Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ketuanan Anwar Diperkasakan

When Mahathir was PM of Malaysia and UMNO President, most of the delegates went straight to issues related to their party, the Govt policies and the leadership. Hardly were there any Perhimpunan Agung UMNO (PAU) that sang praises of Mahathir like he was a demi-God.

Malaysians made him the Prime Minister for 22 years for his economic and political policies that ensured FDIs inflow and stability.
As we moved on from Mahathir to Pak Lah to Najib today, life goes on. UMNO was and still is as democratic as any party in the world. It was always the Government and Party first, never about any individuals.

From a "self declared political victim" in 1998, Anwar was then appointed as a De Facto Leader. Every ounce of that title symbolises dictatorial leadership, hardly any democratic element in it. (There's a de facto leader also in PAS by the way)

Today, in Wan Azizah's speech at the PKR National Congress, Anwar was immortalized as a "God sent leader" and not just a De Facto Leader.

Let's ask ourselves. Ever since he became the De Facto Leader, what reforms have been done and how influential is he among leaders of PAS and DAP?
  1. Any real reforms taken place in Kelantan? Kelantan is still talking about getting clean water. Read CTS's piece - Air bersih di Kelantan 17 tahun lagi

  2. Any real reforms taken place in Penang?

  3. Any real reforms taken place in Selangor? Selangor's economy is not good even after he became the Economic Advisor.

  4. What about Kedah? Kedah, contrary to Wan Azizah's "Ketuanan Melayu harus ditinggalkan", is in fact getting more discriminatory. Read Tan Keng Liang's piece - PKR should first abolish Ketuanan Melayu concept in Pakatan states

After reading Tan Keng Liang's article, we now feel assured that Barisan Nasional, led by UMNO, has been fair to all races all these while comparatively.

Anwar often travels overseas and he often speaks of his experiences and encounters with global leaders. Well, if Anwar was that influential globally, he would have attracted countless state level FDIs and ensured that the economy of Kelantan, Kedah, Penang and especially Selangor enjoy rapid growth!

Anwar is not God sent, never. God would never send such a person who prefers rhetorical speeches rather than delivery of results, political demonstrations rather than stability and hatred rather than peace. But like it or not, the Chameleon is now God-like.

Ketuanan Anwar Diperkasakan, Kedewaan Anwar Diperkenalkan.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MCA and Friends of BN

I am sure MCA saw it coming when PM announced that there will be direct membership for BN without alliance to any political parties.

Back in those days when Tee Keat was President of MCA, there were worrying analysis that Hua Zong or any respectable Malaysian Chinese might be placed as candidates for the 13 GE to replace MCA.

Today, there is no guarantee that the same won't happen with Soi Lek as President even after taking into account his good rapport with the Chinese guilds and associations (I wonder if Tiong Lai is doing his job as Bureau Chief. I only see my President moving around)

Read: MCA uneasy over polls ticket for BN friends

MCA was quick to state their uneasiness on the direct membership matter but the election matters most especially the 13th GE. The Party must make clear their position in the coalition to fellow BN members.

BN should never replace traditional MCA seats with others from any Chinese association and guilds in the upcoming General Election. This will be suicidal both to the BN political machinery and to the candidate.

The Supreme Council of BN must not forget the true friends of BN are those sitting at that long table who have fought for the coalition through rain and shine and when it matters most.

It worries me when the PM, alone, is saying THIS (Najib: Seats for Barisan parties not for direct members). MCA should get the Supreme Council to agree to the PM's words especially when members vote on issues during the meetings (you never know when the PM's words will get overruled by component members).

In the coming 13GE, which everyone seems to be excited about, the Supreme Council should also address issues on campaign machinery. I hope that all BN parties campaign together with a concerted effort in their constituency regardless of which component party gets selected for the seat.

By-elections are never good measures of success as compared to a grand scale General Election. So, don't tell me we all clicked well, had a great campaign and won the by-elections.

Many times, I have heard about boycotts, uncooperative component parties or poorly organized local political campaign machinery during elections. BN can no longer afford such things in the 13GE and those who disobey the chain of command in the political campaign machinery should be hauled to the Disciplinary Committee.

In any "too close to call" battle, the winner has always been the side with the most dynamic and efficient campaign machinery.

Know your "true friends" and you shall win the elections.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

MCA accused of handing out RM

It is sad to see the level of politics today and how foolish Pakatan Rakyat's "value chain" can be. Right from the top of the Ketua Umum (sounds like Kim Jong Il equivalent by the way) down to the spin doctors led by the alternative media.

The public is against public funds mismanagement and corruption ESPECIALLY electoral vote buying practices. Clearly, this was captured when Idris Jala's PEMANDU organized the Government Transformation Programme lab and acknowledged that corruption is one of the National Key Result Areas.

The people are more tech savvy these days and with the electronic media as well as the social networking sites, the truth is out there and no one can hide.

Now, put yourself in MCA's shoes and think rationally if MCA will go around telling the folks that "hey, we are giving out money if you vote for us!".

This is like telling the people "hey, vote for me and I pay you cold hard cash, tell the world!". In other words, this is no different than MCA shooting themselves with a gun.

MCA might have their weaknesses but will never commit to such corrupt acts - crystal clear corruption lah my friend! Siapa percaya?

I wonder who was paid to spread the rumour and who organized the trips for the people to queue up at MCA for this "payment". The fact that DAP reps were present at the "queue" is enough for me to have my own personal interpretation.

As proven over the past years in every election, Barisan Nasional has always adopted the "rakyat friendly policies" such as welfare payments to the poor, better infrastructure and facilities, religious worship places, and schools.

That is the level of intelligence Barisan Nasional has and clearly, the "I buy your vote" strategy has never taken place. You should ask if PKR, DAP or PAS practices that in their own Party elections. Itu saya tak tahu lah.

Having said these, this one might be a different story. See this (I am not and I did not say anything. Just see the picture!): What do you call this

If that's not enough, consider this - PAS Offers Transportation Cost For Galas Voters

Well, the number of outstation voters was said to be 1557 people. That is RM 250 x 1557 = RM 389,250 cold hard cash budgeted to be spent by PAS for the by-election in Galas. If you ask me, that is a lot of money and it is RM 250 per vote!

Rakyat mudah lupa. Kita maju bersama Barisan Nasional.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Liew Chin Tong vs PEMANDU

Seriously, from the news articles and war of words in the press between Bukit Bendera MP YB Liew Chin Tong (DAP) and Senator Dato' Sri Idris Jala, I came to the conclusion that YB Liew is embarrassing himself.

Let me show you why. At first

The MP further alleged that a RM729.4 million operating budget was allocated for 2011 which has mostly been channeled to international consulting firms” (The Malaysian Insider)

As a learned MP with Political Science and Asian Studies degrees from the Australian National University (ANU), I would expect some level of professionalism from you my dear Senior.

What made you to come up with the allegations that most of the RM 730 million allocated to PEMANDU has been channeled to international consulting firms? Assuming "most" is equal to say "50%", that's at least RM 365 million paid to international consulting firms, Senior!

These wild allegations, which smell of "cari publisiti" intention, by YB Liew was shot down by CEO of PEMANDU who clarified that

PEMANDU's operating budget for 2011 is RM40 million. This comprises manpower costs/emoluments; services and supplies; assets under existing and new policies; one-off payment for non-recurring items including costs of conducting labs, open days, workshops, surveys, consultancy fees, research and benchmarking exercises; travel and logistics; and media costs.

Then, YB Liew didn't give up when he slammed the ETP.

This is clearly not in line with the spirit of the NEM. In the NEM 1 document, the National Economic Advisory Council categorically declared that the era of “centralised strategic planning” in which “guidance and approval from the federal authorities for economic decisions” is over. (The Malaysian Insider)

YB Liew clearly do not understand and did not try to understand. I can hear the thousands of people involved with the ETP from the public and private sector laughing already.

Senior, the ETP is not a PEMANDU or Najib Administration production. In layman's terms, the ETP is a compilation of brainstorming session recommendations by captains of industries in Malaysia as well as the private sector's plans to invest in specific sectors over the next 10 years. It is a programme and not a plan as Idris Jala likes to put it.

So, it is neither a "central planning" nor a guided economic decision by the Government.

Just because the CEO of PEMANDU is interactive with the people and the press, it doesn't mean that YB Liew should exploit it blindly to place yourself in the news!

Not everyone can be a Tony Pua or Kit Siang lah, Senior. Next election, it is time for Bukit Bendera folks to vote for Chia Kwang Chye!