Sunday, January 31, 2010

Malaysian Chinese Education Debate

Hm. Is this for real ?

KL and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall will be the organizers of a debate between influential historian and academician Emeritus Professor Dr Khoo Kay Kim and MCA Youth Chief Dr Wee Ka Siong ?

Remember their dispute ?

I didn't know about it until I saw the advertisement at Malaysiakini (pictures above are the Ads at Malaysiakini - credits to the portal).

If possible, put in on Youtube for the benefit of all those who cannot attend at that time.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Pig heads, cow heads, arsonists

Man, I can't take this anymore. Don't stir the hornet's nest and don't fix something which is not broken. Can we please adopt this concept as mainstream thinking ?

We forgot about these during Pak Lah's time and Anwar's political accession among the Opposition parties.

Many attempts were made to fix things which were not broken, to change what seem to be social norms, to amend matters which were already at equilibrium.

Thus, we have the results today. Insecurity, political instability, religious and racial disharmony and all sorts of negativity.

I can only say that blogs are among the main contributors. I see so many blogs writing with anger, hatred and profanities.

Some blogs are "fanning" such emotions professionally ! Many Malaysians are netizens and active blog readers these days. So please, as bloggers, let us be ethical and discuss in a mature and professional setting.

No more pig heads flying around, no more stepping on cow heads, and no more burning of churches. Okay ?

Let those be the sinful acts of irresponsible people and criminals condemned by us all, not politically motivated moves for mileage or election victories !

Having said all these, I have no problems living with Malays, Chinese and Indians in my multiracial neighborhood. We greet each other with smiles and celebrate memorable occasions together - festivals, wedding, etc.

So please, trouble makers, get lost and get out of Malaysia ! Let the rest of us and the majority of Malaysians from all walks of life enjoy the peace, harmony and prosperity in our lives !

We still love our country, Malaysia.

By the way, this is a remarkable improvement - Youth wings from Barisan and Pakatan unite to condemn attacks.

But did Anwar Ibrahim give the greenlight to Pakatan Rakyat Youth to issue a joint statement with BN Youth ?

And THIS was a good message from Malaysian Consultative Council for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism & Taoism and MCA President during a meeting yesterday, but why weren't any Muslim scholars or representatives there at Wisma MCA ?

It would have been better if the Muslim scholars were invited (if they were not) or if the Muslim scholars attended (if they declined the invitation).

Just curious. Related - Our reps will continue to champion interests of minority

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Warning to Tee Keat's team

Over the past 3 months, I was the ONE AND ONLY (if I am not mistaken) pro Ong Tee Keat blogger and supporter who urged for fresh polls in the Party based on the arguments laid out by those in DS Ong Tee Keat and DS Chua Soi Lek's camp.

Among the arguments laid out were (my comments are in brackets) :

  • The majority of MCA CC and Division leaders backed the GUP (many of them have been labelled as Ong-Chua men, so what's the point ?)
  • Liow Tiong Lai only has the support from the minority (if we feel that he is the minority, why not go for re-election now to allow the "majority" to kick him out of the leadership line up ?)
  • Time for MCA leaders to close ranks (if Liow TL, Wee KS and Chew MF who hold important positions in MCA refuse to be team players, no choice but to re-elect right ?)

These sort of arguments will bring us only to a dead end. OTK and CSL will be cornered and forced to go for fresh polls.

OTK, CSL and their men should have delivered statements and comments in a better manner if any of them were sincerely talking about GUP and not secretly supporting the fresh polls behind the scenes (don't ask me, I won't say much).

Both must push forward and restructure their arguments now :

  • If we go for fresh polls today, we still need to re elect the leadership in 2011 based on Party Constitution. The leadership will not be able to produce results like this and we will be in campaign mode throughout 2010-2011. MCA leaders will be busy talking about internal politics up till 2011.
  • If we want to have fresh polls this year, it must be done by using the DIRECT ELECTIONS system based on a wider platform of voters. Since Liow has argued that he only wants democracy to return to MCA via fresh polls, then Ong-Chua must not show that they are not democratic leaders.

  • In fact, Ong-Chua must OUTDO Liow by being more democratic. This can only be done by pushing Liow to accept a more democratic election method under a widely agreed reforms proposal for MCA. If he says he upholds democracy, we must send the message out that we are MORE DEMOCRATIC !

  • If we want to have fresh polls, doesn't matter today or tomorrow or next year, BOTH Pemuda and Wanita movements must face fresh elections also since the leaders were involved in the crisis. Moreover, both the positions held by Wee KS and Chew MF were handed over to them by their predecessors.

[ Recall that I once wrote this piece of article among many others : Tee Keat's Presidency at stake ]

I hope DS Ong Tee Keat, his aides and supporters around him are wise enough to prepare two things NOW :

If no one can chalk up comprehensive plans for WCSS and PCS, we must be prepared for THE END OF THE STORY.

I can only say "good bye MCA" as I don't think the "old ways" under Liow or some other leaders who are also backed by "old guards of MCA" will work anymore.

Both the WCSS and PCS are important for the incumbent.

I always tell my friends, relatives and family members. If Karl Rove could strategize and put George Bush Jr as President for two terms, why can't we put a high standing Ong Tee Keat into office ?

It ain't easy I agree but right moves, contingency strategies or critical plans will work well towards an incumbent who is also a Minister by the way.

I have sounded the warning bells long ago - DO NOT SEND MIXED SIGNALS TO SUPPORTERS, MEMBERS, AND US BLOGGERS ! But this advice was not heeded I feel.

The inconsistent "message and signals" from the top will only cause a bigger mess and confusion. Be consistent and firm !

So, will fresh polls take place or not now ?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Penang Dragon Boat Tragedy

"Pulau Pinang : Kerajaan Barisan Nasional abaikan keselamatan rakyat"

"1Malaysia Boat Race Kills"

Let us imagine that it was actually Najib Tun Razak's project. Should we call it 1Malaysia Dragon Boat Race ? Assume that for a moment.

What will the headlines be ? What will Opposition politicians, bloggers and supporters say ? THE ABOVE TWO !

Seriously, I saw a similar version of the above two titles in two blogs - one belonging to a seasoned DAP politician which attacked the Kuala Dipang tragedy.

And some of you left messages or comments in my blog and Facebook saying that DON'T BLAME DAP for the acts of Mother Nature. Blame it on Mother Nature and THE SCHOOL, not DAP.

Please, don't be a hypocrite and talk nonsense. WHO MADE THE DECISION TO CHANGE THE VENUE TO BANDAR SRI PINANG JETTY ?

"But some people in Penang are blaming state Tourism Development and Culture Committee chairman Danny Law for holding the Penang Pesta Open Dragon Boat Race 2009 at Bandar Sri Pinang fishermen’s jetty last December.

That location received objections back in December when there were people injured. Right after the death of 6 recently, DAP Exco immediately cancelled the venue.

DAP was the one who made the decision to have it at a dangerous zone in the first place - objected by sportsmen, fishermen and the Marine Dept, right or wrong ? Read more : Multiple blunders blamed for dragon boat tragedy

Was it Mother Nature, or a result of a STUPID AND DANGEROUS DECISION ? My previous related article : Penang DAP must be held responsible.

Guan Eng has agreed to an inquiry by the way. A full investigation must be carried out and I do not wish to see the country losing students like that.

In economics, losing students carry the meaning that we are potentially losing valuable human capital which could contribute to the country.

So please. Life jackets and precautions please ! Will Parliament and DUN Pulau Pinang discuss this matter and compel the use of life jackets for such activities ?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Penang DAP must be held responsible

When the bridge collapsed in Perak's Kuala Dipang, BN was blamed and held responsible.

When the Dragon Boat race venue was changed by DAP to a new venue and a training recently claimed 6 lives, WHY NO ONE IS SLAMMING DAP ? Everyone lost their voice ?

In fact, back then, bloggers and Opposition were quick to push the blame to Barisan Nasional and 1Malaysia.

The latest Pakatan tune :

So will Pakatan "agitate" any action over the Dragon Boat tragedy in Penang ?

In Penang, the decision to switch the venue was made recently. "Recently" sure meant that the decision was made by the Penang DAP Government, no ?

As a result of this decision, the direct impact saw 6 lives lost. Who will take the responsibility in Penang DAP State Government ? JAWABLAH LIM GUAN ENG ! Why so quiet ?

I didn't hear anyone blaming the teachers or the school for Perak's tragedy. Now, everyone is blaming the negligence of the teachers and the school in Penang.

Washing your hands off the case ?
Read this :

- start -

"Penang Tourism Development and Culture Committee chairman Danny Law said the decision was made after complaints that there were no proper demarcation during the race last December.

“There were complaints about the alignment and the lack of demarcation last December. Because of that, we decided then that the race would no longer be held there,” Law said here yesterday."

Law came under fire for the change in venue last year when a rower was injured after two boats collided during a race.

Commenting on the tragedy, Law said that since early last year, dragon boat teams in the state had been offered free use of the Teluk Bahang Dam on weekends to practise but the out-of-the-way location made it an unpopular choice.

- end -

Dah mati orang baru nak buat pengumuman macam ni ?

Mr Danny Law, if you had made the announcement earlier, I am sure the teachers and students wouldn't have carried out the training there !

Something is also brewing in Penang on the number of overseas travel, total costs, and FDIs obtained per dollar spent on traveling ...

And please, Federal Government and Parliamentarians, can anyone please push an emergency motion or decree an executive decision compelling the use of LIFE JACKETS ?

Condolences and my prayers are with the families of the victims.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

MCA : Who is next in line?

I did some thinking after reading this article - "Rombakan kabinet tidak lama lagi?" . I am not entirely sure but I believe Tee Keat will stay on as MCA President.

He might have lost the cause during the 10-10-10 EGM but he is Constitutionally the MCA President since the motion of no confidence did not receive sufficient support to remove him.

Anyway, I can see that Tee Keat is having a busy schedule these days. The Minister of Transport has already announced many projects, plans and allocations which are all beneficial to the people.

Be a friend of Ong Tee Keat on Facebook. You will be able to receive updates of his efforts and commitment.

Now, moving down the list, we have the man placed in charge of Party matters lately - Dr Chua Soi Lek. I have to say this though some might not be comfortable.

Many people told me their opinions that Soi Lek is now the de-facto President of MCA and the man in charge. If you ask me, in some sense yes and in some way no.

Tee Keat is a MCA Minister and wish to use his portfolio to serve the people while leaving Party matters to Dr Chua to handle since he is not in the Government this term. This creates a win-win situation for all where we realise that performance is the key to success for MCA.

Regardless of which perspective we subscribe to, after all, Dr Chua was embroiled in a sex tape scandal.

Although I admit Dr Chua has been a good leader and prioritized performance for the people above politics, I am a little bit uncomfortable with the idea of Dr Chua as MCA President one day.

But let us leave it aside for now and assume that Dr Chua is willing to make way for the next generation of MCA leaders.

So, scrolling down, we have 4 Vice Presidents - Kong Cho Ha, Liow Tiong Lai, Ng Yen Yen and Tan Kok Hong. Of these four, my bet is on Dr Ng Yen Yen. The other 3 VPs might have reached their limits.

  • If MCA's mantle is handed over to Cho Ha, people like RPK and the Opposition will throw links of him to his brother (which I don't know if it is true or not since no one denied it) and ... never mind.
  • If MCA's mantle is handed over to Tiong Lai, do I need to say that he is the cause of MCA Crisis Round Two and many have said that he is overly ambitious ? Why him anyway ?
  • If MCA's mantle is handed over to Tan Kok Hong ... hmm ... again ... why him ?

Among the 4 VPs, analytically, Cho Ha and Tiong Lai are up there with the backing of several Old Knights of MCA also.

Thus far, as far as I know, Yen Yen is strong and confident with results as a yardstick in her portfolios held thus far. Being a Tourism Minister, she was once criticized as the Minister who travelled more than our Foreign Minister.

But with such results - Number of foreign tourists to Malaysia exceeded target , I think she has silenced her critics.

Yen Yen is also quite independent and a successful lady with big support from Wanita MCA. Remember that Chew Mei Fun was "handed" the Wanita MCA Chief position.

Read more : Yen Yen makes an impression , Yen Yen vs Karpal Singh

The current MCA leadership could have been the strongest if not for the Battle of the Warlords and ambitions of the Old Knights for revival of their career.

Thus, to make do and consider the next line up, I foresee a "chai dan" with the following leaders:

- start -

President : Ong Tee Keat
Deputy President : Ng Yen Yen
Vice President : no comments
Sec Gen : Chua Soi Lek

Presidential Council : Mah Hang Soon, Ti Lian Ker, Lee Chee Leong, Heng Seai Kie and Tan Cheng Liang should stay unless the first 3 decide to go up to be Vice Presidents. I can't say I support or reject the others but I think that appointing Chua Tee Yong into the PC can be a good move to ensure that the Youth MCA has two leaders represented in the Council.

- end -

This could lay the path for a stronger MCA in the future.

This batch of new leaders can help revive the fortunes of MCA whereby they are not only outspoken and talented but able to put results, performance and service to the people above self and politics.

Hmm. That is just a piece of my "wild" mind. Will MCA take this idea for the sake of the Party ?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MCA Youth CC must meet

Week after week, I read news about Dr Wee Ka Siong. Some positive, some negative. The negative ones will be the determinants of the political survival of the individual and the Party.

Let me show you some of the headlines made by MCA Youth leader(s).

  1. PKFZ: Wee has 'throughly implicated himself'
  2. Wee’s silence disturbing and puzzling
  3. Phang: MACC must step up probe
  4. MCA Youth chief must explain links with Kuala Dimensi, urges party member
  5. Chia: Wee needs to explain why he’s still on firm’s list
  6. MD: Wee sold off controlling stake in Hijau Sekitar in 2008

Two days ago, Tan Sri Robert Phang hit out at Dr Wee Ka Siong and Bernama for the shortened Bernama TV Live program.

Read more - Live talk show was cut short, says Phang. But Dr Wee responded that he will sue TS Robert on this.

The game of politics today is different from the past. Today, the people talk about accountability, transparency and integrity (ATI).

No one cares if we make a million ringgit today when Government officials and leaders are corrupt. People remain frustrated, unhappy and choose to vote the ALTERNATIVE even though they are inexperienced.

The Youth Leadership will be the next in line to takeover from the Senior MCA body. MCA needs to be sure that they can walk and stand proudly to say - VOTE MCA.

These questions must be answered and be made clear to all.
  1. Do we have confidence in MCA Youth Chief to lead ?
  2. Will he be a liability to MCA in the future ?

No longer can MCA afford to choose leaders with strong support within the Party but fail to win the hearts of Malaysians.

MCA needs leaders who walk the talk.

Since so many scandals or accusations have been thrown at the MCA Youth Chief who will be the next generation of MCA leaders, the Youth Central Committee members must convene an Emergency meeting.

This will provide a platform for the MCA Youth leaders to question the Youth Chief and allow the leaders to hear the explanations personally.

Such a move will provide benefits for the Party instead of us squabbling and slamming each other in newspapers. Face-to-face is still the best method for communication.

Anyway, if you ask me to choose, I would rather see Tan Sri Robert Phang as a leader than any other Chinese NGOs ! (Related : Chinese NGOs must remain apolitical)

Tan Sri Robert Phang, if you are reading this, do join MCA and Barisan Nasional. We need more leaders like you.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Anwar Ibrahim and extremists

I found an interesting article or message written by a fellow blogger friend - WBHim. Do read more below and I agree with this criticism against those who cause disunity and instability in the country.

Before that, watch this video of Anwar Ibrahim. Each issue is now countered with video evidence of Anwar Ibrahim's true character and stand these days.

I believe more will come in the future.

Oleh WBhim : Kepada pelempar molotov cocktail seluruh negara

Ada dua kemungkinan iaitu jika anda seorang Muslim atau bukan Muslim;

Kepada Muslim;
  • Tiada gunanya anda membaling molotov cocktail itu ke gereja-gereja sekadar nak takutkan-takutkan orang. Setakat baling pukul 2-3 pagi, kalau berani baling lah siang-siang buta macam ni kalau anak jantan. Dasar pengecut.
  • Apalah yang anda marah sangat sedangkan kes ini pasti akan dapat diselesaikan, percaya lah. Ini Malaysia, tiada masalah yang tidak selesai.
  • Tidakkah anda tahu bahawa majoriti orang Muslim seluruh Malaysia membenci anda? Anda tidak menyumbang apa-apa kepada Islam, malah anda memalukan dan melakukan perbuatan yang dilarang Allah SWT dan Rasul-Nya.
  • Jangan buang duit isi petrol botol itu, kan lebih baik anda isi minyak motor anda?

Kepada non-Muslim;
  • Kalau lah pihak anda sengaja melakukan perkara ini demi memburukkan Islam, nantikan akibat siksaan Allah yang amat berat. Anda sedang melakukan fitnah yang besar.
  • Rakyat Malaysia termasuk orang Kristian sendiri bukan bodoh dan tidak boleh berfikir akan kemungkinan anda yang memulakan perkara ini, jadi saya cadangkan supaya berhentilah dan jangan membuang masa.
  • Tidak malukah anda kepada Lord Jesus bahawa anda sedang memusnahkan rumah ibadat anda sendiri?
  • Apakah anda seorang pagan atau athies dan tidak mempunyai kepercayaan?
  • Kalau pun anda rasa God is dead, hormatlah segelintir masyarakat Kristian yang lain yang masih percaya kepada Tuhan mereka.
  • Siap lah kalau polis dapat tangkap anda nanti, anda bukan sahaja berdepan dengan 15 juta orang Islam di Malaysia, malah daripada orang-orang Kristian sendiri.
Source :

Sunday, January 10, 2010

BN condemns extremism

Barisan Nasional leaders came out in full force to condemn the acts of extremism and violence by the arsonists who torched or inflicted damage on the Churches in Selangor.

A PIECE OF MY MIND joins the call of the leaders and the Police that action should be taken against the arsonists.

Malaysia is a country that boasts reputable level of global exports in electronics, seafood, fuel and oil palm. Malaysia is a nation that commands respect on being able to construct a strong bonding among the people in a multiracial model of society.

Our country is also an Economic force in the region, a modern and developed Islamic nation and a sports giant in various sports with the latest being 1Malaysia Lotus F1.

The list goes on and on but the feats and notable strengths of Malaysia's image were all destroyed by the arsonists and extremists.

Having said these, it was reported that the demonstrations were carried out peacefully and dispersed upon the request of the Police force.

The extremist acts were conducted by arsonists and those are not a result of the demonstrations. So let us be clear, professional and mature instead of politicizing every single issue like this particular page.

Judging from the pictures by the Press, the forensics and CSI officers were seen collecting evidences at the vicinity of the Churches.

Investigation reports should be made public to avoid exploitation of this matter as a political tool and action must be taken against the arsonists.

Barisan Nasional leaders have already reached out to those affected.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak allocated RM 500,000 to the Church while MCA rented Dewan Lee San Choon for those affected to carry out their Sunday mass.

Thank you, I say to you Najib and MCA. People First, Performance Now.

(Credits to The Star, Malaysiakini and Ong Tee Keat for the photos)

Friday, January 08, 2010

Chinese NGOs must remain apolitical

I was upset when I saw the headlines of this article : Lim Sue Goan - Chinese groups to replace MCA. The first thing that crossed my mind was - bad idea in the long run.

Indeed, some National Chinese NGO(s) harboured ambitions to go beyond their boundaries of being apolitical.

When UMNO leaders warned MCA that they have to solve the matter fast or UMNO will have to replace MCA to represent the Chinese, I doubt that the leaders were serious.

But some UMNO advisor(s), leader(s) and blogger(s) did suggest that UMNO should set up an UMNO Chinese Welfare Bureau (no joke) so that UMNO leaders do not have to depend on MCA to tap the Chinese community.

Lately, rumours are circulating and buzzing among the Chinese community that there is a strong possibility of MCA being replaced if the Party fails to solve their internal conflicts.

Not by UMNO but interestingly, by an NGO.

Of all the Associations and Guilds, the most suitable one to represent the Chinese naturally is Hua Zhong led by Tan Sri Pheng Yin Huah (click for news/info).

You see, when MMSP was pushed as a replacement for MIC, politicians and Indian community leaders were disappointed. The trust and respect which MIC gave to UMNO for so many decades were kicked aside just like that.

If we can recall, UMNO had several crisis.

When UMNO was declared illegal and had to register their Party once again, Barisan Nasional component parties especially MCA and MIC stayed strong with UMNO.

During the days when UMNO faced internal problems in phases involving Tengku Razaleigh, Dr Mahathir, Tun Musa Hitam, Anwar Ibrahim, Tun Ghafar Baba, and Abdullah Badawi, MCA and MIC did not take sides.

MCA and MIC did not go outside of the Barisan Nasional circle to approach Malay NGOs to form a political entity as a replacement of UMNO.

MCA and MIC never issued statements that say "if UMNO cannot settle their problems, we will need to find alternatives as replacement of UMNO".

Neither did MCA and MIC lure the Opposition to form a coalition which would have caused UMNO further troubles. Never. MCA and MIC stood with UMNO through thick and thin.

In fact, MCA issued a statement that we will sink or swim with UMNO after the March 2008 election. That sort of trust and respect to UMNO must be returned to MCA in the same manner.

I am not accusing UMNO of playing out MCA, just like how MIC was slapped by the recognition of MMSP as a "friend of BN".

But I am stressing the need for the principles and spirit of a united Barisan Nasional to be upheld. Trust and respect must be a two-way traffic, otherwise things won't work and the ship will sink.

That is of course for UMNO leaders to ponder. Suggestions will not come without ambitions or objectives.

Humbly, if I may ask :
  • will Hua Zhong perform well as a replacement of MCA ?

  • Is Tan Sri Pheng Yin Huah qualified to lead the Chinese community in politics ?

  • Will it be for the people or for "the business" ?

  • How well will Hua Zhong perform as a political entity - especially under Tan Sri Pheng Yin Huah ?

Junior I may seem judging from my age and I am a nobody compared to a man with a "Tan Sri" title. However, we must not rule out the opinion that if Hua Zhong enters the scene as a political party, it could be damaging and detrimental to both MCA and Hua Zhong in the long run.

If Hua Zhong fails as a political party, what will happen to this organization ? Will it sink or revert back to be a NGO ?

In the end, allow this "junior" to sound the warning bells, it might send the representatives of the Chinese community into oblivion with MCA sidelined and with Hua Zhong ruled irrelevant or incapable.

That could signal the end of Malaysian Chinese participation in the ruling coalition after decades of active politics.

Tan Sri Pheng must be clear where Hua Zhong should be heading to and what Hua Zhong's role should be in today's politics with a new and dynamic Chinese generation.

Remember. MCA is meant to be the dragon with the Associations and Guilds forming the backbone of the Party. The future of the Chinese community will be in shambles if MCA is forced to its knees to form the backbone of Hua Zhong's rumoured ambitions to be the dragon.


Sunday, January 03, 2010

The use of "Allah"

Well, the Westerners were among the early conquerors and they were very powerful.

The British, Portuguese, Dutch and Americans expanded to Asia with a mission to extract and export natural resources back to their home base. No doubt, religion was also part and parcel of the "trading" and colonial days centuries ago.

Today, a simple search on Google showed many Christian groups writing about the use of Allah in Islam and Christianity.

These Christian groups have managed to control and push their ideas on this controversial topic much earlier than the Muslim groups.

Hardly many go to their churches, mosques or temples to ask questions and expect satisfactory replies since the answers will definitely and rigidly be "we are right, they are wrong".

When people need to get information or read on ideas, where do they go to ? The Internet. In other words, Muslims have lost the cause.

Recently, Judge Datuk Lau Bee Lan lifted the ban on the use of Allah in Herald, a Catholic-Christian newspaper. This of course sparked controversies.

Well, I agree with the official stand of BN. Let the legal process take due course. Do not challenge the legislation regardless of what the judgement is, who the judge is or what the case is on.

The law must be respected and people must uphold the Constitution.

But let me make things clear. If Allah can be used as a reference to God in Herald, then Allah can be used as a reference to God in Catholic Churches.

The preachers of Christianity and those who serve God must acknowledge those who praise Allah as their sons of God as well, no ?

Then perhaps we can move around, including the compounds of Churches, saying or shouting "Allahuakbar", no ?

Muslims can actually go around teasing the Christians on the use of "Allah". Anyone can also walk in to Churches and legally chant Allahuakbar.

Christians must accept that "Hey, he is singing praises of our Lord." No ?

Won't that spark controversies or clashes between religious groups in a once peaceful and prosperous nation called Malaysia ?

But I doubt the Muslims in Malaysia will be that extreme as they seem to be taking a defensive strategy. They are only protesting and defending their rights to the use of "Allah" at the vicinity of the High Court and in newspapers.

Someone ought to send a delegation to the Roman Catholic Church in Vatican City to clarify on such matters and seek a decree from the Council or the Pope preferably.

To recall, there was an article - Pope Benedict XVI prays to Allah. But the article is critical of the Pope. Hmm.

Thank you and Happy New Year 2010. January will be a month of lawsuits. Stay alert.

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