Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Starbucks made me broke :(

This was what I bought ... for fun ...

This was given to me ... with love ...

This was what I bought ... to drink

This was what I had ... in the end ...

And guess what .... I'm broke now :(

Haha ... but it was worth the money ... nice mocha ... nice atmosphere ... bye bye my dearest Ringgit ... haha ...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Year 2007 and memories

Chinese New Year is coming soon huh .Sadly , my university term starts on .... 19th February this time . Haha . But I will be skipping a few days of classes . Nothing to worry . I'm not the type who plays truant . First week of lectures are not important normally . They just tell you about the evaluation and course structure for the term .

Hmm . Sigh . Summer holidays are ending soon and I have to go back . You can imagine how I feel now . Sad , lonely and going back to Canberra for studies . Leaving my family , pets and my dear back home .

Sigh sigh sigh . Thankfully theres Internet and I can read alot from many websites . My heart is with Malaysia and I always make it a point to keep in touch with home and the news in Malaysia .

I really hope 2007 will be a good year for me , my studies and my life .

Haha . I miss those days of being a leader and giving speeches . Winning debates , winning speeches after speeches . The fun of being on stage and talk . Making people listen to you and spread your knowledge .

Let me share something with you .

Know anything about Official Secrets Act , Printing and Publishing Act ?

Haha . I talked about Freedom at a free speech corner . It was held in International Education Centre (INTEC) , UITM .

I shared my knowledge of my research at that point with my friends who were there . I fired to the air and to those ears who paid attention that the newspapers and anything published go about only with the approval of the Minister of Home Affairs first . Tomorrow's paper ? The Minister gets it FIRST :)

Approved ? Printed , delivered and you read it .

Guess I was too fired up that time . What the government wants you to read , what the politicians want you to know , that is what you will know :)

Anything more you wanna know ? Almost impossible a long time ago . But definitely possible now with the Internet and the ever intelligent invention of Blog .

The Blog . God's gift according to Sheih . How true it is . Knowledge for all . Be it politics , conspiracies , world and local news . You have it online through news portals and blogs , websites .

How true :) Selamat menyambut Thaipusam to all my friends and readers .

Sue them for what !?

All right all right .

Just what the hell is NSTP and gang suing Jeff Ooi and Rocky for !?

Man . First of all . I heard their webhost servers are not local in Malaysia . Instead they are somewhere overseas . I think some lawyers are finding this case a tough one as well . Hmm .

And I still dont get what NSTP are suing them for . Was it for that plagiarism article that Jeff exposed ??

If it is , then seriously NSTP , Brendan and gang . Dont make me laugh . If it is not , I'm sorry and someone please let me know .

Well well . Probably ... probably Tun should sue or

I can't remember which one . They accused Tun of owning that RM30million yacht !! Yeah . Just charge them to court .

And then we can ask that Michael something whose article was probably plagiarised by Brendan ... I repeat probably . Maybe the universities in Malaysia or anywhere in the world can run a check . I heard there are panels for plagiarism cases . Haha . Check it out guys :) Good research you know :)

Yeah . Everyone just sues everyone now huh . Haha .

Man . But I wont comment further until I really know what on Earth NSTP and gang are suing Rocky and Jeff for . For the meantime , all cheers and support for Jeff and Rocky .

Sorry about my blur mind these days :(

The End of Days ... coming soon :(

I read The Star two days back . 10 years to determine our future with the lovely greenhouse gases in our lifes .

Wow . Dearest Mr Bush . Kyoto Protocol ??

Hmm . I wonder if war and those weapons and deadly toys the superpowers use will emit those gases that cause global warming .

Probably they do . So lets criminalise those as well . I mean come on . What is the problem of living just like it is ??!

We eat , we sleep , we work , we smile , we hug , we have a family and we are in peace . Then we live happily ever after for eternity !

Damn . And some people wants to have nuclear weapons , atom bombs , supersonic jet fighters , missile launchers etc .

Sigh . Bye bye Earth . 10 years . It will take 2-3 years for some great voice of the world to say something .

It will take another year for the whole world of a few hundred countries to say 'YES WE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS AND WE HAVE APPROX. 6 YEARS LEFT BEFORE WE ALL BURN' !!

Ahuh . Then it will take someone to go to UN to table it . After that they will all go for some lunch , dinner , gala , and nice posh hotel ... and some champagne .

Then it will probably take another year for the 5 Heavenly King of Vetoes to do something . Ahuh ... how many years were those ?

Never mind . Don't count . Just enjoy your life now , eat and sleep properly , listen to Datuk Chua Soi Lek's advice on health , do regular check ups .

Enjoy while you can . 10 years . Definitely too short . Sigh . Let us all pray that the scientists' researches will not be what we Malaysians call 'white elephant' .

It has been years !!

Well well . I went to Starbucks today to get a Frappucino Ice Blended Mocha for me and my sister .

When I was ordering , I got a shocked . Someone shouted my name !!

Damn . I looked up at the guy serving me and my mind raced through my memory to recall who that was !

Thankfully , he had a name tag on his apron and it was Balraj Singh !!

Wow . It has been years since I met him :)

Haha . If I'm not wrong , I have not met him since primary school . Yeah . Good to see you once again mate .

Hmm . Anyway , if any of you realise , I decided to put a blog counter in A Piece of My Mind .

Just to see how many hits I get . Haha . And seriously , I do not visit my own blog to read my own stuff . So I guess it might be my friends from the blogging world , or really my contacts :)

Well well .
Dr Mahathir seems silent these days . Jimmy asked me what happened . Haha . I myself wondered why Tun decided to cool off a bit .

But I definitely know TDM is busy with his conference coming up on 5th to 7th February :)

So guys . Trust me . You and I , we are all learned people . We are intelligent folks with the internet , encyclopedias and books . It is a borderless world and we know the effects of war .

I repeat my stand . If Saddam was responsible for the deaths of the many Iraqis , the same goes for the liars who created a comedy of WMDs and attack Iraq .

The attack against Iraq was not in the faith of United Nations spirit and agreement . The 'nice and lovely' Allies went on their own for ..... taaadaaa ... WORLD PEACE ?!?!??!?!!

Yeah right . World peace .

WMDs = No Peace for the world
No WMDS = No Peace for the world

Huh ??! So the equation does not hold . Ahuh . Ok thats crap . But the point is ... LETS CRIMINALISE WAR !!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I have a Malay language teacher . He is very close to me and my family . We visit him and his family very frequently .

The hoo-haa of the NEP issue during the UMNO assembly was greatly debated and talked about in coffee shops , universities , everywhere .

My teacher is a Malay himself . And he told me and dad something shocking . He said "You cuba fikir , apa itu Malay rights , apa itu NEP ?"

I thought it was a question to be answered . But it was instead an opinion by him . He continued by saying "Apa yang kami dapat ? Tak ada apa langsung !"

I was stunned . It is quite true .

I pity some Malays who did not get what they are suppose to get . A piece of the economic pie that were promised .

Who gets the piece of pie then ?? Hmm . I read the recent scandal exposed by Raja Petra . RM 600 million distributed to all UMNO divisions . Reportedly each division gets RM 3 million !

Sigh . I have heard stories that many UMNO politicians get contracts . Do you think the UMNO heads of division will go work on the contracts ? I doubt it . They will instead employ some Indonesians or foreign workers . Or even sell their contracts to the Chinese or Indians or probably to other Malays .

Probably what my teacher say is right . He claimed that the economic pie was only reserved for the greedy UMNO people .

A very great topic we should look into is National Service . Friends are telling me that the food contracts are lucrative . But what do the trainees get ? Teh ais which taste more like sugar water . Dishes that are mainly vegetables in some camps , mainly beef in some .

Hmm . I don't know . Probably I'm wrong . Lets just say I'm wrong .

But the upper echelons in UMNO , MCA and MIC should not use racial sentiments as a way to jump up to higher ranks . I find it funny when some of them shout about unity in a particular meeting , and when they attend another function or meeting , they turn defensive and racist .

Hmm . I disagree totally with racism . It is the most poisonous pill ever existed in a civilization .
Look at how apartheid destroyed Africa .

It is even shocking to read about YB Ipoh Barat Kulasegaran of DAP being elbowed off the microphone when he raised questions on Maika's 60,000 shareholders who invested in the Telekom shares scandal . Maika Holdings is the investment arm of MIC chaired by Datuk Seri Samy Vellu' son himself .

It is shocking to read so many problems in Maika in the Malaysian Business magazine .

Probably Huaren Holdings have some problems . With the latest issue on total monopoly of the Chinese newspaper by Tan Sri Tiong HK , I wonder what's more .

Media mergers - NSTP and Utusan ? Plantation mergers - Sime Darby , Golden Hope , Guthrie ? What's next ? Petronas and Scomi ?

ECM Libra and CIMB ?

By the way , ECM Libra has a link to Westcomb Financial Group chaired by Datuk Azlan Hashim who is also Proton Chairman . And there was once rumours (probably lies , probably half truths , probably the truth !) that some parties are trying to make Proton bad so that certain parties can takeover Proton as our carmaker has a huge land bank , lots of properties , cash , experties . No idea and I do not want to spread false news . So I'll classify this as rumours .

All right . Lets continue with the killing of competitive environment . Lets see .

Lets merge Public Bank with Maybank . We will be one of the world's largest banks . Probably not enough . Throw in BCB , Bank Simpanan and Hong Leong Bank .

Wow . We would be great !

Hmm . Lets see what else . Merge Naza with Proton and Perodua . Whoa !!

Imagine . We have one of the world's largest bank , one of the world's largest carmaker ! And guess what , we might even have one of the world's largest commission payment !

Well , this reminds me of the many world and national records created in Perlis .

Haha .

All right . Time for my daily exercise . Enough of 'shocks' .

Tata .

Keep it going Sheih !!!

Readers of A Piece of My Mind .

Dear friends . Take some time to read . Look at his movie posters . Haha . At times I wanna laugh . It cheers me up and makes the blogging world a fun and happy place .

Mr Sheih . Congratulations . You possess good skills in producing movie posters (political ones) and keep it up . It is God's gift and you should utilise it .

Do not be afraid , do not worry . There is plenty of justice in this world , plenty of freedom .

You have my support . I always look forward to reading your blog entries , your analysis , your posters especially !!

The above photo , which I believe originated from your blog , is a symbol of unity and support from me with other bloggers , and you especially Sheih .

Thanks for putting a link of my blog in your page :)

3 Most Expensive Values That Your Platinum Visa Card Can't Buy

Days have passed and reading articles of teenagers having consensual sex and rape cases are disappointing .

I would prefer to use my buddy's phrase "sexually frustrated" . Teenagers these days have no control over their emotions and have an extreme urge to explore something they have never done before .

Probably it is time that we teach our children and voices of tomorrow the true meaning of responsibility and integrity .

I have listed 3 most expensive items that not even your Platinum Visa card can buy , not even your bank book can buy , not even our US$50 billion loans through suspicious companies to finance our 9MP can .

1. Integrity
2. Patriotism , nationalism
3. Responsibility

I remember Dr Ismail , Director of Psychology Department for Public Services Department telling me the most expensive trait is integrity .

I was surprised by his comments on Malaysians . We Malaysians require highly gated communities , we require the best alarm system , we are afraid of snatch thefts , we are dirtying our toilets etc . Good analysis and advice from Dr Ismail . Thank you .

The Japanese were not afraid of these . I was a exchange student to Japan in 2002 . When I was in Tokyo for a meeting , my fellow student from Phillipines left her hand bag in the washroom . The whole bag , with cash and mobile phones and identity cards in it . Guess what ? The Japanese citizens were so good that one of them sent the bag to a police station and the police promptly returned the bag to the girl . With nothing missing .

That is why we must really learn from the East . The West ? They are good in researches and technology . Probably we can adopt their ideas , but we have to be wary of their values .

Japanese have many positive traits and ideas as well as knowledge that we can adopt into our culture and lives . Dr Mahathir did not blindly choose South Korea and Japan as a role model for us . He even set up a Look East Policy . And if I'm not wrong , there was a Look East Department as well !!

Let us not disappoint our future generation and work on what was laid down for us to walk through . We should instead look forward to learn from the East .

Going to Europe for a holiday ? Try Japan . And you will know what I mean . I'm not babbling , I'm not senile , I'm not old .

I'm being honest and sharing with all of you my experiences over there .

Reading about it won't make you trust me . Experiencing it will . So have fun :)

If only all of us can harp upon the 3 values I listed above , if only we preach these 3 points to our friends , to our families and to our kids , I am sure Malaysia will have an environment of peace , harmony and more importantly , UNITY .

Let us all package these 3 values into a common 'religion' , a common meal , a common topic and a common education .

We should and we must . 50 years of independence have passed . And here I hear about some people are still discussing about our National Economic Policy ( previously New Economic Policy ) in facing globalization . It is good to discuss topics and policies .

But I would prefer to harp upon topics that are good for all races , multi faiths and for the betterment of our country .

I love you Malaysia . I love my country and my people .

Back From Holidays

Well well . Went to Cameron on Wednesday ... stayed a night and got back on Thursday . That was a nice trip with my family . Went there to have some tea , some nice cool air (it is so warm these days huh) and had some good meals .

Had some rest for a day and on Saturday , rushed down to KL , went up to Genting Highlands for a day trip on Sunday and got back home on Monday .

Well well , no details of my trip (private and confidential) . Haha .

Hmm . I registered and might be attending the War Crimes forum by Dr Mahathir in the first week of February at PWTC .

These days I have been doing lots of thinking .

War is bad . There are no WMDs in Iraq . We should give Mr Bush and his gang a trial . A trial probably at the ICJ , International Court of Justice . Should be in Hague if I'm not mistaken .

If Saddam was responsible for so many deaths and was punished , then so should the conspirators of the War On Iraq .

The video of Saddam's execution was shocking .

I praise Saddam's bravery . His question that states "Is this the bravery of Arabs?" was well asked . May you rest in peace President Saddam .

No matter how much the people of the Sunni government hate Saddam , they should not shout abusive remarks when that man is about to be hanged .

This is injustice and shameful I believe . But then some people might argue that Saddam was the one who killed their family members and the weight of sufferings all these while were all released at once when Saddam was executed .

It all depends on which School of Thought you are from .

Haha . That was what my veterinary doctor told me when I asked him the arguments for putting a dog to sleep , whether it is justified or not .

Monday, January 01, 2007

Condolences To Saddam

I do not know how much a dictator Saddam Hussein is .

But to me , if he is judged to have committed murder crimes , the President of United States should also be given a trial in the independent courts of United Nations

He should also be judged together with the other leaders and officers involved in the War Against Iraq campaign .

The reason they used was Weapons of Mass Destruction . But after years , we have yet to see any WMD in existence in any corners of the Iraqi nation .

So what is left to justify the launch of attacks against the Iraqis ? None probably .

Many innocent soldiers of the Allies and many innocent citizens died in that war . These deaths could be avoided . But it was never a reality .

We should all bring those who created the international lie and bring them to justice . Bring them all to justice . That is democracy and justice .

Do not sing aloud the name of justice and peace when you are not practising it yourself .

Probably the peace and justice religion which u preach are merely for others and you are not bound by it .

International countries should come together and bring more justice to the face of Earth .

Personally , I feel Saddam should be given a fair trial under a panel of judge and juries that consist of qualified people from Islamic Nations .

Probably those countries in the OIC would be good enough .

This way , many Muslim countries and the international community would view any judgement produced as fair and just .

My opinion stands with the rest of the world that Death Penalty should be abolished and that the trial was not that proper with a US backed Iraqi government handling Saddam's court case .

The execution of Saddam was a sad scene . A man about to be hanged was taunted and provoked . Even after being hanged , those present were shouting abusive remarks .

Leave President Saddam to rest in peace .

I reserve any further comments to myself .

Happy New Year folks ! Happy New Year to A Piece of My Mind :)