Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kedah Land Policy - Pakatan Continue Elegant Silence

I heard from a Gerakan leader in Kedah that the State has not called off the 50 % Bumiputera in housing development (for swap Malay Reserve land) - an increase from 30 %.

He has written it in his blog article here - Pakatan Rakyat, One Malaysia and Kedah Housing Policy.

Why didnt Anwar Ibrahim or Lim Kit Siang take a drive down to Kedah and talk to Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak there?

Kedah initially announced that they will revert to the 30% quota housing policy in late 2008. In Feb 09, MB Kedah then slammed Tan Keng Liang for his press statement and reverted back to the 50% quota housing policy.

I have a lot of respect for the Malay reserve land because after all, this was once Tanah Melayu before the formation of Malaysia.

But I don't think this policy is in line with the ideologies of Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang. Moreover, freehold lands have been developed and the remaining land left to build on is the Malay reserve land.

So does the 30 % quota policy apply as a blanket rule or not ? Are the Pakatan leaders People First Performance Now or are they Politics First Putrajaya Now ?

The Bumiputera land quota has been relaxed in Perak - under Datuk Seri Mohd Tajol Rosli Ghazali and the current MB Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.

Cheers to you, Dr Zambry. In the words of Dr Zambry,

"We don't want to live in a polarised world, but in the context of practicality, we have to discuss and study such policies."

Also, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak recently announced the financial sector liberalisation. Published HERE.

1 Malaysia is in Barisan Nasional. Minority Malaysia in Pakatan.

After Aminah Tape and A Thiruvenggadam's expose HERE and HERE, where is the voice of the vocal Teresa Kok, Lim Kit Siang, Teng Chang Khim and Anwar Ibrahim ?

How long will the "elegant silence" of Pakatan leaders on their own mess and the roar on Barisan Nasional's matters continue?

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Hindraf Supporters Betrayed by Leaders & Pakatan

Petaling Jaya Selatan PKR Deputy Chief slammed the Selangor Menteri Besar recently over a remark which he made and the State affairs.

A Thiruvenggadam, who is also the councillor of PJ City Council, said that he tried many times to meet the Menteri Besar but all efforts turned out to be not fruitful.

A memorandum was drafted among 40 Indian councillors to seek an appointment with Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim but for over two months, no reply was given from the office of the Menteri Besar.

In a seminar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim was asked about this memorandum.

The Menteri Besar then replied "I will never meet any minority groups. If I meet, other minority groups will start coming to us."

Read more here - Selangor MB under fire for "minority" remark.

Thiru also said the following (21 May 2009 - Malaysiakini)
  1. "The sidelining of the Indian community by the Pakatan in Selangor is not much different from what Barisan Nasional has done."

  2. "In Selangor, the PKR-led state government has so far failed to keep up with its promise to do something for the community."

  3. "No job offers have given to the Indian community. No contracts have also been allocated for the Indian businessmen in the state."

Can anyone tell me what Pakatan Rakyat has done in their 4 States after 1.5 years ? You have 4 States with Executive power in hand.

Hindraf is heavily aligned to the Opposition led by Uthayakumar and Waythamoorthy.

It is time Hindraf face the cold hard facts of betrayal by Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat.

I wonder why Hindraf is still supporting Pakatan or Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. Makes me really wonder what Hindraf is fighting for.

Is Waythamoorthy and Uthayakumar fighting for their popularity or they are truly making things work ?

Today, BN shouts 1 Malaysia. Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is still with the Majority-minority ideology?

Barisan Nasional has offered to hear from all parties. BN has continued to serve the Indian community with education grants and skills training courses (although many Indian youths did not bother to join in.)

Read an example HERE.

Indians must now be aware when casting their votes and support. Are the leaders whom they have supported all these while truly fighting for their causes or are they paying lip service ?

People First, Performance Now under Barisan Nasional. Politics First, Putrajaya Now under Pakatan Rakyat.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cronyism in Selangor State Govt - where is SELCAT?

Teresa Kok, Elizabeth Wong and the hard hitting no nonsense Selangor Speaker Teng Chang Khim ought to answer this.

According to A Thiruvenggadam (PJ Selatan PKR Deputy Chief) as reported in Malaysiakini, the state government divides waste-concessionaire Alam Flora contracts to political parties - 40 per cent to PKR, 30 per cent to PAS and 30 per cent to DAP.

This piece was written on 25 May 2009.

“This policy is wrong and against good government practice and it will lead to corruption. This system denies further the Indian community from participating in the contracts. Worse, the community does not even have any information on it and many councillors in Selangor were surprised with this kind of contract arrangement."

This is interesting. CRONYISM IN SELANGOR !

Teresa Kok, Elizabeth Wong and Teng Chang Khim - SELCAT ? I thought you guys have a policy called Selangor Competency, Accountability, Transparency ?

Where are your voices ? I can't hear you !


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Aminah Tape - Duo to be sacked ? (updated)


Deputy Chief Minister of Penang should not be a guaranteed prize for Dr Mansor Othman. If Fairus had to go due to his incompetency when serving as DCM, then why should Mansor be allowed to stake his claim on the post?

The PKR duo and Aminah were said to be talking about Dr Mansor's incompetency.

These were all reported and discussed in many news portal which we all categorize as the alternative media.

Remember Guan Eng. CAT - Competency, Accountability and Transparency. You don't need an unwanted baggage in Dr Mansor Othman.

Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng should not appoint Dr Mansor as the new DCM even if he wins. CM Lim Guan Eng - Say no to Mansor, say no to Anwar !

Read more from The Nut Graph.


Malaysiakini carried two headlines that seemed like the opposite of the pieces written by The Malaysian Insider.

1. Aminah wanted to retourn to party, says PKR duo
2. She set us up, claims PKR duo

The Malaysian Insider had different headlines (especially the 1st one)

1. Tape suggests PKR wanted Aminah back
2. PKR leaders admit they met with Aminah

Is this the Aminah Tape scandal now ? Does anyone have a copy of this audio clip? I would love to hear it too and do send a few copies to PAS, DAP and PKR leadership.

Since Cheah Kah Peng and Peter Lim went on their own capacity, they ought to be sacked or suspended till further investigations have been concluded.

They can also be suspended for acting against the Party's struggles and misconduct. Will that be the right move, YB Lim Kit Siang ?

Consult Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Also, Law Choo Kiang is a Penang State Exco and his aide Peter Lim acted against the principles of the Party.

Perhaps YB Law Choo Kiang should tender his resignation too for a scandalous affair on the part of his aide in Penanti.

Before the tape was released, many were vocal against Aminah's claims.

The two PKR leaders should understand something and Malaysiakini should have hammered the logic into their heads.

Whether she invited you over for lunch or not, why did you even bother to pay RM 80,000 for her to return to the Party and the Deputy Chief Minister's post if she wins?

So just because she invited you over for lunch (if it was true), does that legalise your offer of money and positions (based on text version of TMI) ?

I am interested to hear from the hardcore Pakatan supporters. Somebody got political boomerang-ed in Penanti.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Extradition of RPK from Australia ?

UPDATED 26th May 2009 - 9.20 pm

A few days ago, I wrote this piece - Place RPK on Interpol list.

The Royal Malaysian Police has now confirmed that they are looking for Raja Petra Kamaruddin under the Interpol.

FYI, Interpol in full is International Criminal Police Organization and Australia is a listed member of this Organization as well.

Officially, Malaysia and the Australian Federal Police have to be in communication over the location of RPK - which led to a news that the man himself is in Brisbane.

Under the Interpol and intra-Government policies, Malaysia can ask for an extradition of RPK if indeed he is in Australia.

More to come.

PREVIOUSLY 25th May 2009 - 9.10pm

According to the news reports by The Star, the Royal Malaysian Police has received credible information that Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Marina Lee Abdullah are residing in Brisbane, Australia.

The last time I checked, just in case you don't know, Anwar's loyal crony is in Australia. Does Dr Rahim Ghouse ring a bell to anyone of you?

Blogger CuitSikit had a post on Dr Rahim's list of companies.

I was still young when Dr Rahim's name popped up frequently during the Free Anwar Campaign so I have not much knowledge on him but I am sure other bloggers do know the stories.

Anyway, under the Australian visa options, visitors to Australia are categorized into

1. Tourists
2. Working Holiday
3. Retirement
4. Medical treatment
5. Transiting through Australia
6. Event Organizers and Participants.

It seems to me that if Dr Rahim Ghouse (CEO of Kuwait Finance House) is involved, RPK might be on a "working holiday".

However, RPK is probably on a tourist visa given that "working holidays" require advance arrangement.

Assuming that RPK is in Australia, and the Courts in Malaysia have postponed the hearing twice/thrice given his absence, the Royal Malaysian Police have a possible option.

At this point, it is uncertain whether the Attorney General Chamber is considering it but let us explore this "option".

View : Treaty Between The Government of Malaysia and The Government of Australia on Extradition

The Attorney General Chamber and the Royal Malaysian Police will need to formally file a request to their Australian counterparts - namely Australian Attorney General Chamber and the Australian Federal Police - on the extradition of RPK for Malaysia to proceed with a fair and just legal proceeding on a seditious article.

This lawsuit can not only allow RPK to clear his name by providing evidences to support his claims in the article but also allow this long standing court case to be closed once and for all.

Judging by the Treaty, it seems that RPK can file for the extradition request to be null and void under several clauses like the "purpose of prosecuting on account of political opinion" and many more.

I am not a lawyer, so I leave it to the Pakatan lawyers and their knowledgeable supporters to decide if the Treaty is enforceable.

I am in no position to comment further but this might be an opportunity to test the temperature of the diplomatic ties between Malaysia and Australia.

Both countries have had a rocky relationship for the past 30 years which began with the famous standoff between Bob Hawke and Tun Dr Mahathir that ended with a formal apology by the Aussie Premier in the Australian Parliament for his unacceptable comments on Malaysia.

Malaysia's ties with Australia were "restored" under the former administration led by Pak Lah.

Will we see interesting things with a new PM in Malaysia and fresh from a damning article by Hamish Mc Donald on Malaysia that we just "took another big step towards becoming a pariah nation" ?

I have always enjoyed news of the diplomatic relationship between Malaysia and Australia. Interesting.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Place RPK on Interpol List

When a layman raises a false accusation against another, we can easily brush it off and say "that guy is just lying, dont bother".

However, when a top Malaysian blogger who has transformed his website into a formal news portal accuse a serving Prime Minister and First Lady as characters involved in the murder of a foreign national, then this blogger must be brought to Court.

The Court is a place where everything said and presented are held binding and the law will prosecute the guilty, release the innocent.

Lawyers, judges, commissioners and everyone in the legal profession knows that the Court is a sacred place just like the Prayer halls of all religion.

Such an accusation that is directed to the Prime Minister of Malaysia and the First Lady by a highly influential blogger who also happen to be a cousin of the Sultan of Selangor must be accorded the proper channel for him to substantiate the claims.

Informally, Raja Petra Kamaruddin has presented sworn statements called Statutory Declarations and also intriguing blog writings like the "Let us send the Altantuya murderers to hell".

Till date, these were just words from his mouth.

This matter was investigated and RPK was told to turn up in the Court of law to justify his slanderous article.

The word slanderous can actually be overruled because he is called into Court as defendant.

As such, he has the privilege to present his evidences and show how the Prime Minister and the First Lady were among the conspirators that ended up with a Mongolian model dead.

Yet, RPK declined the offer because of many claims and created the impression that the Court is a Kangaroo Court.

However, we all know that his lawyers who are pro-Opposition will be present in Court at all times and there will be many other people in the public gallery also.

These people will include family members of RPK, the press, public interest groups, NGOs and politicians.

Upon taking a seat at the dock, RPK has the chance to dish out an expose of his claims.

This expose will not only clear him off the charges brought forth by the Attorney General chambers but also save two lives - Sirul and Azilah - who were sentenced to hang.

Sadly, the loud bloggers who screamed that the Prime Minister is a murderer did not take up the challenge to ask Anwar and RPK to provide the evidence which they claim they have and save two lives.

None of the pro-Opposition bloggers joined this campaign.

Most recently, he redirected the focus of this case to Tengku Razaleigh's camp and a particular Deputy Director of a non existent Special Branch in the Military.

It was also said that the aide of Tengku Razaleigh has denied RPK's story.

The Director General of Military Intelligence of the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces have also denied RPK's claims.

RPK is still sending in articles to Malaysia Today but has yet to attend the Court proceeding which has been postponed a few times.

If he is overseas, I hope the Malaysian Police place RPK on the Interpol Wanted List because I believe Malaysia are partners to many countries in Extradition of suspects and criminals.

If he is in Malaysia, then Special Branch should do a nationwide sweep and bring him in to Court.

Otherwise, should we light candles in front of Anwar Ibrahim's house and ask him to cooperate and reveal the location of his greatest supporter ?

I am sure Anwar Ibrahim will call the cops and arrest people who light candles in front of his house. But never mind. We will leave the fun of that to a time when necessary.

(Credits to The Star and Malaysiakini for the photos)

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Eastern Johor - Singapore Straight Bridge (updated)

UPDATED (5.17pm)

It is official now that Malaysia and Singapore are in talks over a new Bridge at the Eastern side of Johor.

The new bridge will be built near Changi Airport to an Eastern side of Johor. Most probably near Pengerang.

As for now, Causeway remains the brick of wall that splits the Straits of Johor.

PREVIOUSLY (4.01 pm)

A news feed
came saying that Malaysia and Singapore talked about a new bridge to link the two countries.

The Causeway has been in place for many decades and the construction of it was at an disadvantage to Malaysia.

When Tun Dr Mahathir and his panel of advisors introduced the Scenic Bridge project to replace the current Causeway, there were reasons for it.

The Scenic Bridge name is definitely misleading as it wasn't meant to be a decoration or a tourist attraction spot.

At this moment, the Causeway is like a brick of wall that cuts the Straits into two.

The Scenic Bridge will replace our side of the Causeway and it will be better because with the removal of the Causeway (although just half), water will be able to flow freely.

And from free flowing of sea water here, ships can then go to our ports in Johor, namely Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas.

With the bridge , the ships need not go past Singapore. They can just past through the Scenic Bridge (impossible now with the Causeway).

Official announcements will be out later. Tentatively, it seems that a new straight Bridge will be built in East Johor to Singapore.

I wonder if EPU and MoF had a say in this because we need to consider the economic prospects of the Ports in Johor also.

Ships will not be encouraged to stop by at Tanjung Pelepas at all if the Causeway bridge remains a big brick that splits the Straits of Johor into two.

Why stop in Johor when you have stopped in Singapore a while ago?

The Eastern Johor Bridge might be able to ease traffic congestion and bring prospective consumers and investors to Malaysia from Singapore with an improved competition.

It might not help settle complaints on the CIQ complex in Johor that was meant to be a project that accommodates the Scenic Bridge.

Also, Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas might not enjoy the advantages of the Eastern Johor Bridge fully.

So, is the Eastern Johor Bridge better than a Scenic Bridge from an economic prospect point of view?

I await the official announcement and the Eastern Johor bridge plan before I continue further with my comments.

We need to ensure that we achieve the maximum economic returns from every Ringgit of our Government expenditure.

I am eager to hear Tun Dr Mahathir's comments on this as the Statesman's thoughts have always been very good and welcomed by the Party and the Leadership.

Disunity Modules under Biro Tatanegara

Browsing through The Star today, this article caught my attention. BTN courses teaches disunity (The Star).

As PSD Scholars and based in INTEC (UiTM - Shah Alam) for pre-university, students were required back then to attend a Biro Tatanegara Camp (camps are nationwide) and also a Kem Bina Insan in Selangor.

The Kem Bina Insan was good I have to say. We were taught the meaning of racial harmony and unity and it was the very first Government organized camp that I attended.

Events, activities and the module of Kem Bina Insan were very meaningful. The officers in KBI were able to show our weaknesses, point out our strengths and unite us as a team - a Malaysian team.

Some of us were at first indiscipline and lazy, yet the officers manage to push us up to be adults.

However, the camping experiences organized by the Government turned sour after we attended a Kursus Biro Tatanegara.

During my year, we were split into two groups and each group went to different camps. My group was sent to Kem Ulu Sepri, Negeri Sembilan.

At the BTN Camp, there were modules that caused the scholars to be uncomfortable as the contents were very racist.

The non Bumiputeras in the Camp had to endure all the racial stings and remarks that BTN officers brought up.

There was a time when the officer in charge asked a Malay student whether she is happy that the Malays will not get special rights one day, that the Social Contract allows non Malays to stay in their land and many more.

There were instances also where the officer even provoked non Malay students asking whether they were happy with the special rights issue .

By using the word "provoke", I seriously mean PROVOKE and not DISCUSS.

It was also very vague at that time what BTN Camps were for - nation building or racial riots? The most terrifying experience was during the open forum on the final night of BTN Camp.

The open forum was a discussion session where the then Deputy Director of BTN and the Special Task officer to Director of BTN attended together with all the program coordinators of BTN in that Camp.

We were encouraged to ask any questions including politics, Government policies, religious issues or anything. It was basically a free for all session where anything under the sky can be discussed.

So of course, the event that night did not end without a commotion. Some questions were raised to discuss politics and policies.

And I can say, these questions were all manipulated and answered in a manner that we would feel uneasy no matter what race we are - Malays, Chinese, Indians etc.

I was specifically unhappy with the answers by the Deputy Director of BTN who twisted the questions and answered by hammering the students from a racial point of view.

That night, we sat there uneasy as the high ranking officers continue to answer innocent questions that could have been proper discussion of thoughts but they ended up provoking racial sentiments of all races.

I hope the Government of Malaysia and the Parliament of Malaysia can look into reforming the BTN camps.

I am sure the BTN modules are clear and have the unity objectives stated in there but I believe the officers are not using the modules in the proper manner.

Also, BTN needs to be scrutinised to ensure a peaceful Malaysia because what happened in my BTN camp could have easily sparked a racial clash right in Ulu Sepri itself.

We cannot afford to have the dismantling effects of BTN’s module over the efforts of other Government agencies in our quest of one way towards UNITY.

I surely do not want to see a repeat of such a thing under 1 Malaysia.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The 1 School Concept

I am glad to see that the 1 School Concept Petition was in place recently. We all must agree that the way we are brought up will determine our character and mindset in the future.

The main method is of course through education.

A blog started this petition and mainstream bloggers have publicised this campaign in their personal blogs and also in several political groups in Facebook.

I am sure Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, a leader who listens to the grassroots and the people, will take note of this petition signed by nearly 1000 people now.

Till today, I have not signed the petition.

Upon reading the wording of Kempen Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua, I told myself this is not the way I see things, although the headline is eye catching and interesting.

As much as I am for 1 Malaysia and a 1 School concept, I cannot agree with the contents of petition. The gist of this campaign is a critical point of view against vernacular schools. The main content reads

" Sekolah Vernakular (SJKC dan SJKT) adalah punca utama ketidakserasian dan ketegangan kaum di negara kita tercinta. "

For those who have been following my blog, friends and relatives close to me, you all know how much I support national schools and I have always been critical that vernacular schools are among the main causes of national disunity - a stark contrast of opinion with the stand of the party that I support.

The 1 School Campaign cannot be based on just a condemn of vernacular schools only.

If you have not forgotten, upon completion of major exams like UPSR and PMR, most of the students from a particular race go to other types of school also.

These schools are in place mainly for the creme de la creme of Bumiputera students - specifically Malays.

Although some might argue that the boarding schools and elite schools are open to non Malays also, but the amount of places offered to them can be dismissed as dust.

If vernacular schools are contributors to disharmony, then so are the other school types like Sekolah Berasrama Penuh, MRSM, Sekolah Agama and many more.

1 School Campaign is wrong to begin by condemning the vernacular schools only as they are not the sole cause of disunity among Malaysians.

We must all get things clear that the Government's policy in the provision of Education must rest on a 1 School Concept that ensures Education is attainable and grasped by every single Malaysian with no barriers.

However, variant of the national schools should be permitted to co-exist with the national schools and international schools.

These variants may of course include SBP and vernacular schools where the education in these schools are to be listed under the private schools sector.

Let these other types of schools be funded by the Malaysian community, businessmen and philantrophists.

I hope Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin receives inputs from everyone and not just accept the 1 School Petition as it is.

It will be a grave mistake. Someone should write a better campaign and petition on 1 School.

If 1 School is to be implemented at the expense of vernacular schools, I hope Tan Sri Muhyiddin considers scrapping the other types of schools under SBP, MARA and Sekolah Agama.

These schools should be delisted from under the National Schools Policy and be allowed them to be adopted by the private sector and the communities.

This way, 1 School will be seen as 1 Malaysia.

I love my country and I love the idea of 1 School which unites people under 1 Language and 1 System.

However, this must not be exploited as an opportunity to slam vernacular schools as the main cause of disharmony as other types of non national & non vernacular schools are to be blamed too.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

JPA Scholarship - Rational Review

Year after year, we read that many top scorers failed to receive the PSD scholarships from the Malaysian Government.

Of course, these were top scorers but I hope people keep in mind that meritocracy is not everything.

I have been through a lot of dealings with the Public Service Department. Over the years, I have dealt a lot and frequently communicated with JPA officers and education attaches.

In my honest opinion, academic results will only qualify us for an interview.

It is how we perform during the interview and what additional bargaining chip we have in terms of presentation, the way we carry ourselves, our professionalism, and of course our achievements in extra curricular activities.

It is like getting a First Class Honours and going for a job interview.

It doesnt mean that a First Class Honours from Oxford will get the job as compared to another person with First Class Honours from perhaps Nanyang University of Singapore.

Other X-factors come into the picture and at the end of the day, I wont be surprise if a Monash University graduate or a NUS graduate beat an Oxford kid.

If we go for a job interview, and there is another applicant who happened to be our coursemate and had better results than us, will you be surprised that we might get the job in the end and not him ?

I am sure many of you who are Executives, job seekers, and HR managers know what I mean.

We all know that meritocracy does not guarantee a person to get something in life.

Selection and proper filters must be in place because we have more and more students getting 9 A1s and above.

No Government can give scholarship to every student with excellent results based on budget constraints.

As usual, most of the students rejected are applicants of medical studies. Getting straight A1s do not guarantee that the person a place in medical schools.

One solution to this that will be seen as fair is to have the Malaysian Medical Association step in and perform the interview for medical scholarship applicants.

Many other factors must also be considered such as family income of the applicant, co-curricular activities participation and of course the performance during the interview.

When I was in an interview with JPA for the undergraduate scholarship a few years ago, a few of them in my group had better results than me by count of grade A.

Sadly, during the interview, these so-called top students did not show that they are quality material.

Some were not able to converse properly in Bahasa Malaysia, the national language of our country. Many stammer when speaking and could not even structure their sentences properly during presentation of opinions.

Awarding scholarships alone is one thing that will never solve brain drain. Strict enforcement of PSD contracts must be in place also.

There are many scholars who received scholarships and later default from their contract.

Many were critical about working for the public sector and already planned to stay away from public service before completion of studies. Some even considered paying off their contracts to be free from the bond and work overseas.

The JPA scholarship has all the while been controversial but nevertheless, the people must also understand what happens after that too.

I strongly urge Tan Sri Ismail Adam to improve the enforcement of the contracts and review the selection criteria so that controversies like this do

It irritates me to know that scholarships are demanded by many so-called top scorers but these people are not repaying the kindness of our taxpayers by serving in our country.not surface anymore.

Related post : PSD Scholarship & MCA

(Credits to TheStar for the photos)

Friday, May 15, 2009

PSD Scholarship & MCA

No matter what the news or blogs say, I can assure you that the Malaysian Chinese Association leaders are caring for the people especially scholarship matters.

In the past, Tun Dr Ling and Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting have gone to the ground to listen to the people's grouses and plead for assistance financially and academically.

Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, in particular, was very down to Earth and he took it to himself to help the Malaysians who were not rewarded with scholarships.

Many were academically strong and among the best in the country. Some had good results and financially unable to proceed to higher education institutions on their own.

Yet they did not receive scholarships. Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting and the rest of the MCA leaders were helpful to go through the thousands of appeal every year and many were given scholarships after the appeal via case by case review.

The efforts did not drizzle out under Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat's leadership of MCA now.

Leaders such as Dr Wee Ka Siong have consistently listened to the complains of the people be it at State level or the National level at Wisma MCA.

No one was left out and MCA continued their service to the community.

I can testify in any Commission or Court of law if needed to substantiate my claim that MCA has never slacked in their service to the people and I can provide true accounts of MCA's efforts in helping scholarship applicants.

4 MCA Cabinet Ministers have discussed with the Prime Minister about the scholarship allocation review. It is seen as a good move in nurturing good brains.

However, this will not solve the brain drain. I will elaborate more some other time but I have also written this before HERE and in a letter to The Star.

After the meeting, a press conference was made and Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat said that the Cabinet has already discussed that a review of the criteria should be done.

Yet, I do not know why today Tan Sri Ismail Adam, the Director of JPA, can come out and claim that there won't be a review because the current criteria is academic (75%), co-curricular activities (10%), family background (10%) and interview (5%).

Just yesterday, MCA President provided a different account that currently, the selection is based on four criteria - merit (20%), race (60%), Sabah and Sarawak citizens (10%) and students from underprivileged groups (10%).

I am interested to know which "selection criteria" was presented as an argument in the Cabinet for discussion.

If I am not mistaken, I think Tan Sri Ismail Adam's criteria is the right one as pointed out once a year or two ago.

It is really shocking to hear about the "selection criteria" which Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat claimed.

There are only two possibilities. If DS Ong has erred, then I blame only his aides for giving him the wrong information.

Where have you all been and what is happening? Or is there a plot to bring down the MCA President voted in by 1429 MCA delegates? Pressure has been stacking on the Presidential team of MCA lately.

I am also really unhappy with the split of MCA again.

The Party Elders must step in and heal the rift between the two teams in MCA. Otherwise, the party will not survive past the 13th General Election.

The other possibility is if DS Ong Tee Keat's claim is true and JPA has another set of official selection criteria for show only, then the Department must be held accountable and answers must be given to the Prime Minister's Department on why double standards exist.

For those who require other scholarship information, please refer to
  1. Doctorjob Scholarships (not sure if this still exist)
  2. Malaysia Scholarships

Just to make a note, MCA is also a Party that serves all communities. For those who do not know, MCA has an education foundation fund - Chang Ming Thien Foundation.

The criteria there clearly states that students from poor families with good results regardless of race can apply for funds to undertake further studies abroad such as Taiwan, Ukraine, Russia, China, Australia, Singapore, USA, Canada, Indonesia and New Zealand etc.

Find out more HERE.

(Credits to The Star, Bernama and Daylife for the photos)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Step by step : The Other Side of Perak fiasco

We hear and read that the "Speaker was forcibly removed", manhandled, police presence in the Hall and BN acted like thugs.

I don't care if you are from Pakatan, from Barisan or Independent. But let us all walk through this rationally.

When Sivakumar moved to suspend a Menteri Besar and 6 EXCOs, Barisan Nasional filed a Court case with the Federal Court.

Tan Sri Alauddin Mohd Shariff led a 5 man panel and ruled that V. Sivakumar did not have the power to suspend Mentri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abd Kadir and his six executive council members from the assembly.

It was concluded that the decision to suspend the seven applicants was ultra vires (outside the law) and invalid.

On 7th of May, Sivakumar announced that he will not begin until the MB, 6 EXCOs and the 3 Independents left the Hall.

One phrase from V Sivakumar caught my attention. "Ini adalah arahan Tuan Speaker (iaitu saya), dan arahan ini adalah muktamad."

Note that the 3 Independents have also seeked a Court hearing on Pakatan's controversial resignation letters.

The Court upheld the Election Commission's decision that the 3 ADUNs are still elected reps and thus they can attend the State Assembly.

Given that all things were clear, no one knows why V Sivakumar kept on shouting "Selagi mereka ini tak keluar daripada Dewan, saya tak akan mula."

A Voice has argued that Sivakumar began the proceedings without himself knowing it.

It is said that Order 13(1) of the Standing Order clearly states that the order of business begins with the entry of the Speaker.

We move on from there.

Under the Perak State Constitution, Section 36 A (2) (d), the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly shall vacate his office if the Assembly at any time so resolves.

It is also said that under the Standing Orders, Dr Zambry has a right to raise a motion to remove the Speaker without needing an approval.

That time, Dr Zambry was stormed by many Pakatan reps and he was heckled non stop.

Shortly after presentating the motion, a count was carried out and 31 ADUNs voted to remove the Speaker.

At that point of time, V Sivakumar was no longer the Speaker. When ordered by YB Deputy Speaker and the newly appointed Perak Speaker to leave the hall, Sivakumar was already the FORMER Speaker.

Since he refused to budge like a little kid, he has trespassed into the Speaker's podium and he must be removed.

In other words, Assembly officials must move in to remove him.

To make a mockery of the Perak State Assembly and the ruling party Barisan Nasional, the former Speaker knew that if he sat tight, the only way for him to be removed is through brute force.

The way he was removed - I do not deny that it was forcibly done. I agree with that. But look at that smile.

However, I personally think Sivakumar was acting like when we were all young. Do you remember the days when we told our parents "I want that toy/food/chocolate" ?

If we refuse, we will stand there holding it and crying out "I want it ... *sob* Sobz* ". Our parents, if firm on refusing our demands, will forcibly drag or carry us out of the shopping mall.

This was the same for our former Speaker, V Sivakumar.

Also, I don't know why Thomas Su can throw money at an ADUN and shout "Go and die" in Chinese and get away with such a thing.

And DAP ADUNs can heckle a fellow ADUN who also happen to be the Menteri Besar of Perak (in one way or another).

Why aren't these reported in news, in blogs or in the alternative media?

I want those ADUNs to be referred to Perak's Special Privilleges Committee or if there are any Disciplinary Commitees for ADUNs.

Suspend YB Hee if you can present a clear case that her pepper spray was illegal and unnecessary.

But I hope those who acted like hooligans and jumped around heckling other ADUNs are suspended too. This leaves 28 BN ADUNs and 2 Independents in the hall, if we have things that way.

Good. Peace at last.

Anyway, if BN Supreme Council decides to seek the Sultan's consent to dissolve the State Assembly, then so be it.

We go by the law and democracy. I will have no regrets even if the Party I support loses badly just like what Tun Dr Mahathir foresees.

But allow me to also let out a warning that this must not come at the expense of the most noble Royal Household in the history of Perak under Sultan Azlan Shah.

Do not let politics go into our heads and sacrifice the illustrious credentials of DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah and Raja Nazrin Shah.

Malaysia's democratic system with a Constitional Royalty must be in place, respected and uphold by all.

(Credits to TheStar, NST and Malaysiakini for the photos. Note that Sivakumar's picture was taken from The Edge and doctored with fictional quotes.)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Political Boomerangs ?

BN leaders know they are facing the wrath of the people in Perak. I am quite sure of that and no one in BN is so pumped up with arrogance that they are blind on this matter.

Before the Perak story, we had the 2nd Most Influential Man (in the world) creating headlines with statements like the following

"Tomorrow is the D-day. We are ready to form the government. We have the numbers and we are ready to announce tomorrow. I believe that the government will fall in the next few weeks." (Anwar Ibrahim - Malaysiakini)

During that time, our country faced unrest. Our lawmakers were playing cat and mouse games.

Some of our Ministers and lawmakers were even said to be uneasy because Anwar Ibrahim claimed publicly he met some of them in Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore.

Surprisingly, it was the same man who travelled to many places and said the following during the Permatang Pauh campaign.

"Thousands (of supporters) come but they don’t even get water. I cannot afford it...I also do not have shares or land." (Anwar Ibrahim - NST)

BN people are not stupid. BN has been in power for around 50 years and they have strong Political Bureaus in UMNO, MCA, MIC and the other component parties.

If people continue to claim that BN people are arrogant, usurpers of power, and undemocratic, think again.

I have always wondered if the move in Perak was to "control" Anwar Ibrahim and shake him off from creating instability at the Federal Government level with his takeover claims.

But my wild imaginations are not important.

Anyway, some bloggers are already analyzing the situation as a new political strategy called "boomerang" by Barisan Nasional.

Whether it is by accident or purpose, this "boomerang" strategy seems to be quite nice. We are so used to seeing volleys of arrows fired at Barisan Nasional leaders with no retaliation.

Today, "arrows" have been transformed into "boomerangs" where the person who throws it will need to catch it back expertly or face a hit.

When the famous dates were quoted by Pakatan leaders - April 1st, Sept 16 and one in October - blogs and the alternative media played the tune of TAKEOVER GOVT and CROSSOVERS.

Interesting enough, the same blogs and alternative media today are rising from their seats with anger and slam BN for being unconstitutional, undemocratic and they want fresh elections.


Yesterday, Nizar & Co were reinstated as the Perak Government. Many came out to say that it was a day of democracy.

Some even went as far as saying that our judiciary is clearly independent of the Executive arm when months ago it was the same supporters and leaders who said that our judiciary is fishy and our Attorney General is like a dictator of the Courts.


When I asked about why the sudden U-Turn of opinions on judiciary, they said that this team of judges are independent and they are good judges.

Deep inside me, I wonder what will happen if Anwar's sodomy trial or another Court case involving Pakatan is heard by the same team of judges and the case went against them?

Will there be another U-Turn and will the judges be ridiculed systematically?


Today, the Court of Appeal has granted a stay for the judgement made on 7 May 2009 that reinstated Nizar as the rightful Menteri Besar.

Dr Zambry is the official Menteri Besar of Perak, at press time, until the case is closed by the Court of Appeal.

The Court of Appeal has been known to be independent and does not take sides. If we all recall, it was the Court of Appeal that released Anwar Ibrahim.

It was also the Court of Appeal that quashed the Election Court ruling for a by election in Sanglang and granted the PAS candidate as winner of the seat.

Many more cases but today, bloggers from both sides seem to be very silent.

Some are keeping an eye on what is next to come and some are waiting for instructions from their political masters who want to ensure a successful path to Putrajaya one day.


These days, we witness the classic "selective justice" culture which Malaysians are adopting. We are also heading towards a chaotic development of a strong nation.

ASEAN is well known for their chaotic nations where the people take the law into their own hands and storm the streets every day.

Asia on the other hand, is famous for their Parliamentary fist fights and flying chairs.

Malaysia, is truly Asia and truly ASEAN. I leave it to you to imagine the Malaysia we will have one day.

p/s : Wishes might be granted and two men in rotation of being MB might lose their jobs in anticipation of a Tunku as the new Chief. Read more here.

(Credits to Daylife, The Star, NST, MCA, TIME and Guardian for the photos)