came to the conclusion that YB Liew is embarrassing himself.

Let me show you why. At first

The MP further alleged that a RM729.4 million operating budget was allocated for 2011 which has mostly been channeled to international consulting firms” (The Malaysian Insider)

As a learned MP with Political Science and Asian Studies degrees from the Australian National University (ANU), I would expect some level of professionalism from you my dear Senior.

What made you to come up with the allegations that most of the RM 730 million allocated to PEMANDU has been channeled to international consulting firms? Assuming "most" is equal to say "50%", that's at least RM 365 million paid to international consulting firms, Senior!

These wild allegations, which smell of "cari publisiti" intention, by YB Liew was shot down by CEO of PEMANDU who clarified that

PEMANDU's operating budget for 2011 is RM40 million. This comprises manpower costs/emoluments; services and supplies; assets under existing and new policies; one-off payment for non-recurring items including costs of conducting labs, open days, workshops, surveys, consultancy fees, research and benchmarking exercises; travel and logistics; and media costs.

Then, YB Liew didn't give up when he slammed the ETP.

This is clearly not in line with the spirit of the NEM. In the NEM 1 document, the National Economic Advisory Council categorically declared that the era of “centralised strategic planning” in which “guidance and approval from the federal authorities for economic decisions” is over. (The Malaysian Insider)

YB Liew clearly do not understand and did not try to understand. I can hear the thousands of people involved with the ETP from the public and private sector laughing already.

Senior, the ETP is not a PEMANDU or Najib Administration production. In layman's terms, the ETP is a compilation of brainstorming session recommendations by captains of industries in Malaysia as well as the private sector's plans to invest in specific sectors over the next 10 years. It is a programme and not a plan as Idris Jala likes to put it.

So, it is neither a "central planning" nor a guided economic decision by the Government.

Just because the CEO of PEMANDU is interactive with the people and the press, it doesn't mean that YB Liew should exploit it blindly to place yourself in the news!

Not everyone can be a Tony Pua or Kit Siang lah, Senior. Next election, it is time for Bukit Bendera folks to vote for Chia Kwang Chye!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mahathir was never wrong

The Opposition is actually heading down the wrong road. More often than not, the Opposition choose to link Dr Mahathir to every political issue.

Take for example, the recently announced Budget. As usual, it was DAP leaders who provide comprehensive review of the Budget and never PAS or PKR as they have sensational statements prepared even before the Budget is read out.

But DAP leaders were also clueless, such as Lim Kit Siang. The Budget was described as Mahathir-ish. Kit Siang must have been in the game for too long and spent his life opposing Dr Mahathir without considering whether Dr Mahathir was the right fit or not.

Kit Siang made "Mahathirism" sound bad. But in actual fact, Mahathirism is a good injection to a very crappy economy back then. Neither were Mahathir's Budgets and if Najib's budget is Mahathir-ish, then Najib is on the right track.

To understand what Mahathirism is all about, read

  1. Mahathirism in my eyes
  2. Mahathirism's pet projects
  3. Mahathirism - Education and Foreign Relations

To add on, Dr Mahathir ensured UMNO's stability and indirectly the country's stability when he "politically managed" his former deputies such as Tun Musa Hitam, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Tun Ghaffar Baba.

We cannot deny that under Dr Mahathir's years, the political arena was well controlled and ensured that the country's development and progress continued smoothly.

One phrase sums it all. Dr Mahathir was never wrong.

He was not wrong when he pressured Tun Abdullah Badawi to resign even though our friends in Pakatan Rakyat thinks he is a good Prime Minister (this shows what sort of quality we have in PR, hopefully they invite Pak Lah over to their party to lead them in 13 GE since he is so good).

I mean, seriously. Who in their right mind will want Pak Lah, Tun Musa Hitam and Anwar to be PM of Malaysia in the 21st century and expect them to lead us to be a developed and high income nation by 2020?

Now, Dr Mahathir finally sees results in Najib when the sitting Prime Minister announced his budget and launched the Economic Transformation Programme.

PM, heartiest congratulations. The word from the ground and the coffee shop stories I hear, the PM has successfully shown that he is a man who only care about getting the job done professionally regardless of race, religion or politics.

As a parting shot, the next time you read anything on politics, think if I'm right when I say the Opposition can never put aside race, religion and politics. It is in their blood.

Together we transform the nation.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We don't need Talent Corporation

I am very sad whenever people talk about the Brain Drain issue. Everyone seems to have an opinion especially senior Government leaders but none were able to point out what I call the immediately executable solution!

To overcome this issue of Brain Drain, we now have a Talent Corporation under the Prime Minister's Department. If I may, I say we don't need this Talent Corporation. What for?

Each year, a scholarship fund which amounts to BILLIONS OF RINGGIT is created to ensure that 2500 of our top students get proper and high quality education.

Out of this figure, approximately 1500 gets to go overseas to universities like Yale, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, ANU, Melbourne, Osaka and many more. The remaining 1000 students are sent to top local colleges such as Taylor's, INTI, and HELP to pursue a foreign degree locally.

Of course, we have the local public universities JPA scholars also but unfortunately, I don't have any figures for that pool.

These are the top universities in the world whose graduates get employed by Barclays, Mc Kinsey, Macquarie and many more top institutions in the world. I am not making up stories and any senior HR executive can clarify this.

Surely, these graduates mean something. Unfortunately, the Government is not exploiting this pool of talent (JPA sponsored students with contractual bond).

My fellow taxpayers. Let me tell you.
  1. Our money is used to sponsor 2500 students ANNUALLY

  2. Only a handful is called up to serve their contractual bond with the Govt.

  3. The rest either proceed to stay on at the host country, work in Singapore (closest model of Malaysian lifestyle) or end up working in Malaysian private sector.

  4. Even if called up, scholars are not given proper jobs that match their specialist knowledge and in fact.

  5. In fact, if a scholar is called up, there are loopholes around the JPA - SPA system which a Oxford scholar can probably exploit and continue with his work at Barclays while totally ignoring the Government's notice or his contractual terms.

Now, I have no problems with scholars who end up working in Malaysian private sector. But there is no clear mechanism that all those 2500 scholars, who didn't get a "please serve your contractual bond" notice from Govt, end up contributing to the nation.

It seems to me many are in the first and second category - stay on at the host country or work in Singapore, the closest model of Malaysian lifestyle.

So yes, my fellow taxpayers. We have been financing the brain drain probably up to a conservative estimate of 1000 top scholars per year (out of an estimated 2500 private education scholars).

Now, tell me, why the hell do we need a Talent Corporation to identify talent when we are not even exploiting the academic but unpolished talent of Malaysia in the form of JPA scholars?

I do understand. JPA might not be able to hire all 2500 JPA scholars ever year. I have no problems with that.

But the geniuses in Government should have considered a solution to this. In the scholarship contract, it is easy to put in a clause to say that the JPA scholars are required to serve in the country with any company for a certain number of years, if not for the Government.

Don't tell me this can't be done. I heard Singapore is using this clause too.

If given a chance to act on this, I will surely tell those who walk the corridors of power that we don't need a Talent Corporation for now and please make full use of the 2500 students which the Government sponsors every year.

Every year, my fellow taxpayers, we are the financiers of the Brain Drain in Malaysia. On top of that, we have loopholes to the whole system! When will the leaders come to their senses and at least listen to me?

We really need a Civil Service Transformation Programme.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear MCA

There are questions which I believe no one can answer me and I doubt even MCA leaders can answer. Come on my fellow friends and leaders in MCA, prove me wrong.

Convince me, dear MCA.

  1. What does MCA mean to the learning youth, to the trader, to the executives n to the man walking on the street?

  2. What is MCA to kids in schools, to youth in colleges, to working class in offices, to professionals in suites?

  3. What can MCA offer in 13GE to the Malaysian Chinese that DAP is not already doing? What about to other communities?

I believe if MCA can answer these questions and work towards this directions, then we are all good. We can then walk to PM Office in Putrajaya and tell the PM, "Sir, rest assured. You have the Chinese votes in the bag".

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MCA 57th AGM

MCA, since establishment, is seen as a representative entity of Chinese community that covers various Chinese based guilds, associations and chambers of commerce. That's a massive organization and not even DAP enjoy that sort of connections.

And PM spoke at the AGM that Malaysian Chinese today are not pendatang but rightful citizens who had contributed much to the development of the country. Thank you PM!

Judging from the Prime Minister's reform initiatives lately, he is definitely on track as compared to the "de facto leader" who was too busy teaching Election Commission on clean and fair elections but ended up having a questionable one in his own Party. Take that, Anwar!

Anyway, back to the MCA AGM. Let's look at statistics first.

MCA Youth and Wanita MCA had approximately 45% delegates who weren't interested in the AGMs. And approximately 20% of the seniors weren't there for the national MCA AGM as well! One can go around saying that this is due to the fact that people have religious events to attend to but come on, 45% of them?

Also, the alternative media reported about Wanita MCA's criticism of the President's morality issue. The ladies claimed that they couldn't answer back whenever they get involved in a debate and the Opposition raised the President's you-know-what case. Hey, these ladies have a point! MCA Infocom, send someone to help Wanita MCA on how to deal with this. Send someone to teach me too.

Lately, the Presidential Council of MCA has been very vocal on many national issues with heavy support from The Star (yeah, you know why).

Actually, we can see evaluate this from two angles. One is that MCA is doing her job and finally speaking up. Two is that MCA is part of the Government and the Party is giving advice publicly to the Government which is quite contradicting!

Speaking out is one thing. If MCA talks too much publicly and the Government ended up not able to do the things which MCA said, then this matter will end up haunting Barisan Nasional. The Chinese will start saying "itu Barisan dan MCA, cakap saja pandai".

It will also jeopardize the relationship of MCA with her partners in the coalition.

Take for example, we talked about low Chinese participation in civil service for the past 10 years. Wanita MCA raised this point again this year. When will we solve it and how to overcome this issue?

So my advice is let's keep it controlled and manageable before it is too late. More importantly, we must not start pointing our guns at each other in Barisan Nasional as it might escalate to the "blame game" level one day and send Barisan Nasional crashing down.

Remember, MCA. We are Barisan Nasional first, MCA second (I doubt Kit Siang can say he is Pakatan first, DAP second and neither can Nik Aziz).

Barisan Nasional's macro objective is our priority number one. The clear cut opponents of MCA is not any of our coalition partners but the Crescent, the Moon and the Rocket which takes them to the land of nowhere.

During Tee Keat's days, he was brave enough to face the Opposition. In fact, in Youtube, there are videos of Tee Keat and Dr Wee Ka Siong debating against DAP leaders back when he was younger.

The current MCA leadership must shift its focus on the Opposition's agenda and shred it to pieces, just like how Tee Keat did while able to defend MCA too. No doubt, MCA won't win Election by being vocal on issues alone.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Perak DAP's Ngeh-Nga

In Dec 2009, I wrote an article - All good in Perak DAP ?

Well, this problem inside DAP started way before in fact. In 2008, the well respected "cili padi" of Perak - YB Fong Po Kuan - announced her decision to quit as candidate for the 12th General Election.

Many believed that her decision was due to Ngeh Koo Ham and Nga Kor Ming's style of grabbing safe seats for themselves (I let DAP fellas tell you this, if they are not subject to any gag orders from Lim Sr).

YB Hee Yit Foong left after the 12th GE even though she was the Deputy Speaker of Perak and today she is a nobody after leaving DAP to be BN friendly.

In her maiden interview with SinChew after she announced her decision to quit DAP, she hinted that it was due to YB Ngeh Koo Ham and YB Nga Kor Ming (they are cousins in DAP Sendirian Berhad).

Nobody believed her story and in fact, some Perakians did this :

After that, we had the famous story of a YB who wept openly when delivering a speech (YB Leong Mee Meng of Jalong). The story too was linked to Ngeh-Nga.

Today, online news portals were splashed with Perak DAP Deputy Chairman and MP Ipoh Barat - YB M Kulasegaran - saying "Just finished DAP leadership meeting in Ipoh. Sad day as I will announce what is lacking in Perak leadership 2molo n why I have 2 leave 4good".

Yes, a fool will also tell you this is linked to Ngeh-Nga. YB M Kulasegaran, time to call for EGM. Takkanlah DAP ni tak ada demokrasi atau DAP hanya berfungsi mengikut titah daripada Bapa dan Anak keluarga Lim?

The people in Perak should now be wise enough to judge for themselves on Ngeh Koo Ham and Nga Kor Ming. These two arrogant and power crazy guys must be sent packing by all means.

There is clearly a problem internally in DAP with heavily divided factions and the downfall of Pakatan Rakyat Perak might be due to Ngeh Koo Ham and Nga Kor Ming.

Some questions from me.
  • Will the Lims protect Ngeh-Nga just like how they protected Ronnie Liu?

  • Or will they just issue a meaningless "stern warning" like what they did to YB Teng Chang Khim's "OMG, real culprit is freed" tweet?
This is a problem when DAP's Lim Sr and Lim Jr sweep everything under the carpet all the time. Dear YBs, please go and check on your comrades in Kedah also. For those who don't know what's happening there, google it or give DAP Kedah a call.

Whatever. DAP Sendirian Berhad, that's your problem. The quickest way to solve these is to issue a gag order.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's next, Government?

In every organization that requires a turnaround plan, what are our priorities as the Commander in Chief ?
  1. Cut costs
  2. Find additional source of revenue
  3. Improve revenue from current operations/sales
With the ETP showcased to the world on 21 Sept 2010 at PWTC, it is clear that the Government is serious and wants to elevate us into a high income nation. This clears POINT NUMBER 2.

Now, we all know that the Government did a Subsidy Lab and the findings were shocking - Idris Jala announced that we could end up like Greece soon if we don't reduce our dependence on subsidies (direct and indirect).

So yes, the Government had announced subsidy cuts and is expected to announce more of these some day based on those findings. That clears POINT NUMBER ONE (no need to payout so much subsidy) and POINT NUMBER THREE (Government gains from taxes, royalties etc).

Unfortunately, by doing so, the Government is hurting the people's wallet and gets unpopular each time they slash subsidies. By lifting subsidies before our wallets get filled, we all might end up with depression pretty soon won't we?

To me, the Government's message seem to be saying "we are all in a painful mess now, so let us hand-in-hand overcome this".

Unfortunately, Mr Prime Minister, the Government needs to look at the biggest action for POINT NUMBER ONE, just like what the private sector always do. No survey was conducted, but I am pretty sure a majority will tell you that we need to reduce the size of our civil service especially in Putrajaya.

Of course, we cannot sack the civil servants (guys, it is a fact and I know this for sure) and we cannot give them a big hug, big kiss together with a Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS).

But there are things that need to be done and can be done with regards to this, my dear Government. For starters, the Pegawai Khidmat Singkat (PKS) must go to cut costs and the Government can continue operating under the eyes of the Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik (PTD).

And we roll on from there to downsize our civil service - perhaps PEMANDU should roll out a Civil Service Rationalisation Lab / Programme !

Also, at a small corner of my mind, I am beginning to wonder if the current Government's New Economic Model, 10th Malaysia Plan and Economic Transformation Programme will go along or gel together somehow.

And the biggest worry, from my personal point of view, is that we might end up like Japan - a rich country with a poor population. Oh well, what a way to start the morning!

Friday, September 24, 2010

KL ETP Open Day

The Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) Open Day was held on 21 Sept 2010 at PWTC. It was indeed a historic moment not just for the Government but more importantly for the private sector. Why so, some may ask?

If we can recall, a couple months back in June-July period, the private sector which includes multinational corporations and key Malaysian industry players were gathered together to
  • brainstorm on our economic roadmap
  • share their business operations and plans
  • discuss on the available opportunities and necessary steps to achieve key results
From there, the private sector and Government worked together to produce what we all saw at the Open Day. In other words, the ETP is a result of private sector initiatives and targets.

At 10am in the morning, Datuk Seri Idris Jala's team began the keynote presentation and speech. The Merdeka Hall, it seems, could only fit about 3000 people.

Many did not get to enter as the hall was filled till it didn't have any standing space left. The public had to settle down with the large projector screen outside of the hall instead.

Such was the response and interest on the Programme (not a plan, in Idris Jala's words) that attracted Malaysians from all walks of life - corporate executives, analysts, investors (foreign and local), researchers and many more.

For those who missed it, Idris Jala's presentation slides can now be downloaded at or even better, download the interview of Idris Jala with BFM radio HERE.

Now, ever since the ETP Open Day was held, many critics began to come out of the jungle and speak like experts. This is especially so among the Opposition.

However, at the Open Day, the relevant people such as PEMANDU team, private consultants, analysts, and private sector members including corporate leaders were all there to engage the public to share their findings after the 2 months Labs for all 12 NKEAs.

All praises to all those who came, raised their points/questions and got the relevant clarifications to any doubts they had over the 12 NKEAs be it in terms of terminology, programme, classification or calculations.

And when I say I well done to those who came, this includes YB Teresa Kok (DAP) who came to see or to understand the nation's long term plan to be a high income nation. The rest, saya tak nampak pun (I was there almost the whole time).

So, I don't know why are the bloggers, politicians and critics from the Opposition running around acting like "experts" and condemning the private sector driven Economic Transformation Programme from their own cosy leather seats at home instead of being there at the Open Day to engage the representatives from the private sector and Government present.

At the end of the day, the people can judge for themselves what Najib's Administration can do and will do for the country.

Critics can go on all day long about how bad or how unacceptable this or that is. But when we ask them back, "you have any suggestions on how to transform us into a high income economy?", they will stutter and stammer.

This, clearly is, the right description of the Opposition and the critics while Najib and Idris Jala get things running as they carry the burden of transforming the nation for the better past the finish line.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Economic Transformation Programme

When Tun Dr Mahathir was the Prime Minister, Malaysia experienced rapid development and achieved results that none of our parents could have imagined. The respected Statesman was visionary and showed Malaysians "the way to success".

The year 2020 is not far away and we have 10 years left. We could have been on track to achieve the criteria of a developed nation, if not for a few years of administration which basically was on "auto pilot" mode.

To achieve Vision 2020 - the brainchild of Dr Mahathir, something bold must be done and a transformation programme is needed. As such, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak brought in talent from the private sector and the civil service under one roof - Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU).

To date, under the Government Transformation Programme (GTP), the NKRA results have been met and statistics have shown that welfare is being channeled to the needy poor, rural areas will enjoy basic infrastructure and the crime rates at hot spots are being tackled with specific mechanisms.

With the great success of the GTP, the Government had to look at the nation's dull economy. Let's be frank. The economy needed a boost after a sleepy period under YOU-KNOW-WHO.

As such, the idea of an Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) was born. The private sector spent weeks if not months mapping out the future of our country together with the civil service and stakeholders of core industries which we call National Key Economic Areas (NKEA) today.

After all the hard work and energy sapping efforts, the Economic Transformation Programme (12 NKEA) is ready and will be showcased to the world on 21 Sept 2010 at PWTC from 9am to 5pm.

One word truly describes the ETP - bold. Be there to find out more of the economic roadmap by Najib's administration and the private sector to achieve Vision 2020!

On a personal note, I hope that when the Vision 2020 time capsule containing Tun Dr Mahathir's message is unlocked, we will be proud to tell Dr M that "as Malaysians from Tun's generation, we have not failed you and we are now a sovereign and developed nation".

Pakatan Rakyat, time for you to go back to school and the drawing board to learn how to be a Government.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends. Let this Raya be a happy and memorable one to all. Salam 1Malaysia: Menjana Transformasi !

To those who are traveling, please do so safely and patiently in the midst of the crowd and rush.

Have a good Raya and holiday, everyone!


Monday, September 06, 2010

13th General Election

I am curious and wish to know how the Opposition and The Economist Intelligence Unit can come up with conclusions on the 13th General Election dates.

Check them out :

And today, The Malaysian Insider played a story - Umno tells Najib to go slow on snap polls. Well if you ask me, I think the Opposition is excited to go for war in the most crucial Elections ever in Malaysia's politics!

Politics First, Putrajaya Now

Whatever it is, I can say for sure, Barisan Nasional is ready to face the over confident Pakatan Rakyat anytime. We have already kicked off the first bold transformation plan which is the Government Transformation Programme (6 NKRAs) last year.

Clearly, that was a sign that we have successfully moved away from a brief period of "auto pilot" in the Government under YOU-KNOW-WHO to a new era of transformation.

Soon, the Government will be announcing 2 major plans that will lift Malaysia from a "contender" country to be a developed nation.
  • New Economic Model (by NEAC)
  • Economic Transformation Programme (by PEMANDU)

People First, Performance Now

The plans and models are READY for the Barisan Nasional Government to execute and develop the nation. These are clear guides on where the country should be heading towards and how the country can transform from a "dull economy" into a vibrant and resilient economy - all formulated by economists, academicians, top civil servants and successful private sector members.

The 12th General Election, no doubt, was a slap on the face for BN. But in the coming 13th General Election, the Opposition must face 3 realities:
  1. Barisan Nasional loyalists who voted against BN will return to vote BN,
  2. Barisan Nasional loyalists who spoiled the votes will return to vote BN and
  3. Fence sitters who disagreed with Business As Usual (BAU) by the Govt will return to vote BN.
Just to add and state the obvious, no political analysts had ever estimated how many votes for PR were from
  • PR loyalists
  • fence sitters' sympathy
  • BN loyalists (protest votes against Pak Lah's Administration)
And hidden under a pile of online articles is a piece dated 27 August 2010 which I think is interesting at Free Malaysia Today - Pakatan staring at massive loss in next election

The author noted that the electoral projection is based on a post mortem by PR themselves.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A good Prime Minister

  • Perak, by the way, announced a similar package for the State civil servants too ! I do know for a fact that all the civil servants work tirelessly everyday, especially those from Grade 41 to JUSA and Turus level.

  • As much as we criticize the civil servants for being lazy to act and think, I do somehow disagree at times. Some civil servants, especially those in the Grade 52 to Turus I work from 6.30am till 6.30pm, a complete 12 hour cycle.

  • And if needed to, they will even work till the midnight, just to get things done and going especially when it comes to National Budget, Taxation, Accounting, Auditing etc. Hey, even during preparation of policies !

  • Today, we do have among the fastest service related Customs and Immigration Department, if not already the fastest.

  • We have dedicated teachers, medical personnel and law enforcers and not forgetting, those who guard our borders at the Straits and jungles up North !
  • I believe the PM has all of them in mind, his "People First, Performance Now" transformers and leaders who work to serve the Malaysian community better at a competitive level.

  • Based on that, Datuk Seri, cheers to you !

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dinar PAS Untuk Semua

I am extremely impressed with the silence by DAP leaders. A news search disappointed me actually. Where are the brilliant Economists and lawyers of DAP ? MCA challenged you, but you chose to duck.

I have several questions for you guys on PAS Untuk Semua.

  1. What are the legal and economic implications of the dinar currency implemented by PAS and the State Government ?

  2. Was that a PAS Government policy or Pakatan Rakyat Government policy ?

  3. Was the decision endorsed by the Supreme Council of Pakatan Rakyat or we actually don't have a Pakatan Rakyat but we have a DAP Government, a PKR Government and two PAS Governments (i.e. pecah belah dan perintahlah sesuka hati) ?

  4. What are the professional and political opinions of the "two most prominent Economists" of Malaysia - Tony Pua and Anwar Ibrahim, the RM 1 Advisor to Selangor ? Why don't we do it in Selangor too ?
  1. What is the Islamic policy of Pakatan Rakyat and how does DAP juggle this together with the PAS Untuk Semua ambitions ?

  2. If Pakatan Rakyat eventually wins the General Election with PAS emerging as the largest victor, will DAP say yes to a PAS-led Federal Government ?

  3. Has there been any opposition to date by members of DAP and PKR towards PAS policies and vice versa ?

  4. Are these all hush-hush close door style or kowtow system which does not fall under the FOI Bill ? (Mengapa semua fail BN diletakkan di bawah FOI Bill tetapi semua isu PR bukan main sembunyi di sini sana ?)

Now guys. In one hand, we have Barisan Nasional.

As much as some of you hate the previous policies while some appreciate the achievements of the past, we have today several master plans called the
  • Government Transformation Programme (kicked off);
  • Economic Transformation Programme (kicking off); and
  • New Economic Model (kicking off).

All these falls under the People First Performance Now concept. Unfortunately, when we look at the other hand, we have
  • PAS Untuk Semua;
  • Middle Malaysia; and
  • A New Dawn
Seems to me each party in Pakatan Rakyat is racing to be the "leader" of the pack and outdo each other to be Prime Minister.

There is no clear plan of what they intend to do together besides creating chaos and overthrowing the Government. Any Pakatan Rakyat geniuses care to explain, minus the profanities and unruly behaviour (guys, you need to grow up) ?

Hello, you cannot just run a country by digging up every dirty burrow or hole in every corner of the country and expect to create miracles in generating income for the millions of Malaysians.

I believe people are wiser as the days go by and I am confident that in the next election, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak will receive a 2/3 mandate.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teoh Beng Hock's Suicide Note

Less than a day after news broke out that there is "suicide note" written in Chinese (apparently by Teoh Beng Hock), one news portal was quick to add some spice, flavor and twist to it.

Read this piece : Ten questions about ‘Teoh’s note’. That is, the alternative media my friends.

Here comes my 10 questions.

  1. If it was an accusation note that accused the Government of brutal tortures when in custody by Teoh Beng Hock, will the lawyers say no and use all sorts of laws to disqualify it ?

  2. Why discredit the note with all sorts of questions when in fact it could change the course of the case ?

  3. Why worry about the case being analyzed from another point of view when in fact we are seeking the truth and provide an answer to Teoh's family ?

  4. Does it mean that the lawyers representing Teoh's family and the Selangor State Government planned to work towards a certain answer only ? (which probably is political prosecution of the MACC and Barisan Nasional)

  5. How do the lawyers evaluate the statements by Dr Shahidan Md Noor, Dr Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand, and Dr Peter Vanezis in the event that they all conflict ? (i.e. Will it be in the best interests of party politics or justice for Teoh?)

  6. What are the criteria used by the lawyers of Teoh's family and Selangor State Government to evaluate the case and how to proceed further at the Inquiry ?

  7. What if the case is really linked to the corruption cases, the scandals and the gangsterism links in Selangor and Teoh Beng Hock was really the one that exposed DAP Selangor to the MACC ?

  8. What if the lawyers for Teoh's family and the Selangor State Government suddenly realizes the above mentioned scenario mid way through the case ?

  9. Will the lawyers for Teoh's family and the Selangor State Government then say "Hey guys, damn, DAP and PKR caused this mess. They are the murderers and culprit" IF the hypothetical scenario is a reality ?

  10. Finally, if the hypothetical scenario and the political prosecution against MACC and Barisan Nasional are not realities, will the lawyers allow a room to study the possibility of a suicide ?

I urge the lawyers representing Teoh's family, the Selangor State Government and the Opposition to refrain from disqualifying the "suicide note".

Since the lawyers are from the Opposition, I also believe that they should all step down as there is a clear cut evidence that conflict of interest arises. Kit Siang and Son, Karpal Singh and Son, as well as the DAP warlords know this.

So, where is the Truth for Teoh Beng Hock ? Where is the real, genuine, sincere Justice for Teoh Beng Hock ?

The sensational story making forensic expert is expected to testify in Court soon. It is going to be interesting since she said the case is 80% homicide.

Time to revisit this blog also - - as we begin to explore other options to sincerely seek justice for Teoh.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

PKFZ - Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik (2)

The Government's process is straight forward.

If a particular Ministry wants to get opinions on any finance related matters, the Ministry can write to the Finance Ministry together with any appendices attached as well as their own analysis.

The Ministry concerned can also write to the Finance Ministry on behalf of the agencies/corporations/councils under their jurisdiction and portfolio on any finance related matters.

Just to add, annual budgets by the agencies must also be submitted to both the Ministry concerned and the Finance Ministry.

In the first place, when the matter has been evaluated by say, the Transport Ministry, the Minister will then pass it on to the Finance Ministry.

Once the Finance Ministry completes its own evaluation of the case and a comprehensive review of the recommendations/comments attached by the Transport Ministry, they will write back to the Transport Ministry.

Several people will know, or at least one of them, about this matter somewhere along the lines. Who?

  • Finance Minister I / Finance Minister II

  • Deputy Finance Minister I / Deputy Finance Minister II;

  • Ketua Setiausaha Perbendaharaan (KSP); and

  • Valuation Division Under Secretary (SUB).

If Tun Dr Ling is charged for having hoodwinked the Cabinet and not following the Finance Ministry evaluation, why didn't the above mentioned senior civil servants or political leaders of the Finance Ministry raise the issue during the Cabinet meeting ?

If not during that time, what about the post Cabinet meeting of the Finance Ministry ? No one brought it up at all at that time ? I am surprised.

For the case to proceed, I believe the following documents are necessary to be declassified and presented in Court:

  • the Division meeting minutes of both Ministry during that period

  • the post Cabinet meeting minutes of both Ministry during that period

  • the Cabinet meeting minutes of the date Tun Dr Ling was charged for misleading the Cabinet on this matter

  • all PKFZ related files in both Ministries

The people that should be required to testify in Court will surely be the senior civil servants and political leaders at that time which include:

  • Finance Minister I / Finance Minister II

  • Deputy Finance Minister I / Deputy Finance Minister II;

  • Ketua Setiausaha Perbendaharaan (KSP); and

  • Valuation Division Under Secretary (SUB) / Director (Pengarah).

  • Transport Minister

  • Deputy Transport Minister

  • Ketua Setiausaha (KSU) Kementerian Pengangkutan

  • MOT Under Secretaries (SUB-SUB) tasked to manage and monitor the project

This is gonna be an interesting case which will even overshadow Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial that seemed to be postponed from time to time for gazillion times. We shall let the Court decide. Let this be judged in a legal Court and not the public court of opinions.

All are innocent until proven guilty and all have the right to be heard in Court.