Saturday, January 26, 2008

Datuk Seri CKC - Transport Minister? Really?

Datuk Seri , our road transportation system is not good in the first place. It is not good enough to see our Government concentrating on Air Asia's profitability, MAS, JetStar, and SIA.

We do need to fix Rapid KL. We do need on time busses, bus schedules etc. Government of Malaysia promised us RM 4 billion for better public transports. But I don't think it ever became a reality with reasons being "higher subsidy bill for petrol". For those who have been to overseas, we are all envy of the accuracy of public transports in terms of time and location.

Busses in Canberra and Sydney are so accurate in their time that once I was late for the bus by 30 seconds and I never boarded it cause it was already gone. Had to wait for another one. But in KL Sentral, when the time says 4pm for a bus to Subang, it might even arrive at 4.30pm or 5pm.

But that is not the main issue. Days, months and years have passed. Skip the damn paperwork Datuk Seri. Skip the Cabinet approvals etc. You are given a portfolio and placed in charge of the public transportation systems.

We have seen far too many issues with busses. I have sat in busses going over 120km, but some busses drive within 110km. The good busses I always travel with are Sri Maju (the one which Michelle Yeoh's dad owns) and Perak Roadways (heard its owned by a Dato Tajuddin if I am not mistaken).

And the latest news in The Star was troubling enough to hear. Some of my friends are close to one of the victims and it was a sad and tragic news. I have a friend who even booked an urgent flight back today from Australia to KL to pay his respects. I am so sad to see lives lost just like that.

Datuk Seri, enforce laws. Tell JPJ that the RM50 in wallets of the officers can wait. Use all the workforce and check the summonses of bus drivers. About 30 passengers put their lives on 1 single driver. And these drivers had summonses running into pages ? It seems to me the Ministry of Transport have their hands full on the aviation industry.

Perhaps they can use the aviation regulation and enforce it on the roads. Make sure these bus drivers have minimum wages so that they don't rush their busses here and there to make more trips and earn more bucks. When that is done, get the drivers' ethics and qualifications to be as good as the pilots.

Now, your experience in dealing with Air Asia, MAS, JetStar and SIA surely is helpful enough. And I believe too much time was spent there too!!! So take some cleanser, wash your face, take a refreshing bath and get to the desk to do some work Datuk Seri. Get all your staff and JPJ officers to be on the road and fix things right.

I can't say that you are not doing a good job. You are doing a good job and improving some systems. Rome wasn't built in a day. But lives are at stake here. Get the secretary to do the paperwork, get the lawyers to read it, get an emergency meeting in Parliament if it is to be a legislation. Forget about the elections. Forget about DAP, PAS or anybody. Just get it done. Fax it nationwide. Tell all officers to gather all bus drivers and check them all out.

Chinese New Year is coming soon. We all know how famous PUDU is with their 'bus potong'. Illegal busses, poor drivers and impatient drivers will be out. They will all want to rush their journeys, make more trips and earn more bucks in a day. More lives to be sacrificed? I certainly don't like that.

No CNY or holidays for the Cabinet of Malaysia. If there's a need to discuss in the meeting, get it done right away. This is a national emergency. We are all frustrated. And you will definitely not like an election to be held when voters are frustrated.

Make sure you give a ring to the Finance Ministry or whoever is in charged of accounting regulations. Get these bus companies some visits by tax officers and police. Get auditors and accountants there too. I believe bus companies should now produce social responsibility reports or sustainability reports. Let us know how many bus accidents were there, how "clean" are your drivers' backgrounds on the road, how many breakdowns, the number of summonses and whatever is necessary.

You know what I mean Datuk Seri. There are many things you guys in the Ministry can think of and implement. The public do not need to tell you. And we certainly do not want to hear

  1. Oh we will discuss this in the Cabinet
  2. This needs Cabinet and Parliament approval
  3. It is beyond our control , we can't control everything
  4. We will look into it
  5. No comments

Forget the red tape and approvals or meetings. Fix it now Datuk Seri !

Goodbye Meg !

The end has come for Meg Whitman. This superb lady has led Ebay for over a decade. Some of the amazing things she did was turning the company from multi-million dollar revenues into billions. Ebay is synonymous to CEO Meg Whitman and well done for such a wonderful career!

Meg resigned and she will be succeeded by John Donahoe. Read the story here

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm Fine

Helo my dear friends and readers. I am all right and back alive ! Wei Liang is not one who easily gives up !

So yes ... thank you to all of you who messaged and called me .... I am fine now and all things are restored to normal .

Well , many things are happening in Malaysia. Elections coming soon ? Many say it will be in March but why not April ? Pak Lah has always said of fair elections etc. We might not be surprised to see him giving Anwar a chance in April. You will never know !

Anyway, I am surprised had my blog entry about The Star's Reputation Massively Discounted. Haha. Thanks Amzar for letting me know ... I didnt notice it though I always visit KMU to read up.

Hmm ... I am currently busy with my studies and exams are coming soon in about two weeks. I just hope the bomohs are right and Sharlinie will be located ASAP . Good to hear that the authorities are sweeping parts of Selangor to find this kid.

I sure hope there are game theorists and mathematicians like the ones we see in Numbers involved. They can surely help to find the best method to screen houses and areas. Otherwise, it will be like the cat-mouse game of hide and seek. And that wouldn't be too efficient right ?

I am surprised to learn about Malaysia having a surplus of 11% in an article published in 2007. It was highlighted in my International Business class recently. Surplus are good to repay public debts but deficits are not that bad too. Statistics always show growths here and there. But are the public's wallet really fattening ?

I don't think so my friends. Before I came back, I went to my usual Indian barber. I always do! Well, I went to a hair saloon operated by those Chinese ladies and had a bad experience when I was young. They accidentally cut my flesh around my neck.

And I never visited any of these saloons anymore. I always feel that Indian barbers are experts. Haha. Anyway, this barber was asking me how is Australia etc. Then he started saying Malaysia is bad, and the only rich countries in Asia are Singaporea and Japan.

I could sense that he is still "hot and fresh" from the Hindraf and Indian issues. I didn't want to comment much until he blamed it on issues accumulating since Dr Mahathir's administration. He even said that recently papers published that Tun had a house in Perth.

Well, as far as I know, the recent news of Perth house was Datuk Patrick Lim and Pak Lah and so I told him what I knew. As far as I know, I don't remember hearing about Tun having a house in Perth , what more to say "in a recently published article" though I was told that Tun's grandkids are in Melbourne for studies by officials in Australia.

But I don't know what was wrong with him, he was a little hot headed that day and said there is nothing in Malaysia, corruption, poor development etc.

I would say that the coming General Elections will be an interesting one. We are all feeling the pinch. Wealth gaps are widening. Household incomes below RM3000 can barely survive in KL. Kids need to go to the school, car petrol and maintenance, food bills, medical bills, utilities bill, loans and rents.

Even my barber is getting quite mad already. It is not funny hearing me talking about a barber. These are the people who will vote. Walk around the market, walk around the hawker shops, walk around the shops and go to the barber, go to the fishmonger etc. Hear what they say. These are accurate public sentiments.

Hear what the students say. They will tell you what they feel and what they think about our wallets, our welfare now in Malaysia.

Barisan Nasional members should not just go around meeting their association and organization members. Don't just visit The Pavillion, Bukit Bintang or KLCC. Go around to rural areas. Act cool and drink a cup of teh tarik from the warung. Get some roti canai, noodles or curry. Hear what they tell you.

And don't go around doing polls. Cause I don't think you will like the figures and it will be hard for spin doctors to spin the figures this time.

I can't wait for the GE ! I am anxious to see the results and I hope there will always be a beautiful mechanism of democracy at work and political stability forever in Malaysia.

We pray for you Malaysia. Let us move on after the GE and progress like we did in the 80s and 90s.

All right. That is all for today. I am tired now and I have work to do. Once again, thanks guys !

Monday, January 21, 2008

Thank you guys

A loud sigh ...

Problems come in many ways and I sure hope I get to overcome and fix this problem as soon as possible ...

I am determine to get what I want and since young , that is the system and I work for what I want . This will not be any different case . I hope to mend things and get things right again ... sigh ...

But in this time when I am down , I am thankful that Teng Choon is in Unilodge with me upstairs , I am happy to read advice from as far as Japan .... thanks Amzar .... and thank you Jimmy for lending me your ears .

Thank you all of you for lending me your ears and time and giving me useful advice and moral support . I appreciate it ! Buddies forever !

The End of the Road

I am currently facing a dead end and I dont see any roads available for my next step. Not a person to discuss personal life but I will need time off from my blog ...

I need time and I will be spending some time with Memories as my new home for expression ... to allow me a break from this page and move to another for me to find myself again . Nobody can imagine how sad I am feeling now .

Have a great time with the coming year 2008 and elections , enjoy every moment of your life for you know there will never be lasting moments , just memories .

Happy Thaipusam and Happy CNY to all Malaysians celebrating them out there ...

It all ends here and that is all I have to say ....

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Star - Reputation Massively Discounted !

Yes my friends ... The Star are having a massive discount ! Their reputation has gone below industry levels !

Come, come, come now to The Star! Professionalism and ethics are massively reduced ! In fact , respect and journalistic behaviour are having closing down sales ! NST closed theirs down two years ago !

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls ... let us all rush into The Star! It is complete madness! The prices of reputation and ethics are below the line !

Yep ... indeed that would be the Warehouse Guy of Chasers' method of critically selling The Star if this was to happen in Australia ....

Totally embarassing to publish a photograph of some youths with banners holding placards critically damning Tun Dr Mahathir. Where is the respect for the statesman who led us for 22 years ? He dedicated his whole life to public service .

If he was in the West, the people will respect and honour this man like a God ! His dedication and service to the public and government duties can not be denied. There might be differences in politics and opinions of policies but nevertheless, he was there for us and took care of the country for 22 years.

Was his priority his family or personal interests ? No ... he worked hard from morning till midnight for the country.

Why then do we have youths who were not even born, when Klinik Maha was set up and Mahathir entered public service, holding placards to damn him ?

The question is, were these youths given permits to exercise their rights to express ? Did the police allow it ? Can I one day stand in front of Seri Perdana holding placards saying

"Pak Lah, hormat lah institusi Barisan Nasional dan sumbangan Dr Mahathir".

Can I also stand in front of the office for Malaysian Youth Secretariat and hold a placard saying "Where is your damn respect for Tun, you little ciku? "

Ooh .... I might as well go to The Star with a placard saying "The Star MUDAH LUPA" . Well , I dont see the reason why the youths can do it outside an inquiry with placard screaming "Saya budak kurang ajar dan tak hormat Tun". Yes kids ... that is what your actions are screaming in the eyes and ears of the public !

I understand also that this group were at Seri Perdana with "sleepy pictures of Pak Lah" and gave him some pillows on that day. But I don't remember seeing any articles in the mainstream media except of course blogs online were daring enough to tell all !

I used to praise The Star for their fair and just journalistic ethics in reporting Tun's criticism of Pak Lah few years ago. I sent a letter praising The Star's editor and condemning NST for their lopsided article and the out-of-his-mind editor Datuk Kalimullah.

Now, I wish to withdraw my respect for The Star. I hope they can be more sensitive to issues like this in the future and have respect for elder statesmen. Preserve political stability and do not be the catalyst of another political chaos.

Play your part well The Star or shut down !

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Well said !

I just received a comment from a reader of my blog entry on Malaysia Airlines. I find it interesting and professional in terms of comments. I know some of you guys are lazy to click the "Comments" link to read what other people say ...

So here it is :

MAS is a wonderful airline, good cabin service but not until Idris Jala & Co manages it. Being a businessman we need to fly if possible a non stop flight from KUL to the destination.

Well MAS can do it in almost all the destination that I need to go. Very rare for me to take a Transit flight when I flew by MAS> To me MAS was at the TOP level on overall ranking. However we are sensitive on dollars. I found that MAS is the most expensive on all flight sectors compare to other airlines.

I had similar experiences like you on pricing. I am wondering, does anyone in MAS do audit on ticket prices with respect to other airlines (SIA, Thai, Cathay) Apple to Apple comparison. Flight and Cabin service of MAS is still the best but that can be a competitive advantage to have more customers.

Not surprise that many Malaysian opt for other flag when they travel. Think about it.\

So are we going to have another saga of Malaysia Airlines failure ? I was once told by the steward that "We used to serve two meals on MAS flights between KL and Australia. But now, we will only serve one main meal and another light meal (sandwich or muffin) until we get out of the red". How interesting and frank from the steward ... this is what I like ... I surely won't like people telling me ,"Oh I am sorry Sir , this is the best we can do".

Although it sounds bad to hear MAS was in trouble at that point, I was glad that I had a clear explanation from the steward. However, with MAS introducing the E-ticket system to cut costs, new remuneration systems for their staff and registering profits now, I don't see any reason why they would want to hurt consumer dollars and sales with higher prices and senseless explanations !!

I think that steward who explained the situation to me should be the "travel expert" for MAS and tell all to the public !!


Never ever have I turned away from choosing MAS as my preferred airline. In fact, I always encourage my pals to fly MAS.

MAS has a homecoming feeling whenever I step into the plane. Even if I leave the country, I still feel at home inside the plane until I step out of it. So all praises go to MAS for this!

However, ok, my friends are beginning to fly Thai Airways, Brunei Airways and Singapore Airlines. Why? Because they are way cheaper!

A return open ticket from Malaysia-Melbourne cost me RM 3700 now ... up from RM 3400 previously. How much does it cost for Thai Airways? I heard my pal got it for RM2800! In fact, Singapore Airlines is at RM 3200.

So I was glad to read The Star article "Expert: Better service with ticket fee" dated 17th January 2008. According to this expert whom I don't know came from where .... I think I should copy the paragraph ...

“The travel agents are now paid for various services. They work for the customer directly, so higher quality of service is natural and expected,” said Bruce Tepper, an established travel consultant in the travel and tourism industries.

Before this, when I paid RM 3400 for my ticket, my travel agent works with me directly, provides me high quality service and is so friendly that I do all my travels under this lady in Ipoh!

So what kind of expert (apparently he is an invited speaker to the MAS Roadshow 2008) are you telling me that with the higher fee, we will get better service? Goodness sake ... I was hoping to read something like "Malaysia Airlines will provide better cabin service like internet access, fresh fruits and food prepared on board, first class amenities and many more".

It is even more hilarious to read Tepper saying

“With the new model, consumers get more honest and knowledgeable advice, and service quality from agents is better,” he said. For agents, the model allows for better control of products and greater profitability for airlines, Tepper said.

Man this is going over the top. I would think that more and more people are saying SAYONARA MALAYSIA AIRLINES and hello Jetstar, Tiger Airways, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways.

Trust me. If you keep raising the prices, Malaysia Airlines will lose out on the many thousands of Malaysian students and permanent residents currently in Australia. You can wave your hands goodbye to these people and never expect them to fly MAS again.

It is a highly elastic economy for airlines among students. If the prices are lower, I can assure you down to the last dollar in my pockets now that Malaysian students will want to fly MAS.

And please don't come getting this "expert" to tell me "BETTER SERVICE WITH TICKET FEE". I am already getting top class services from my ticketing agent before this and she gives me travel advices etc. So by paying 5% more on tickets now, I will be getting better services?

Wow ... perhaps my travel agent will send a limo to pick me up and send me to the airport?!??

Datuk Idris Jala ... you have done a great job by implementing changes. I am already frustrated with the fact that the Electronic Ticketing system causes problems for Open Ticket holders.

Just the other day I was told off by MAS call centre that I need to ask my agent in Malaysia to reprint the E-Ticket if I want to change my return flight dates. I called my agent and she told me all I have to do is tell them my reservation number which I did in the first place.

So I called up MAS centre again and this time a more helpful lady apologized for the previous operator's actions and helped me all over a tedious process of confirmation and reissuing of another E-Ticket from Australia. That call took me at least 20 minutes.

And I will have to face a higher fee from MAS !? I thought you are saving money from the E-Ticket system !??! And there's an expert going around telling people they will get better service from travel agents if they pay more?

So I pay 5% more, I get 5% better service huh? What if I pay 100% more? Will I get 100% service? You have got to be kidding !!!


The best word to describe Malaysia - ANIMAL CRUELTY ROCKS !

Yes everyone! If you love guns and hate dogs, you can apply a job in Malaysia to join the local councils!

Has anyone of you seen how dogs are shot in Malaysia? I would love to see someone record it and place it on the web. Email me a copy. I will personally play it on large TVs in SENQ, Best Denki and right in front of the Taiping Council and Selayang Council!

And show the public ... Visit Malaysia ... the land where dogs are shot dead!

After watching Chasers, I dont believe there is anything we can't do to promote awareness among the people.

Go around shooting dogs? My God! How efficient could our town councils be?

When I want to get an answer from JPA for my summer school, two months was not enough! But the town councils can instantly go around hunting for dogs?

What if I want the town council to fix the roads, electricity, parking meters, the dirty parks? I would say all other departments in the local authorities should look at the dog-hunters department. They are experts and efficient! JPA should learn from them ... they are more efficient.

Can someone tell me if Malaysia is the only country in the whole wide world that still has this bullets-rifle department specifically just to shoot stray dogs?

I will appreciate it and I assure you I will print loads of copies of these facts and send congratulatory messages to each department of the local councils in Malaysia. Whoever wants to join me in this effort, please email me!

When I get back home after my degree and if I see anymore of these nonsense, you have my word that I will be lodging complaints to the local councils that love shooting dogs to be aware of the dangers of mice, cockroaches, hamsters and cats as well.

These other members of our ecosystem are annoying and as harmful as your definition of stray dogs, my dear local councils!

In the year 2007, we of course have the ever famous Datuk Tang and the Selayang Council having a dog-hunt competition! How intelligent and brilliant for a DEVELOPED STATE!??!!!

It is so F*ckING embarassing to the whole wide world!

For the year 2008, we have a new champion in the hall of shame! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome The Enemy of The Dogs 2008, Taiping Municipal Council ! But but .... wait before the loud clapping ... these heroes have shot a man instead while aiming at a stray dog!

Should I say praise the al-mighty Lord for that faithful evening? Thank you Buddha and the Lords of Hindu Gods? Allahukbar !?

I am totally saddened and angry that a man was shot during the operation. Malaysia's dedicated Stray Dog Unit in Taiping was formed 15 years ago?

I see rats at public places. I do not need to go into the details of how harmful rats are. I see cats running around the streets looking for food near hawker centres, near garbage bins. I see pot holes everywhere in Malaysia's beautiful landscape. And hear you are telling me we have a dedicated stray dog unit?

Can we instead have our RM4.4 billion back to fix the public transportation system in Malaysia? We were promised and we gave in to pay more for our petrol ... but the load of cash was gone or were we cheated of it?

Can we instead have a dedicated 24 hour hotline for public complaints or a new department called "Road Transportation Emergency Response Unit" ? We can make use of this to see people immediately fix a burst pipe, a pot hole at roads or perhaps escorts for ambulances in Malaysia !!

I find it ridiculous once to see an ambulance telling the cars in front of it at a traffic light,"Jalan jalan ... beri laluan ... "

The siren was loud enough to wake anyone nearby up and yet the driver had to make announcements! Firstly, some Malaysians have slow responses and they will take ages to pull aside. Secondly, ambulances should have escort units to speed up the traffic flow so that the ambulances can get to the hospital ASAP.

What a shame Malaysia ... Stray Dog Unit in local councils ... what a shame. One day, I would love to send the Stray Dog Units in Malaysia some trophies for being the Most Efficient Department, Most Cruel Department etc. Simply amazing.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Chasers War on Everything

Goodness gracious. I have always wanted to watch the group of comedians who passed security at APEC easily by acting as a Canadian delegate.

Till this summer school, I started watching them ... some students have recorded copies of it and I just enjoyed the humour in it ! The warehouse sales guy in every episode was superbly funny!

If you guys dont understand me, google it and try get a copy from Australia, or even download it. It is way better than the "boring" America's Funniest Video or some other comedy. It is simply amazing ...

Friday, January 11, 2008


All Malaysians whether they are on their way to work, to school, at malls or doing gardenning should keep an eye on their surroundings. If anyone sees Sharlinie Mohd Nashar, the 5 year old kid who went missing or if any of us see any suspicious activities with regards to any child abduction, torture and abuse, we should all be responsible and report to the police.

The Women, Family and Community Development Minister and her Ministry should have more advertisements in newspapers and electronic media. These advertisements should educate the public about the toll free line to call, the steps and measures to take etc with regards to child abuse, missing people, and other social issues.

I would say that the Health Ministry's ads are very good in educating and serving as a reminder to the people. I am deeply saddened with the fact that yet another kid is missing and we surely must put a stop to this and make Malaysia a safe place for senior citizens, working age people, youths and kids !

Thursday, January 10, 2008


My class for International Business started on Monday. And on that day, I was assigned to present a case study together with Arya (Indonesian senior) on INDONESIA : THE TROUBLED GIANT.

Well, two groups presented on the day. The rest will be all throughout the month. I was kept busy on Monday and Tuesday to research, read, compile and get it into proper slides. In the end, the presentation yesterday was good I feel ... at least that's what the lecturer said. Arya even gave a trivial quiz after the presentation .... and 3 packets of cassava was given out !

Haha ... Arya gave an extra pack to me and another to my Brazilian lecturer as well. No idea what cassava is ? It's actually our kacang putih ... the spicy ubi one .... but this taste really spicy.... just two pieces and I started looking for cold water !

I woke up this morning with a bad feeling all over my body. I felt feverish ... and I was coughing all day. Sigh ... not a good time to get sick ...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Surprise surprise !

Greetings to all JPA students all over the world! Its certainly a privilege to be a star student, standing tall as young Malaysians living overseas. I am sure you do your family proud, and I hope you will cherish this moment for the rest of your life, especially at this time of the year when the cheerful holiday mood is abound.

2007 has been a year of many lessons learnt for many nations. As other cities burn in turmoil, violence and disruption, Malaysia has thankfully weathered our difficulties in a peaceful manner to ensure that we have continued harmony and unity among the races. Amidst some tough economic times ahead, with worries of escalating global oil prices, every day living will increasingly be challenged. Similarly, Malaysia will also need to brace itself for such a period by remaining economically relevant and globally competitive.

The Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) has worked hard over the last eight years to ensure that the community's best and most talented receive top class education for deserving people such as yourself. While it is understandable that the world over is also vying for the best that it can attract into their labour force, it also our hope that our own students and graduates return to their homeland to serve their country.

MCA is also actively playing a role to help returning graduates and local talents who have a special interest in serving in the government. Civil service diversity is critical to address moderation, fairness and balance in the implementation and enforcement of our nation's laws and regulations at all levels. So important is this point that MCA has set up a secretariat/service centre to handle first hand the enquiries and issues pertaining to application, entry and even promotion in the Malaysian civil service.

MCA hopes that our efforts to build the nation and community can be realized with your appreciation as well as your service so that you, your family as well as your friends can enjoy the fruits of our peaceful nation forever.

MCA wishes you a good year ahead! And Happy New Year!

Ong Ka Ting
President, MCA

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sad,lonely and homesick

I am currently in Canberra after a long trip from KL-Melbourne and Melbourne to Canberra. To be honest, I am so sick of sitting airplanes and I wanna be a Malaysian studying in Malaysia right now.

Sigh. I will be having my exams on CNY eve and 2nd day of CNY. How fun right !?!? Sighhhhhhhh !!!

MSN or SKYPE or 3G video call or SMS or CALL me and entertain me ok ?

Thursday, January 03, 2008


I sent in my application to attend summer class on 31st October 2007 via fax to PPL Sydney. Approximately on 17th December , I received a call from JPA's officer wanting to clarify my reasons for applying for JPA's permission to do summer class and to obtain certain clarification from the office of ANU.

As I was about to fly off to HK on the night of 18th Dec, I urgently sent an email to ANU and brought my laptop along to HK. Didn't have time to go online while in HK but I managed to get the email from ANU for clarification and to be forwarded to JPA . Encik R told me on 26th Dec that he received my email and told me I can check my results with Cik A up till 28th Dec.

I was in HK that morning before heading off to Ocean Park. I gave a call to Cik A about 8.30am and she told me that she needed time to clarify with Finance dept. I was told to call back at 11am. Well, I couldn't really reach her till 3pm. And she told me "Oh...your case ... we need to bring it to the meeting for discussion, so call back sometime next week".

I was abit mad and told her that summer class in ANU starts on 7th January and till today I have no confirmation .... so when do you expect me to make my travel arrangements !? She said she understands but this case must be discussed in meeting first.

So I patiently waited till yesterday ... and finally got my confirmation and green light from Encik R after much trouble of pestering and explaining that there is no more time for them to have any funny time consuming meeting when my class starts on the coming Monday !!

Thankfully, I have a seat for a flight on Saturday .... so yeah.... sadly I am going home. There are lots of people I wanna meet .....

Well well , studies remain the priority. Will meet all of you good people some time !

Anyway, a few days ago while I was at my grandma's sundry shop in Ipoh Garden, I saw right in front of my car an incident that made me chuck the newspaper and handphone in my hand right away ! A very very old lady was walking and fell a few metres away from my car. She lost her balance.

I quickly helped her with another Pak Cik. Then she demanded me to send her home .... which I did not agree because she could not even stand back up and was groaning in pain. I quickly called my grandmother and relatives out from the shop to help. They slowly helped her sit at a wooden stool at the road and I blocked the road off. My grandma knows the old lady's daughter so she went down the street to call her.

My God ... this daughter of hers started scolding that old lady for not bringing a tongkat out etc. So mom changed the topic and said we should call paramedics and send her over to the hospital. The daughter requested me to send them back and she will later take her mother to the clinic or sinseh. But the old lady keep telling me and my sis she is in pain and that her daughter did not want to buy rice for her, so she had to walk out herself to eat lunch. So pitiful .... but the daughter did not hear the old lady commenting bad about her .... otherwise she would have scolded her more !

Mom called an ambulance and the old lady was later transferred to the hospital. At night, we heard news that the old lady needed operation for her bone.... it was either fractured or broken at the hips. Sigh ... I was glad I helped her and did not send her home .... and stayed with her all the while..... but I was seriously annoyed with her daughter for shouting at the old mother in public....

Ok enough of my side. Now for Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek's story, I don't know what to say. It might be true that it is inevitable for him to resign. Otherwise, everywhere he goes and everything he wanna implement, people will say "Eleh... Datuk Seri bukannya tak pernah buat salah". His authority will never be the same ... his instructions and orders will never be properly done anymore ... thus comes the "compulsory" resignation which MCA might have played a hand in during the emergency presidential meeting.

But to me, never ever have I seen such a good Minister, at least in my family's eyes. He has done alot for the public's health and safety. From hospital issues to healthy diets to daily consumption dangers of imported and domestic food, he took a personal interest and took care of us. He was the Malaysian Doctor. Not a Doctor by name, not a Health Minister by name, but also a Doctor of all Malaysians in daily life.

I commend him for his dedicated work in public service. His personal life is his issue. He was elected a leader not because he is married or he is single or he has a girlfriend or he is divorced or he had pre marital sex etc. He was given the portfolio because he was hardworking and dedicated and he can deliver the desired results.

I believe whichever hotel that was negligent and ignorant enough to allow spycams in hotels be suspended from daily operations. Suspend and ban these hotel operators for good. Charge them in court. I assure you if any foreign leaders or Prime Ministers were to be in that room or any other hotel with their wives or other women, DVDs might also appear on the streets.

What then will happen ? George Bush might be sending his super troops and BOOM BAM BOOM !! Sayonara Malaysia ! That will be the time where Malaysia is truly "Tanah Tumpah Darahku".

This time the victim is Datuk Seri CSL. I don't care whether it is politically motivated, a set up or not. The main question is whether hotel rooms are still safe for us to sleep in, to take bath, to change our clothes, etc ? How can we be sure we are not being filmed changing our clothes ?

Women and children will begin to be targetted. I believe if there is a first case, there will be more idiots who wanna make a quick buck through pornography and start spying on people through hotels.

A sad scenario for Datuk Seri CSL .... and a worrying one for other politicians and the public.

That's all for this time's "News". Good nite !