Thursday, June 05, 2008


Di Manakah MTEN ?

What is happening in Malaysia? What kind of lifestyle do we need to change? How many Malaysians have their meals at Starhill? KLCC? Bangsar?

Jawablah, MTEN. Jawablah Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Do you realise how many people are suffering from the food prices? Education prices are rocket high, kids expenses are high, food prices are high. And petrol prices too. Do you realise how sensitive our market is now? You move the chicken ceiling prices away, you raise petrol prices and you will soon raise electricity prices.

Will this hurt the middle income and send them down to the “poor bracket”? Our disposable income will be nothing !

Earnings inequality will grow. Inflation contributed by prices will only cause the rich to smile. Where are the Economists of the Government? Get out of your office and talk to the public about your logic!!

Adakah keputusan kerajaan dianalisis oleh MTEN ? Sekiranya MTEN yang membuat cadangan kepada Kerajaan Malaysia, sila beri penjelasan.

Let the Economists at MTEN explain. I am not interested in politicians telling me that this is inevitable. Sorry. I just want MTEN to explain the economics to the public.

MTEN should respond to the following

1) Tell us how these new subsidy plans and pricing levels of food will benefit the rakyat in the short run and the long run.

2) Explain to us what kind of inflation we are facing and how this will affect earnings inequality, disposable income and the classification of poor, middle and rich in real terms.

3) Besides telling all rakyat to change their lifestyle, tell us what economists of the Government will do to help ease the pain?

4) Show to the public the earnings disparity of the poor, rich and the middle class.

5) The direct and indirect effects of these prices on labour wages, recommendation for labour economics, and the effects of these events on the poor and the middle class.

6) Theoretically, rising costs will raise costs of production and thus reducing aggregate supply. Perhaps, some explanation on that and the effects of not only the Goods market but the money and labour markets as well?

The Prime Minister’s office should respond to the following

1) Make all Government servants including the Cabinet of Malaysia to take public transport for a month. And give feedbacks to the PM of Malaysia about the new lifestyle and the “amazing” transportation we have. My argument is that if we do not have proper public transportation systems, how then can Malaysians travel about? What kind of lifestyle do you want us to change into? Lead by example. Come change your lifestyle with us too, members of the Government of Malaysia that includes the Cabinet. Try it for a month.

2) What is the reason of liberalizing the economy all of a sudden? What happened to all our money in the Government? All gone? Where did all our taxpayers’ money go to? Billions spent on roads?

3) When will the Government of Malaysia pay full attention to our public transportation system given that we are encouraged to change our lifestyle?

4) Why didn’t the Government introduce taxation brackets of perhaps 40-49% for the rich and upper class people of Malaysia? There are so many poor Malays, Indians and Chinese who will be in tears because of these new policies.

5) What happened to the plan of making foreigners pay full fare? This is one complicated matter but I believe with the many brains in the Government machinery, they can come up with something. Now, we are still paying subsidies to Thais and Singaporeans who fill their cars with our petrol when in fact those subsidies to the foreigners could be used for the welfare of true Malaysians. The plan was suppose to come to effect until suddenly, the Government decides to raise the petrol prices and soon electricity prices for every single person who is in Malaysia, regardless of nationality. Will this not see foreigners benefitting from our money? Our wealth is flowing out to foreigners in the form of non labour income – subsidies which were meant only for Malaysians.

6) I sincerely hope the PM of Malaysia has advisors who have learnt Political Economy before. At this point of time after what DAP calls it “the March Tsunami”, the party holding the baton of Government of Malaysia – Barisan Nasional – will only be hitting nails into their own coffin.

MTEN should respond and not the politicians. Step out of the shadow MTEN. And tell us your damn logic of these !

Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Negara memperkenalkan polisi Negara ataupun Cabinet Malaysia dengan penasihat mereka yang membuat keputusan sebegitu? Pernahkah MTEN mempertimbangkan kebajikan rakyat, kewangan rakyat dan ekonomi rumah tangga rakyat?

Apakah kesan-kesan akibat polisi – polisi sebegini terhadap kebajikan kanak-kanak, persekolahan, tanggungan keluarga dan sebagainya?


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Ahmad Amzar said...

unfortunately,the head of MTEN if i'm not mistaken,is the first Finance Minister,who's also the PM as well as a politician..geezz