Saturday, July 29, 2006

At last , something good !

For this , I have to praise Pak Lah . Datuk Seri , you did well in calling the Police to investigate and catch that insane guy who sprayed pepper dust at Mahathir . That is one surprising but satisfying move by Pak Lah . I hope that person responsible is arrested as soon as possible and dump him into jail for as long as it is deemed fit . Imagine if people sprayed at George Bush , I reckon that guy is dead now . I sure hope Dr Mahathir do not depend on others to welcome , usher and protect him . He should have his own entourage , bodyguards . That will be much better .

Anyway , I'm happy to hear that SueAnn got the book I wanted . It is Mahathir Menyinga by Ruhanie Ahmad ( Datuk ) . All of you should give it a go . Read and understand it . And I just found the file which Matthias Chang and Dr Mahathir was so 'kecoh' about . Haha . This book's name is Water Talks by the Singapore Government . It is available at . Dr Mahathir and Matthias claimed that the 'declassified' documents were already published in Singapore in 2003 or something like that . If that is true , how can the government claim that they are declassifying documents when every Tom , Dick and Harry can just get it online since 2 - 3 years ago ?

I don't know . You don't know . No one knows . But the Malaysian Government and Dr Mahathir know about the truth . So tell us the truth , expose it ! I agree with certain politicians that Dr Mahathir actually know something more which he is holding back . I sure hope one day we know what is actually motivating Dr Mahathir to hit the Government .

Try listening to his speech at Kelantan recently . Haha . He criticized sarcastically about Datuk Seri Nazri , Minister in the Prime Minister's Dept . Good one Dr Mahathir .

Hmm . Lydia's birthday today . Happy birthday !

Its a warm winter here in Canberra . We had snow last year , but the temperature this time around in winter is not as cold as in June this year ( autumn ) . It was colder in autumn we feel . Hmm . Never mind . This is nature . It is always full of surprises !

All right , will blog more later about the "Tongkat" issue raised by my pal , Choon Wei in New Zealand . A true politican in discussion with me constantly .

Friday, July 21, 2006

Nothing Can Describe My Frustration

Sigh . I lost my beloved Sony Pouch . It came with my Minidisc walkman which i bought for a thousand dollars . arrgh . And guess what . I took the pouch here and I lost it today . Why must I always part with things . I lost many things already . Arrgh . All nice memorable things are now gone . I want it back . I don't want a new one but I want that same old pouch I had . Sigh . Bring it back to me please . Sigh

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Something Is Cooking Indeed

Something is cooking indeed . Firstly , my private life .

Hmm . Sue Ann my dear is coming to Australia in August !!

Haha . That’s so nice . Yeah . Sorry mates , she’s mine , I found her earlier than you guys did . Haha . Yeah . Can’t wait to take you around Sue Ann !!

Next , my tummy . Ahuh , it feels weird . Sigh . The food is jumping around , spinning around inside me . This is so terrible . Just ended my three weeks holidays in Malaysia . Yep yep . Went back home and it was so warm !

Good thing about Canberra at least for now is that the weather is just nice for me , cold and relaxing . But I miss Malaysian food . Curry , sambal , anchovies , mom’s cooking , noodles , dim sum ….. sigh . Never mind .

Forget it . I will just wait for 4 more months and continue enjoying myself in Malaysia end of the year .

I miss my brothers Fluffy and Snoopy , cute shih tzus ! And my pet tortoise !! Sigh , miss my mom , dad , sister , everyone , Sue Ann too ... sigh . All alone here . Sad sad ….

Malaysia is heating up politically too . Let me put it systematically .

- Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar ( Foreign Minister ) was warned by a Head of UMNO Division( I think it is PJ ) that he will not receive any nominations for the Supreme Council seat election soon .

- Datuk Zahid Hamidi ( Deputy Information Minister ) was attacked in University Malaya by a Malaysian Chinese student when he was defending Pak Lah’s policies and why Mahathir is making so much noise when in fact he should be encouraging the new intakes to study hard and excel . Know how the question sounded like ? "Adakah wajar Datuk bercakap memperkecilkan seorang pemimpin yang telah menyumbangkan jasa bakti selama 22 tahun untuk negara ini?"

- A banner supporting Dr Mahathir was spotted in University Malaya ( two in fact ) and it caused a panic among the admin of UM . This took place shortly before Datuk Zahid Hamidi’s arrival .

- A few UMNO members queried two Ministers and one Johor MP who were representing the Supreme Council in explaining Dr Mahathir – Pak Lah issue in Hotel Nikko . They asked about the bridge , why it was scrapped when Pak Lah and Syed Hamid ( a lawyer ) was strongly for the bridge a few days before they kicked it aside . These were met with cheers by 600 UMNO members . Another UMNO member requested that NST be brought forth to UMNO Supreme Council to be judged as he claimed that NST caused the rift with their biased and untruths in their reporting .

- There is a Dr Mahathir supporters club at . This webpage was set up by mainly University students , though I believe there are many UMNO folks , businessmen and professionals out there who supported the setting up of this .

For those of you who always think I am wrong , and I am crazy to support Dr Mahathir or that I am too fanatic , it is all up to you . What you read in papers are all manipulated to make you read what they want you to read . But many UMNO members still know what is happening , what is their former boss fussing about and what is the truth . Many Malaysians too , especially in University Malaya .

Did TheStar and NST tell you about the banners in UM ? Nope . But it is the truth . There are picture evidences .

So you still think I am nuts to support Mahathir ? I am too crazy ? It is not true . I am just passionate about my country . I don’t think I am the type who criticize my country and leave it to fall .

I stay with my country , the place where I was given life and opportunity and where I grew up with my family . I am with Malaysia and Mahathir’s vision all the way . Sorry if we have different opinions , but this is the way I live .

Long live Malaysia , cheers to our country’s independence and sovereignty , my best wishes to Dr Mahathir and my fellow Malaysians .

Sunday, July 09, 2006

'Googled' Gevi Spa

I sent an email to TheStar with regards to Gevi Spa . Haha . Was reading Tengku Mahaleel's recent interview transcripts and suddenly something popped up in my mind . The power of GOOGLE ! Wanted to use it to search for Gevi Spa and see what is Tun Dr Mahathir and Tengku Mahaleel fussing about on this company . They keep saying who is this Gevi Spa and what is their core business and stuff and they keep demanding for the Government to answer these questions .

Then I googled 'gevi spa' and found nothing except articles on their purchase of MV Augusta at 1 Euro ! Where is the official website like Dell , MV Augusta , Petronas , Nestle , Citibank ? Even the small chain of bookstore University Bookstores Malaysia has their own website ! Surprising ? Not yet . I thought maybe Google did not enlist into their database the ever great and popular Gevi Spa . So I went to The Star and searched for the publication of Proton's reply to Dr Mahathir last month . They did mention about Gevi Spa . Know how it was mentioned ? '...Proton was subsequently approached by Gevi SpA, which was related to an Italian bank....'. That was it !

I was like ... ' Ha !?! What !? Wah ! Like that arr !? '

Next time I am being asked what Petronas is , I will say it is related to the Malaysian Government ? What is ANU ? It is related to the Commonwealth Government ?

Hmm . No idea . Anyway , below is the article I sent to The Star .

Just a while ago , I read online about the latest interview given by Tengku Mahaleel . Of course , as expected , Tengku Mahaleel will be attacking with his firm stand and opinions on Proton .

In the transcripts of the interview , I kept reading the name Gevi Spa . So I decided to 'google' the words Gevi Spa . I was hoping that I can read more about Gevi Spa from their online website as I was curious . It is the same as we 'google' Dell or MV Augusta and we can see the Dell or MV Augusta official website link on the top of the search page .

However , I was disappointed that there were no websites linked to Gevi Spa . The keywords of Gevi Spa 'googled' and produced by the search engine directed me to pages of news articles and blogs on Gevi Spa's 1 Euro purchase of MV Augusta .

So , I am curious about this Gevi Spa . I am very interested to find out more about it . Can anyone from the public or authorities tell us more about Gevi Spa?

Thanks !

Don't Understand ? No Worries ! Minum Kopi Semua Jadi , Minum Teh Malaysia Boleh !

Note :

Minum kopi semua jadi ,
Minum teh Malaysia Boleh ,

Hmm . Maybe that is why we like to go out to the shops and cafes especially mamak stalls to 'yumcha' ! To be honest , I think all stories , conspiracies , discussions , brainstorming , fairy tales , criticisms and whatever you can think of are given birth in coffee shops in Malaysia . Visit a coffee shop and you can hear many stories ( fiction and non fiction ) . That is one of the wonders of Malaysian lifestyle . Sembang - sembang kopitiam !

Dynasty Politics

During Dr Mahathir’s tenure as PM , he did not allow his kids to take a major role in politics . His sons were merely members of the ruling component party , UMNO . In this new era , we see a rise of course in the kids of former Ministers and Prime Minister e.g. Ling Hee Leong (MCA) , Mukhriz Mahathir (UMNO) , Lim Sai Pin (Gerakan) .

Some might say that they are young capable ones but some of us won’t deny the fact that their fathers’ influence and supporters are now backing them and pushing them up the ladder of politics . In UMNO now however , we see the superstar rise in Khairy Jamaluddin (more popularly known as KJ) . He was booed in the UMNO Youth General Assembly when Datuk Seri Hishammudin ‘gave the nod’ for him to be the Deputy Umno Youth Chief .

Many believed at that time that Khairy was up there because of Seri Perdana’s influence , directives , intervention , whatever you can name . He was booed when he walked to the podium to give his speech in the assembly . As time passes by , he went around to grassroots and garnered ‘support’ . Genuine or not , I am not sure . But of course these are the things we read from the printed media controlled by the government .

Being a fair and just person , I decided to read from the free media (internet version) like and as well as . The portal has frequent articles called The Chronicles of Khairy . What a name for a fairy tale of a young upcoming UMNO man . Inside this Chronicles , I read about the political analysis of KJ who is said to be the man in power of Malaysia at the moment and it is said that he placed many of his pals in strategic positions of power in major institutions , firms , organizations in Malaysia .

Freedom of Media and Journalism

I used to believe the printed media and the manifestos that the press guys are now enjoying more freedom than the era of Dr Mahathir’s administration . The press is probably having a freedom that has never been seen in Malaysia before today . But this naive believe of mine was put to a stop due to the recent spat between Dr Mahathir and Pak Lah .

Read my article of NST’s poor journalism ethics and refusal to admit mistakes on factual reporting of Dr Mahathir’s meeting with Pak Lah at a hotel during the Nikkei Conference in Japan . I wrote it a few weeks back . It shows clear bias or writing , editing and reporting . Are we sure that the press is having more freedom now ? I doubt it .

Cronyism ?

Why there are no parties or individuals that raise the issue of cronyism in this administration ? As far as I remember , there were many accusations of cronyism in Dr Mahathir’s administration ! Hmm . Many still remember the case of published caricatures of Prophet Muhammad by a local daily in Sarawak , which was suspended for a period . NST did the same . Dr Mahathir commented that the same punishment should be given to NST . However it was not done . NST was let off with a warning , simply with the excuse by the government that NST published a front page apology . Mind you . NST published the caricatures after the Sarawak daily did . Cronyism ? Favoritism ? What is happening ? Not sure .

Traitor Among Us !

But one question bugged my mind for a long time . It was a question for Tun Dr Mahathir at a recent interview . It is in Malay however . The following is the extract from the transcripts of his recent interview with journalists :

Pada waktu Tun jadi Perdana menteri dulu…Tun Ghafar jadi timbalan…ada seorang pegawai yang mendapat vetting daripada Special Branch (SB)... dia ni sikit sebanyak dikatakan jadi ajen pada satu kuasa asing.Mengapa orang ni tak diambil tindakan ISA pada waktu itu masa Tun berkuasa dulu?


Dr Mahathir : Kita bukan ambil tindakan ISA dengan begitu mudah hanya kerana dia berminat dengan sebuah negara lain…itu tidak menjadi kesalahan.
Tapi kalau kita ambil dia jadi ' pemerintah' ..itu salahlah..itu orang yang tak ada kesetiaan kepada negara kita…kita bagi dia jadi ' pemerintah' tu salah.Sebab tu kita tak bagi dia pegang jawatan itu. Tapi tentang diri dia nak syok dengan siapa..itu dia punya hal lah.

Hmm . Who is this man ? Why didn’t they newspaper publish this astonishing , stunning , shocking and heart stopping piece of news ? Where are the journalists , check – and – balance heroes of Parliament , law makers , government inquiry , Special Branch , Police force ? Catch the traitor of the country , that is what I demand !

Now I can roughly catch a glimpse of why Matthias Chang had a personal press conference and attacked Datuk Kalimullah and Khairy . He even labeled Datuk Kalimullah as a traitor and stuff like that if my mind is not as forgetful today as it could usually be .

Is he the one ? Is he not ? Who is it ? Catch the man , reveal the man . Special Branch has all the information and intelligence reports . The media should bring this issue up and tell us the truth ! Dig it , find it , nab him !

Saturday, July 01, 2006

There Is No Right or Wrong , Just Different !

The bridge issue is not a small issue . It is a matter which we must look into as well . By having a new bridge , we will be able to increase traffic flow into Johor . Business will be better down South of Malaysia . Perhaps . It is just a perception .

Vision 2020 is merely a doctrine , a piece of vision and visions , missions , aspirations can never be achieved without proper management of the country .

The world's academicians do researches on importance of corruption free states , significances of abuse of powers and other various studies . There might be a clear case of abuse of power and dictatorship , if not 'dynastyship' . But more importantly it might be a long term abuse of power .

Are the academicians wrong to harp upon cases of abuse of power and stress upon the importance of an ethical and justifiable administration ? I do not think so . We will be rather foolish to think of a road's damage as minor and should instead focus on repairing the highways .

Humans are special you see . We learn and gain knowledge not from religious teachings only . We gather our information and divine knowledge from apples falling from trees , the behaviour of ants , the characteristics of gorillas and apes .

These itsy bitsy stuff make our lives complete and full . The present government must explain the issues brought up . It is unavoidable . Just because the media and his team of political advisors have portrayed him as a fatherly gentleman does not constitute him with the right to remain silent .

Just because Dr Mahathir was seen as a loud and vocal leader does not mean that he is obliged to answer questions and issues raised as well . Be just and fair . Dr Mahathir was treated and fought by many in UMNO and out there . Yet he answered all the waves of attacks on him like a man and a true Malay hero ( as Matthias Chang said ) .

I believe Pak Lah or his administration has to answer as well . The media today said that Dr Mahathir was the one who started the sand issue . Yes it is true . Dr Mahathir started the sand sales to Singapore . But no way does it mean that sand is part and parcel of the negotiations for the bridge construction initiated by Dr Mahathir . In no way , my friend . In no particular manner did it happen .

Are we moving towards the era of North Korea ? Is that what we want ? Eat , sleep , and pray and hope for another bright and sunny day ? Life is not the same anymore . We have moved on from being contented to being materialistic . We have moved on from minding our own business to nosy busybodies . That is human evolution .

But again , politicians exist to ensure the government machinery runs as smooth as silk and in a proper manner , be it small or large or gigantic or minute issues . It does not matter . There are no guidelines for check and balances .

Check and balances exist in a natural manner with no limitations and boundaries of issues and methods .

Thus , I believe Mr Fauzi's (a good friend of mine who is active in my blog) philosophy contradicts with mine but then there is no right or wrong opinions , just different . Here I stand true and I believe check and balances should exist with no limitations and guidelines as long as it is in an ethical and lawful manner .