Friday, September 28, 2007

Official Media Statement


Institut Jantung Negara, 28 September....YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad continues to be warded at the Intensive Care Unit, five days into a second surgery for wound debridement last Saturday.

This is to allow doctors to closely monitor and observe his overall condition following admission for a second coronary bypass surgery on September 4.

While it may seem time consuming, doctors’ focus will be on improving his nutritional status and gradually strengthening his muscles.

IJN doctors are also concerned on ensuring that all his major organ functions remain stable for continued post surgical rehabilitation.

IJN will continue to issue statements on Tun Dr Mahathir’s progress periodically.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Calm Down

Firstly , the word calm down should go to the PM's Dept . I believe the PM's Dept called the FRU and the police force to safeguard Putrajaya during the Lawyers' March .

Of course demonstrations are highly dangerous in our country because Malaysia is never used to having peaceful and learned demonstrations like in the Western countries . Asia has a long history of bloody demonstrations . The word bloody here is not to emphasize the word "demonstrations" like we use to say "that blardy fool" . But it is really the word associated with the red blood .

I can easily name many . In Taiwan , Korea , Indonesia and Thailand , we have parliamentarians protesting in Parliaments . We have Members of the Noble House trading punches and throwing chairs . We have mass demonstrations and ended up grabbing the President out of the palace .

Asia is not only the continent that has this problem but what I'm saying that Asia is notorious for these bloody demonstrations . Of course towards the West we have Argentina's former President having to flee the Presidential Palace in chopper .

I of course cannot blame the PM's Dept if they called in the FRU and the PDRM . I still remember seeing a TV3 car smashed in KL during the Anwar Ibrahim topic . We can see through television , national media as well as independent media who the protesters were . Through dressing and attitude , many assumed them to be young Malaysian kids and some even went to the extent to say that they were mainly foreign workers . How true these were , we don't know . But what I can say is I don't remember seeing people in suits or people with grey hair , or women in proper attire involved in the protests in 1998 .

Through the pictures of the Lawyers' March , there are men and women in suits . Men in suits of course have a history of being violent like in Taiwan , Korea . But in this Lawyers' March of Justice , the demonstration consists of mainly learned people who are lawyers , famous bloggers (you can use the word notorious bloggers if you want , Mr PM) , and the media . People of these background , do you need a water cannon in front of the PM's Dept ?

I believe Mr Edmund and Rockybru wanted this protest to be a peaceful one . And with such a prominent background in the pack of demonstrators , will they try to be funny ? What I do not understand is the denial of entry of the buses into Putrajaya .

As far as I know , I have been to Putrajaya's JPA Dept a few times for my travel , study and the Perdana scholarship candidacy arrangements and meetings . Each time I was there , I see commercial buses ferrying passengers there . I don't really know why you stop the buses . Perhaps the figure 5km is enough to make these demonstrators who were in suits and formal attire to turn back and go home ?

I was surprised to read that the lawyers were cheerful during their 5km walk to Putrajaya . 5km , my friends , is no small matter walk when you are in formal attire .

And I even read that it rained ? Not very sure what time it was raining . Perhaps some cloud seeding ? Well well ... I am not trying to create stories here ... but I remember Tun used a phrase before ,"The world loves conspiracies" .

Secondly , I would like to advise the public to calm down and not blame the administration of AAB . We should not even blame TDM for this . In the US and UK , many of us know they even have lobbyist organizations . They do things like the Lingam - Fairuz - Tengku Adnan case .

Perhaps we can see whoever is involved in getting Fairuz to be the CJ as lobbyists . I know many will not agree to this .

In Malaysia , we call it .... what is that you say .... fixing of judges ?

Anyway , firstly , AAB is not involved in this at all . So , I hope bloggers do not go crazy in forums or postings and start attacking an innocent man . TDM is also an innocent man . He sits at the highest office in Malaysia . And he receives advice and recommendations from his advisors on many issues .

Appointment of the CJ should be clear and independent of any motives and presented to the PM at that time . However, a lawyer playing a part in the appointment of the CJ together with Cabinet members , this might be a juicy scandal .

Issues like this , any commission answerable to the public , the Malaysian Govt , the Bar Council and the Parliament of Malaysia headed by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong will be sufficient . Any commission investigating this should be independent and not politically affiliated . I believe Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye has a good history and is qualified . I am not sure of the other two who are appointed .

So we should all calm down and look at this positively and await a positive result . We should not get all hot up and start blasting away without proper thoughts .

At this time , we should also ask DSAI why was the tape released now and not before . When was the tape received by the Opposition and who recorded it . Maybe the "who recorded it" part can be ignored to safeguard the identity of this person .

Moreover , we have other cases now as well . We also should not be diverted of our attention of the PKFZ scandal . That involved billions of Malaysian Ringgit . Billions .

All right then . The most important thing is , we are a peaceful nation and we should do things the proper way and approach issues in a calm manner .

Have a good day !

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What A Joke !!

Was browsing through and shocked to read such a headline ... Malaysia hopes VW will rescue Proton , posted by RPK and written by Forbes .

So I went to to check out the article . The headline was even "better" . Malaysia Holds Out Hope For VW Rescue Of Proton . For those of you who lead Proton in the management team , what have you got to say ?

Maybe you should have a "For Immediate Release" press statement .

Let me design one for you .


Proton Holdings , Malaysia's national carmaker , had RM 2 billion in cash not long ago . However , because of a dispute with Tengku Mahaleel in terms of direction of Proton's goals , the shareholders and board members decided not to renew his contract . Today , the management under Dato' Mohammed Azlan bin Hashim and Dato' Haji Syed Zainal Abidin bin Syed Mohamad Tahir , could not exploit the advantage we had from Tengku Mahaleel's time . Due to various reasons which include operation costs , costs of parts , global commodity prices and competition in the local and international industry , we have reached a decision to send a message to the automobile industry to come save us . We totally need help and please rescue us .

What a joke !! TDM warned us all along that the transaction of MV Augusta and Gevi Spa was a mistake . And yes indeed , BMW bought a subsidiary for an amount unimaginable to Proton's financiers . Of course , we were "right" to sell MV Augusta at that point taking into account all factors , according to Datuk Seri AAB , Proton , and the Malaysian Government .

I just hope we can maintain Proton . Maybe you should sell Proton to Tengku Mahaleel , TDM and his family , Syed Mokhtar , Teh Hong Piow , Vincent Tan , Gnanalingam , Ananda Krishnan . Let these people form a consortium and takeover Proton . I believe that will be better . I think at this point of time , Proton is worth .... RM 4 ?

Maybe . But what a joke . Forbes said that "Malaysia Holds Out Hope For VW Rescue Of Proton " .

For Immediate Release

I received the following statement from Encik Sufi , Tun's PA to publish in my blog today , 25th September 2007 .

Personally , I hope Tun gets well again . Many Malaysians cant wait to have you back on your feet Tun !


Institut Jantung Negara, 25 September.... YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad continues to remain stable into the third-day of his second surgical procedure on Saturday for wound debridement at the Intensive Care Unit.

IJN doctors are happy that his vital parameters continue to be stable. Tun Dr Mahathir is also conscious as doctors gradually ease on his support medication.

Tun Dr Mahathir is able to receive visitations confined to his immediate family members.

IJN will continue to issue statements on Tun Dr Mahathir as and when there are significant changes to his condition.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Let Us All Pray

I was sad to read from Marina's blog about Dr Mahathir's condition . Having to go through a second operation in less than a month , that is not a small issue . I hope Dr Mahathir recover as soon as possible . We would all like to hear the witty Dr Mahathir again .

We should all pray for his quick recovery . I hope the doctors in IJN will take good care of a statesman .

Saturday, September 22, 2007

SPCA - Manifestogwl

I keep receiving SPCA Newsletters these days after I emailed them about my opinions on the ever intelligent program by MPS .

Hmm . So an idea came up . I've decided to put all the newsletters that I receive from SPCA up on a blog site .

And thus , the birth of SPCA - Manifestogwl

Hope it helps to spread the goodwill and efforts of SPCA . Would love to support their recent charity sale and gala dinner , but sadly , I'm at least 8 hours flight away from the joys of charity . Hmm . Will let my family know to see if they will be down in KL . Hopefully they will support SPCA's struggles .

Friday, September 14, 2007

ACA ? Apa tu ?

Laporan - laporan audit telah lama menunjukkan masalah penyelewengan . Penyelewengan yang terbongkar dalam laporan Audit Nasional . Namun , kerana tiada laporan dibuat , maka ACA tidak mengambil tindakan ?

Haha . Kelakar betul . Dah ramai dah tertuduh dalam "high profile cases" yang dibebaskan oleh mahkamah kerana pihak pendakwa raya tidak mempunyai dakwaan dan bukti kukuh . Pihak pendakwa raya perlulah ingat frasa "beyond reasonable doubt" .

Laporan audit terbaru menunjukkan beberapa lagi isu yang hairan . Adalah peralatan yang dibeli dengan harga 10 kali lebih mahal berbanding dengan harga pasaran . Sesiapa yang meluluskan cek , meluluskan pembelian atau meluluskan kontrak itu perlulah disoal siasat dan didakwa .

Ada pula isu lama - helikopter yang dibeli tetapi tak dapat digunakan . Bukan main mahal lagi pembelian helikopter , kursus pengendalian helikopter , manual dan sebagainya . Siapa yang perlu jawab ?

Isu Kementerian Wanita ... tidak berapa pasti kerana isu peruntukan melibatkan NGO . Hmm . Pada waktu ini , saya berharap Datuk Seri Nazri mengemukakan usul di Parlimen . Biarlah pegawai - pegawai di ACA memegang kuasa yang setimpal dengan PDRM . Bagilah ACA portfolio yang cekap , efisien dan berkuasa membanteras rasuah di negara .

Siasatlah Laporan Audit , wahai ACA ! Tunjuklah belang mu !

Thank you , MPS

Firstly , I retract all my blasting remarks directed at MPS with regards to the Dog Hunting Competition . I am glad to read that MPS decided to scrap off this program .

Secondly , I would like to thank SPCA Selangor and their President , Christine . Thank you for doing such a wonderful job in the process of dumping this competition for good . Thank you to all the NGOs involved too .

However , I do not agree with the demonstration of 50 people few days ago . This style is low scale demonstration and demonstrations in Malaysia will not work like in US , Philippines and Indonesia . A better approach in future would be to have a showdown talk with MPS , the local MP , Datuk Tang and also NGOs .

I understand from that the 40 MPS officials met with 5 NGO reps were not "friendly" at all . Perhaps MPS still stand by what they feel is right to them i.e. HUNT DOGS !

Nevertheless , well done . Thank you to the Director of MPS . I do not know if you voluntarily approved the scrapping of this project or you were pressured to do so . What is actually in your mind and heart now , we do not know .

Now , Datuk Tang See Hang . As far as the NGOs , SPCA and I am concerned , I do not know how long will your political career be . And yes , don't need to fume . I am attacking you personally . I do not know how you could hit the gong and put pen to paper in officiating this Dog Hunting Competition . I don't know whether you were rational at that moment . Where was the kind hearted politician , the lovely politician smile at every election , the soul appeasing words , the sweets of every voters' ears ?

Disappointing , Datuk Tang . But thank you for scrapping the project together with MPS . Do not try to be funny in future anymore . It is not funny at all , Datuk Tang . It is not logical at all , MPS . Good to hear that both MPS and Datuk Tang will be working with NGOs and SPCA especially . Go through the proper channels . We do not have police force in Malaysia for fun . They are curbing crime , ensuring peace and harmony . SPCA is here to help us with animals . Use SPCA .

Ok Datuk Tang ? Ok MPS ? Have a good day . By the way , be careful when you walk in the streets . I am pretty sure the dogs and cats and other animals in Selayang will not be friendly to the MPS officials and Datuk Tang . After all , if you declared war on another party , the other party will surely react . Every action has a reaction .

Good nite .

Fasting Month

Happy fasting to all my Muslim friends and readers .

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Those who want a copy of the official email I received from SPCA so that you can forward it out , let me know ... will be glad to forward it .

Sign The Online Petition Started By Animal Lovers !

"Stop the Hunt - Protest Against Selayang Dog Catching Contest"
Sign this petition online please ? I don't know how much it will help to eradicate this problem . But at least ... we know we have tried and done our parts .

SPCA Official Media Release

On September 11th 2007 (Tuesday) at 10am, SPCA, PETPOSITIVE, ROAR and other animal welfare organisations will be gathering at the Majlis Perbandaran Selayang office to hand over a memorandum to the President of MPS.

The document will call for an immediate end to the competition and urge the municipal to spay/ neuter actively to control the dog overpopulation, formulate and enforce effective legislation to prevent pet owners from abandoning their pets, and embark on educational efforts to promote Responsible Pet Ownership.

We invite all friends of SPCA, animal welfare groups, animal lovers from far and near and members of the media to come and show your support on this important day.

Let's unite in our stand against the inhumane treatment of stray and homeless animals.

Majlis Perbandaran Selayang,

For more information, please contact SPCA Public Relations officer Jacinta Johnson at the SPCA office at 42565312/ 42535179 or at 012-2881421

SPCA News Release - September 5th, 2007

SELANGOR, SEPT 5, 1007 –

Catch more than 150 stray dogs in 6 months and win more than RM10,000 – this is the promise from Majlis Perbandaran Selayang to the residents in that area.

Dato' Tang See Hang officiated the launching of the MPS "Dog-Catching Competition" campaign yesterday at 2pm.

This collaborative effort with the residents is to solve this problem by catching more strays. MPS claims that they have been receiving about 80 complaints every month regarding stray dogs in their municipality.

They say that they have been catching 200 stray dogs every month as part of their animal-control management, but the problem remains unsolved. Since the announcement, SPCA has been inundated with countless text messages, phone calls and e-mails from the concerned public who are shocked by this unorthodox campaign.

Although SPCA understands that animal control is vital and that the local authorities are faced with increasing stray problems, MPS is setting an unhealthy and unethical trend that encourages people to perceive dog-catching as a fun, festive and financially-rewarding sport, not unlike fox-hunting.

SPCA questions the methods that may be employed by the residents, which may cause unnecessary pain and suffering as the dogs may be maimed in the process.

SPCA is deeply concerned that this competition is a knee-jerk reaction to the stray problem, and that more pro-active measures should be implemented such as active sterilisation programs,
differential licensing for neutered and unneutered dogs, responsible pet ownership programs and making abandonment an offence under municipal by-laws.

Catching and destruction of strays is never a workable solution, as the animals caught will always be replaced by a new set of strays if irresponsible owners continue to dump unwanted animals into the streets.

The cost of clearing the street will continue to escalate. The fact remains : it's cheaper and more effective to neuter than to catch and destroy dogs.

SPCA is worried that greedy residents may also resort to catching pet dogs or dogs from other areas besides Selayang to pad their pockets. Furthermore, the residents may get bitten and injured while attempting to capture the strays.

It may backfire and encourage unscrupulous people to breed dogs as it could be lucrative as the competition goes on indefinitely – two unneutered dogs can be the source of 2,048 puppies and dogs in just 4 years.

"Strays are not an animal problem, it's a MAN-MADE PROBLEM. Hence, the prize money could have been put to better use by promoting Responsible Pet Ownership and hosting spay/neuter campaigns instead, which is a humane, cost-effective and long-term solution, " says SPCA Chairperson Christine Chin.

SPCA Selangor has over the years met with various municipal councils to introduce humane dog-catching methods and humane pound management. SPCA and DBKL have established Klinik Kembiri, a highly-subsidised spay/ neuter clinic offering financially-challenged Malaysians highly-reduced spay-neuter fees to help control the over-breeding of cats and dogs, that if not neutered would have added substantially to the stray numbers.

This highly-successful, humane and cost-effective method is practiced by animal welfare organisations all over the world. SPCA urges MPS to use the money wisely and work with us to set up weekly spay/ neuter campaigns and eventually a Klinik Kembiri. Since it's inception in 2003, Klinik Kembiri has spayed/neutered thousands of dogs and cats, and thus prevented the unwanted births of over 20 million animals, which would have otherwise caused a bigger stray problem.

The Department of Vet Services (DVS) must issue guidelines on dog-catching/ animal control management where only properly-trained dog-catchers using humane methods and equipment are employed. The pound where the stray dogs are kept should be well-maintained and provide adequate food, water and space to prevent fighting and overcrowding.

SPCA has lobbied DVS for many years to establish humane guidelines for local councils in animal-control management. The organisation even went to the extent of organising a dog-catching workshop for all Klang Valley municipal councils in 2005.

My Letter to SPCA

Dear SPCA Malaysia , I hope you represent the voices of all animals in Malaysia . I am a Malaysian student in Australia . I came across this Advertisement by Majlis Perbandaran Selayang . I believe it is high time SPCA stand up and lodge a protest .

I sincerely believe SPCA should be given higher powers in handling stray animals , educating ownership responsibilities , and taking care of the rights of animals . Please read the following link is absurd to see dogs being demonized in a well developed country like Malaysia .

Elsewhere in the world , we have Animal Police Squads too . But in Malaysia , we have draconian squads that feasts on stray dogs . In fact , we might be the only country in the world that uses rifles to shoot dogs !

I strongly urge and recommend SPCA to campaign harder by gathering a network of passionate animal activists and end all discriminatory practices and absurd competitions by any party .

I also strongly recommend that SPCA lobby for greater legal rights and power as well as funds to be create not only a better animal community , but a happier public as well . I thank you in advance .

Sent an Email to SPCA , SPCA forwarded to Remembering Sheena Organization

Below was the email I received ... out of the blue .

Very sorry, but please don't forward any emails from SPCA to this email address. The SPCA in Malaysia is not like it is in UK for instance where it is very effective and has successfully carried out important education programmes.

SPCA Selangor which is more well off than the others have no interest in helping any of the other SPCA branches.

If the SPCA after over half a century in existence did their job properly in the area of EDUCATION there would be no need for groups like the Remembering Sheena Campaign (, The Furry Friends Farm and Independent Pet Rescuers.

We would be very happy to relinquish all the hard work we are doing to the SPCA and happily donate to them, knowing they are doing a good job because we actually have our own careers and are dedicating so much of our free time towards this cause because we can't stand to see animals suffering.

Unfortunately this is not to be. We only see SPCA Selangor come in when there is a crisis (especially a well publicized crisis just for the publicity) and then give a lot of comments to the Press with absolutely no effort on its part to see it through.

Like the Petition to amend the Animal Ordinance 1953, SPCA gave a lot of speeches to the Press but never saw it through. RSC intitated the Remembering Sheena rally in 2005 and handed over nearly 5000 signatures to SPCA. We had many people complaining to ask what happened to the signatures as they had gone to great lenghts such as to the hospitals and malls to get signatures. Only after these complaints started appearing in the Press did SPCA make some sort of ambiguous comment and we still don't know if this Petition has been handed in. Till today no protest either from SPCA against the new Animal Act 2006 that is exactly the same as the 1953 Ordinance.

There are so many other problems which I don't have time nor want to be bothered to write about on SPCA Selangor. I'd rather focus on the REAL work which is to improve the lives of all animals in Malaysia and the way to do that is EDUCATION - not setting up a dumping ground for people to bring in strays and then euthanize hundreds everyday without teaching society the value of a life.

RSC will help anyone who genuinely wants to help animals but we don't wish to be dragged into publicity stunts only for the sake of names to appear in the papers and absolutely no improvement in the lives of animals in the country.

We don't normally comment about other "ineffectual" work, but in view of the number of forwarded mails received from SPCA and about SPCA we have had to send out this letter (much to our dissatisfaction).

We hope you will respect our wishes and once again for all those who are "genuinely" seeking to help animals, we are at your service.

Thank you and God bless,
Shoba Mano.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Wahai Al Muslimin

"I suggest to these stray dog lovers, why dont you adopt all the stray dogs and feed them and place them in your kitchen so that the stray dogs wont prowl around to bite children."

The above comment was from a blog entry in :

Now now my dear fellow Malaysian . There are people out there who have tried to adopt the stray dogs and let them live in their homes . Remember the Chinese man we all read in papers ? He saw a few of his dogs shot dead by the authorities who barge into his home . Dead ... the dogs have been living with him for some time ... they are like his children .... but were murdered .

There are many people out there who tried to help reduce stray dogs . I personally know one kind and lovely lady who does this kind of thing . Sending to SPCA will mean putting the dog to sleep . But she keeps it at her home . Her neighbours did not object thankfully . And there are quite a number of dogs living in her home . I will not tell you where , how many dogs , who is this lady so don't bother asking .

She lives with her dogs peacefully everyday . She goes to the market to get some meat and food from kind sellers . These sellers know she is doing not only a good thing for the society .... but also for the dogs to live their lives out till the end . They offer her meat for free or at minimal price level .

And till today ... till today ... the dozens of dogs she live with have never attacked her ... never my friend . Did the dogs attack the Chinese man reported in The Star ? No they didn't . I think they tried attacking the authorities ...

Why ? Don't be foolish to ask me why . If I pose a threat to the United States , will they come get me or will they let me sit around and do whatever I want ?

So you see ... dogs do not see children as chicken meat you know . Kids are naughty just like you and me were in the old days . Yeah ... do you remember ?

Kids are not that mature ... they see dogs like tigers .... like rabbits ... they feel scared but they think that the animal is cute .

So what do kids do ? Yes .... they stand at road sides and pick up whatever they see and throw at the animal . Unless of course their parents do educate them at home or on the spot that animals are also part of the lovely creation of God . I have seen young Chinese kids throwing pebbles or sticks at dogs .

They do not mean anything . Kids are in fact afraid because they have never been in contact with any dogs ... but they find them special and different and always wanting to get some reaction from the doggies .

But not all dogs reply with just a bark . Some will chase the kids . Some will chase the old people who attacked them in the first place . And what do you know next ? We have The Star , NST , Utusan , The Sun , Harian Metro all over the place reporting about "BAD DOGS" .

Yeah . We never sit down to analyze the behavior of animals . What have we done to our rational thoughts ? Perhaps we are guided and motivated by informal education .... perhaps we are blinded by development .

Nevertheless ... animals are soon running out in population . Soon our descendants will be asking us ,"What the HELL did you do with these animals !?"

Why ? Because they will only be seeing pictures of dogs , cats , tigers , elephants . And it might cost them a bomb to visit the only zoo located somewhere in the world . What will that make us ? A generation of sins of course .

Today I Shall Break My Principle

I am always an animal lover . From feline animals ... to those with wings.... to those with fins.... and to anything with tails ... I like my zoo visits when I was young ....

You see.... animals are creation of God regardless of what religion you believe in . Muslims , Christians , Buddhists and Hindus believe that animals are creation of God , just like us being one of the marvellous creations .

Note : I do not remember any religion motivating people to catch any animal as a sport or competition

In Malaysia , we don't see tigers running around the streets . We see dogs and cats .... once a while we see iguanas .... squirrels perhaps in less populated areas ....

But the question is why do we only target dogs ? Of course many argue that dogs attack human . Erm , if one day I come over to slap Mr X , will Mr X give me five fingers + palm = slap ? Or will he give me a hug + handshake = friendship ?

The same goes with any animal . You attack a bull .... sorry lah ... the bull will attack you . So it is with dogs . I can assure you 90% of the stray dogs are merely hunting for food around ... and they wont harm people unless they are harmed .

I know one of my granduncle ... though he is a nice person ... I still remember seeing him wanting to beat a harmless dog that was passing by him one day . So yes .... you see ... the reports we read in papers.... it gives me suspicions of which party started the "fight" first between the human and the dog ... dogs cant defend themselves in human words .... so we all trust our fellow human right ?

Let me present some facts to you about the danger of cats roaming around . I am not trying to wage war on cats .... but let me tell you that danger of animals running around the streets do not come from dogs only .

Allow me to quote one of the articles written .

By Rodl P

The population of stray cats in towns expands due to irresponsible behaviour of humans who allow them to enter cellars, hot water canals, store rooms etc. As a result of frequent feeding some specimens become tame, lose their shyness and on contact with humans and domestic animals they can become the source of some infectious agents. The most important of thus transmitted diseases is rabies. Cats become infected from foxes on rubbish heaps on the periphery of communities. More than 60% of cases of rabies of domestic animals are found in cats. Toxoplasmosis--cats excrete the infectious stage of the causal agent in their excreta. In the same manner also the agent causing intestinal salmonelloses is excreted. More than 5% cats are infected. Via excreta also the causal agents of toxocariasis are spread--the larvae of cat thread worms settle in the internal organs of humans (larva migrans). The assumed incidence in cats is as high as 50%, as suggested also by the high positivity of specimens from children playgrounds. Stray cats may be the source of agents causing various dermatomycoses and of ectoparasites.

Pertandingan Menangkap Penganjur !

Let some heads roll ! I officially announce a competition to catch those who organized an animal cruelty competition with regards to Dogs in Selayang !

Taaadaaa !! Lets get some organizers heads rolling .... get the Director or the Deputy Director's head as well !! I put forth my request to have whoever that signed the approval letter for this competition to be sacked !

Pak Lah ... show us what you can do ... this is a highly ridiculous competition . International media is busy with APEC in the highly security forces populated area in Sydney . Otherwise ... I am pretty sure we will be in their newspapers for creating the joke of the century !

And by the way .... read this blogger's immature remark ok ? Drop him some immature comments too !

This blogger makes me wonder if its comments are seditious ..... maybe I should email Tan Sri Muhd Taib about this .

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Politics Forced Bias Attitude Even In The Name of Patriotism

The following is an article by YB Lim Kit Siang

I started my speech on the supplementary estimates this morning calling on MPs to stand up for seven shouts of “Merdeka” to uphold the Malaysian Constitution as the country is still celebrating the 50th Merdeka Anniversary.

Only DAP MPs stood up, with me shouting “Merdeka” and the DAP MPs responding “Secular Malaysia” seven times.

Not a single Barisan Nasional (BN) MP, whether Umno, MCA, MIC or Gerakan stood up to shout “Merdeka”.

In my speech, I said I had called for seven shouts of “Merdeka” for two purposes: firstly, to demonstrate that the loyalty and patriotism of DAP MPs to the country is second to none to anyone from Barisan Nasional in Parliament, whether minister, deputy minister or parliamentary secretary.

Secondly, to highlight the ‘farce” of patriotism staged by certain BN MPs last Wednesday who disgraced Parliament and demeaned the 50th Merdeka anniversary celebrations just to score cheap political points against Opposition MPs.

The BN MP for Jasin, Datuk Mohd Said Yusof growled from his seat that my seven shouts of Merdeka in Parliament was “cheapening” its meaning. I must thank him for helping me to illustrate my point about the “farce” of patriotism staged by him and other BN MPs in Parliament last Wednesday.

The more I read , the more frustrated I get . It is clearly shown that BN MP's practise patriotism on a bias basis . When BN MPs raised to shout Merdeka and DAP MPs did not , wow .... we can hear shoutings throughout the Parliament that DAP is unpatriotic . But when DAP leads , and BN did not follow , BN is innocent and DAP is cheapo !???

My God ! I have always been highly defensive and supportive of Malaysia . Without any second of my time have I ever thought of hating Malaysia and I even convinced many people that Malaysia is in fact good including Sue Ann . I convinced some of them that we should not avoid the problems in Malaysia and go back to cure the "cancer" .

But seeing bias practises even in the name of patriotism ..... I asked myself ... is all hope lost ?

Namewee is being threatened ....

Jeff Ooi brought up a video from Youtube . A group of masked men spoke in Malay threatening the safety and life of Namewee , the rapper who rapped Negaraku .

Yes .... really ... this is no joke . They did it ala terrorists style ! OMG !!!

Pak Lah ? Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz ? YB YB sekalian yang menjerit jerit di Parlimen menyerang Namewee ? Ini serius ni ! This is serious ! Those of you who were shouting for action against Namewee , WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN PARLIAMENT NOW !?!?!!

SHOUT IT OUT !! Send those kids who acted like terrorists and are plotting murder of a fellow Malaysian citizen to jail .... rehabilitation centres !!

You damned Parliamentarians are making me fume . Biased lot of people . Where is the necessary comment from the IGP of Malaysia ? Eh , Tan Sri Musa ?!

Should we look at this under Internal Security Act ? We should right ?! Namewee wrongly rapped the National Anthem . But these kids who acted like terrorists .... should we applaud them !??!

You gotta be kidding me .

Stupid Minds in Selayang after 50 years of Independence

I didn't really believe Ktemoc's banner about Selayang initially .... but I still blogged it . I have some time now .... so I did a search about the Dog Hunting Competition . Found it at the official website !!!

For those interested , let me give you the details ok ? For those who want to file lawsuits , please head to the nearest lawyer . Or I believe you can see your Member of Parliament to bring this up in Parliament . The gentlemen and ladies in Parliament are the members of the August house who has gained 50 years of Independence . I believe they are wise enough to laugh off this matter as usual ...

Seriously ...

Question Number 1 :
How are we to know that dogs that are caught do not belong to anyone ?

Answer Number 1 :
We don't .

Question Number 2 :
I thought dogs need to have tags at their collars all the time ?

Answer Number 2 :
Really !? How come I didn't know ? Cats and rabbits and guinea pigs don't have !!

Question Number 3 :
Will it increase burglary specifically targetting licensed home pets ?

Answer Number 3 :
Wah .... first prize RM 15000 la ! Of course people will break into your house and steal your brown fur shih tzu ... your labrador ... of course the criminals will throw away the collar and the licenses attached to the dogs ! Taaadaaa ! Then no one will know that the dogs are legal and have been illegally kidnapped from their owners !

Question Number 4 :
Are you kidding ?

Answer Number 4 :
No I am not ! The district council authorities are really doing it ! In fact , A Piece of My Mind will be organizing a guinea pig , rabbit and cat hunting soon with the same regulations , terms and conditions laid down by the district of Selayang ! Winners will receive a lawsuit from the International Animal Rights Group !

Question Number 5 :
What will the higher authorities do ? Will you report to any rights group ?

Answer Number 5 :
Oh ... they will just laugh it off saying it is legal to do so ... but of course I am contemplating about using my time to write to the International Animal Rights Group to file lawsuits in Malaysia .

Kubur di PKLN ?

Another person died in camp of Malaysia's notorious National Service . This time .... it sounded more ridiculous . A Malay kid died of fever . Her sister called the camp , they said they will take care of him and they know how . I heard it was actually jaundice at the post mortem report but still..... it started with fever and nausea and he was told to rest at camp ...

Yeah ... soon the management came up with post incident report that the camp indeed took precautionary measures ..... but while sending the kid to the hospital .... he died .

My God . How can someone die just like that ? I remember my friend JP telling me Singapore NS plays with live bullets , real life combat training and stuff . And of course there were cases of drowning also due to training courses .

But fever !??!

What kind of medical staff do you keep at the many camp spots !??!!

Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye , Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak . Look into issues like this . Are we actually prepared to have NS !??!?!!!!

If 80000 participants chosen boycott the program .... will you drag them all to court ?! I think more and more parents will be worried about their kids being chosen into NS .

Cats Vs Dogs... and now pigs ?

We have lived harmoniously for the past 50 years . Non Malays have been advised not to bring up sensitive issues . Malays as well . We have the ever famous heroes of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Datuk Seri Hishammudin waving the keris . Of course they all came out defensive saying the Chinese can wave the Shaolin swords too .

MCA did not . We remembered the importance of unity . Ultra Malays in UMNO started playing the racial card . And when MCA tried raising the issue of Chinese not being 2nd class citizens and other issues like Mandarin , Chinese schools .... we have huge parties creating the hoo-haa saying MCA is indeed racist like DAP .

And bear in mind that no MCA leaders waved any Shaolin swords . Please do remember that Shaolin martial arts are used defensively and have never been any mean of attacking strategy . If indeed one day I wave the Shaolin sword in MCA , it only means I stand to defend the rights of all Malaysians . But I remember someone saying they will bathe the keris in Chinese or non Malay blood . Wow ...

Now .... the issue of pig farmers being driven out of Malacca .... read it from blogger Ktemoc . Yeah ... you know I have heard stories about pig farmers in Kelantan and they seem all right with their living and business there . Not sure if this is true . But if it is , it creates the doubt deep inside me of whether UMNO or PAS is more towards national unity .

We all know the environment issue . But why not look at Sungai Kelang or Gombak ? I think the mamak's kopi ais looks better . The river flowing at Klang .... not Pelabuhan Klang area.... but at Klang ...yeah.... where the bak kut tehs are famous ..... the river is "SUPERB" !

And of course another disturbing issue .

I would like to call upon the RSPCA of Malaysia , the International RSPCA and all Animal Rights Group to file a lawsuit against the City or Town Council of Selayang . Name the defendants as the State Government of Selangor , the Director of the Selayang Council , and the Organizers . I don't have enough money to file lawsuits . Otherwise , trust me . I swear I will press charges on this . This is practically bullshit !

I understand that there are people from Australia who reads my blog as well . And even a friendly man in Perth whom I don't know .. reads my blog .... received a comment from him before about the CCP .

For those of you who do not understand the above banner which is in Malay Language ( it is known as Malaysian Language now ) ..... allow me to translate .

Pertandingan = Competition
Menangkap = Catch , capture
Anjing = Dogs
Antara = Between
Jawatankuasa = Committee
Penduduk = Residents , people residing in an area

Majlis Perbandaran Selayang will be the City Council of Selayang . Selayang is a district in Selangor .

Basically , it means there will be dog catching competition in Selayang . Dog catching . Ktemoc raised the issue that perhaps the City Council of Selayang should say stray dogs .

To me , KTEMOC , let me tell you Sir . The fact that they did not mention stray dogs raises the issue of a threat to properties of each dog owner . Dogs with licences are owned by their respective owners . And I believe they should file lawsuits for compensations of locking their dogs in their homes for safety ... compensations for restricting the rights of their dogs moving around , going for walks ... compensation for fear of losing their pets and the possible misery they will experience .

Secondly , just let them catch all the stray dogs . That is how we do it in Malaysia . We use rifles and shotguns ... we even have a dog unit in Malaysia !! Yes , my fellow international friends . It is true . In Malaysia , authorities shoot dogs .

But of course we do have birds which have possibilities of carrying avian flu flying around , we have many cats running around freely . In Malaysia people argue that dogs bite . So they cant roam around without their owner ..... cats can you know . I used to have cats running into my house . I am DAMN SERIOUS !!

I remember reading that cats bring dangerous diseases as well . Cats eat up rats and fish . People who have hamsters ... mice ... or fish ( be it expensive or cheap ) .... make sure your houses are properly sealed . And I mean sealed . Cats can run into your house and eat them up and you won't even know whose cats !

They can be stray , they can be owned . And when I say owned , I would like YB LIM KIT SIANG to check out and see how many cat owners actually register their pets . Seriously .... dogs are required to have licences.... in fact many other animals . I am just curious to know ... how many cats are registered in Malaysia .

If they are not ... I can go shooting cats !! It is legal right ? Oops ... I forgot it is illegal to have guns . Ok ... I will just throw my sharp darts at them .... will that be all right , my dear Malaysian Government ?


If those being hunted are cats instead of dogs , I believe it will not only piss me off ... it will make many Malaysians angry too . But dogs are not in line with the Muslim religion ... so perhaps this irks mainly the non Muslims . I would have thrown myself up and down if it were cats or rabits or guinea pigs that are being hunted down , being shot ...

I would like to thank Sheih Kickdefella for telling me to blog on . Blogging makes the world laugh at our Government's management and legislation , blogging lets me know how good Datuk Husam Musa is . Blogging lets me read about Dr Mahathir when all media blacks him out ... Blogging lets Malaysia-today reveal all the scandalous issues in Malaysia with concrete black and white evidence .... which of course are dismissed as rubbish by those in power and those involved . Blogging lets me read about how the unity team led by Rockybru , JeffOoi and other bloggers with their Bangsa Malaysia vision .

Man .... I would surely love to have friends like Rockybru ... Malaysians who have only unity in their minds . How I wish to see these bloggers , Raja Nazrin , Sultan of Selangor ... etc .... form a party of politics and run for office .

I don't like jokers who play their racial cards , who shout out sexist remarks , who organize dog hunts ..... I can understand boar hunting .... bear hunting .... tiger hunting or any hunting done in forest reserves which involve non endangered animals . But dogs do not live in jungles . Dogs live with their owners , streets etc .

To stop dogs being wild and stray , education is the key ....

I have personally seen a dog dumped at the hockey stadium in Ipoh . Exactly where the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is held . Yes . I always go there for walks with family . And for three days in a row , we fed this dog with buns and cakes and biscuits and water from the bakery ... hoping that it will find its way home because the dog looked so weak and cold . But we decided to pay the vet to take this dog in the end after a few days , I named him Bobby . The license tag on the dog says it is not local .... most probably dumped by his owner .

I assumed that because the dog stayed at the same place for 3 days ! The only explanation is that he was hoping for his owner to come back for him . Then , mom's friend took Bobby home .
And he is still happy till today !

I promise you ... if I see a cat , a rabbit or a guinea pig there .... I will definitely have done the same . I not only treat animals nice , but humans too .

Many times I have gone out with Sue Ann , and we both used to empty our pockets of change for the homeless who lie around ... many times my family have bought food for those who are begging outside restaurants . Cant really give them money because mom has personally seen them using the money to smoke and drink !

So you see , my dear Malaysian Government . It is time we change . Put it in the BN's manifesto . Write it down . Let me help you .

1. Education on animal rights , education on animal ownership responsibility .
2. Build more welfare homes and improve the unemployment benefits to help the poor and homeless so that they can rebuild their lives

If you can't do these , I will vote for another party then . I believe many will follow me . These things will be on my agenda next time if I join the crazy idiotic political world of Malaysia .

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dr Robaayah , Tan Sri Yahya ...

If I'm not mistaken , Dr Robaayah was an ex St. Michael's Institution girl ? Hmm ....yeah I remember seeing her name in the school magazines . Well , I hope Dr Robaayah and Tan Sri Dr Yahya will take good of care of TDM and show the public that we should always have confidence in the team of local specialists and doctors once again !

We all hope and pray that TDM's operation will be successful !

Saturday, September 01, 2007

We Are Sorry

It is great to hear that the Malaysian Govt has apologized after a tough week of relationship with Indonesia . Yes Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia , we are sorry for the Karate Cop issue . We all hope to see action taken against the party that was wrong in this incident .

I hope Pak Lah will reform the police force to make it more credible , trustworthy and efficient ... we have seen far too many bad police stories . Maybe we should put Jackie Chan in our force !