Sunday, June 08, 2008

Appreciate Me and I Will Appreciate You

As I grow up from my mom's arms from a baby into a man, I experienced many things in life. In fact, I can claim that I am very much a mature grown up man compared to my peers of the same age group.

I have lived with a family in Japan. I have travelled overseas. I have seen how the poor life in Malaysia, and how the rich spend. I have experienced many things in school, college and now in a University in Australia.

I still remember when I was a small kid, I was poor too. Not even middle class. But as we progress a little financially, dad still showed me our history of poverty, and how the many poor people lived. And also we compared to see other classes of lifestyle.

There were many informal education I received from my parents when I was young and these informal education kept me on my toes and moulded the many human values in me. I do not claim that I am perfectly a nice guy.

Haha. I do have my bad sides - I procrastinate a lot, and I always stress myself up even over the slightest matter. I used to have a very bad temper at home but I am over that already. And I am a very messy person. Hmm. Okay enough of my bad side. Haha.

Throughout my life, I can say that I have many friends. I do not have nice experiences with all of them but generally it was all good and some brightened up my life, some helped me into what I am today.

There were some who really did not appreciate me. Being a nice person, this trait of mine was exploited. I kept going on and on being nice because my parents always say "a friend is still a friend no matter what".

At some point of time, when we feel that our sincerity and kindness are betrayed, exploited and we get hurt, do we not feel down and sad?

At times, I wonder if they know what kind of person they are and what they are doing. The words they say out, the actions they carry out and their attitude - do they ever look back, review and learn from their mistakes? One can only wonder. But the Malay proverb reminded me that "banyak orang banyak ragam". That is why perhaps this world is not peaceful ?

Hmm. Nevertheless, I personally appreciate the many friends I have and I know some of them will always be there for me when I need it. Yes, my family will always be supportive of me but friends are very important too.

I am just glad that throughout the phases of my education, I have a handful of true friends. Haha. In fact, some of my close buddies now, I knew them since primary school :) Hey guys, you know who you are !!

Mmm. Appreciate me and I will appreciate you. Come to think of it, I think my family and I have many doctor friends too. Haha. I am just so glad that there will be so many doctors out there looking after me. Some of them knew me since I was 3 years old I think :) Health is important nowadays. Haha.

Okay :)

I realised that I have many readers in Malaysia from different locations, even in the world. Mainly from Malaysia, Australia (most probably my pals), Singapore, Brunei. Hmm. Many other random locations as well.

Thank you all for reading my blog :) Would love to be friends with all my readers too.

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