Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's next, Government?

In every organization that requires a turnaround plan, what are our priorities as the Commander in Chief ?
  1. Cut costs
  2. Find additional source of revenue
  3. Improve revenue from current operations/sales
With the ETP showcased to the world on 21 Sept 2010 at PWTC, it is clear that the Government is serious and wants to elevate us into a high income nation. This clears POINT NUMBER 2.

Now, we all know that the Government did a Subsidy Lab and the findings were shocking - Idris Jala announced that we could end up like Greece soon if we don't reduce our dependence on subsidies (direct and indirect).

So yes, the Government had announced subsidy cuts and is expected to announce more of these some day based on those findings. That clears POINT NUMBER ONE (no need to payout so much subsidy) and POINT NUMBER THREE (Government gains from taxes, royalties etc).

Unfortunately, by doing so, the Government is hurting the people's wallet and gets unpopular each time they slash subsidies. By lifting subsidies before our wallets get filled, we all might end up with depression pretty soon won't we?

To me, the Government's message seem to be saying "we are all in a painful mess now, so let us hand-in-hand overcome this".

Unfortunately, Mr Prime Minister, the Government needs to look at the biggest action for POINT NUMBER ONE, just like what the private sector always do. No survey was conducted, but I am pretty sure a majority will tell you that we need to reduce the size of our civil service especially in Putrajaya.

Of course, we cannot sack the civil servants (guys, it is a fact and I know this for sure) and we cannot give them a big hug, big kiss together with a Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS).

But there are things that need to be done and can be done with regards to this, my dear Government. For starters, the Pegawai Khidmat Singkat (PKS) must go to cut costs and the Government can continue operating under the eyes of the Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik (PTD).

And we roll on from there to downsize our civil service - perhaps PEMANDU should roll out a Civil Service Rationalisation Lab / Programme !

Also, at a small corner of my mind, I am beginning to wonder if the current Government's New Economic Model, 10th Malaysia Plan and Economic Transformation Programme will go along or gel together somehow.

And the biggest worry, from my personal point of view, is that we might end up like Japan - a rich country with a poor population. Oh well, what a way to start the morning!

Friday, September 24, 2010

KL ETP Open Day

The Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) Open Day was held on 21 Sept 2010 at PWTC. It was indeed a historic moment not just for the Government but more importantly for the private sector. Why so, some may ask?

If we can recall, a couple months back in June-July period, the private sector which includes multinational corporations and key Malaysian industry players were gathered together to
  • brainstorm on our economic roadmap
  • share their business operations and plans
  • discuss on the available opportunities and necessary steps to achieve key results
From there, the private sector and Government worked together to produce what we all saw at the Open Day. In other words, the ETP is a result of private sector initiatives and targets.

At 10am in the morning, Datuk Seri Idris Jala's team began the keynote presentation and speech. The Merdeka Hall, it seems, could only fit about 3000 people.

Many did not get to enter as the hall was filled till it didn't have any standing space left. The public had to settle down with the large projector screen outside of the hall instead.

Such was the response and interest on the Programme (not a plan, in Idris Jala's words) that attracted Malaysians from all walks of life - corporate executives, analysts, investors (foreign and local), researchers and many more.

For those who missed it, Idris Jala's presentation slides can now be downloaded at http://www.pemandu.gov.my or even better, download the interview of Idris Jala with BFM radio HERE.

Now, ever since the ETP Open Day was held, many critics began to come out of the jungle and speak like experts. This is especially so among the Opposition.

However, at the Open Day, the relevant people such as PEMANDU team, private consultants, analysts, and private sector members including corporate leaders were all there to engage the public to share their findings after the 2 months Labs for all 12 NKEAs.

All praises to all those who came, raised their points/questions and got the relevant clarifications to any doubts they had over the 12 NKEAs be it in terms of terminology, programme, classification or calculations.

And when I say I well done to those who came, this includes YB Teresa Kok (DAP) who came to see or to understand the nation's long term plan to be a high income nation. The rest, saya tak nampak pun (I was there almost the whole time).

So, I don't know why are the bloggers, politicians and critics from the Opposition running around acting like "experts" and condemning the private sector driven Economic Transformation Programme from their own cosy leather seats at home instead of being there at the Open Day to engage the representatives from the private sector and Government present.

At the end of the day, the people can judge for themselves what Najib's Administration can do and will do for the country.

Critics can go on all day long about how bad or how unacceptable this or that is. But when we ask them back, "you have any suggestions on how to transform us into a high income economy?", they will stutter and stammer.

This, clearly is, the right description of the Opposition and the critics while Najib and Idris Jala get things running as they carry the burden of transforming the nation for the better past the finish line.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Economic Transformation Programme

When Tun Dr Mahathir was the Prime Minister, Malaysia experienced rapid development and achieved results that none of our parents could have imagined. The respected Statesman was visionary and showed Malaysians "the way to success".

The year 2020 is not far away and we have 10 years left. We could have been on track to achieve the criteria of a developed nation, if not for a few years of administration which basically was on "auto pilot" mode.

To achieve Vision 2020 - the brainchild of Dr Mahathir, something bold must be done and a transformation programme is needed. As such, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak brought in talent from the private sector and the civil service under one roof - Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU).

To date, under the Government Transformation Programme (GTP), the NKRA results have been met and statistics have shown that welfare is being channeled to the needy poor, rural areas will enjoy basic infrastructure and the crime rates at hot spots are being tackled with specific mechanisms.

With the great success of the GTP, the Government had to look at the nation's dull economy. Let's be frank. The economy needed a boost after a sleepy period under YOU-KNOW-WHO.

As such, the idea of an Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) was born. The private sector spent weeks if not months mapping out the future of our country together with the civil service and stakeholders of core industries which we call National Key Economic Areas (NKEA) today.

After all the hard work and energy sapping efforts, the Economic Transformation Programme (12 NKEA) is ready and will be showcased to the world on 21 Sept 2010 at PWTC from 9am to 5pm.

One word truly describes the ETP - bold. Be there to find out more of the economic roadmap by Najib's administration and the private sector to achieve Vision 2020!

On a personal note, I hope that when the Vision 2020 time capsule containing Tun Dr Mahathir's message is unlocked, we will be proud to tell Dr M that "as Malaysians from Tun's generation, we have not failed you and we are now a sovereign and developed nation".

Pakatan Rakyat, time for you to go back to school and the drawing board to learn how to be a Government.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends. Let this Raya be a happy and memorable one to all. Salam 1Malaysia: Menjana Transformasi !

To those who are traveling, please do so safely and patiently in the midst of the crowd and rush.

Have a good Raya and holiday, everyone!


Monday, September 06, 2010

13th General Election

I am curious and wish to know how the Opposition and The Economist Intelligence Unit can come up with conclusions on the 13th General Election dates.

Check them out :

And today, The Malaysian Insider played a story - Umno tells Najib to go slow on snap polls. Well if you ask me, I think the Opposition is excited to go for war in the most crucial Elections ever in Malaysia's politics!

Politics First, Putrajaya Now

Whatever it is, I can say for sure, Barisan Nasional is ready to face the over confident Pakatan Rakyat anytime. We have already kicked off the first bold transformation plan which is the Government Transformation Programme (6 NKRAs) last year.

Clearly, that was a sign that we have successfully moved away from a brief period of "auto pilot" in the Government under YOU-KNOW-WHO to a new era of transformation.

Soon, the Government will be announcing 2 major plans that will lift Malaysia from a "contender" country to be a developed nation.
  • New Economic Model (by NEAC)
  • Economic Transformation Programme (by PEMANDU)

People First, Performance Now

The plans and models are READY for the Barisan Nasional Government to execute and develop the nation. These are clear guides on where the country should be heading towards and how the country can transform from a "dull economy" into a vibrant and resilient economy - all formulated by economists, academicians, top civil servants and successful private sector members.

The 12th General Election, no doubt, was a slap on the face for BN. But in the coming 13th General Election, the Opposition must face 3 realities:
  1. Barisan Nasional loyalists who voted against BN will return to vote BN,
  2. Barisan Nasional loyalists who spoiled the votes will return to vote BN and
  3. Fence sitters who disagreed with Business As Usual (BAU) by the Govt will return to vote BN.
Just to add and state the obvious, no political analysts had ever estimated how many votes for PR were from
  • PR loyalists
  • fence sitters' sympathy
  • BN loyalists (protest votes against Pak Lah's Administration)
And hidden under a pile of online articles is a piece dated 27 August 2010 which I think is interesting at Free Malaysia Today - Pakatan staring at massive loss in next election

The author noted that the electoral projection is based on a post mortem by PR themselves.