Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bangkit ayuh bangkit, anak Perak bangkit!

Bangkit ayuh bangkit,
Anak Perak bangkit,

Lawan kita lawan,
Lawan penderhaka Sultan!

The by-election in Bukit Gantang will be directly under the responsibility of Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department and newly elected UMNO Vice President.

Given that traditionally the Deputy President of BN is in charge of the by-elections, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will oversee the 3 simultaneous elections in Bukit Gantang (Perak), Bukit Selambau (Kedah) and Batang Ai (Sarawak).

Pakatan Rakyat sprang a "surprise" when they defied the wishes of Datuk Seri Nik Aziz by nominating Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin as the candidate for Bukit Gantang.

Nizar was heavily backed by DAP Perak leaders to stand for election in this Parliamentary seat although Tok Guru of PAS voiced his objections in the initial stages.

Tok Guru had the opinion that if Nizar sees himself as the Menteri Besar of Perak, he should not contest in Bukit Gantang.

Winds of change came when a few days ago, Tok Guru gave his blessings to Nizar to proceed to win the seat in Bukit Gantang.

Whether or not Tok Guru's move is a change of his initial opinion under pressure from the President of PAS and several PAS leaders, it is uncertain.

News have spread in media that Nizar filled his nomination forms and declared his current occupation as ADUN Pasir Panjang, not Menteri Besar Perak.

This is a surprise move given that the declaration is a legal statement and Nizar has a Court case to declare Zambry's Government as illegal, which will reinstall Nizar as the Menteri Besar of Perak if he wins the case.

The battle in Bukit Gantang is not simple because this is a Malay majority seat.

On 4th February 2009, Nizar said that "I have no doubt that the decision will be fair to all... to the people and to the political parties. He said that he needed time to look into the matter. I will abide and accept whatever the decision." (Bernama)

On 5th of February 2009, after the Sultan declined the request for a dissolution, Nizar said that "Saya dengan rendah hati mohon derhaka dengan berkata kepada baginda ’patik sebagai MB dan pemimpin kerajaan, mohon tidak letak jawatan".

Demonstrations and speeches at the Perak Menteri Besar's house were carried out on the 4th and 5th of February 2009.

Perakians then saw protests and acts of violence in Kuala Kangsar on the 6th February 2009.

It was reported and caught on film that protestors, a majority of them Malay Opposition supporters, were lying on the road to block the path of Malaysian leaders on their way to Istana Iskandariah, Kuala Kangsar.

Those were still acceptable to a certain degree until a defining moment of treason when the entourage of Raja Nazrin Shah faced protestors who acted violently against the Raja Muda of Perak.

The Royal Household of Perak received praises from Nizar's Administration right from the beginning till 5th of February when it all ended.

That sparked the violent acts and disrespect to the noble household of Perak, in the likes of Sultan Azlan Shah (former Lord President of Malaysia) and Raja Nazrin Shah (a Royalty with respectable views and academic qualifications).

On April 7th, the voters must decide how they want the "Sistem Demokrasi dan Raja Berperlembagaan" to be in the future.

I await the outcome.

(Credits to Bernama, TheStar, Malaysiakini, Perak BN and Pakatan Rakyat Perak for the pictures)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

APOMM for Tanjung Bunga Residents Association

This blog entry will be a special feature for Tanjung Bunga Residents Association. Someone left a comment for me about the "Coffee Party TBRA" in Penang.

I will be glad to help anyone who approaches me to highlight issues.

Personally, I spent some time reading through the mess in Tanjung Bunga. I am not sure if Gerakan has responded because the accusations seem to direct to them partially for the poor decision making on hillside projects.

According to the videos I watched and comments from various independent blogs, the hillside project in Tanjung Bunga is highly dangerous.

Engineers might be able to solve the solution but in the meantime, it is claimed that the acceptable gradient of the hillside slope for development projects is approximately 20-25 degrees.

The current development in Tanjung Bunga is at a hillside with a gradient of 60 plus. That is approximately 2.5 - 3 times the acceptable standards.

TBRA representatives have voiced their unhappiness because the DAP led Penang Government was not elected into power with a blank cheque.

They requested that DAP reps put in efforts to call off the hillside projects there by giving them their votes. It was a form of conditional voting, a part and parcel of democratic rights.

Given that we have so many professional lawyers - whether qualified or not - I wonder why no one is helping the Tanjung Bunga residents.

After the Perak Constitutional crisis, there were thousands of bloggers and commoners who claim that the Sultan had erred, which I disagree by the way. (Raja Adil Raja Disembah , An Open Letter to Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin)

Many were not even qualified lawyers and some are just half past six lawyers who say one thing but perform another.

Remember Tommy Thomas - the claimed Constitutional expert from Pakatan? Read more HERE.

Since we have so many experts out there, I wonder which blogger or rakyat will step forward and help the Tanjung Bunga residents with their "legal knowledge and skills" ?

I checked through the cases and points raised. It seems that Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said that there is nothing Penang Government can do due to contractual agreements with the developers and compensation amounts involved.

I am not really a legal expert, but by the Constitution of Penang, the Executive Government can acquire private land.

If the State Government can make an attempt to buy over the piece of land, then wouldn't that put the developers in a dilemma because they cannot build on land which does not belong to them?

Lawyers, Constitutional experts and property rights legal advisors can email me directly at manifestogwl@gmail.com . A copy of the Penang State Constitution can be found HERE.

TBRA can be assured that I will step in and blog more to help out.

(Credits to Daylife and TBRA for the pictures)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Guan Eng & Penang Crisis

  • If you have no jobs, blame the Federal Government.
  • If Pakatan Rakyat states get the highest investment out of the blue, the Press will be notified immediately that the successes are attributed to Pakatan leaders.
  • Bloggers will then immediately praise the competency, efficiency and productivity of the Pakatan State leaders.
  • This is a clear case of what Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat describes - hei shi ni jiang, bai dou shi ni jiang (in Chinese) in an interview with Astro AEC recently.
  • Loosely translated, it means that "anda kata ini putih, lepas tu anda kata ini hitam".
  • I have another one to add actually. "Yang jernih itu Pakatan, yang keruh itu Barisan. Yang suci itu Pakatan, yang hina itu Barisan".
  • I strongly urge Anwar to use this slogan for his next Election because this will simplify the message from Pakatan leaders.
  • How can Penang be in an economic crisis when in 2008, Lim Guan Eng proudly said that Penang received a record breaking investment level of RM 10.2 billion as compared to the previous BN Govt in 2007 - a mere RM 4.7 billion?
  • RM 10.2 billion is a marvellous feat, assuming of course those are the effects of the efforts from Pakatan Rakyat, and not the former Barisan Nasional Government.
  • If great successes are attributed to Lim Guan Eng in 2008, why is the problem of a growing unemployment rate in Penang directed to the Federal Government?
  • It only shows that Lim Guan Eng is incompetent and he is not at all a genius.
  • Now, he worked hard with the private sector to have a Tiger Park in Relau, Penang. Is it a good move, I question CM Lim?
  • When employment rates are so low and factories are shutting down, spending patterns in Penang will take a hit. The State Government should instead care for the people, instead of tigers at this economic crisis moment.
  • If tourism income is used as a justification, then Lim Guan Eng should ask how many Koreans, Japanese, Australians and Americans are willing to fly in to Penang just to see tigers in a Tiger Park?
  • The Tiger Park also received strong objections from several purely independent NGOs such as Sahabat Alam Malaysia, World Wide Fund for Nature Malaysia and Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers.
  • If Guan Eng has the time to ask for a Tiger Park, why not ask for private initiatives in various other development that will help boost the finances and employment of the people?
  • Gurney Drive, beaches, Penang Hill and many other places are still not improved up to mark. I remember there was a Bird Park in Batu Kawan too.
  • Guan Eng should instead focus on these first and encourage the private sector in Penang to invest in industries to help boost employment rates.
  • Actually, Penangites should feel lucky. Your Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng recently said that Penang layoffs are not critical. Read it HERE.
  • Also, Guan Eng said he has "a little bit of confidence" of achieving RM 10 billion invesments for 2009 in his New Year statement.
  • So, Penangites are very lucky if we take Guan Eng's words. It seems that there is not really much of an economic crisis either.
  • No problem! Sit back, relax and enjoy with the Tigers in Relau.
  • I am beginning to wonder about Penang's RM 477.24 million Budget 2009. Someone should watch the Budget expenditure. Read PENANG BUDGET 2009.

p/s: Anyone wants to defend Guan Eng?

(Credits to Daylife and Malaysiakini for the photos)

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Liability Factor in Youth & Wanita Chief

I will comment on 3 positions of UMNO - Deputy President, Wanita Chief and Youth Chief.

Deputy President of UMNO
  • Congratulations to Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. MY is officially the Deputy President of UMNO, Barisan Nasional and will soon be appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.
  • MY's victory is a clear sign that UMNO is willing to reform and march forward with a strong leadership.
  • All these while, Johor has been the main platform of solidarity and power in UMNO. Now, a true Johorean leader is finally given a chance to lead UMNO.
  • Once elected to the post of Deputy President of UMNO and Barisan Nasional, MY will face a big responsibility when he takes charge of by-elections as Chief.
  • Muhyiddin Yassin will surely be a great asset to UMNO, BN and of course to Malaysia.

Wanita UMNO Chief
  • The movement made their voices heard when Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil was voted into office with a strong margin over incumbent Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz.
  • However, Wanita UMNO must now move their election and campaign machinery straight to Lembah Pantai.
  • For a top Wanita UMNO leader to lose against Nurul Izzah, a very young and untested candidate in the 12th General Election, it is something Wanita UMNO must look at.
  • Wanita UMNO cannot afford to carry the baggage of a loser in General Elections. It will be a great risk politically for the whole of Wanita UMNO if their movement Chief cannot win General Elections.
  • Lembah Pantai must now be the focus of Wanita UMNO.

UMNO Youth Chief
  • Congratulations to Khairy Jamaluddin, an Oxford graduate, who was recently warned for breaching campaign ethics.
  • It is no easy feat to win the Youth Chief election. However, Khairy must see that the majority of UMNO Youth dislikes him.
  • This is clear when the votes for Khir and Mukhriz in total far exceed Khairy's.
  • Traditionally, UMNO Youth Chief will be given a Cabinet post - either appointed as Minister or Deputy Minister.
  • Given that Khairy breached pre-election campaign ethics and the majority of UMNO Youth dislikes Khairy, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak must rule out the tradition of Cabinet post for the UMNO Youth Chief this time.
  • Najib cannot afford to have such a liability onboard the new Cabinet to be announced next month.
  • Datuk Mukhriz must now work harder with better policies and stronger grassroot support as I am sure many are still with him.
  • I hope to see Datuk Mukhriz in the front line one day.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Set up a Royal Commission of Judges

The Nizar vs Zambry case must come to a conclusion as soon as possible. It seems to me now that no one in the judiciary is willing to preside over battle for legal rights to the Perak State Government.

The case, heard initially in High Court, moved to the Federal Court and now, the case is ordered to be heard at a High Court again.

I might be wrong, but from a layman's perspective, the controversial case will not be concluded if there are no independent judges out there who dare to preside over the case.

Since the cases are transferred from here to there in the judiciary, there could be trial-in-trial in future where lawyers of either party might disqualify the Court from hearing the case.

The circle goes on and on.

Given the complexity of the case, I can conclude that the judges might possibly be affected by what I have described in the past - Malaysian laws are lopsided.

Even before Court cases are in trial, the public has already delivered their verdict in newspapers, blogs and alternative media which the Judges read as well.

These will directly influence the judgement of the judges, if not fully control the minds of these judges.

Now, in this dilemma, I strongly encourage a Royal Commission that consists of a panel of politically independent judges to hear the case out.

The Court case involves not only the legality of the State Government but the position of the Sultan in the Constitution.

It will only be right and proper for such high profiled case to be heard in front of a Royal panel of judges endorsed by the Parliament of Malaysia and the Council of Malay Rulers.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Explain the Fairus case!

Pakatan Rakyat leaders and their supporters must explain the following chronological events.

Amizudin's "Corruption" Revelation Inappropriate - February 28, 2009
Penang Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) chairman Datuk Zahrain Mohamed Hashim said Amizudin Ahmat's revelation of alleged corruption involving two state party leaders was inappropriate. He said the action taken by Amizudin, the Kepala Batas PKR Youth chief was done without the leadership's knowledge and not in accordance with the party's internal channels.

"He should not have exposed it to the media without first referring it to the party as it can affect the party's image. Amizudin yesterday alleged that two state PKR leaders had received bribes from a quarry company. He however declined to reveal the names of the two state PKR leaders who were said to have interest in the company.

PKR Probes Bribery Allegation - March 16, 2009
Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) began probing an allegation that two of the party's state leaders were on the take. A panel set up to look into the allegation by Kepala Batas PKR Youth chief Amizudin Ahmat met Monday. Amizudin was grilled for three hours by the panel headed by Penang State Assembly Speaker Abdul Halim Hussain at the state PKR headquarters at Seberang Jaya here.

Amizudin, who was dropped from the 2009 Seberang Prai Municipal Council councillor line-up, had claimed that two party leaders had allegedly accepted bribes from three quarry companies operating in Prai.

Guan Eng grants leave to Fairus - March 21, 2009
GEORGE TOWN: Penang Deputy Chief Minister I Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin has taken leave for the rest of the week and should be back by Monday unless he extends the leave, said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

“I was informed by (PKR de facto leader) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim yesterday (on Thursday) that Fairus had asked for leave. Although it was sudden, I approved the leave at Anwar’s request,” he said yesterday.

Fairus resignation accepted - March 22 2009
GEORGE TOWN: Embattled Penang Deputy Chief Minister I Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin has faxed his resignation letter to his boss Lim Guan Eng. Chief Minister Lim said he received Mohammad Fairus’ resignation letter that was faxed to his office which stated that he was stepping down as Deputy Chief Minister I and state executive councillor yesterday morning.

Contacted in Petaling Jaya, Anwar said Mohammad Fairus had quit to pursue post-graduate studies.

“He has received a few offers. He has not decided yet,” Anwar told a press conference.

“He can still remain as the elected representative while pursuing his studies. There is no problem as he could return weekly to serve the constituents,” he said after opening Seri Setia Assemblyman Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad’s service centre in Kelana Jaya yesterday.

Monday, March 23, 2009

APOMM vs JPA Scholars

As a PSD scholar, I want to highlight the major issues of the PSD scholarship contract.

The first lies on the part of PSD for weak enforcement of contracts and allocation of public sector jobs. This is bad because we are spending billions of ringgit on PSD scholarships and yet we do not ensure that these quality human capital serves to improve and develop our country.

It used to be rigid when a PSD scholar will serve only under PSD. Things have changed recently when PSD scholarship contracts can be transferred to other Government agencies like the Securities Commission, Bank Negara Malaysia and public universities.

Yet, I wonder how many of these scholars will be allocated jobs in the public sector.

The second problem is on the part of the scholarship recipients. When the time comes to serve in the public sector, I see many praying and hoping that the Government will not enforce the PSD contracts and allocate jobs for them. There are some who are planning to break off the Government bond by repaying the whole sponsorship fund.

Right after the SPM examinations, there are about 13,000 applicants of the scholarship. Public funds are used to sponsor students to pursue a quality education overseas and return home to further improve or develop the Malaysian systems.

About RM400,000 is paid out for each non-medical scholarship. Most of these human capital sponsored by the Government will go down the drain because of the weak enforcement of contract by the Government.

I hope the PSD will ensure that they improve on the selection criteria and implement strict enforcement of contracts in future.

Our public funds must not be wasted at a critical moment when we are lacking in human capital as compared to Singapore, China and Britain.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Anwar vs PPSMI - Classic Racial Segregation

Vote him.

Means this.

"... pendirian Pakatan Rakyat di Parlimen mengenai pembelajaran Matematik dan Sains dalam Bahasa Inggeris, saya kata, saya pertamanya mahu tegas Bahasa Melayu bahasa rasmi, Bahasa Inggeris bahasa penting kita patut belajar.

Tetapi ... kita mesti kembalikan pengajaran Matematik dan Sains dalam bahasa ibunda sekolah masing-masing !"

(Anwar Ibrahim, SJK(C) Sin Ming Puchong, 22 February 2009) - Malaysiakini TV

  • This is Anwar Ibrahim. For those who vote and support him, thank you and continue to do so.
  • My generation and the generations to come after me will suffer because of your votes for this man.

  • Is he really a man who fights for unity and a Malaysian Agenda or is he fighting for his final push to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia?

  • If a Chinese educated student who studies and explains femur, tibia, oxidation, natrium chloride, ventriol, artery etc in Chinese words, what will happen?
  • Chinese students will only go to Chinese schools and Chinese-based tuition centres.
  • When he comes out as a learned man, he will find it hard to proceed and explain what part of bone is broken on a needy Malay or Indian man's leg, hypothetically.

  • The same goes for other vernacular schools and I need not extrapolate the case to a university future of these students as we all can imagine the scenario from here on.

  • That is clearly a cheap political stunt from Anwar Ibrahim for a short term gain by sacrificing the future.

  • I maintain my position that Dong Jiao Zong should back down from the protest against the PPSMI.

  • I urge the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) leaders not to bow to pressure from the ridiculously self-contradicting policies and statements of the Opposition on the PPSMI issue.
  • MCA should also stand firm with their position and not give in to Dong Jiao Zong's demand to revert Science and Mathematics back to our mother languages - Malay, Chinese and Tamil.
  • If MCA succumbs to pressure and kowtow to these demands, MCA will be making a big mistake and the generations to come will suffer.
  • The Cabinet must decide and Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong must table not only the protests of GMP and Dong Jiao Zong but also the views of bloggers, students and teachers who are pro-PPSMI.
  • Let the Cabinet decide with complete and perfect information.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tiang UMNO dari Johor, ingatlah!

Beberapa hari yang lepas, Lembaga Disiplin UMNO memutuskan bahawa Datuk Seri Ali Rustam telah melanggar etika kempen pemilihan parti dan dilarang bertanding untuk jawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO.

Kini, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dilempar tuduhan bahawa beliau mempengaruhi keputusan Lembaga Disiplin UMNO.

Ada juga yang mendakwa Tan Sri memberi AP kepada anak Pengerusi Lembaga Disiplin Tan Sri Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen dan isu ini sedang disiasat oleh Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM).

Cukuplah perbalahan dan konspirasi kesemua ini.

Kalau ada bukti bahawa Tan Sri Muhyiddin mengarahkan Tan Sri Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen menjatuhkan mana-mana calon UMNO, sila kemukakan.

Sekiranya tiada, jagalah kestabilan politik dalam UMNO dalam fasa peralihan pucuk kepimpinan dan fasa "Berani Berubah".

Yang saya hairan, mengapa tuduhan sebegini dilemparkan ke arah Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yang menerima pencalonan tertinggi daripada Bahagian-bahagian UMNO?

Mengapa yang diam kini ialah Tan Sri Muhammad Taib dan beliau tidak dilempar dengan tuduhan sebegitu sedangkan Tan Sri Muhammad Taib mempunyai pencalonan paling rendah antara ketiga-tiga calon bagi jawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO?

Apakah ada gerakan saat akhir oleh sesetengah pihak untuk menjatuhkan calon Timbalan Presiden UMNO yang menerima pencalonan tertinggi dengan fitnah yang pelbagai?

Tongkat dan tiang ulung UMNO adalah dari Johor.

Kini, seorang anak jati dari Muar yang berkebolehan dan menerima sokongan padu daripada ahli-ahli UMNO berdiri di pentas menawarkan diri untuk memimpin Malaysia.

Fikirlah semasak-masaknya, wahai ahli-ahli UMNO! Bacalah

1. The Path Is Clear For Muhyiddin Yassin
2. Fitnah paling buruk

Sementara itu, Anwar Ibrahim juga perlu belajar dari UMNO. Apa-apa sahaja yang berlaku di UMNO, semuanya diterima dengan terbuka.

Namun, sekiranya perkara yang sama berlaku di Pakatan Rakyat, sudah tentu yang dilaung itu "INI KONSPIRASI BARISAN NASIONAL".

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Path Is Clear For Muhyiddin Yassin

It is now time to consider the pathway of UMNO, Barisan Nasional from here on.

The position of Prime Minister of Malaysia will be handed over by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, as late as the first week of April.

Najib Tun Razak faces an uphill task in this difficult situation as Barisan Nasional is now facing a Goliath in Anwar Ibrahim's Pakatan Rakyat.

There are two articles which have been mislooked or forgotten by many and I shall bring it up again.

1. Najib adopts people-first leadership
2. Najib swears in Mosque that he did not know Altantuya

UMNO and Najib Tun Razak needs Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as part of their reform plans. As a Deputy President of UMNO, the office bearer will be the Party Whip of Barisan Nasional and automatically assume the responsibility of Party Elections Chief (by-elections).

With Datuk Seri Ali Rustam now suspended from the elections (appeals aside), we see only two choices - Muhyiddin or Muhammad Taib.

The battle for the Deputy Presidency is now as good as over because we are down to simple questions to answer.

Do we want Muhammad Taib in the frontline as Party Chief in elections and Party matters?

Will UMNO, Barisan Nasional and the rakyat wholeheartedly and unanimously support Muhammad Taib as the new Prime Minister of Malaysia one day?

UMNO delegates have only one option - vote Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for the position as the new Deputy President of UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

This will effectively place Tan Sri Muhyiddin as the new Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

A man who has served as a top Vice President of UMNO and excelled in his portfolio of Menteri Besar Johor (previously), Agriculture (previously) and International Trade and Industry (currently), it is Muhyiddin Yassin's time to assume the leadership of UMNO with Najib Tun Razak.

The pillar of strength of UMNO is in Johor. This time, a Johorean has a clear path to be a future Malaysian statesman.

The only challenge now is for UMNO members to make their voices heard that they are strong and united behind the leadership.

Muhyiddin Yassin must be voted in with the highest number of votes in the election history of UMNO's Deputy President race.

It will send a clear message to the people that UMNO is ready for reforms.

UMNO members must think, and think hard you must.

(Credits to Daylife, Bernama, MySinchew and Malaysiakini for the pictures)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rationality of Khir Toyo's Trips

  • First of all, I am not a supporter of Khir Toyo in any form thinkable.
  • This article is written to question the motives of Khalid Ibrahim & Co in publicizing the travel expenses of Khir Toyo and then leave the subject to the public for debate.
  • It seems to me Pakatan Rakyat is making full use of the Malay proverb "Baling batu, sembunyi tangan".
  • I am sure many of those who know Khalid Ibrahim will have full knowledge of his life in the corporate and political world.
  • I will leave his past aside for now as I still have a lot of respect for him and Tun Dr Mahathir for the Dawn Raid of Guthrie Berhad that left London shocked.

Calculations of Khir Toyo's trips

Total spent for 21 destinations = RM 349,134.00
Average cost per destination = RM 16,625.42857
Average cost per flight (one way)= RM 8312.714286

Case 1
RM49,874.50 was spent to fly to Tokyo, Guangzhou, Kunming, Osaka, Fukuoka and London in 2003. Assuming Guangzhou and Kunming is assumed as one destination based on country for calculations, we take a total of 5 return trips here (i.e. 10 flights)

Expenditure in 2003 = RM 49,874.50
Average cost per destination = RM 9974.90
Average cost per flight (one way) = RM 4987.45

Case 2
RM74,972.00 in 2004 to go to Bangkok, Dubai, London, Beijing, Amsterdam, Milan and Venice. Assuming that we take the number of destinations as given for calculations (since we have tried the bundle method in Case 1, we adopt the direct method here).

Expenditure in 2004 = RM 74,972.00
Average cost per destination = RM 10,710.28571
Average cost per flight (one way) = RM 5355.142857

Case 3 (2005)

RM41,064.00 in 2005 to visit Paris, Geneva, Toronto, Los Angeles and Dubai

Expenditure in 2005 = RM 41,064.00
Average cost per destination = RM 8212.80
Average cost per flight (one way) = RM 4106.40

Case 4 (2006)
RM91,466.00 in 2006 to go to Seoul, Chicago, London, Amsterdam. Stuttgart, Beijing, Shanghai, Osaka and Tokyo

Expenditure in 2006 = RM 91,466.00
Average cost per destination = RM 10,162.88889
Average cost per flight (one way) = RM 5081.444444

Case 5 (2007)
RM20,231.00 was spent in 2007 to go to Perth, Seoul and Taipei

Expenditure in 2007 = RM 20,231.00
Average cost per destination = RM 6743.666667
Average cost per flight (one way) = RM 3371.833333

Case 6 (2008)

RM32,229.00 in January last year for a trip to London

Expenditure in 2005 = RM 32,229.00
Average cost per destination = RM 32,229.00
Average cost per flight (one way) = RM 16,114.50

  • Come on Khalid Ibrahim. Is this all you can do? You were once a corporate figure!
  • I am sure Khalid & Co know about the air ticket prices and the terms and condition.
  • A Menteri Besar needs full flexibility with travel tickets, otherwise if cancelled, it will be wasted and the public funds will go down the drain.
  • I am quite confident the tickets were not booked from MAS Travel Fair or MATTA Fair.
  • Business travellers and frequent flyers who fly to London, Osaka, Shanghai, Tokyo and various other destinations in the world can share their opinions with me here.

Monday, March 16, 2009

EPF (4.5%), CPF (4%), LTAT (16%)

  • Malaysia's EPF maintains a caring position
  • When Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced that contributions into EPF has been slashed to just 8% (optional) which will be effective for 2 years, I believe there were many who took up that option.
  • The flow of money into EPF has shrinked and that means, investments by EPF has to now consider a new endowment point.
  • Do I even need to iron out the substantial and clear fact that WE ARE IN AN ECONOMIC CRISIS?

  • Yet, EPF is expected to declare a 4.5% dividend for 2008.
  • A rate which can put EPF at a high position globally at this time when equity and trust funds are giving out insignificant returns on investments.
  • For those who are in the banking sector, we all know that the bank fixed deposits are definitely not as much as EPF's returns.
  • Also, we need not go far for comparisons.
  • A rich country down South, Singapore, recently released a press statement on the 12th of March 2009.


Since 1 January 2008, interest rate for savings in the Special, Medisave and Retirement Accounts (SMRA) has been pegged to the 12-month average yield of the 10-year Singapore Government Security (10YSGS) plus 1%. The average yield of the 10YSGS over one year, from 1 March 2008 to 28 February 2009, plus 1% worked out to be 3.69%.

To help CPF members adjust to the floating SMRA rate, the Government will maintain the 4% floor rate for two years, from 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2009, if the 10YSGS yield plus 1% is below 4%. After 31 December 2009, the 2.5% floor rate will apply for all CPF accounts.

Hence, the SMRA interest rate from 1 April 2009 to 30 June 2009 will be 4% (floor rate).

  • Malaysia's EPF remain positive, careful and caring with a 4.5% dividend.
  • Some quarters are unhappy though. They want more from EPF in an economy crisis.
  • Some might say that EPF's investments are based on 2008. But rationally, will any equity fund dish out a 7-8% dividend in anticipation or when engaged in an economic crisis?
  • If that is the case, it makes me think what the appropriate dividend rate for EPF should be if we are riding on a bull run. Perhaps 12%?
  • I can only wonder while Economists, financiers and politicians have differing views almost individually if not collectively.
  • It is either they are doing really well, or they need a new funds manager who has more logic.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

MCA on Islam and Secular State

I was surprised to read the latest statement from MCA - 13/3/09.

A particular statement with a block letter word - SECULAR - is untimely ahead of an UMNO General Assembly, the core partner of MCA in the Barisan Nasional coalition.

I have differing views with MCA on whether or not Malaysia is an Islamic state and I look at this from an international and macro perspective.

Although the statement is an official statement for press release from MCA, I wonder if they received the Presidential council's approval.

However, I stand side by side with MCA that acknowledges the status of Islam in Malaysia as the official religion.

MCA: Malaysia is a SECULAR state

MCA Political Education Bureau head Sdr Gan Ping Sieu expressed reservation over the written reply given by Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi to YB Karpal Singh in the Dewan Rakyat on 12 Mar 09 that “Malaysia is a ‘Negara Islam.’”

Ping Sieu welcomes the Prime Minister’s statement that Malaysia is not a theocratic state and shall adhere to a Parliamentary democratic system as enshrined in the Federal Constitution. Meanwhile, he held that the reference of Malaysia as a “Negara Islam” by the Prime Minister is wholly unnecessary, as the phrase “negara Islam” will only serve to confuse the Rakyat and cause unwanted fear.

MCA respects Islam as the religion of the Federation & civil laws must prevail in disputes involving Muslims and non-Muslims
MCA stands by Article 3 of the Federal Constitution which reads that Islam is the religion of the Federation. Never at any time has MCA ever questioned Islam as the official religion of the Federation, in particular, its application for ceremonial purpose in official functions. MCA further stands by the various provisions regarding the sanctity of Islam in the many state constitutions.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Malaysia - Moving Forward

I strongly urge my readers to spend time reading an article written by Gregore Lopez, a Malaysian currently pursuing a PhD in the Australian National University.

The article published on 12th January 2009, Malaysia-Moving Forward?, takes no side and touched on the economy involving Bank Negara Malaysia, Democratic Action Party (DAP) and Najib Tun Razak.

Since I have recently blasted Lim Guan Eng for his inconsistency of the RM 6000 he proudly announced and used to attack Najib Tun Razak, I shall continue here.

Below are excerpts of Gregore's article:

The opposition's proposal of RM50 billion (approximately US14.3 billion), led by the Democratic Action Party (DAP) is clearly a populist strategy. Among the recommendations were:

- RM 6,000 annual oil bonus to all families earning less than RM 6,000 a month or RM 3,000 annual bonus to bachelors earning less than RM 3,000 a month;

- Progressive reduction of corporate tax rate from the present 25% to 17%;

- Daily revision of petrol prices to take into account of changes in the international price of oil;

- Immediate reduction in gas prices as well as electricity tariffs; and

- An additional RM 2 billion wireless project to make all the major towns and cities in Malaysia wifi enabled.

While expansionary policies are a necessary response to the financial meltdown, the recommendations seem to focus on pleasing the public rather than sound economic deliberation. It is important to note that Malaysia has been running a fiscal deficit since 1998.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guan Eng, what RM 6000?

Tony Pua and Lim Guan Eng (DAP) slammed the Government for not putting money into the pockets of the rakyat.

Lim Guan Eng proposed initially a plan of RM 6,000 annual oil bonus to all families earning less than RM 6,000 a month or RM 3,000 annual bonus to bachelors earning less than RM 3,000 a month.

This exercise will cost the Government RM 35 billion if considered and executed.

I don't know if the RM 6000 mentioned by Lim Guan Eng HERE is the same RM 6000 which he said HERE.

An annual oil bonus of RM 6000 does not mean putting RM 6000 cash in the pockets of the people. It is an annual oil bonus and thus it must be a form of direct aid for fuel consumption of RM 6000. Correct me if I am wrong.

Is that all Tony Pua and Lim Guan Eng can argue about from Najib's stimulus package?

Actually, retraining programs, business cost cuts and subsidies, infrastructure projects, scholarships, business and study grants and telecommunications improvement are also similar forms of aid to the people.

Engineers, electricians, plumbers, hardware traders, electronics sectors, telecom experts, management trainers, and businesses will have income and thus money to spend due to the projects.

From there, these people will spend on food, clothing and other necessities.
Fishmongers, hawkers and textile traders will then have enough money to pay bills, wages and consume goods and services in the economy.

The cycle goes on and on from there. Money circulation can be done through this way also.

Although Najib did not take DAP's proposal of that RM 6000 annual oil bonus plan, the stimulus package did something even better. The stimulus package will provide tax relief on interest paid on housing loans of up to RM 10,000 a year for three years.

This could free up the loan repayments of home owners and inject cash into the economy through consumption spending and savings.

By the way, CM Lim Guan Eng should compare the budget of Malaysia and Singapore in detail.

It seems to me Malaysia's stimulus package has similarities to Singapore's.

We have aid and grants to students, investment in infrastructure and transportation, business cost rebates, subsidies or tax cuts, retraining program, public sector hiring and many more.

Surprisingly, I don't know why Lim Guan Eng tells us to emulate Singapore when our stimulus package seems to be quite close to Singapore PM H.L. Lee's plans.

International Herald Tribune carried the story of Singapore's $ 13.6 billion package. Excerpts of the article are as follow:

Singapore's government unveiled a multibillion dollar plan to boost spending and cut taxes in a bid to ease the worst recession in the city-state's history.

The government will lower corporate taxes, subsidize wages, guarantee bank loans and spend more on infrastructure as part of the $20.5 billion Singapore dollars ($13.6 billion) stimulus package, Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said Thursday in a televised speech.

The plan includes a 20 percent personal income tax rebate of up to $2,000 per worker and a range of other tax reductions.

The government will spend SG$5.1 billion to help companies avoid layoffs, highlighted by a cut of the maximum corporate tax rate to 17 percent from 18 percent.

It also plans to subsidize 12 percent of the first SG$2,500 of each employee's monthly wages, boost training programs, hike cash handouts to low-income workers by 50 percent, and increase public sector hiring.

The government will also assume 80 percent of the risk on private bank loans of up to SG$5 million to help spark lending and investment.

The city-state will also boost aid to welfare recipients, government pensioners and students, and invest SG$4.4 billion in infrastructure projects such as the subway system, roads, public housing, parks and military facilities.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Careful considerations, YB Charles Santiago

I refer to a very new posting my Charles Santiago. Yang Berhormat posted his official Press Statement on his blog: Press Statement on the RM 60 billion Stimulus Package

I will respond with respect to YB Klang's Statement.

  • In YB's opinion, when should we have launched a multi billion dollar ( a mega one ) stimulus package? Should we have done it in October 08? December 08?
  • I am interested to know because we cannot just say it is too late. Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows how to say that but when do you think should have been the right time?
  • The latest closure of production plant comes from Marvell, an American firm, in Penang.
  • If we had implemented it earlier, then the Opposition might say "Is it necessary to have so much?"
  • Mind you that EPU and Jabatan Statistik Negara have the necessary data and information of the economy. However, these data are not live information and require a certain period of collection and confirmation.
  • Careful observations will ensure the necessary amount of stimulus package.
  • Even now, US stimulus package cannot guarantee the recovery of the economy even though it is at USD 700-800 billion.
  • There are even calls for AIG to be declared bankrupt. Citigroup's financial standing is uncertain. What more to say about the multi billion dollars which the automotive companies in US say is insufficient and they want more?
  • Again, careful observations must be carried out and not blindly announce stimulus packages at a time when production plants are only beginning to close down.
  • Directives and confirmation of shut downs came not long ago. More will come soon, believe me.
  • Perhaps YB should analyse the patterns of huge stimulus packages globally.
  • Developed countries like US and Singapore announced their stimulus packages right after an official declaration of national recession (two consecutive quarters of negative growth in case you don't know).
  • Is Malaysia too late or not, I am not sure. I will avoid making uninformed judgements for now.
  • Having said this, I agree with you that the RM 7 billion stimulus package first announced did not seem to have effects on the economy and it was like sending a fly to fight a dragon.
  • I once discussed this with a fellow Economist friend and we concluded that if RM 7 billion can save a RM 600 billion economy, then Malaysia's economic patterns must be studied thoroughly and someone could win a Nobel Prize from there.
  • Nevertheless, thank you YB for your care and concern with the economy. I hope you were among the few Opposition members present during the Mini Budget presentation.

(Credits to TheStar and ABC News for the photos)

Highlights of RM 60 billion Plan

RM60bil for stimulus package - Tuesday March 10, 2009
Some very interesting plans under the RM 60 billion stimulus package:

In addition, as a joint effort between the Government and the private sector, the Government will assist in the auto-scrapping scheme for PROTON and PERODUA. Under the scheme, a discount of RM5,000 will be given to car owners, who trade in their cars, which are at least 10 years old, for the purchase of new PROTON or PERODUA cars. The Government will finance part of the discount borne by PROTON or PERODUA. This scheme is intended to stimulate car sales, as well as reduce carbon emission.

The aviation industry has expanded rapidly with total passenger traffic increasing by 5% to 47.4 million passengers in 2008. The number of passengers using low cost airlines has also increased to 18.5 million. Given the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Sepang has limited capacity to handle more passengers, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad will build and operate a new LCCT at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at an estimated cost of RM2 billion, which is expected to be ready in 2011.

Projects to improve telecommunication infrastructure, including broadband libraries, Broadband Community Centres as well as the provision of basic telephony services in 89 districts in rural areas at a cost of RM2.4 billion by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission; and Construction of sky bridges and covered walkways between buildings, especially in the Golden Triangle, Kuala Lumpur at a cost of RM100 million.


I have to say people should not attack Najib Tun Razak if they are not happy with the budget. I believe the stimulus package was formulated by Economists in the Economic Planning Unit and consultations was done with several independent experts.

Perhaps Najib gave some "guidance", I don't know.

Anyway, I agree with Jeff Ooi on certain matters. He wrote a blog entry HERE.

I am unsure about this RM 25 bil in Guarantee Funds. What is this? I hope it doesn't mean that these are to guarantee the deposits in all financial institutions.

If it is, I do not see why we should have that unless of course Malaysia's financial institutions will hit the wall soon.

This is something worth clarifying with Najib.

Nevertheless, the next time you go to a CIMB Group (US$ 7 billion) branch, feel proud that it is now worth more than Citigroup (US$ 5.7 billion) - on 7th March 2009. Read more HERE.

I think Citi's value has increased due to a rally recently. Ceteris paribus, assuming rallies are distortive, one can claim CIMB is stronger than Citigroup.

The plans highlighted above are interesting. Proton suffered under Abdullah Badawi. Now, I hope Najib can revive Proton and continue the financial solidarity of our national carmaker.

GM sells millions of cars every year, yet they bleed and lose money. The 3 largest American automotives sent their CEOs in private jets to Washington to ask for multi billion dollar bailout.

Perhaps, some should read also about the headache in Ssangyong Group (Korea).

So, there is no point arguing that Proton is protected when others are protecting their car industry too.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An Open Letter to Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin


Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin,
(Bekas) Menteri Besar Perak,

Perak Darul Ridzuan.


Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin. Cukuplah. Ini nasihat saya kepada Datuk Seri. Saya rasa Pakatan Rakyat dah melampaui batasan di Perak.

Sultan Perak sentiasa dipuji dan disanjung tinggi oleh Datuk Seri dan barisan pemimpin Datuk Seri sepanjang tahun. Tuanku dipuji oleh Kerajaan Datuk Seri sebagai seorang Sultan yang adil, berpendidikan tinggi dan berpengetahuan luas dalam bidang perundangan.

Datuk Seri sedar, bahawa setiap orang Perak memberi pujian dan penghormatan tertinggi kepada Sultan Azlan Shah pada setiap masa.

Saya juga menyanjung tinggi asas kebudayaan Datuk Seri sebagai seorang Melayu yang menghormati institusi Raja Melayu apabila Datuk Seri berkata "I have no doubt that the decision will be fair to all... to the people and to the political parties. He said that he needed time to look into the matter. I will abide and accept whatever the decision." (4 Feb 2009 - BERNAMA)

Kesemua ini melesap pada 5 Februari 2009, Datuk Seri.

Setelah Tuanku tidak setuju dengan Datuk Seri untuk membubarkan Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak dan menitahkan Datuk Seri meletak jawatan, Datuk Seri berkata "Saya dengan rendah hati mohon derhaka dengan berkata kepada baginda ’patik sebagai MB dan pemimpin kerajaan, mohon tidak letak jawatan".

Saya ini dengan rendah diri ingin bertanya kepada Datuk Seri. Patutkah Datuk Seri, sebagai orang Melayu, memohon derhaka terhadap kedaulatan DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah yang dipuji dan disanjung tinggi oleh Datuk Seri sendiri sebelum 5 Februari 2009?

Rakyat Perak kini sudah pun mula menentang Sultan Azlan Shah dan Raja Nazrin Shah. Perkara sebegini tidak pernah berlaku di Perak.

Janganlah bersekongkol dengan gabungan Ngeh-Nga yang mengawal Kerajaan Negeri Perak. Datuk Seri orang yang bijaksana dan sedar bahawa imej Datuk Seri makin lama makin tercalar dan bintang Datuk Seri makin malap.

Kini, pertarungan di Perak sudah jelas merupakan pertarungan antara titah Sultan Azlan Shah dan pemimpin-pemimpin DAP seperti V Sivakumar, Wong Kah Woh, Ngeh Koo Ham dan Nga Kor Ming.

Datuk Seri hanya akan dilihat sebagai Menteri Besar yang mengikut telunjuk DAP dalam sejarah sekiranya ini berterusan.

Kalaulah demokrasi yang diperjuangkan dan ADUN Behrang, ADUN Changkat Jering dan ADUN Jelapang dipamerkan sebagai ADUN yang membelot undi rakyat, mengapa Arumugam di Bukit Selambau yang bertanding sebagai CALON BEBAS diterima dengan tangan terbuka oleh pemimpin-pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat?

Rakyat di Bukit Selambau tidak mengundi BN atau PR tetapi memilih calon bebas. Namun, Pakatan Rakyat menerima Arumugam yang menyertai PKR selepas Pilihan Raya ke-12.

Ini bukan rekaan, Datuk Seri. Bacalah DI SINI.

Datuk Seri. Adakah Datuk Seri ingat kes ADUN Changkat Jering dan ADUN Behrang ditahan atas siasatan kes rasuah?

Datuk Seri perlulah sedar. Apabila berlaku insiden sebegini, bersama-sama dengan bukti, Kerajaan atau parti perlulah bertindak dengan segera dan menggantung perkhidmatan ahlinya yang terlibat.

Saya percaya Datuk Seri seorang yang arif dan berpegang teguh kepada prinsip. Datuk Seri mungkin perlu meluangkan masa membaca kes Khalid Ibrahim & Yahya Sahri serta kes UMNO & Isa Samad.

Kedua-dua ahli politik itu (Yahya dan Isa) digantung sehingga siasatan dan perbicaraan selesai bagi menjamin integriti dan ketelusan dalam pentadbiran.

Namun, di Perak, kedua-dua wakil rakyat Behrang dan Changkat Jering terus menjadi ADUN di Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak dan EXCO Kerajaan Negeri Perak.

Adakah Datuk Seri yakin Kerajaan Negeri Perak akan terus mendapat perkenan DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah untuk ditadbir oleh Pakatan Rakyat?

Sekiranya Datuk Seri berjiwa rakyat, hentikanlah sengsara rakyat di Perak. Sekiranya Datuk Seri betul-betul pemimpin, mohonlah kepada DAP supaya berhenti kekecohan krisis undang-undang di Perak.

Biarlah rakyat yang menentukan nasib BN dan PR pada Pilihan Raya yang akan datang. Nasib orang Perak tidak patut ditentukan melalui demonstrasi jalanan, penderhakaan, dan sudah pasti tidak perlu diputuskan di bawah pokok.

Datuk Seri, cukuplah penderhakaan Datuk Seri.

Sultan telah pun membuat keputusan dan menitahkan Zambry & barisan EXCO BN mentadbir Perak.

Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin, keputusan kini di tangan Datuk Seri. Janganlah sampai saya yang bukan Melayu ini turun padang mengajar Datuk Seri betapa pentingnya institusi Raja Melayu di Malaysia ini.

Salam sejahtera.

Goh Wei Liang

Monday, March 09, 2009

Inilah Ketuanan Pakatan Rakyat - 2

Arumugam in safe place, claims Kedah PKR
Former Kedah PKR exco V Arumugam is currently in a safe location so that he is not subjected to further intimidation and pressure, said state party chief Ahmad Kasim.

Arumugam hubungi Anwar mahu kempen di Bukit Selambau
Ketua Umum Pakatan Rakyat, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berkata, bekas Exco Kerajaan Negeri Kedah, V. Arumugam yang menghilangkan diri sebelum meletakkan jawatan awal bulan lalu, telah menghubunginya tiga hari lalu.

Arumugam bertanding sebagai calon Bebas tetapi menyertai PKR selepas kemenangan 8 Mac.


Di manakah pelaung-pelaung "PULANGKAN DEMOKRASI KEPADA RAKYAT"? Peguam-peguam DAP membisu sahaja!

Mengapa rakyat tak menyoal Anwar Ibrahim yang membelot demokrasi di Bukit Selambau?

Rakyat Bukit Selambau tak pilih BN ataupun Pakatan Rakyat. Tetapi, Arumugam diterima dengan tangan terbuka oleh Anwar & Co yang melaung "DEMOKRASI! KETUANAN RAKYAT!"

Setelah 3 ADUN Perak keluar Pakatan Rakyat, agenda menjatuhkan imej mereka bertiga begitu hangat dimainkan. Mereka bertiga dipamerkan sebagai ADUN yang membelot undi rakyat.

Blogger-blogger Pro Pakatan Rakyat juga kata ini membelot segala usaha parti Pakatan Rakyat dan mandat rakyat kepada Pakatan Rakyat.

Namun, Anwar Ibrahim & Co yang menuding jari ke arah Barisan Nasional lupa bahawa mereka juga pembelot demokrasi.

Kalaulah ada pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat yang berani memberi penjelasan tindakan Pakatan Rakyat menerima pembelot demokrasi dan Ketuanan Rakyat di Kedah, saya sedia dihubungi di manifestogwl@gmail.com

Inilah Ketuanan Pakatan Rakyat - 1

Berikut merupakan artikel yang dipetik daripada blog Jebat Must Die. Amat menarik perhatian.

Undang-undang di Malaysia hanyalah adil dan saksama apabila Kehakiman, Polis dan badan Eksekutif berdiri di gelanggang Pakatan Rakyat.

Jebat Must Die - V Sivakumar's Constitutional Expert
(full text)

Back in October 2008, Tommy Thomas (if it is the same person as above) was interviewed by The Nut Graph. This Constitutional expert reiterated time and time again in his interview that it is within the powers of the Monarchy to select who would be the Prime Minister.

Since the state constitution of Perak follows closely to the Federal Constitution, we can juxtapose what he is saying then to the situation we have now in Perak.

Among the pertinent points he said were:

“Then Abdullah would have to visit the palace and inform the king that he has lost the confidence of his own party, and so tender his resignation and the resignation of his cabinet. And the king will accept that.

When that happens, there is a vacancy in the office of the prime minister. At that point of time, the king has a free hand, because Article 43(2)(a) [of the Federal Constitution] — the appointing process — comes into play. The king can decide whether he calls the new leader of the Barisan Nasional (BN), which will be Najib; or somebody else who, in the king’s judgment, enjoys majority support in the Dewan Rakyat.”

“As outlined in Article 43(4), if Abdullah himself feels he has lost the majority support for whatever reason, including that he is losing support within Umno, he is entitled to visit the king [to do the following]. He can tell the king he wants to tender his resignation and that of his cabinet because he thinks he no longer enjoys the support of the majority of the lower house (the Dewan Rakyat), and ask for Parliament to be dissolved. And call [for] elections.

He is entitled to ask [which is one of his prerogatives as sitting prime minister]. But it is the king’s prerogative whether to say yes or no. The king can take into account the interests of the nation, economic factors, political turbulence, the fact that elections were held recently, the costs involved, etc. But the discretion is the king’s.”

“We are invited to interpret Article 43(4) which reads: “If the PM (JMD : in this case the MB) ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the House of Representatives, then, unless at his request the Yang diPertuan Agong dissolves Parliament, the prime minister shall tender the resignation of the cabinet.”

What we are trying to do is find out what is the intention of our founding fathers. That is what the task is all about. How do you interpret those words?

Who are the founding fathers? First, the five members of the Reid Commission — two members from the UK, one from Australia, one from India and one from Pakistan — the senior Commonwealth members. The other group of people are Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun VT Sambanthan and Tun Tan Cheng Lock.

What we are trying to do is interpret their words, 43(4), with the intention they had in mind. Some legal experts have said it is limited to a poll, a vote of no confidence in the Dewan Rakyat.

My argument is that cannot be the intention because if it is so limited, then the language would have been something like this: “If the Prime Minister is defeated on a motion of confidence in the House of Representatives, then…” So you see the opening words of 43(4) and my imaginary version are very different…the actual wording is far more general, broad and wide, whereas the other is specific and limited to one method.

But the important thing is that it is the king’s satisfaction that matters. The king must be satisfied that the prime minister of the day no longer enjoys the confidence of the majority of the lower house. So what that means actually is that the king cannot act arbitrarily; there must be some objective facts, some proof, some reason for him to act.

How he goes about satisfying himself on this point is up to the king.”

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Shadow Cabinet

The political tsunami slapped Barisan Nasional hard on the face. The Opposition has never been stronger than this term.

Today is the anniversary of the political tsunami.

Yet, the former abuse of power and corruption convict, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, managed to avoid the grand prize of the two-party democratic system in Malaysia.

Where is the shadow Cabinet, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim?
  • If you think the religious affairs in Malaysia are not properly managed by Barisan Nasional's Minister, then what solutions can your Shadow Minister offer?

  • If you think the PPSMI case can be better handled, then what solutions can your Shadow Education Minister offer? Even more curious, what is your stand on the PPSMI case?
  • If you think the RM 10 billion second stimulus package is not enough, then what can your Shadow Finance Minister offer?
  • If you think the water and electricity policies are unsatisfactory, then what can your Shadow Utilities Minister offer?
  • If you think the toll concessions can be better handled, then what can your Shadow Works Minister offer?
  • If you think Najib Tun Razak is not a proper successor to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as Prime Minister of Malaysia, then what can your Shadow Deputy Prime Minister (s) offer?

Sadly, I see shadows of Pakatan Rakyat's politicians only, not Shadow Ministers.

  • When it comes to religious affairs, PAS politicians are not holding hands among themselves and walk down the road. What more to say, the lukewarm relationship between PAS and DAP?
  • When it comes to the water deals, it seems that Khalid Ibrahim is telling the Barisan Nasional Government to takeover the water company and continue to fulfill the election promises of Parti Keadilan Rakyat in Selangor.
  • When it comes to the economy, it seems that DAP leaders are doing the talking, but the Shadow Prime Minister of Malaysia continue his soprano of conspiracies.
  • When it comes to power struggles, only Anwar Ibrahim is the benevolent and righteous leader of Malaysia.
  • Yet, people disregard the elusive question - Who will succeed Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister and who will be his Ministers? - if Pakatan Rakyat is in power.


Or him?

Possibly him. AFP: Malaysia's Anwar calls for emergency no-confidence vote in PM , Hadi mahu Abdullah kekal PM selepas Mac .

Anwar has avoided the topic of "Shadow Cabinet" for so long. We cannot entrust a Government to him just because he rides on popularity of conspiracies.

Anwar must answer and produce a prominent list of Shadow Ministers and more importantly, the Shadow Deputy Prime Minister.

(Credits to Daylife.com, Apanama2020, Thestar for the photos)