Friday, February 29, 2008

Busy but happy :)

Dear friends, sorry for not blogging at all and not doing as I promise on the manifestos by political parties. Haven't had the time at all because I had my dearie over visiting me for a couple of days.

Anyway, while having meals, I had the opportunity to meet YB M.Kula in old town Nam Heong Coffee Shop, challenger for Canning state seat Mr Vincent Hooi and challenger for Ipoh Timur parliamentary seat Dr Liew Mun Hon was at the Kampung Simee market. Met all 3 of them while they were doing their election rounds.

Spoke a few words to YB Kula as encouragement. I received news and tips that Mr Vincent Hooi and Dr Liew are not very happy with the response from public and they are worried about their election prospects. They are having a meeting to look at how they can attract voters at the moment I am typing this from an insider news I received.

Hmm. My dad was funny though. Initially when Dr Liew was announced as the challenger to YB Lim Kit Siang, dad find his name a little bit funny. Dad said "Hai mei yew da zhang yi jing liew man han". In English it means that Dr Liew has not even joined the war, he is already sweating profusely. This is due to his name Dr Liew Mun Hon. Well, sorry Dr Liew, just a joke but my dad is an ardent MCA supporter. And my mom worked for Datuk Tan Chai Ho before I was born in his firm and for MCA. So don't get too upset over this joke Dr Liew !

Anyway, I received a message earlier from Amzar that the manifestos are available online already. So there is no need to go to that but many political party members are ignorant of it and does not even know what a manifesto is. It is quite sad to hear some one shout Hidup PAS, DAP boleh, Undilah Barisan Nasional and many more slogans but do not know what a manifesto is. We should all educate the people politically.

I am surprised to read these days so many Barisan Nasional component parties advertising in The Star for the coming elections. Are the opposition parties allowed to do the same ? I wonder.

Hm. I will be leaving Malaysia again for Australia tomorrow. Back to books and a busy semester. I am thankful to my dad for allowing me to return for CNY this time although it was really a short holiday. Not a cheap trip for me to come home but he still allowed. Mom and sis played a role in persuading him though. Haha.

All righty ... all of you take care and vote wisely for the elections ! Will be blogging from Canberra soon.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

KJ ? Guan Eng ? Nurul Izzah ?

Let me begin with explaining why I am such a big fan of Tun Dr Mahathir. Some of my close pals are even saying that I am too crazy over Tun's vision, leadership and policies. But let me explain a little and from there, I will move on to what I think of today's landscape in politics. Now, part of the reason why I respect Tun Dr M was because during the time he was a PM, he introduced the Look East Policy. When he did that, he led the country by example and sent his son ( or sons ... I don't really remember ) to Japan to further his studies. If I am not mistaken, it was Datuk Mukhriz who wanted to study Music but was sent to Japan to study. If I am wrong, maybe Encik Sufi or some of my readers who know can correct me.

And when Tun was still a Datuk Seri and a PM of Malaysia, he clearly told the UMNO machinery that they can nominate his children for General Elections or for any Government posts but he will never appoint or allow them to be on the candidates list at all. That was Tun's policy on his children's political future and it remained that way till he retired! Tun's style was in stark contrast with the Lee Dynasty in Singapore where Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong had the tiny island under the Lee family's rule for so many decades. However, we are seeing a change in Malaysia's landscape this time around and we will be having several mini dynasties here though not as great as the Lee family's political grip.

Today, we read many blogs and hear comments from individuals across the country slamming Pak Lah for Khairy's "invisible hand" in the Government, Federal and States politics, UMNO and the General Elections.

But when we look at our actions and words, we fight for human rights, rule of law and better freedom in this country. So why then are we restricting Khairy from progressing ? Some of us say he is "dirty" and he is using the influence of his father in law, the "most powerful" PM in history of Malaysia based on elections record. If that is the case, and widely believed to be so, then KJ should be stopped and given a reality check of himself. And I personally am wary and worried of KJ's actions, influence and power all these while.

To stop at KJ will be bias to everyone and unfair to KJ. Look around us. We have the Lims in DAP ! YB Lim Kit Siang and perhaps the future YB Lim Guan Eng ... hmm ... isn't the case in DAP similar to the case in UMNO's Pak Lah and KJ ?

Ask yourself this. If DAP wins the Parliament with a 2/3 majority (which is totally impossible for now), and both father and son won their parliamentary seats, will they both not be members of the Cabinet ? I am sure YB Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng will appoint themselves to strategic and powerful portfolios.

Not only DAP my dear friends. We might even see a Anwar-Izzah Parti Keadilan Rakyat dynasty too ! Nurul Izzah, daughter of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is expected to contest in Lembah Pantai against the incumbent Datuk Seri Shahrizat, a Minister.

Anwar Ibrahim is widely rumoured to contest in April in a seat which PKR wins this time. He is barred from contesting the 12th GE till April. And whoever wins the Parliamentary seats for PKR, Anwar will choose the constituency and make the MP step down. This will pave the way for a by-election for Anwar to contest as the new candidate.

So, again, assuming PKR wins the Parliament with a 2/3 majority, will we not see a Anwar-Izzah Cabinet of Malaysia ? We might even see a Anwar-Azizah-Izzah Cabinet !

What is happening to Malaysia ? I am not sure if Lim Si Pin and Lim Keng Yaik will both be on the Gerakan list this time so I won't comment on Gerakan's side of father and son political grip now. But I would like to praise Tun Dr Ling Leong Sik and Tun Dr Mahathir. Their children rose to power only after they stepped down and retired from Government and politics, thus avoiding a "dynasty" which we frequently see these days.

Ladies and gentlemen, we might be seeing the remake of imperial powers and politics of olden China right here in Malaysia. Remember to get your tickets and popcorn and sit tight in your couch for a brand new season of politics in Malaysia !

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lydia Shum Din-Ha

A tribute to Lydia Shum. Her acting in Hong Kong movies and series as well as her starring in Singapore comedy series have brought us great entertainment over the years. I enjoyed her game shows as well !

Having suffered from liver cancer, it is indeed sad to see Lydia Shum suffered all these years. The tour guide for my Hong Kong trip told us that Lydia Shum spent alot of money for her medical bills also. But the money is not important at all. Sadly, she passed away this morning 19th February 2008, ending about 5 years of medical illness and suffering.

I hope you rest in peace, Ma'am ... and you will always be remembered.

Monday, February 18, 2008



Our Animal Inspector received a call today (Monday, 18th Feb) from a concerned woman who found a mother dog who had given birth to 10 puppies in a small depression in a field.

3 puppies had already died after being hit by passing cars. The 7 remaining pups were hot and panting, and were brought back and placed under SPCA Selangor's guardianship.

The 1-month-old pups will not survive long in the shelter system where they will be exposed to bacteria and fatal viruses, but they may survive with gentle care and nurturing in your home. If you have experience fostering young puppies, and have a suitable space in your home to foster them for 4-6 weeks, please give us a call within the next 24 hours.

As they are young and need to be monitored around the clock and fed every 4-5 hours, we encourage only those with enough time on their hands to take them in. The puppies can be separated into different foster homes, preferably 2 per home.

Please be aware that while there are many success stories for fostered homeless animals, many young kittens and puppies do not survive even with the best care and attention - however they still do deserve a second chance at life. If you are willing to take the chance, please contact us immediately!

For more information, please call 42565312/ 42535179/ 42535312 from 9am-4pm tomorrow (Monday, 19th February) or send an e-mail to

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA Selangor)Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama, 68000 Ampang JayaT : 03-42565312 / 03-42535179/ 03-42535312 F : 03-42528382E : W :

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Interesting Opinions

I was enjoy reading Cuitsikit's comments and blog entries. I don't know who he or she is but this blogger rarely blogs. But when he or she blogs, it is always interesting to read!

Read this

Anyway, didnt have the time today to go to my next target of election office to enquire about the manifesto. I thought to myself maybe I was wrong to expect every BN component party's office to have a print of Barisan Nasional's manifesto or DAP centres to have DAP manifesto and so on. As far as I know, I remember reading 5 years ago Pak Lah had a hardcopy of manifesto. I don't remember about that in Tun's era but I believe all leaders and political parties will have one.

As voters, we have slacked in our rights to read the manifesto. This time, I want to read it. But MCA Bercham members don't even know what a manifesto is. Disappointing !

The next place I will step into is also nearby. I hope the MCA leader there (whom I personally know) or the office staff will know what a manifesto is, or at least let me know that it is prepared by leaders already or not, or they don't have a manifesto at all.

And since I am not a bias type, I will also give a visit to a UMNO service centre in Perak, and a DAP centre also. Hehe ...

If you guys have the time, do the same thing elsewhere in KL or Malacca or Penang! Blog it or let me know ! By the way, I can't access and I would like to know if their website has crashed, discontinued or disappeared or shifted .... hmmmmmmmm

Friday, February 15, 2008

State Seat in Perak : Bercham

Mom and I went to Bercham MCA service centre today. I parked the car aside and mom went up. She gave a sum to a new fund to assist one of the cancer patient staying nearby in Bercham. That lady needs all help they can get and her plight was advertise in The Star recently. All cheques can be posted to Bercham MCA under YB Gooi Seng Teik.

Now, I also told my mom to help me get a copy of the Barisan Nasional manifesto, or MCA manifesto or at least YB Gooi's manifesto. I know many of us say "Government always promise us this and that but never deliver" while some will say "The Government has fulfilled all its election promises in the manifesto". So I am curious and decided to get a copy or at least read it there at the centre.

The office clerk instead asked my mom what a manifesto is. Mom told her that is a book that tells us the aims, goals, promises in elections. That lady answered "Ooooh, no need, it is understood by everyone".

My mom was stunned. And she came back down to tell me. So was I !! What the hell do you mean by "it is understood by everyone" ?

I think the Bercham MCA staff meant that everyone expects and understand that the YB will deliver and will be constructing and repairing roads, cutting grass at community areas, giving donations to school. At least that is what I think.

So taaadaaa .... I will be going to some other MCA, UMNO and even DAP office over the next few days to check out what really they are promising this time. Don't take us lightly anymore. We are educated people. You don't just come out of your hideout every 4-5 years and go to the market and malls to shake people hands and expect all of us to vote for you.


Hah ! Now I know YB Gooi's service centre don't know what a manifesto is, and said it is understood by everyone (I myself don't understand what the clerk meant by that), and they dont have one !

Perhaps not yet ... but the reply was not satisfactory. Tomorrow, hehe, I hope I have the time to give a visit to another MCA office and also a DAP one. Let us see what their reply will be this time and I will keep you updated.

For now, the scoreboard of manifesto availability, Bercham state seat for BN-MCA is a great no-no !!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Feb 13th ?

Hmm . I wonder why some MPs and Ministers are so quite these days . Could it be they are afraid that they say the wrong things ?

I have not read anything from Datuk Seri Nazri these days . Not much from Mat Taib , the Jasin MP . Why so quiet guys ?

So , elections on the way soon ? I wonder what the voters turnout figures will be like , who will win the election , who will be the Cabinet members and whether the public likes the results .

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I Demand for Minimum Wage Laws, Pak Lah !

Pak Lah, the time has come. Under the current administration, we always hear the "inevitable" word spoken by Ministers and some "experts" that prices HAVE TO INCREASE ! Hurray , all cheers to you guys !!

"oooh .... this is unavoidable..... oil prices naik .... our prices have to go up ... our inflation also climb the stairs of numbers"

As a person studying Business and Economics, I do not deny the inflationary pressure on prices caused by the doubling of oil prices per barrel. However, as Tun once said, we do have enough funds from Petronas and EPF to ease the burden on the people.

I even forced myself to accept the current administration's proposal to raise fuel prices to pay for reform in the public transportation sector. But my patience was tested and brought to the limits when the reported RM 4 billion was once again eroded to "higher oil prices". That again, is legally disgraceful as a promise was shredded just like that with a few words.

Nevertheless, we see a better Rapid KL transportation system with timetables patched at walls of certain bus stands ( I think these schedules are only for KL Sentral busses ). These schedules, although they are 80 % inaccurate in timing, it is a minor step and symbolic of improvements in our public transportation.

But Datuk Seri Abdullah, Datuk Seri Najib, my honorable Ministers in the Cabinet, MTEN economists and civil servants, would it not be advisable for us to have a minimum wage law also? Long ago I have said this before. Yesterday, Penang transportation felt it. RapidKL bus drivers demand higher wages. 2- 3 weeks ago, we had a tragic bus crash involving young people.

If we do not fix better wages for bus drivers and ensure quality drivers, when then will Malaysians not die in road accidents and bus crashes? With better wages, the drivers need not rush their busses in inter city routes just to earn more trips and dollars. With better wages, the drivers are happier and can concentrate on driving skills, safety on the road and passengers comfort.

According to the reports, the bus drivers have successfully increased their daily allowances to RM 30 but wage rates maintain at RM 200 instead of the RM 900 they requested for. Now according to my calculations, if the bus driver drives the bus the complete 30 days in a month, they will earn a total income of RM 1100 monthly.

Given that a plate of Char Koay Teow in Penang ranges from RM 3.50 - RM 7, milo ais ranging from RM 1.40 - RM 2, we can then come up with a Char Koay Teow - Milo Ais Index. Economists use PPP per capita for comparisons and some use the Big Mac Index. Today, I will be different. Assumptions made here are firstly char koay teow can also be koayteow goreng or mee goreng mamak i.e. halal food, and secondly milo ais is the most common drink among Malaysians.

The total expenditure of a bus driver here for 3 meals a day eating Mee Goreng Mamak and drinking milo ais for each meal will cost RM 441. That is just for meals per person and this portion of budget is of 40.091 % of total income !

My dear Ministers, politicians. You guys earn a basic of RM 10,000 from Ministerial Duties. If we chuck in foreign travel allowances, domestic daily allowances or whatever allowances you guys have, that amount could be more than RM 10,000. Again, politicians normally have strong financial standings because they have business opportunities, directorships, and other source of income. What is a mere RM 441 to you guys ? It could be just a day's spending or it might not be able to buy anything in Pavilion or KLCC.

It is high time we set minimum wage laws and industrial standards for certain classes of employees. These people need the Government's help ! They are not even thinking of getting rich ! They need money for survival and to support their family ... Malaysia surely do not promote malnutrition among kids and adults. But it might be inevitable because parents cant afford much nutritious food that are costing more and more these days !

Although there will be a distortion in labour economics when minimum wage laws are introduced, we should also think of the positive aspects and effects that minimum wage laws have on people's wallets.

A note to my readers, visit to support the petition and the goals of some young bloggers who are campaigning for road safety!

Also, all the way from Canberra, Australia, Gong Xi Fa Cai and a happy Chinese New Year to all my readers and to those enjoying their holidays , Happy Holidays !!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Study Break

I am currently having my study break. Exams are on the 6th and 8th of February. It will be a busy week for me ! Missing CNY is not a good thing ... will make me homesick and miss Malaysia ... but exams will keep me busy !

Anyway, I just read from that Parliament of Malaysia will be dissolved on 13th of February, nomination day is on 22nd February is the nomination day and election will be on the 1st of March. It is however unofficial, i.e. gossip, tip, rumour that KMU received.

To those celebrating CNY or going away for holidays, drive save and slow. There is no need to rush ! It is after all a holiday and festive season ! Have a good time with your family and enjoy !

PRESS CONFERENCE Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Received an email from Sufi on the transcripts of Tun's recent press conference. Enjoy reading Tun's comments. It has been a long time Tun ! Welcome back !

AT THE LAUNCH OF "Dr Mahathir's Letters to World Leaders"
Perdana Leadership Foundation
Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First thing before you begin to ask me questions I would like to thank you very much for your presence today. What my book is all about I have already explained just now so if there are anymore questions you are welcomed to ask, if I can answer, I will, if I cannot I will just shut up. Okay...

Q: Will you contest in the coming General Election?

Dr M : Well like the comedian who was talking about his girlfriend, he would like to but he didn't...

Q: How much does the US recession is likely to affect Malaysia?

Dr M : Well actually today the US should close down because it had been bankrupt for several years now. It has deficits. But because the United States owns IMF (International Monetary Fund) the IMF has not taken any action. If we were in that situation we would have been crushed to the ground but this is the US where they can print money and where they can make use of other opeople's money to sustain an economy that is unsustainable. But unfortunately too many countries have trade and investment links with the uS and some of these investments abroad are really meant to supply the US with their products. If the US is not in a positin to buy their products then these companies located in other countries including Malaysia will suffer. So the fact remains that the US economy is so big that its collapse is going to affect the world. So the world is not going to allow it to collapse just like the US will not allow certain big banks to collapse. We will feel the impact whether we like it or not. We will feel the impact. In fact we are already feeling the impact. Today we are in a state of denial and bad things are coming in the future because it is not going to be easy to ensure that the US recession does not take place. It is not easy to reverse the process

Q: Tun now Malaysia does not trade much with the US?

Dr M : I dont know the last figure I had was about 30% of our exports still go to the US. So 80 per cent of our trade about...100 billion a year is a very big chunk

Q: Your comment on lacklustre attitude from OIC in response to the problems in Palestine

Dr M : It is usual that they are not interested in the suffereings of the people in Gaza or Palestine. They are too busy with other things. They have never shown any sympathy for the Palestinian. Only verbal support but no really tangible support.

Q: Tun akan turun Padang berkempen untuk BN?

Dr M : Saya dulu saya terima iaitu saya akan bantu dalam kempen tapi pada tahun 2004 oleh kerana parti BN begitu popular saya dikehendaki tidak kempen di tempat-tempat tertentu. Saya akan kempen cuma kalau saya percaya orang yang dicalonkan itu ialah orang yang boleh membawa kebaikan.

Q: Politics is dirty because of politicians or is it that politics is just dirty?

Dr M : The politicians, because i am also a politician I don't play dirty politics but when people who have openly told lies and the whole country knows they told lies and they get re-elected...and (this) cause me to lose my respect and lose my faith in the political system as practised by them.

Q: In your book...(not audible)

Dr M : I have claimed to be a Muslim fundamentalist. This one (Hadhari) is modern Islam which is another thing altogether. I go for the fundamentals and the fundamentals of Islam is very good. It is not like the Christian fundamentalist where they are equated with extremism. To equate Muslim fundamentalist with extremisim is wrong. Its a misnomer. If you really follow the teachings of Islam, the basic teachings of Islam, you should be a very good man, a very progressive man, a well balanced person.

Q: (not audible)

Dr M : I always point out that for 1,400 years there have been many interpretations of Islam and many of these interpretations are influenced by the situation occurring at that time so the imterpretation today is because we are a democratic country we will have elections and anything that we say can be used by the opposition in order to gain support.

Q: You mean current situation our intepretation is more for political reasons?

Dr M : Yes I think it is political more than religious. If its religious we need to sit down and discuss the basis of this decision and then only we can really say that it is an Islamic injuction not to do certain things.

Q: You say you will campaign for candidates...does this include opposition?

Dr M : No, I will not campaign for the opposition. But I am saying the people who support the BN should be a little bit more selective. Should think, should choose wisdom in their choice of the people they will support. If people name some deadwood, some corrupt politician as candidates even if they are from the BN, BN supporters should not support them. That way we can clean the party, BN and UMNO because there is no hope that Umno can be cleaned from within because everything is controlled now. Nobody can have an opinion and any contrary views they will make (is) sure will not be heard.

Q: Tun mengatakan bahawa pengundi termasuk penyokong BN perlu melakukan perubahan di piliharaya untuk megubah kepimpinan BN dan Umno. Itu maksud Tun?

Dr M : Ya, itu sahaja harapan kita. Itu pun bukanlah kuat sangat harapan kerana saya berpendapat pengundi-pengundi biasa pun kadang-kadang terpengaruh dengan cara yang tidak halal tetapi kita sudah hilang keupayaan untuk menukar pemimpin di peringkat parti kerana parti sekarang ini dibenar cuma mengata "Yes" kepada apa yang presiden kata. Jadi tidak ada real opinion dalam party anymore. No way you can change the leadership of the party or the way the party operates from within. If the people in Malaysia wishes to have a party that is centred on nepotism and corruption then of course they will vote for the same people and will achieve no correction

Q: Are you saying the PM for the moment can be considered in your definition as deadwood?

Dr M : I dont know about what my opinion is but i know i have differences with him.

Q: Lepas tun lepas jawatan PM ada khabar angin tentang fail rasuah tokoh Umno kelantan yang Tun serah kepada Pak Lah untuk tindakan...

Dr M : Fail kalau ada akan diserah oleh ACA. Bukan saya punya tugas nak serah file tapi saya tahu ada kes tertentu yang harus diselidik dan tindakan diambil. Saya amat sedar bahawa kes corruption bukan mudah untuk kita buktikan. Dengan itu kita cuma akan dengar cerita yang buruk tetapi akhirnya tiada satu tindakan pun yang boleh diambil

Q: When u steppped down in 2003 you said you made a gentleman's agreement for him to stay one term. In this case macam mana?

Dr M : Even if I said I had this gentlemen's agreement there is no way i can prove it. That was my thinking, that since he was older than Najib he should be PM for a term and then Najib should be able to take over.

Q: In the 22 years of your administration, there was fastrack development, many things were done in record time...PM now needs more time beyond five years to develop his projects. What is your view?

Dr M : I knwo it takes time to implement plans and projects but i think if that is to be used as an excuse to stay in power for 18 years that would not be very welcome. But that time to this time only announcements are being made. He is already asking for time to do this.

Q: The PM announced economic corridor, repercussion not now...commitments made are huge. If not able to be delivered what will happen to future PM?

Dr M : What i think is that it certainly will not be delivered by the time of the election. So this is the reason why you should allow the present Government to go on so that they can implement. But the way the things are being implemented are also questionable. Giving it to the so called GLC which then gives contracts to other people, none of which are very open that is not really the right way to do things.

Q: What is you greatest concern in 50 years looking at Malaysia?

Dr M : Well, I think the Government does not seem to know how to progress. How to implement things. Its already quite sometime since I stepped down. (It) would have been easier perhaps to just continue with the projects already on the ground but it was deided to postpone ostensibly because of lack of funds. But what I do know is that when I stepped down there was enough money to go ahead with all the so called mega projects. Now they have dedcided to go ahead with some of the mega projects but the cost is very high, as much as 50 % more simply because the cost of living, the cost of everything has gone up in the meantime. So the postponement was totally unjustified. Now they realised that these are needed infrastructure.

Q: Time to implement mean he should carry on as PM?

Dr M : It depends upon the record you have shown in some other things that doesn't need too much time. If you show that you can implement it, the smaller projects, i think you should be given more time for the bigger projects. But what you see is just a stoppsgae, a kind of reversal of the previous policies and projects ostensibly because there was no funds and this is not such a good judgement.

Q: Now you are compalining of cronyism and nepotism in Pak Lah's term...(question not audible)

Dr M : Well I am aware that I was not always right but those people who were called my cronies were not my cronies. As a matter of fact when I was accused of these I published, I made public the list of people who had projects etc and it was clear that they were not people I know except for the very well known figures. I was not practising cronyism but of course these (accusations) were attached to me as a kind of label to undermine my credibility (and) I cannot get away from it. But today we see neopotism creeping in. We see companies getting projects to the extent that many Malaysian entrepreneurs and contractors are now going abroad. They said there is no opportunity within the country.

Q: Tun, as ahli Umno No 1. are you aware of current happenings within the party, do you get any updates?

Dr M : Nothing, i am competely cut out

Q: Compared to during your time the BN is no longer as united as before...

Dr M : When we have a group of people working together, we must know how to handle them. They have grouses, they have differences but if you handle them properly and tackle the grouses, I think they will sit together. But if you show any weakness, giving in, people will take advantage of your weakness.

Q: In the recent state assmebly sitting in Kelantan Datuk Mustafa Mohamad admitted he asked you to stop developing Kelantan when PAS took over Government...

Dr M : Well not only Mustafa but all the rest of Umno felt you should not develop Kelantan because if you do they will tell people..."Look even if you don't vote for BN you will still get development, so why bother to vote for BN?" - that's what PAS will say and that has always been a problem with PAS even in my constituency. If a village is supportive of PAS and i were to give a bridge or whatever PAS will tell people "Look you don't have to support the Government so support us." Because of that we had to hold back.

Q: Do you think political Islam will play a big role in the next General Election?

Dr M : It will be exploited to the utmost by PAS and the Government will have its hands full tyring to handle it.

Q: What about racial issues?

Dr M : It is unfortunate because we have never really achieved racial harmony but we have been able to keep it within control. But now people are not only taking action based on race but also on religion. They say Hinduism was not something that will cause a ..... (not audidble)....but now Hindus apparently feel dissatisfied with their lot and have made this demonstration. I don't say that because I agree with them. I don't agree with them. But they see a Government that is retreating and of course they want to take advantage.

Q: Apa pendapat tun tentang sekiranya anak beranak dapat jawatan utama dalam parti umno. Bolehkah orang Melayu terima?

Dr M : Psychology....attitude Melayu berbeza sikit. Dia sokong bukan kerana individu. Sokong kerana parti, kalau bagi a piece of log there or a stone they will still vote the party because this is my party and I cannot allow my party to lose. The Chinese are much more seelctive. They did not like me in 1969. They made sure I lost the electuion but they also made sure the Alliance won the election. So if you cause a person that you don't like to lose, it doesn't mena that the party will lose, the party will win.

Q: You were reported that MIC should be blamed for the Indians' plight were you misquoted?

Dr M : No, its not MIC as a political party. But the thing is that people, rather Indians, who may not agree with MIC but still wish to support the BN are not given ay chance at all. In their frustration, whether MIC is right or wrong is a different matter, obviously there is no opportunity for anybody else, any other Indians, to come up.

Q: What role are you trying to play in the next General Election?

Dr M : I'm trying to promote cleansing of the party by the people, because within the party it is not possible to cleanse. If I say anything there will be a chorus of people who will curse me including some of my former ministers...they will curse if I'm going to be cursed by them i might as well be cursed for everything else.

Q: Strategi pukul anak sindir menantu...

Dr M : There is a risk in all these things but i hope that we will love this country enough to vote for the best candidate

Q: Maksudnya Tun boleh terima hakikat pembangkang menang lebih?

Dr M : No, pembangkang tak mungkin menang lebih banyak daripada BN. Lebih banyak dari sekarang mungkin, tapi tak boleh jadi kerajaan.

Q: More than in 1999?

Dr M : 1999 was a different matter. A question of a black eye

Q: 99 was issues of emotion, but now isu harga barang, jenayah jadi kebimbangan pada rakyat...

Dr M : Well the issues are different. There is problem of inflation etc but more imprtant is the quality of leadership, quality of umno that has degenerated to the point where members cannot say anything. You say something you are hauled up and asked to choose between the PM and whoever. So there is not a slightest freedom that is allowed and in my case I was invited by many people and the people who invited me were called by the police not to go ahead with the invitation, to cancel the invitation. Of course you can use police for implementing the law but there is no law that allows police to threaten people that if they hold the meeting and invite me they will get into trouble. But this is what happened. During my time tunku wants to make a speech they can make a speech. Anybody wants to make a speech, evenTengku Razaleigh, I did not stop him. But here the moment I stepped down almost I was practically not allowed to speak.

Q: How do you plan to cleanse the party?

Dr M : Its up to the people to vote in those leaders who are clean because the party will not clean itself

Q: But what is you plan?

Dr M : I don't know all I can say is talk to you (the Press)...

Q: How about the leadership...

Dr M : Its up to the people to make an assemsment as to who should continue or who should go.

Q: Your assessment...will there be total change in the line-up

Dr M : I think there will be no total change. There will be some people who will be retained some people who have not delivered they should not be retained

Q: The young generation?

Dr M : Unfortunately the young generation does not even bother to register

Q: Claims of vote buying, any proof?

Dr M : In my case I have proof. People were bribed not to vote for me in my constituency and I expect that to be extended, it was nothing just a small matter but still these attempts were made to prevent me from becoming just a wakil

Q: Do you think there will be outright vote buyng?

Dr M : There is that possibility. I was told in the by election that thing happened.