Friday, December 29, 2006

My Trip To Melbourne

Trip to Melbourne was nice :) There were many happy things and sad side of this trip . But let me share my unhappiness over the trip first . Initially we booked through an agent to go for a day tour to see Penguins and then for a Steam Train ride . Sadly , the next day , we were told by the tour operator that our agent only booked for two instead of three . And the bus was left with two seats only . So we went back to the agent , he told us he booked for three . Ahuh !? We decided to cancel our day tour packages . Hmm .... and yet I thought Malaysians are terrible in providing promises and services ..... the grass overseas are not greener after all .

Instead , our close pal Zi Hao took us around . We went on our own to Puffing Billy . It was nice to see such an old steam train and had a chance to ride on it . Went around shopping at Smith Street . Nike outlet was having sales and I got a few T Shirts for around $20 each . And there was one T Shirt which was on sale for $7.50 !! Nike . Wow . Haha . It was a factory outlet after all .

Well , the trip generally was fun . Put on lots of weight after I got back home from the trip . Zi Hao and Ash took us around to eat . Met up with a pal from Ipoh . Nice seeing you there , San !

The pizzas at Lygon street are damn good ! Had about 4 Pizzas in two nites ! Man . Well . Will be back in Melbourne soon to check out the other places , especially Ballarat gold mine , penguins , the mazey garden etc .

The above are some pictures my pals took . My camera was with sis . Arrgh . She needed it to go to Japan for her student exchange programme . Hmm . Nvr mind . Anyway , I liked the Rod Laver Arena where Australian Opens are held (Tennis) . It was marvellous and the officer there was very nice . She explained everything there at the Tennis courts . The Greek food , the Korean meal , Freddo's Ice Cream , the Thai dinner ..... wow ... everything was so yummy . I put on lots of weight and came back with an astonishing 100kg .

Ahem . Serious . Not shy to say it , but I was that heavy and my dad was fuming when he found out . Left for Canberra earlier on with around 88kg ... haha... All right then . On a tight diet scheme now at home . Need to lose lots of weight .

Well then , that's all for now . To my faithful blog and my dear readers , friends , loved ones , fellow bloggers , Happy New Year . May the New Year bring us peace , harmony , unity and prosperity .

The Question on Accounts and Objectives of Blogging

Probably you will wonder since when I developed an interest in accounting . Well , this is no simple accounts .

I read it all from .

To be on the safe side , I give full credits to Raja Petra and Aliran for publishing the article I'm about to comment . is the site you should read a little about ... spend some time

But I know some are too lazy to read long articles so below are some extracts of it .

The Auditor General cited various cases of questionable spending of ‘goodwill money’ in his report:

  • A sum of RM110,000 was paid to sponsor the Sungai Petani Puteri UMNO’s Tuition Centre programme based on a project proposal paper, said the AG. But he merely observed that such payments should have been based on actual monthly claims from the tutors instead of only a project paper. That is missing the point: the larger question is why should public funds be used to finance a project clearly run by a political party?

  • The Kedah state development office paid RM701,000 for various items: lapel pins, caps, billboards, to mark the visit of the PM and his deputy to the state; carpets and ‘timber blinds’ for the Menteri Besar’s office; filming equipment for the ntv7 crew. According to feedback, the AG noted, payment was made based on a directive from the MB. And filming equipment? The larger question that must also be asked is why should public funds be used to pay for equipment for the crew from a private television company?

There are of course many more cases cited by the AG according to this article . But I don't really like the intonation of it . It might sound bias against the Government . For example ,

RM4.5 million was spent to renovate the Negri Sembilan’s government guest-house for use as the official residence of the Menteri Besar. The AG noted, somewhat matter-of-factly, that the expenditure was not in line with the objective of the Fund.

I'm not sure about the objective of the Fund . But to me , a RM4.5mil renovation might be justifiable . The renovation might be necessary . I'm not sure about the condition of the guest-house , but yeah ..... it might be necessary .

The figures might seem huge , probably it is . Renovations up to RM 4.5mil ?!? It can buy u a proper nice bungalow perhaps at Seri Kembangan , Damansara .

I'm not sure . I agree with doing renovation works . But the sum is probably on the expensive side , don't u think ?

Anyway , it is for you to judge . I'm just highlighting some interesting reports found in and I'm in no way supporting or against anyone , any side of the political arena .

A special thanks to Sheih of who has moved to . I saw my blog link on your site . Thank you for making our blogging arena interesting with your comments and posters .

Blogs initially have the special purpose of sharing what is on the minds of the bloggers themselves , what events took place which bloggers would like to share and many other objectives .

And that is what blogs will continue to serve as .

A Piece of My Mind was created to share my views on issues with my close friends and family because I know most of you are too busy to read about these stuff . And that is why I bring it to your attention here cause I know my dearest friends visit my site to read about me and my views frequently .

Well , have a nice day :) Will be blogging about my trip to Melbourne in Nov 2006 later :)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Story of The Cheapest XYZ% Increase IN THE WORLD ?!

The email below was sent to The Star to voice out my opinions on the recent toll hike . I lost my patience and wrote an emotional email . The Star did not publish it . But this is not going to stop me to share my views with the public . I will do it here at A Piece of My Mind . The place where I hit hard and go soft with many issues .

Dear Editor of The Star , my fellow Malaysians , Government of Malaysia .

The recent hike in toll rates are simply astonishing . It is astonishing to a point that many in the upper echelons and those in the corridors of power argue with a simple reasoning that our toll rates are among the cheapest in the world , our petrol prices are among the cheapest in the world .

True indeed . I represent all Malaysians to agree with the government on this fact . However , I beg to add another fact that is totally undeniable to all Malaysians including the Cabinet and Parliament of Malaysia .

One fact that has the simple argument of 'cheapest' as well . Is it not the case that our payroll and wages are among the 'cheapest' in the world ? Or should I put it in a better word - lowest ?

With the A% increase in toll rates , the B% increase in food prices , the C% increase in petrol prices , the D% increase in sundry prices and of course with a ZERO% increase in wages , what are we left with ?

This is a significantly damaging effect on poverty levels , probably some will not be able to buy vitamins now . Malnourishment might be on the way . Perhaps we will be the new African nations of Asia . Healthcare prices are damaging our lives too . Why are these happening ? Operators argue that petrol and toll prices have increased . Thus , costs of production have increased .

By saying all these , I would like to bring this to the attention of the upper echelons and those who walk the corridors of power .

Our situation now can be described with a few words like economically disastrous , socially preposterous , financially ridiculous and many more .

Those in the income bracket of RM 2000 - 3000 or perhaps even RM 5000 would find it tough to maintain a family of an elderly parents to care for , a wife , and a few kids whose education in the later years will require another huge sum .

How are we to survive ? What will the remedy be ? Ah Longs ? Debts ? Or starve and beg ?

Probably it is high time the government review the need for minimum wages policies , legislations for a sudden ABCDE% increase in payrolls for public and private sectors and many more .

Those who are 'highly knowledgeable' in Economics in the Ministries can think of something better I suppose .

Sincerely ,
Wei Liang

I'm Home . Tadaima , minna !

Hi guys . Hi Blog . Hello A Piece of My Mind .

Sorry for not writing over the past 2 months . I sincerely apologize . Was busy with my sister’s student exchange programme to Japan and had some activities here and there .

Yep yep . These are mere excuses . Have been lazy and thought of ignoring A Piece of My Mind . But sadly , the project of ignorance failed terrible .

Today I was badly disturbed . Badly disturbed with the fact that a blogger disappeared for two weeks .

This blogger is famous for creating movie posters filled with sarcasm against our politicians , especially Pak Lah . He even led a petition against our Prime Minister .

He disappeared according to some . But today , I read a posting by him . A very disturbing one .

Ini adalah posting terakhir saya di blog ini. Saya mengucapkan terima kasih kepada kesemua pengunjung dan juga rakan blogger di atas sokongan selama ini. Semenjak posting saya pada 17 November yang lalu, berbagai pengalaman baru saya tempuhi. Alhamdulillah, saya sihat sejahtera. Maaf kerana saya telah menimbulkan kerisauan kepada rakan-rakan sekalian. Mulai hari ini, saya memulakan blog baru di Kickdefella - Return of The Prodigal Son. Laman baru ini akan mengenengahkan nota-nota tutorial saya, pandangan saya tentang pengajian perfileman dan juga sedikit cetusan rasa terhadap keadaan semasa di negara Malaysia. Saya berjanji, tidak akan ada lagi tumbukan 'below the belt' buat menantu Perdana Menteri sekarang dan juga terhadap Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang amat prihatin membela bangsanya. Insya Allah. let bygone be bygone. Ikhlas, Sheih

What does this imply ? What is the meaning of this ? The blogger of the ever famous

Was he given trouble and warnings by the Royal Police force of Malaysia ? Malaysia a police state as claimed by Dr Mahathir …. hmm …. was it a wild shot or was it a fact in one of our chapters of current affairs ?

I wonder . Bloggers , beware . But my disappearance for two months had nothing to do with the Police or the Special Branch agents .

I am who I am . Currently on holidays till a later date which some of you know .

This time , A Piece of My Mind will be told almost as frequently as the good old days . I am back and I will vent my anger and fury , at times gentle and nice , with a chunk of what is worrying and troubling me , with a piece of my mind that I believe is still sane and rational .
I will talk more on what Raja Petra wrote with regards to our Auditor General’s report . Sigh . Malaysians , my fellow countrymen . Lend me your ears . For it is time we become more knowledgeable and invest our time in our money , in the public funds that we have entrusted into the hands of our elected representatives and governments .

The news report on Architecture Imperialism in the The Star by UTM’s Professor was good . Get hold of it , get hold of the meaning behind the story . The true meaning of democracy .

What is in your mind ? Share it here with me .

I am not afraid . Why must you ? I’m not ignorant . Why must you ?

Stand up , my true countrymen . Fight for your believes , share a piece of sweet cake called unity with all races . Love your country .

Will be back with more blog entries .