Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lojing Highlands Issue , Cops Raid Putra Post !?

Good job RPK . I wonder what kind of "Gov-wood" (Government + Hollywood = Gov-wood) is next on the script .

All along the Federal Govt knew what was happening in Lojing ? And the Sultanah of Kelantan is in the list of the Lojing committee !?

Come on ...

Dear readers , I fully credit this to RPK . Read it from his site .

The link is

The police state called Malaysia . Are we gonna be another Soviet Union - Kremlin country ? Hmm . Dr M's pro tabloid was raided with the reason being suspected of not having a valid media permit which they did have . And the police seized a printing plate ... and a computer . But a printing plate for investigations ? What for ??!

Hmm . Never mind . We will just have to be patient and see the battle of politics internally in our Malaysian Government , the ruling party UMNO , and the component parties namely MCA and MIC . The end result is all that matters ... and I hope to see some light for the end result of the battle of politics .

The Skies Are Dark

The skies are dark and gloomy here ... showers outside UniLodge@ANU . A sign that we should all stay in and study ?

But I'm bored . I need to go out . I wanna go to Ijok . To see the marvels of game theory at work there of course . Lets see . It is actually a huge box that contains numbers . It was interesting the first time I heard it from Dr Alan Martina in my ECHI 1006 course . Well , perhaps the Oxford boys will say I'm wrong but that doesnt matter , the basic idea is like this .

In column 1 row 2 , if BN throws mud at PKR , PKR still maintain their policy of keeping hands in their pockets , then PKR would seem so dirty that they lose some rating points . BN wins some . So BN now is rated 14 and PKR is rated 6 only . The same goes with column 2 row 1 . If BN keeps their hands in their pockets and PKR slams some mud into their face , BN will lose some rating points while PKR gets more .

As to the question why the summations in quadrant 2 and quadrant 3 are not equal to the summation in quadrant 1 , the figures are just made up and I assume an inefficiency loss when mud war occurs i.e. a minor group might view the mud war started by an individual party as immoral . Thus , a loss of one rating point ( 13 + 6 = 19 and less than 10 + 10 = 20 ) occur .

Now , lets take the case where BN throws mud but PKR keeps their hands in the pockets . BN gets a rating of 13 , PKR 6 . PKR will soon realise that the people sees them as a bunch of dirty politicians . So they must do something ! What will they do ? Given the condition that BN has started the mud war , PKR must respond by throwing mud back at BN too . The game now moves to column 2 , row 2 . This is where both parties throw mud at each other . The result ? A badly bruised ratings for both to share . 5 a piece . However , results may vary if one party has more mud in their face and if more people see them as immoral politicians . This might mean that column 2 row 2 has figures lesser than 5 .

So . You see . Calling each other names etc won't work . The marvels of game theory is at work . There are actually more complex situations . For those in ANU and reading my blog and you are interested in game theory mechanics , take up courses like ECON 1100 ( Microeconomics 1 Honours ) and ECON 2141 ( Strategic Thinking ) .

Now . In the case of IJOK , please guys . Take it easy ... it is an election ... not a war zone . It is to allow the people of IJOK to choose what is right for them , who can serve them best . Not who is dirtier ... and they choose the cleanest among the dirtiest . That is not the way an election should work .

Good day guys .

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Apology to Tun and Sufi ...

Even I was caught in the net of the Media ...

Haha . I was mistaken that Tun had apologized to our PM . Yeah . Sufi and Tun were right . Tun did not apologize specifically to our PM ...

True true . Perhaps Tun wanted us to look around Mosman Park , Perth ? I think RPK and co. might be doing some "sightseeing" there already . Haha .

My sincere apologies ... was too caught up by the news in the media ...

Hmm ... I am eagerly awaiting for the biography of Tun . I wonder if Tun has completed his writing on himself ... haha .... I sure would like a copy of it ... and hopefully I can get the signature of this greatest man I have ever known .

Come to think of it , I met Tun in Seri Perdana Putrajaya once during Hari Raya open house . I still remember Tun Siti was having a cast ... heard it was from badminton or something . Yeah . It was a once in a lifetime for me to meet Tun ... Sue Ann was lucky to have a picture with Tun last year at KLIA ... haha .... sigh ...

Sadly I don't have any picture with him . Wish I had taken one while in Seri Perdana that day . Well then ... nvm ... I'm just glad I'm born in the era of Tun .

Hmm ... I'm considering to buy a new laptop . Looking through some models ... HP dv2000 series , Fujitsu Lifebook S7111 , Dell XPS M1210 ... very much undecided . Will scout around when I get back in June .

Oh yeah pals , my finals will be from 7th - 21st June ... yeah ... my last paper is on 21st June . Was thinking of taking the 12am flight on 21st June itself . Will be back in Malaysia for 3 - 4 weeks . Can't wait to go home !!

The Ijok Problem - Ground Zero , Undecideds , Fracas and Scandals

By elections after by elections , we get to see more and more interesting issues . However , sadly though , this comes at the expense of the life of the man in the hot seat .

Anyway , this time Ijok is interesting . Initially we have our Mr Incredible aka KJ going up to the papers , media and basically all fronts accusing PKR supporters of creating the fight during the nomination day . Wow . We even had KJ showing us pics and videos .

But hey , what about Paul's case ? Paul , a co photographer with Jeff Ooi was attacked innocently by BN UMNO Youths in uniform . Jeff Ooi even has a picture of the plump man who tried to disrupt their peace and to create a huge uproar . I believe the PDRM has eyes and ears and can do whatever they are suppose to do - fight crime and restore peace .

PDRM ... go nab these people . Make this world a better place . Don't let them act like kings . Jeff Ooi has a picture of that plump man . Interrogate him , arrest his accomplice for illegal gathering , hooliganism , assault with intentions etc .

Hmm . Jeff Ooi has an even more interesting story that I believe the Electoral Commission should answer and that the Parliament should consider seriously . The issue of Phantom voters , the issue of electoral votes etc . . This is the link . Available online . With no magic or tricks by Jeff Ooi , he asked these questions

"I wonder if this En ISPANI B MOHD REJO, male, from the locality of 096 / 11 / 04 / 001 - KG BKT BADUNG, was born in the year 1899 or 1999. He could be 108 if born in 1899, or merely 8 years old if born in 1999. The state code in his new IC is 61. Which state was he born in? Indonesia? Will his vote count this April 28 to decide thenext elected representative of Ijok?"

So , what do you think ?

No no . That's not all . We even have the Anwar - Najib war . Oops , not forgetting Datin Rosmah . Well well ... the Altantuya issue should not be discussed openly . It is still in the court and the AG has declared that no one else is involved . But here we have Anwar accusing Najib of being involved . Hm ? Perhaps Najib should sue Anwar for false accusation ?

And in the same day Anwar visited the Pekan Ijok , there were VCDs of the alleged evidence of Anwar's sex scandals . Come on .

This is an election of not Najib and Anwar . It is an election of Parthiban and Khalid . Let the people have a clear mind to choose some one who can represent them , give them benefits and treat their issues with clear responsiblity and ability . Will Najib or Anwar or even Mr Incredible aka Khairy be their representative after this by election ?? In no way will they be . Anwar will go ahead campaiging elsewhere for his own sake , for PKR or maybe as RPK alleged "cooperate with Khairy ... work with Khairy" ? Najib will of course go back to Putrajaya and continue being the DPM of Malaysia unless what the political analysts say is true ... which is the possible success of Gerakan Anti Najib within UMNO .

Khairy will surely go back being the voice of UMNO ... yeah ... if you read the papers , we have Khairy not only shutting out Datuk Hishammudin but also perhaps many senior UMNO leaders voices . I don't mean to be disrespectful , KJ , but hey you are not the President of UMNO Youth . Datuk Hishammudin is . I wonder why KJ speaks out alot for UMNO Youth and perhaps UMNO also . Ground news ? Many are talking about our Mr Incredible aka KJ ... good or bad ones ... I'm sure all of you know .

Perhaps what Tun say is true . Honestly I used to think that Tun's election record was all along not as good as Pak Lah's (his one and only election beat the record) . But then , during Tun's era , there was sufficient opposition voice and opinions to be heard . Now the opposition's voice can easily be drowned by the last few rows of backbenchers .

Our great leaders , Tun Dr Mahathir , Tun Abdul Razak , Tun Hussein Onn and Tunku Abdul Rahman . They all have the charisma , humour , leadership . Pak Lah up till today has been critisized by many as being the Saya Tak Tahu man ... perhaps he wants to be careful politically because every word he utters will carry a lot of weight . Perhaps he is not good in speaking as our other PMs . But I wonder what will happen to the future set of leaders . I hope things go on well for our country .

Proton can no longer afford to wait any longer Mr Najib . You have to make the call now in ur capacity as the decision maker , as the DPM and hopefully the future PM . I'm disappointed seeing this matter being dragged so long and Proton is bleeding profusely . One day , due to the great amount of blood loss , Proton might not survive . Proton was born because of the support of the Malaysian Govt and the brainchild of Tun Dr Mahathir . Ask the man who formulated it . Let him help out . Don't shut him out and wanting to act like heroes , gladiators or saviours ...

Who then , if Najib succeeds the thrown , will take over as DPM ? Our country needs another Mahathir . Find out UMNO . Find out and bring him up to the front ... fear not of your seat and post ... do it for your country ...

All the best Mr Parthiban and Tan Sri Khalid in Ijok . DSAI , Datuk Seri Najib , Khairy and gang , please ... leave the Ijok people alone ... let Khalid and Parthiban campaign between themselves , the three of you are there just to lend support and weights ... it is not a campaign of Anwar - Najib ... a reminder ... it is Khalid vs Parthiban .

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Apology ? What happened on 2 September 2004 ?

Good . Some other random thoughts ....

Hmm . Dr Mahathir "apologized" ? To me , I don't think it was necessary Tun . You received info that the house was the PM's . Then our genius KJ said it was Kamaludin's . And RPK revealed the documents that it was Cindy Lim's . There are many clashes and doubts as to who owns the house on paper and who owns the house behind the scenes . Hmm . But it was good and gentleman of Tun to apologize . Unlike some former Editors and news giant who misquote about Tun but did not apologize . There were theories coming up that there might be other houses which could be connected back home to our upper echelons besides Cindy Lim's . Hmm . Mysterious ? What did KJ meant when he said it was Kamaludin's ? But on paper it is Cindy Lim's property . Hmm . Nvm . I have my full trust on RPK and his agents to investigate and reveal .

Let us know the truth of the RM 60 mil home , Cindy Lim's home , let us know what Tun meant , what Khairy meant and what is the truth , the whole truth !

To me , RPK is currently the greatest ever detective and most influential person for any learned readers of Malaysia . Haha . Keep up the good work Sir !

Well DSAI is filing lawsuits again . According to The Star , Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has filed a RM10mil defamation suit against MCA Youth secretary-general Dr Wee Ka Siong over remarks deemed offensive by Anwar. Dr Wee was said to have made the remarks during the recent Machap by-election in Malacca. The suit, filed on Monday, alleged that Dr Wee had uttered remarks that had tarnished Anwar’s name.

So many lawsuits . Sigh . I hope the Federal Court make things clear . They said that "To summarise our judgment, even though reading the appeal record, we find evidence to confirm that the appellants were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen."

But DSAI was released . Perhaps the Court was right because of the inconsistency of the time of activity concerned presented by the prosecution . However , was it wrong for Tun or any others to say that DSAI had indeed step a foot into immoral acts ? DSAI filed a lawsuit against Tun for calling him homosexual . Hmm . Controversies . The essense of law is indeed a web of complexity .

Well if you understand law judgements , here is a link where you can read on this case if you are interested .

Well . That's all for now ! Exams are up on Monday with Mathematics for Economists and Econometric Methods . Double exam , double trouble on Monday 23rd April . And then I will face a finance paper , Investment on Friday 27th April . Wish me luck ! Have a good day .

Easter Holidays and Some Thoughts

Below are some pictures of my trip ...

DFS Galleria - The place where me , CY and Jimmy got our wallets bruised

Aquaduck ! Water vehicle ... they call this an amphibian motor vehicle . Seriously it was at a sign at the route of this Aquaduck that says "No Entry , For Amphibian Vehicles Only" .

At the beach - Surfers Paradise , Gold Coast . Yu Jin wanted to go to the beach so much that we had to give in . But we were there for like 15 minutes and then strong winds and rain started coming from the other end of the beach . We all had to "run for our lives" .

Surfers Paradise town ... or is it a city ... hmm ...

Gosh . Dreamworld . Took some roller coaster rides . Haha . Wasn't feeling too comfy about it though .

This is a log ride at Dreamworld . Everyone in the log will get wet . It will let you slide down into a pool of water . Then ... SPLASH ! The next thing you know , ur body is all wet .

This tiger at dreamworld can climb a pole ... and the specialy is not that according to the host . She can climb down as well ... a skill that not many tigers can do .

Now . Seaworld . Had the first picture with this genius' sister ... haha ... kinda kiddy but it was all right I guess .

Amazing . The Eye at Seaworld . The queue was long but the ride was good , so it compensates a little . 5 rounds limit I think .

Now to Sydney ! This is the view I have from Marriott .

A double deck train . Hmm . Not bad . One day our country will have some too .

The Bridge Climb photos . These 3 pics were taken by the tour guide as we were not allowed to bring any gadgets or anything along except glasses . And these 3 pics cost me $53.00 ... thankfully we had 4 ppl , so the cost was divided by 4 .

The ever comfy Marriott . Haha .

U.S. calms allies on missile shield, not Russia (TheStar)

Seeing this headline makes me feel sick . Iran wants to have nuclear power . North Korea , and perhaps a few other countries . But no . We all live under the shadow of US . When the States say yes , you have to smile and say yes too . If they say no , you have to behave obediently and obey their definition of RULE OF LAW .

RULE OF LAW in this world = United States of America .

Thankfully we have the ever powerful Russia , the amazing Japanese and of course adding to the latest list , China . Reports are going around that China have the power now . They have (I think) US$ 1 trillion in reserves ? If China releases these cold hard cash into the market , US will crumble and so will the world . But the direct hit will be straight in the face of the "Land of Freedom and Democracy" and they will suffer badly .

However , are the Americans stupid ? No way . Majority of Forbes rich list are Americans . Americans own the world . They come up with the idea that if they are threatened with their own currency by China , the will simply dump the American Dollars and come up with a new currency called AMERO .

Beautiful . This world is simply beautiful . Haha .

Well well . I went to Gold Coast on the 8th of April 2007 . Went there and stayed at Focus Apartments , Surfers Paradise . Gold Coast was windy and chilly . It was a nice place , went around Dreamworld , Seaworld . But more importantly , it was a place where I spent a lot . Shopped for Ralph Lauren clothes at Harbour Town . Bought some RL for my mom and sis , Sue Ann , got one for myself , 2 Esprit shirts for myself again . Hmm .

The problem was at DFS Galleria . This international outlet cost me alot of money . Bought two RL shirts for $210 . Damn . A week's rent here in UniLodge . But it was nice and comfy looking . Nevertheless , the joy was there , the wallet was hurt , cash went dry . Haha .

Left Gold Coast on 13th . Flew JetStar to Sydney . It was not as good as Virgin Blue flights . I don't really like it . But it was still all right though . Arrived in Sydney , checked into Marriott . And for the first time in my life in Australia , the Australians in Marriott pronounced my surname correctly !! I was happy . Marriott Hotel was comfy and nice . Me , Jimmy and Chee Yeong had two wonderful and comfortable sleeps . Perfect vacation though a little pricey .

In Sydney . Lets see . Yeah . Bought some good Pu-Erh tea , about $70 . Got two cans of abalone back for my parents to try . We hardly eat these so I thought once a while , I should get something back for my parents to eat from Australia . Hmm . Yeah .

Next was the Bridge Climb . Gosh . It was amazing . We had to put on loads of equipment . From those cheekbones communication headgears , headlamps , the bridge climbing suits . It was nuts . There are so many hooks , so many things to put on , walkie talkie etc . The preparation alone I think takes at least 30 minutes ! In total , the whole event took us about 3hours plus .

The climb was all right though I'm afraid of heights . Legs were shaking terribly . Haha . But the scenery up there is fabulous . I would suggest you climb the bridge at 5.25 pm . Take that package and you can book it online . Cause by the time you are up at the summit of the bridge , it will be dark and you can see the beautiful lights of Sydney's city , harbour and the Opera House . If you are the type who can climb ladders and stairs , this bridge climb will be "kacang putih" i.e. peanuts to you . Haha .

The rest of the trip was just walking around city , Fish Market , Paddy's Market , Chinatown . Eat , sleep , explore . Yeah . And I got back on Sunday , 15th April 2007 . Oh yes not forgetting I met up with Eileen and Shalini . Thanks for the Kopitiam meal pals !

I arrived at Canberra around 6.20pm . After getting off the bus , I saw right in front of my eyes a Proton Waja . The very first time I see a Waja here in Australia . Normally we just see some Proton Wira , Gen 2 models . Jimmy advised me to calm down cause I might be seeing things , it might be a Mitsubishi since I was so tired that day that my eyes could be playing visions .
Upon closer inspection , I was right . It was indeed a Proton Waja . My my . Am I proud to see one here .

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm Back

I'm back at last . Went to Gold Coast and Sydney for a very wallet-hurting trip . Haha . Yeah . Extremely broke now . Kinda bz for the rest of the week as I have Economics Math and Stats exams on Monday . Need to catch up a lot and revise !!

Will blog more later . For the meantime , I'm safe and fine !

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Google's Free Internet ?

Check this out .

Anyway , a busy week for me . Still rushing through and getting all the pieces of my assignment into a proper paperwork .

Last week I was walking into the Faculty of Arts to attend one of my ECON 2125 ( Maths for Economists ) tutorial . Yeah . It is weird to attend a Math tute at an Arts zone . But this place contains many beautiful artifacts , models . One of the model that's at the foyer is a model of the Roman Empire . Cool . They had the whole Rome model . Amazing .

But that is not where I want to grab your attention to . I was walking past the notice boards at that Faculty and I saw an article posted there . It was written by Laurence Hecht on Global Warming .

His article sounds logical at least to me . I googled and found it online .

Well , have a good week my friends . Will blog more at the end of the week when I'm done with my stressful assignment .