Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am Stressed Up !!

Hey Amzar, haha. Thank you for your support. Got your message on Facebook. Yes, one day this Ipoh boy will want to contest in either Ipoh Timur or Ipoh Barat Parliamentary seat. Haha. I hope to see you in the election candidates list someday too.

It will be a great pleasure to work hand in hand with you !

I know there will be friends who will help me out if I am selected to run for elections one day. I have a mentor too, former YB Kuala Sepetang Mr See Tean Seng. He used to be my school teacher and we know each other well.

Actually, I have already gathered some of my friends whom I know will support me in my election campaign.Haha. There's even this someone who wanted me to appoint her as Political Secretary. Ish, Lydia tak tahu malu !! (She's gonna kill me soon).

Hmm. Anyway, I am a registered voter in Ipoh Barat, the seat held by YB M. Kulasegaran now. Ipoh Timur is held by YB Lim Kit Siang (I wonder if he will get a Tan Sri when he retires - just like Tan Sri Tan Chee Khoon).

But whether or not I will be on the candidates list, depends on the party which I will be joining one day. I have already in mind which party I want to join, and the only people who knows are my family members and Sue Ann. Haha. So we shall wait for the day I am officially a member of that party, and I will start my road from there.

Will be glad to reveal it in my blog here when I am officially a party member. Otherwise, it will be a secret for now.

I am so stressed up these days. Sigh. Exams will kickstart tomorrow morning, my very first paper. And how nice of my lecturer to book the time slot. Because it is the very first paper in the whole of ANU examination period for this semester !!

Arrgh. Stress gila ! Recently, there were many people who added me on Facebook. Hey, nice to get back my contacts with you guys ! Long lost friends :)

Some are people whom I dont really know at all. Doesnt matter. We can be friends always :)

Hmm. I realise I blog here almost twice a day and I blog at my private blog every single day. I heard there are companies that pay for bloggings. Haha. Perhaps I should register and get paid?

Well. Maybe not. If you realise, I have even removed Google Adsense from my blog. I want to keep this blog nice, and free from influences of money for as long as it is possible.

I had some plans of my future route and career running in my head recently. Hmm. Some of the options I thought about seem drastic, risky or uncertain. Haha. I shall be patient and see what I want.

I am shelving many things aside for now. The June-July period is a good time for me to think about a few matters. Indeed, I will not rest or close the file that is dear to my heart. I will be playing the cards in my hands as soon as I can and I am ready.

My fruits of labour were sent crashing down from the tree I planted by a monkey and they were all not riped. I am picking them up and putting it in my basket, and carrying it back to my shelter. I will surely deal with this "tree and the monkey" issue one fine day. My blood and sweat will not be wasted just like that.

As for my career, I suddenly had the thought of working in Hong Kong for a couple of years to get some experience. Either that or Japan. I dont know if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will grant my application or not if I am required to fulfill my bond with the Government of Malaysia.

Otherwise, I was thinking of going there for a few years myself, before moving on to contribute my time to public service in Malaysia.

Hmm. That sounds like a big jump to me given that I have always thought about returning home only. Haha. Never mind. I know at the end of the day, my family is more important and Malaysia is where I call home. I guess I will forget about those crazy ideas I had.

All right. Haih. I am just so stressed up over my revision :'(

I have tried searching online in Australia and I found a bookstore that had this book in their list. It seems like I have to order it online and it will take a day to arrive. I wonder if they updated their inventory. If they did, I might consider buying from Dymocks, the bookstore.

I checked MPHOnline and they were only selling at abour RM80. They "were". Sigh. In Dymocks, it is available for about AUD75.

So, any Malaysians out there reading this blog of mine, and if you happen to be at any bookstores and you saw this book [Paul Handley : The King Never Smiles], drop me a message on MSN, Gmail, Hotmail or Facebook. It is an autobiography of the King of Siam, King Bhumibol.

Craig, a reader, recommended that book to me. I have checked it out online and the book seems interesting. Will tell my mom to go hunt for me too. Otherwise, I will buy it here in Australia. Man. Triple the price ! Haha.

Nvm. All right. I better go get some rest and get back to my notes. Before I go, please read and for juicy news. Do not just read the mainstream media. Consider the alternative electronic news too and hear the story from the man himself, Dr Mahathir, Matthias Chang, etc.


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