Friday, March 30, 2007

100th Blog Entry - A Piece of My Mind

This week was a rough week for me . Had bad exams in Microecons 2 and Honours Stream Econs . Had a tough day with my badminton game where all shuttlecocks just cant get past the net and ur smashes are not working . Sigh . Tough week .

Next week will be the final week before my Easter break starts . I have an assignment due on Thursday for Econometrics . Hmm .

Anyway , this is my 100th posting . I have always wanted to buy and read what's all these Sun Tzu Art of War books about . Didn't buy any throughout my life in Malaysia . Wasn't attracted to any of the Art of War books , in the way they were presented , the language etc . But today was my lucky day . I passed by Smith's Bookshop in City . This shop always put out discounted books , clearance books outside its shop . And I found a gorgeous Sun Tzu Art of War book . The contents and the presentation , the quality of the glossy papers used inside , the pictures , the cover .

Everything appealed to me and it was at half price !! So I bought it :)

So yeah . Easter holidays are coming soon . Lets see . I will be going to Gold Coast from the 8th of April till 13th . From there , I will be flying to Sydney with my pals . Will be staying at Focus Apartments with 6 pals in Gold Coast . But I guess the highlight of my stay will be in Sydney where I will be spending most of my money (Sadly) by staying two nites with Chee Yeong and Jimmy at Marriott Hotel . And...will be going for the Bridge Climb . A $169 Sydney Harbour Bridge climb .

Haha . Happy 100th Posting , A Piece of My Mind . Will put loads of pictures online at this page of my trip to Gold Coast and indulgence in Sydney . But I'm sure glad to hear Tun is healthy and as fit as ever in every sense !

The speech in Kulai was interesting . A RM 60mil home in Perth ?! Wow . Tun really has a lot of info . That is why I always trust Tun in many areas . He is well versed , knowledgeable and influential .

These factors will make you so powerful and smart in all manners . People will start feeding you with info , or you can pick up a phone and start calling a few numbers , ask them a few questions and you get what you want .

Tun Dr M . You are a true leader . The world respects individuals like you who contributed so much to the society . Malaysia benefited alot during your era . Congratulations and Malaysia will always be remembered alongside your grand name Sir .

So keep up the good work TDM . Hmm . MM Singapore Mr Lee Kuan Yew was here two days ago to receive a PhD doctorate in Law from ANU .

Heard there were people trying to protest this because if his style of leadership in Singapore that I have long describe as dictatorship , dynasty , imperial successions under the blanket of democracy .Not quite my business . So I should just mind my own issues and enjoy my 100th blog entry .

Good day , good week , and a good year ahead for all of us !

Monday, March 26, 2007

Request Approved

Dear X-Wing , your comments are well appreciated . I will fulfill ur request to put this in the main page . Your response to Pro Umno's comments will be in A Piece of My Mind's entry today .

Dear readers , the following was written by X-Wing :

"Also, if the rail lines are severed - even temporarily during the time the crooked bridge was to be built - all the KTM land in Singapore could belong to Singapore. Then KTM will truly become 'Keretapi Tak Mari!'The Straits are too narrow for ships of any size to pass through."

- I think Australia should immediately deny that this writer ever studied in Austrlia. It would drop Australian education standards to alarming levels.

1) Hey, this is 2007. Haven't you herad of building the new one first before closing the old? Have we ever closed the PLUS highway to allow road upgrades? Did we close down air services into Malaysia before shifting from Subang to KLIA? Get real pea-brain!

2) The Straits are too narrow for ships? Go do your homework before spitting out thrash. The plan was never for big ships. It was for pleasure crafts, marine patrol boats, goods carrying barges, fishing trawlers and other small crafts to get through without having to waste time circumventing Singapore!

God! where did this guy put his brains ?Do me a favour Mr GWL, can you post this on the main page?

At least I know that X-Wing and I are still aware of the situation and of the facts that live around us unlike someone who sings out loud that he is educated and Pro UMNO but backstabs the well respected ex Prime Minister of Malaysia , calling out "fools" to the current leaders who had no objections to the building of the bridge , shouting out criticisms at the many experts who brought the project to life , damaging the reputation of our PM and the government of Malaysia that was elected by at least 10million Malaysian voters who once again had NO OBJECTIONS BUT SUPPORT AND WILLPOWER to build the bridge in the first place .

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Muslim world needs another Mahathir Mohamad to stand up to the West

By Kaleem Omar

The Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) countries are at sixes and sevens these days and seem unable to make a convincing case for the legitimate rights and concerns of the Muslim world in its dealings with the West, and, more particularly, with the United States, where most Muslim nations continue to be regarded by the neo-con Bush administration and its cohorts in the pro-Israeli sections of the American media as “terrorist” states or states providing “support” or “safe havens” to anti-Western terrorists.

The OIC itself has become a largely ineffectual organisation concerned more with the minutiae of drafting hollow-sounding resolutions and summit declarations than with matters of substance. .....Meanwhile, the OIC, as usual, is sitting doing nothing and looking the other way as Washington’s orchestrated drum-beat for an attack on Iran grows louder and louder.

This sorry state of affairs underscores the need for the OIC countries to find another leader of the caliber, stature and independent-mindedness of former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to represent the Muslim world in its dealings with the United States and other Western countries.....

.....In his opening address at the 10th session of the OIC summit in Putrajaya, Malaysia, on October 16, 2003, Dr Mahathir was again at his acerbic best. To thunderous applause from the gallery, which included representatives of 57 Muslim nations plus Russian President Vladimir Putin and Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Mahathir let fly with a stinging statement. “We are actually very strong,” he said. “1.3 billion people cannot be simply wiped out. The Europeans killed 6 million Jews out of 12 million. But today the Jews rule this world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.”His comments created a storm of criticism in the West, but Mahathir said later that such criticism only showed that the Jews did indeed rule the world.....

Read the full article at

INTECians in ANU

Bad comments come rarely like the one I received a few hours ago . But I won't let those affect my mood . I received this picture from Sze Huey . Thanks , that's nice of you . It is a picture of all International Education Centre (INTEC) , UiTM students who are in ANU . We took this during Picnic Day at South Oval of ANU. Beautiful place , nice scenery and it is peaceful . A special thanks to all my lecturers in INTEC . Thank you for educating me and bringing me up to university level .

Arigatou Gozaimasu , Sensei .

My my ... what a disgrace

Pro UMNO has left a new comment on your post "23rd August , Alor Setar .":

You study in Australia and write shit like this? Malu lah those of us who also studied there too. Singapore owns the bridge jointly.This means they have a say. Also, if the rail lines are severed - even temporarily during the time the crooked bridge was to be built - all the KTM land in Singapore could belong to Singapore. Then KTM will truly become 'Keretapi Tak Mari!'The Straits are too narrow for ships of any size to pass through. Johor will always play second fiddle to Singapore, given the backwardness of UMNO Johor leadership. You were sent to Australia to study, to open your mind and learn something new. There is still hope for you but stop writing shit - you don't know what you are talking. Our PM AAB has more brains in his little finger than you have in your big fat head!

I got this comment on ... lets see ... 25th of March 2007 , a couple of hours ago . Haha . My response ? Sigh . By the tone of it , you studied in Australia as well I believe . Read the book Mahathir Menyinga by Datuk Ruhanie . It has a chronological database of all the events that built up to the cancellation of the bridge . Why did Datuk Seri Syed Hamid say we will build that bridge , why did our PM say he will build that bridge , why did everyone in the Cabinet say they will . And then all of a sudden , PM says it will not go on ?

Wow . I don't remember the exact phrases used by our Ministers . But they used words as though they will take the guns or keris to protect the sovereignty and rights of Malaysia just to build the half bridge .

So if our PM AAB whom according to you has more brains in his little finger than I have in my big fat head , then I would say he is misleading one big nut who is so foolish and disgraceful like you .

I don't know how well connected you are to the inner circle of those who walk the Corridors of Power . But by saying these , you are saying Tun Dr Mahathir is stupid . By saying these , you are directly 100% saying that Datuk Seri Syed Hamid and Pak Lah was stupid . You are saying at least the whole Government of Malaysia consists of fools . Why ? Because they all supported the bridge to be built in national television and newspapers . Even our PM said , DPM , Foreign Minister . All of them said . Till one fine sunny day , it was announced to be called off . Perhaps you are even saying that before the announcement of the cancellation of the bridge , our leaders were all stupid and told a very great lie to the public .


You disgrace UMNO , and the public . You are mocking not only our ex Prime Minister , but the current administration of Malaysia who had no objections for the building of the bridge in the first place which included the current PM .

Don't ever come to my blog again whoever you are who just writes Pro UMNO as an ID .

According to Wikipedia , in 2003 , Malaysia wanted to build a bridge across the strait to replace the existing causeway, but negotiations with Singapore were not successful. The main reasons cited for the change were:
  1. a bridge would allow free flow of water across both sides of the straits which were artificially cut in two with the building of the causeway before.
  2. a bridge would help ease congestion in Johor Bahru.

In August 2003, Malaysia announced that it was going ahead with a plan to build a gently sloping, curved bridge that would join up with Singapore's half of the existing causeway. The plans included a swing bridge for the railway line. However, plans to build the bridge have been called off as of . The area is also a source of contention due to Singapore's land reclamation projects on its north-eastern islands. There have been suggestions that the ongoing land reclamation projects may impact the maritime boundary, shipping lanes, and water ecology of the Malaysian side. Reclamation projects may also endanger the habitat and food source of dugongs , which is native to the straits .

The Malaysian Government in 2003 announced the building of half crooked bridge . There . I believe Tun Mahathir did not go for it all by himself . I believe he had the expertise . A PM would not call for the building of a 200 storey building if he does not have the expertise right ? Right . And whatever you are arguing , did the Malaysian Government have that in knowledge ? No ? So the Malaysian Government of 25 million Malaysians was making a fool of themselves ? Man . I think you disgrace all of us who studies and studied in Australia . A major representation in the form of a Government of the people made a fool of themselves to believe that the Straits have the width and depth sufficient to fit ships .

Who is the fool now ? According to you my friend , "The Straits are too narrow for ships of any size to pass through" . Wow . You my friend , are defying the expertise of the government of Malaysia which announced the building of a new half bridge in 2003 . You my friend , is indeed a disgrace .

You said this to me "There is still hope for you but stop writing shit - you don't know what you are talking."

I say this to you . This is my blog , and I have my rights to write what I want . It is plain simple . I don't like taking a pen and write in a diary of what I think and feel . I like to type and I type entries into my blog . But I did not ask anyone to come here to read . People just start coming to read voluntarily . I like what I write and what I believe .

As for you my friend , there is still hope for you . If you think that I'm wrong and I write shit , don't come throwing spears at me . Go ahead and bring the Malaysian Government to the High Courts , bring those who agreed with the building of the bridge in 2003 to justice and charge them for misleading (perhaps the whole Cabinet that includes the current PM I believe) . Go ahead my friend . That is if you know what you are talking . Otherwise , there is still hope for you and stop writing shit that you don't know .

Perhaps you are related to the PM . Perhaps you are a current leader in the present administration . Perhaps you are in the inner circle . Perhaps you know a lot more than I do . But your arguments ? Unacceptable . I still can't think why did the Malaysian ministers and Government say that they will build the bridge in the papers . And yet you my friend have these knowledge but the Government of Malaysia in 2003 till 2006 did not . Perhaps you should be the next PM ? Or perhaps you are just ... shit ?

I will leave the mysteries as they are . My my , what a disgrace .

Saturday, March 24, 2007

CNY Spectacular .... yeah right

On the 21st of March , I went to Canberra Theatre for a performance . It was a Chinese New Year performance presented by the Divine Performing Arts group . According to the emcee , the crew was mainly from Northern America .

The performance was average , though I believe many Australians love it that night . Perhaps we Chinese would have required a more classy performance .

But it was all right to me . Jimmy and Chee Yeong thinks it wasn't . Haha . Anyway , yeah ... they had dances , beautiful costumes , nice props , nice soprano singers . However , the soprano singers were political with all of their songs .

Their songs sing about "longing to return" , "Falun Dafa Hao - Falun Dafa is Good" , "do you remember how many were massacred" , "Tiananmen Square you are the witness" and many more . Of course there are good phrases but it sounded a little political as well . The following are extracts from one of the songs :

So vast is heaven and earth
We use the compass of truth

When disaster descends
It favors neither rich nor poor
But there is a way out
Quickly find out what is true

Well . I don't understand why an evening of relaxation and a moment to appreciate art needed political elements especially Falun Gong factors .

Now . I'm not very well versed in Falun Gong but I'm reading on it . Will comment more about it . But that night while watching that performance , it made me wonder . If one country supports Falun Gong , there will be the whole CCP and the whole 1 billion pure China population to face (they will be angry...haha) .

Or we can support CCP and object the whole Falun Gong community . We would then be making those overseas China Chinese angry , we will then be making the so called "100million" practitioners angry ... hmm . Which side are we to take ?

I don't know . I leave it here for now . Anyway , that show cost me $43 after a student discount . Damn . That's expensive .

Picture Week

This week is picture week . These are pictures of my unit , 447 , in UniLodge and my room . There will be more pictures of UniLodge apartments later . But this is all for now as I promised .

Have a good day guys ... and I'm planning my Easter holidays ... hmm... bz next week ...Sigh . I will have Econs group presentation , Econs exam , EMET assignment , Investment quiz .

Sad . My life is a bz one .

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Irritated , Annoyed , Angered

Read this :

A piece of my mind ? READ THIS :

To the Editor of The Star :

Title : The Orbituary for Dogs , My Condolences .

I refer to your article "10,000 stray dogs killed in Johor last year" on 19th March 2007 . With that , allow me to raise some questions that I've been wondering all the while . Is there a better way to handle stray dogs than shooting them ? Will it be better if we just capture them and put them to sleep or even send them to the SPCA ? Are dogs that dangerous or wild till we need 5 rifles and 5 men in a operation of dog murderings ? Are we the only country in the world that guns down dogs ?

I believe we have the proper channels to handle such matter . Perhaps it is time we shift the responsibility of managing dogs to the SPCA . Allow them to take more responsibilities for themselves . Here we have in the country a society to prevent cruelty towards animals . But are we using them to the fullest extent ? We ask ourselves . Some countries in the world even have animal police . To us , Bush , the allies or the Western propaganda might be the causation of war . To the dogs ? We are no different from the warmongers .

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Week

I'm so so touched that I shed some tears before I slept . People are so nice to me on my birthday (14th March) . Had another surprise cake at nite . Thanks pals , thanks Sue Ann . Nice of you all , nice of you dearie :) Got lots to say , but I guess I will be long winded ... so thank you I suppose ? Haha .

Residents of Unit 447 UniLodge :

Me receiving my birthday cake at the age of 21 :)

Cutting cake :)

This is the 21 year olds club :) ... with more to come over the year !

My support system , my buddies at UniLodge :)

Well well . Thanks for all the things you have done for me . Very touched and happy . I rarely celebrate my own birthday... normally my parents buy me what I want for my birthday . So it was a good cake guys (if you are reading this) !

Thank you so much .

Received some emails over the week , some text messages ... here and there . Happy but busy week . Thank you for the greetings , affirmation of the authenticity of the email , and thank you for wishing me ... thanks Encik Sufi .

Hmm . Let's see whats hot . Susan Loone raised the question of whether really Altantuya's father talked to Bernama . She questioned the existence of such conversation after the Courts brought forth the date of the trial which Altantuya's father was reportedly saying he was happy and stuff like that .

You know what ? I'm getting sick of all these . Can the media please report the truth ?? All reports should be raised beyond a shadow of doubt . Sigh .

And now you are beginning to restart the work on the rail project which was shelved after Tun retired . Come on . You shelved all these . And now you revive it . Don't mess around so much . Time contains the value of money . Financiers and economists can tell you that perhaps .

And then there was this Jihad Ekonomi function . Sigh . I believe there are many more senior Economists , financiers and economic analysts who are more qualified , if not more experienced than some Mr KJ . To be honest , even my mom is sick of this . Who the hell do you think you are to scold the GLC bosses !? If it is me , I would rather listen to Datuk Nazir Razak from CIMB , Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow , Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary , Tan Sri Hassan Merican , Tun Mahathir , Presidents of Chambers of Commerces , Tan Sri Ananda Krishnan . I can understand that it is more of a Bumiputera function . But there are many top Bumiputera folks who are more experienced . No KJ . No . Not you . I might not be as intelligent as you . But you are definitely not as intelligent as a few if not many others who have achieved many things in life .

It is KJ here in Function A , B and C . It is Khairy there in Column A , B , C of NST . It is KJ this KJ that . Hey people . Let me ask you this . If Ah Chong's dad is the principal of the school , and if Ah Chong acts a little bossy and overboard , would you dare to fire him ?

If Mr Muthu is the CEO of Company X . His son Samy is the deputy manager of the Human Resources Department . Every Tom Dick and Harry knows how powerful Samy is .

Sigh . Enough is enough . Come on all of you . Work together to save this country . If you want to say seniority , I don't believe Khairy has the rights to speak so much on behalf of UMNO or the government . Datuk Hishammudin can talk on behalf of UMNO Youth . If not him , then the secretary . Never have I seen such a powerful deputy . The world's most powerful Vice President or Deputy of an organization . I "salute" you .

Malaysia sudah "ready" untuk perubahan ? Benarkah DSAI ? Perubahan jenis apa yang anda maksudkan ? For elections , I find the similarity between the Chinese of Singapore and Malaysia . They will only vote for the one party they love and support who has given them peace , harmony and more importantly WEALTH . And so far , it is the PAP in Singapore and BN in Malaysia . I don't know much about the Indians , but as for the Malays , many still remember the struggles of our past PMs . If religion is left out of the agenda , UMNO will remain strong and PAS might be facing alot of problem . But then , two people I respect in PAS is Datuk Nik Aziz , Datuk Husam Musa . I've heard many nice stories about them . And I personally feel they are good leaders . So as far as elections are concerned , there won't be much surprises except probably some losses in Parliamentary seats held by BN , perhaps even seeing KJ being an MP this term ... or even worst... MINISTER ? DPM ? I don't know . I don't dare to foresee the future .

He might be good he might not . But I've heard many unhappiness over him , I've read many articles about him . Mainly negative ones . So don't blame me if I have a negative perception over you Sir .

Oh yes . And then we have this hero from the Tourism Ministry who said :

"Bloggers are liars. They use all sort of ways to cheat others. From what I know, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women.“Bloggers like to spread rumours, they don’t like national unity. Today our country has achievements because we are tolerant and compromising. Otherwise we will have civil war. Malays will kill Chinese, Chinese will kill Malays, Indians will kill everybody else.”

Now ladies . You have a case in hand . Sigh . What can I say except to sigh ? Leaders . Sigh . Well done Marina Mahathir ... well done Susan ... refute him . You have my support . Perhaps RPK can do a "background check" on Tengku Adnan ? Haha . Then , he will begin to worry . Bloggers don't like national unity . No they don't . They hate the country . They want to kill everyone . They want war !!!

IS THAT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING !? Sigh . You are amazing ... imagine if all the bloggers outside Malaysia visits our country . Imagine how much money Malaysians will be earning from the tourism sector this year . If word spreads out about this , imagine how much revenue will be lost , imagine how much people will hate you . Sigh .

Hmm . Never mind . Let us forget the past week and move on with our lives . We have a country to develop , a country to work on , to "reform" . Let us all put the past behind and move forward progressively , and remain united , happy and peaceful .

Berkhidmat Untuk Negara .

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thanks guys !

Cool . Pals bought me a present that I didn't expect . A collectors series Starbucks mug .

Hehe . Thanks guys ... that was good and I liked it . I bought myself a $99.99 Yonex Muscle Power racquet and used it last night . It was superb and good . For that price , if it is not , I will sue Yonex . Haha .

Well well ... lets see who shares my birthday with me today .

1. Prince Albert ( Sovereign Prince of Monaco ) - I think it is King Albert now .

2. Albert Einstein ( e-mc square Physicist)

3. and many more whom I don't really know . Haha except one Nicholas Anelka :) the great French footballer who is richer than you and me . Perhaps even Billy Crystal the comedian .

Lets see what Wikipedia says on 14th March . According to Mr Wiki "March 14 is the 73rd day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar (74th in leap years) with 292 days remaining in the year."

It was also the day of the passing of Pope Zachary , Emperor Jingtai , Karl Marx etc .

Hmm ... hehe ... important date :)

Oh well , I will just enjoy the day ... I'm 21 today . And I guess you are asking for A PIECE OF MY MIND ?

Hehe . Perhaps I can be another Ng Chee Pang who ran for a state assembly seat in Batu Talam .

Maybe I can go for a shot in Ipoh ? Maybe not ... Lim Kit Siang is tough to beat , M Kulasegaran is also a very good Member of Parliament whom I respect alot . Two giants in Ipoh . And not forgetting the list of other giants like Ong Ka Chuan with his ever friendly smile . So I guess , I will just sit back and wait for my turn (if it ever comes) ... poor me .

Not being biased , I have seen Mr Kula debated many times through the Parliamentary videos . And I think he is indeed a very good MP with his speeches , arguments .

Well then . Elections at the age of 21 for me ? Hehe . It is all in the back of my head .

But for now , I'm just smiling and loving every minute . Thanks guys for the gift . A Piece of My Mind . How lovely ...

Saturday, March 10, 2007


You might want to know why I'm still awake at 1.17am in Australia now . I lost my grocery !!!

Bought chili paste , fried shallots , some fish balls from a Korean shop in city . Took it back . And I just realized it is lost . I think probably these are in one of the many bags that me and some juniors took to the meeting in Bruce Hall today .

But then , I didn't see those stuff at all today at the meeting . At least some one would have asked in an odd manner "What on Earth are raw fish balls and fried shallots doing here !??"

Sigh . Gone . Gone . Gotta buy back those stuff for my household . Yeah yeah . I'm poorer now . I need more money . Broke my loyal racquet that has been with me since secondary school . Sigh . Need a new one . Should I get one here or ask my mom to get one and post to me from Malaysia ? I'm lost .

Sigh . Money . Money is the factor , causation , summation , sigma , alfa , beta , gamma , etc of all evils . HMPH .



Suddenly I have the feeling of putting this link up for you all to read . It is serious you know . Plagiarism is a crime in universities . And don't ever try it . I've seen my Stats classmates being called up by the lecturer and they both got a zero I think . Not sure about University disciplinary punishment though . Could be suspension or sack . But I don't know . JUST DONT DO IT OK GUYS !? Remember . Rephrase the sentences , put quotations , give credits to the info provider , etc . Do the proper way . And as Dana my Econs tutor said , there's no stupid question in this world !

And hmm ... there are some pretty noisy guys shouting down my block . Man . Drunkards . Haha . Booze , alcohol , drugs . Sigh . We humans are weird you see . The government and health experts tell you that these are harmful . Yet you still take it . Sigh . At least KFC is healthier than alcohol and drugs I believe !?? So don't come putting comments on my blog that I eat KFC and I'm killing myself too ok . I KNOW THE TRUTH AND FACTS !

And yes . Humans . Weird species .

If can create a hoo haa in the mainstream media , hehe ... I believe this link should not be belittled as well .

Old news guys . But worth revisiting for those who are still in the dark . Well then , suddenly we feel the quiet breeze of politics without Tun's attacks . I have seen many of Tun's speeches under the many invitations . But things seem silent nowadays ?

The war crimes effort was good . I give all credit to Tun for creating such a Tribunal . Smart move and good one .

To those who hate war and would like to lend their support to the efforts in Criminalizing War , sign up at .

I might seem happy now . Well . I have to be good at managing myself , otherwise I will be having a tough time . Experiencing some personal problems now , but that is just that , personal .

Leaving that aside , I'm glad to extend my friends network to a group of new , bright and promising JPA students who are in first year . Welcome and I'm indeed happy to know you . I will never know when I will need Maha's help , Hardeep , Amar , Ali , Zaza , Sze Huey ... and gang ..... It is always important to stay united and look out for each other .

One day Maha might be a minister , Hardeep a top actuarist , Fariz might be the next PM , Amar the next great scientist . And if I need help , I know who to look for , who to lean on . And if I have good offers or incentives , I know who my friends are ... haha ...

So , I'm just happy to know you all . Really gotta go to bed and I've used 10MB of my internet ... damn .... that is gonna be 70cents ... shit ... surfing internet and downloading used to be so much cheaper back in Malaysia . In the land of kangaroos ? Sigh ... nothing is cheap , everything is expensive .

Skyfire , meetings , shopping

The day is 10th March 2007 .

Today I was kinda busy . Went to Brand Depot in the morning . Wanted to check out some badminton racquets . But nothing there suits me .

Sigh . And yes , my racquet and umbrella was spoiled on Tuesday night . Have to get a new one asap !! I'm thinking either Yonex Muscle Power or Yonex Armortec .

After Brand Depot , we had some lunch in Godori Kitchen . And it was all business after filling my stomachache . Had some JPA meeting with juniors and my year's students .

During the meeting , pointed out some issues . And I'm shocked many did not know the JPA website to check for allowances . If any of you are reading this , it is

And please submit your email address , name and course including to me ASAP if you are affected by some errors in the allowances , whether you received less or some other issues . Just send it to me stating those details together with some description of your problems . Send it to my email at and I will compile and send it to Cik Lin via EMAIL as soon as possible .

Well . It is also in this meeting that I brought up the possibility of having Tun Dr M in ANU sometime soon . Some then raised the issue of whether the email used by Encik Sufi was a fraud or was it authentic .

To me , I defend the authenticity of the email . I dont think anyone would go through the trouble of giving me pointers and stuff . Only those who have read the email sent to me by Encik Sufi will understand . No one else would do that . Except probably Special Branch Agents who might want to confuse us . But I stand firm to believe it . And it is with this believe that I urged the Malaysian Students Organization of ANU and MASCA to proceed with their meetings and discussion with this . If some parties in MASCA and MSO decline to work on this , then I believe there are many other individual students who are willing to work with me . And I have already received interests expressed by a few students .

To those who are pessimistic or wonder why the hell I get contacted by Tun's PA cause I'm just a student and a nobody , I dont care , you see . I don't care what you think . In fact , I've received comments from a few other bloggers who are damn famous with their political blogs .

And miracles do happen . And it is because I expressed my interest in inviting Tun over , perhaps that is why I get contacted .

At least I had the guts and courage to suggest this idea to invite Tun . And I've offered my services to the MSO and MASCA to be their representative to talk to Encik Sufi . I will be back in Malaysia in June and November . So there are plenty of time for plannings , be it via phone , emails , or face to face . We might not be able to invite the man who led us for 22 years this year , but perhaps the path is still open next year . It might not be successful this year , but perhaps next year . So we are keeping our options open .

To say more would be suicidal on this issue . I leave it to MASCA and MSO to decide .
Now . . Compare this to (my daily supplement - one of them) .

Just because this website writes about Datuk Johari's alleged corruption crime , this created a big hoo-haa in the mainstream media , involving the IGP , the DPM and the PM now !?

Wow . Helo . If I'm not mistaken , we have other issues raised by Raja Petra as well !??? For example the RM 600million thingy tabled in Parliament !? Halo ? The Kubang Pasu money politics which in a disgusting fashion that dumped Tun out of the General Assembly of UMNO meeting ? I mean halo !?

Malaysia-today has millions of readers and this blog is updated daily , if not frequently . And this new blog southeast-wind comes up with this , the mainstream media creates a big hoohaa !?
Should we even talk about credibility ? There's only one posting there !And then , suddenly from somewhere I read , COULD THIS BE SOMEONE'S SCHEME?!?

Some one in the forums of KMU wrote about the possibility of Saad Man being the man behind it because some say he will receive the pardon to re-enter UMNO if he joined forces with two other retired high profile heroes and some government high ranking officers to campaign against Tun in Kubang Pasu . But this guy mentioned that he did not receive the permission to reenter .

How far this is true , I don't know . But of course undeniably , criminals must be prosecuted . However , if investigations are done based on this blog , then I suggest everyone start reading Jeff Ooi's Screenshots , Rocky's Bru , Kickdefella , Malaysiakini and MalaysiaToday , many more . Read them . Investigate whatever they expose . And of yes . Read as well . Cause to me , I think they are more credible .

Skyfire just ended . Haha . The cost could probably feed a poor African nation . Probably . I don't know . It was so magnificent and beautiful that I'm lost for words to describe it .

Good night . But tonight , I will wonder how Proton is doing . I'm proud of my national carmaker . And all Malaysians should . For we stand tall and proud among the few car producing nations . But some comments were posted once that a nation should not enter the automobile industry until it has a certain population amount ... which I think is around 70million ? I can't remember that . Have to browse through the comments in my blog again . It is indeed interesting to hear that theory .

That is why I always say to my relatives . What I learn in Uni are all theories . Slight practicality . But then , people dont equate Mahathir with Economics for no reason . Heard of Mahanomics ? Haha . I have . In fact , I think it is interesting and daring . That is why the Japanese have high regards for Tun . At least , that was what my host father told me . A mighty Japanese nation , having the greatest respect for not the man in the White House , but the man who led Malaysia for 22 years .

Sugoi . Tsubarashi . Minna san , oyasuminasai . Good night .

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Singapore + Busy = Confused , Tired , Stressed

Spent some time chatting with my housemate and another Singaporean friend . I heard from her that the Singaporean government , or should I say the Lee Dynasty sued two bloggers .

Apparently these two bloggers were expressing their personal opinion , thoughts or whatever you call it on their blog about the Lee family etc . That happened two years ago . And these two bloggers got jailed for two months with a couple hundred dollars fine .

And after that ? Many bloggers started typing the words like - Copyright and the blog entries in this website is solely personal expression and cannot be used against the writer . Or something like that I was told . Even my friend put that in her BLOG though it is personal !!

Damn . And guess what . I told her what I think about the Lee Dynasty . You see . I read the book Ousted by Patrick Keith . It tells alot about our friend down South . And I don't really like the way he does things . In the left hand , he preaches market economy (I think) . In the right hand , he RULES LIKE A DICTATOR .

Ha !? You don't believe me ? Hmm . According to my pal , many old Singaporeans still support and adore him . The young ones are beginning to show rebellious mood . But you see , people vote for PAP because they dont have a formidable opposition to vote for . Opposition folks get sued till bankrupt and can't hold office , get jailed , etc . Many things .

All these might be general knowledge I guess . Or it might be analysis . And Mr Lee , even Universities tell their students that "YOUR ANALYSIS IS SO DAMN WRONG !!" .

So I'm not critisizing anyone , I'm not creating lies . Perhaps it is just analysis . An analysis is like a coin . It is either true , or false . If you think it is false , then it is false . But I might think it is true . So which is it ? Its for me to know , for the rest of you to read , and for whoever is interested to find out .

All right . Gurkhas protects the Lee palace it seems . Wow . Yeah . Jaspal told me that . Jaspal Singh . Army Sergeant if I'm not mistaken . Nice friend of mine here in ANU . Haha . I was see him and say 'Hi Mr Lee' and he'll call me 'Mahathir guy' . Well well . We both joke around like that all the time . But according to him , Mr Lee doesnt allow anyone else to protect him . Just Gurkhas . You know ... those strong disciplined guys from Nepal ? Yeah . British forces have a unit of them I think .

Good and tough I heard .

Well then . I can't really sleep . But I've got a Investment lecture tmr , lots of shopping to do for my JPA Senior - Junior Meeting on Saturday . Gotta get drinks , chips and cakes for tea .
Sigh sigh sigh . I AM BUSY !!!!!

When I first got back here , I was sad to know that Encik Zainal(JPA Student Advisor) and Cik Amaziah(Secretary to High Comm) were transferred back to Malaysia . As far as I know , Cik Lin took over Encik Zainal's place . Not sure about the Secretary to High Comm post . But Kak Maziah , thanks for everything and you are a very nice lady . Encik Zainal , thank you for being there for us students all the time . To both my mentor , I wish you all the best in your future pathways . Though I wonder if you will come across my blog . Haha . But nvm . It is the heart that counts right ? :)

Ok then . Nitey Nitey .

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Party on 3rd March

Well . We had a housewarming on the 3rd of March . Haha . Housemate wanted to have it...some other pals requested it ... and so there it was . The grand party . We had pizzas , fish fingers , nuggets , drinks , chips , and lots of fun time .

It was Yu Jin's Bday on the 4th . So I decided to have a cake and celebration on the 3rd as well . Haha . Well . The picture shows just about half of those that came . Many more were around .
We almost had some fun with bullying Teng Choon , the Laughing Guy who told us he cant come as there was no bus from AIHS . But there were 3 guests who came from AIHS by bus . Thankfully Sullivan said he's gonna drop by with Eric . So yeah ... TC came as well and we had a fun time bullying him ! Almost made him sit in the trolley but he screamed so loud that we received complaints from the Resident Advisor . Lucky us that she's Jimmy's friend . So things were all right . Awww .... another time TC . Haha .
Skyfire is coming soon on 10th March . Personally I feel the cost of releasing those fireworks for such a long period of time during Skyfire ... it can feed many poor .
But then Australia is a rich country . I dont really know what Skyfire symbolises . But yeah ... it is fun to watch , astonishing , amazing , superb . Whatever you want to call it . It is basically a good fireworks display .

Wow . Lim Kit Siang ... oops... YB Lim , well done .

To hear the BSKL touching a great 1350 limit (or something like that) was really 'superb' to read , hear or even comforting .

But to see the stock market tumbling down at such high speed ... I only have a word for this scenario as an Economics student ,"WOW !!!!" .

Internet here in my new apartment hostel is very expensive .... per MB they charge 7 cents .
That is 7 Aussie cents .

So its kinda expensive and I limit my online time these days .

Hmm . Canberra was hit by the one of the greatest hailstorm in history on the 27th February night . Let me tell you my story . I was in the computer lab in ANU around 8 or 9pm I think .
Was there for just 10 minutes and the ANU Security officer came in to inform us "If anybody wants to go home dry ,I suggest you do so now coz there's gonna be a great storm coming ".

I have never seen a guard walking into the computer lab to inform us about the weather . So if he did that , then it must be serious . I logged off my computer account and ran back to UniLodge apartment .

And about 30minutes later ... THE HAILSTORM CAME !!

Canberra went haywire . Many alarms started ringing loud in the city . I think it must be the security and fire alarms . Coz many buildings , shops had leaks . Even my apartment was leaking at the roof and we had to call the Resident Advisor to come over to have a look .

Yeah . Rumours then started to fly around that we should go downstairs to see . And so we did . Around my hostel , there were ice everywhere !!! The ice were at least up to my shin . That's crazy .

So yeah ... after some fun of taking pics and playing around in the icey Canberra , we went back home to sleep . But the next morning , ANU WAS SHUT DOWN TILL FURTHER NOTICE .

Gosh . And yeah , ANU Was sealed off from students for damage assessments etc . We had the week called off . ANU then reported about 60 buildings having major damages . The Botany and Zoology department suffered 80% damages . And I was told by a pal that the School of Art / Music also suffered badly .

Hmm . Well well . Amazing stuff in Canberra last week . Haha .

I've not taken pictures of UniLodge yet ... but soon all right ? Soon .