Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tengku Razaleigh - The Untouchable One

Datuk Seri Rais Yatim and Tan Sri Muhyiddin have repeatedly said in public and private functions as well as in the press about the current leadership of UMNO and the challenges.

Both YABs left it for the public to interpret their speeches and words. And now, some Senator wants both of them to be referred to the Discipline Committee of UMNO because the two YABs gave the impression or perhaps were very clear that they are unhappy with the leadership of UMNO and wants something fresh.

Like it or not, yes, it seems like both of them are gearing up to challenge the leadership of Pak Lah. However, were they so direct as in saying “Pak Lah, please step down”? No.

But Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir was direct and he will soon face the Generals of UMNO leadership for voicing out his opinion. Being silent from the public and voicing out internally did not work for Datuk Mukhriz. So he had to go public and slam the leadership.

Unlike MCA, I do not know what the hell MCA leaders have in their mind. They are not doing it properly within the party but all the warlords of MCA are holding guns aiming at each other in public. I will leave the MCA Dilemma for another day as I am more interested in BN’s backbone, UMNO, for now. They are the ones that will determine the glory or shame of Barisan Nasional in the current 5 years term.

I personally will not want to see the struggles of our founding fathers be crushed and burnt into mere ashes and dust.

Let us move back to UMNO. Hmm. Let us see. We have voices of UMNO wanting Datuk Mukhriz, Tan Sri Muhyiddin and Datuk Seri Rais Yatim to be referred to the Disciplinary Committee. The question is, what about Tengku Razaleigh?

No one dares play fire with him? In fact, he is the most frank with his opinions of toppling Pak Lah or the current leadership of UMNO. I can only come to some conclusions on this.

1) UMNO members are so used to Ku Li challenging the President of UMNO and members feel that he is not relevant anymore. So, they let him be, perhaps. Some might even think that this old man is just singing a song … hmm. I wonder.

2) UMNO members are afraid to bring on Ku Li when he is singing the tune of the grassroots now. Hey, you can’t expect every single member of UMNO to come up to the papers and voice it out right? And of course, those who voice out are either warlords going against Pak Lah or for Pak Lah’s side, either shoe polishers or true Generals. So, taking on Ku Li, the heavyweight of UMNO although holed up in Gua Musang, will be risky due to uncertainties.

Nevertheless, Tengku Razaleigh is the untouchable one now I guess. There are no calls for Ku Li to quit the party, no calls to refer Ku Li to the Disciplinary Committee, no mega slamming of Ku Li in the media or UMNO meetings.

Ku Li cannot take on Pak Lah alone. He should have a running mate. And to be honest, the rakyat sees no confidence either in Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak taking over either. Do a survey and see. I personally see no difference in Najib taking over. I am looking forward to serve under a visionary and charismatic leader. Give us another progressive minded Dr Mahathir, UMNO.

Those who call him a tyrant, call him whatever you want. Some even dare to report to Facebook that Tun is a tyrant and suspended Tun’s Facebook page recently. What nonsense. Even if in your minds you feel that Tun is at fault for certain things but if you agree with his efforts and contributions, then pray hard that we have another good Dr Mahathir to lead our country again soon.

RPK is right. No one understands Tun’s actions at the moment he executes his plans. Look at the 1998 financial crisis. Hey, we must give Dr Mahathir full credits for that ! Otherwise, we will be rolling down the stairs like other Asian countries !

And yes. Ku Li really needs a running mate. I would like to see Ku Li challenging for the Presidency, with Tan Sri Muhyiddin going against Najib for the Deputy President post. Again, if Ku Li wins, he should not take up the post of PM of Malaysia. He should instead advise the DYMM Yang di-Pertuan Agong to appoint Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as the new PM of Malaysia.

Tengku Razeleigh should then focus on Barisan Nasional matters and win back voters together with the many party component leaders that tumbled. Hand in hand, Ku Li should work with Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, Datuk Seri Samy Vellu ( I think it is time for him to release the Presidency for someone elese ), Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon and other BN Veterans and party leaders.

That will be the best solution to our political crisis in Malaysia, in my humble opinion.


Anonymous said...

You dont know me neither do i know u. One thing for sure, you do not know enough of Mahathir to comment on him.

He is the source of all the ills in Malaysia. He thinks he is God reincarnated and Lord of all. He bankrupted the country and yet have the gut to accuse others.

When he is in power, he ask the UMNO members to be loyal to the party and the leader. When he is not happy with the leadership he ask members to overthrown the leader.

Mahathir did the most harm to Malaysia than any other known leaders. The development in Malaysia is not to his credit. Look at Singapore which was at par with Malaysia until Mahathir took over. Now even Thailand is overtaking us and Indonesia is neck to neck with us. Today Malaysia is comparing herself with Africa.

Our Education is among the best in the World and all the measure taken by Mahathir make us look good only to China and some african countries. America and Australia and Singapore do not recognise our degree anymore.

Ku Li is a noble guy and neither AAB or najib dare to challenge him and make him a hero. Ku Li does not have any clout with the Divisional umno leader so he is working with the branch leaders. Therefore he is the underdog.

Please do not give good credit to Mahathir. He does not deserve it

Anonymous said... mr anonymous. ive previously also gave criticisms of tun mahathir in gwl's previous posts on different issues however.

But i muz b honest here that u started off ur paragraph very well!! "you do not know enough of Mahathir to comment on him."
if u perceive that gwl is ignorant of the facts himself...then how well do YOU noe tun mahathir himself?? what rights do you carry to pass such judgements? your comments carry heavy accusations.

in my opinion, whoever prime minister we are referring to, be it da past or da thing's for sure, they DID contributed to the country. period. there maybe differences in styles, but they all were in a common goal. for the nation's benefits. da people's majority has voted them all, n we shd all give them due respect.