Friday, June 13, 2008

Here We Go !

Hmm. A friend of mine sent me a Facebook pot of flower recently. Well, the application works like this. Initially you will receive the "pot" with the seed and you won't know what will grow in the pot. After several days, the seed will grow into something that your friend chose to send to you. Haha.

She sent to me a pot of bonsai initially. Hmm. Nice. I am not an expert in bonsai but of all the plants, I think I like bonsai the most ... and also dad's Desert Rose. Haha. Dad has many of that ! He likes Desert Rose a lot.

So yes. The memories of bonsai brought me back to Japan. I left Japan in 2002. Six years already. Sigh. And I miss my host family there especially my host mom's food !! I miss Osaka a lot !!!

Some pictures :)

From left : my host dad (Mr Tatsuo Kominami), me, the superb bonsai plant, and my host mom (Junko Kominami)

Eh Amzar, ko dah lawat tempat ni? Kalau tak silap, kat Nara kan ?Aku pun dah lupa ... kena check diary. Haha.

From left : My host brother(Takuya), my host grandmother, me, and my host dad :)

Anyone up for a Japan trip? Lol. Someone hint to my mom please. Sigh. But I think she wants to go over to UK next year. Visit her friend in Middlesex. Ish ish. I shall go East !! Haha.

I have been looking through almost all the pictures ever since yesterday. Seems like so long ago this Japan trip. Sigh. I should give them a call one day and really plan a proper trip to go over.

I know I know. Sis wont go with me to Osaka. Lol. She had a host family in Tokyo and a super close pal there too. Ish. I shall go alone, sigh :(

Haha. I am so emotional these days. Perhaps due to stress, perhaps due to things running in my head. Hmm. Taking shorter steps these days. I realise in this modern world, we rush ahead too fast and leave behind many things.

I watched some drama series recently and they tell a lot about the decaying human values and the crumbles of unity, family and relationship. These brought me back to ground to stop and ponder about life and look around me to see what I have.

I have always admired the Confucian values and the Sage's wise words. Let me stress here that Confucianisme is not a religion but an ideology that puts weight on human values especially family ties.

I also realise that lessons in life cannot be taught but have to be experienced and learnt from. We will never learn unless we have been through them. Haha. How true.

A person can be bankrupt in wealth but a person going to his or her grave being bankrupt in human values and knowledge, is really unacceptable. Keep that in mind.

Okay enough of that. Lets talk politics now :)

Remember in the first term Pak Lah took over? I hear the words "Cemerlang, Gemilang dan Terbilang" every single day.

These words were uttered not only by Pak Lah and his Cabinet Ministers but also everyone who had the opportunity to speak in front of an audience. And this included school Governors, committee members and teachers.

Haha. I am serious. I am not making up any stories here. Hmm. I wonder what happened to the words "Cemerlang, Gemilang dan Terbilang".

To be honest, it is a really good line of words. During the "C,G,T" fever, wow, everyone seem so hot up to be great. The administration of Pak Lah must answer.

Cemerlang ke tidak kami kini? Gemilang atau tidak Malaysia kini? Terbilang? Hmm. I wonder what happened to the words. They dont appear in any speeches at all these days. At all !!

Anyway, I shall start introducing two websites to my readers. One is a very popular organization in Malaysia called Mercy Malaysia. The other one is Kijang Care. Their websites are available at my blogroll A Caring Society.
Needless to say, everyone knows what Mercy Malaysia do every now and then. They will always be at the place where humanitarian aid is needed be it in terms of cash, food or hands of the volunteers.

As for Kijang Care, it is founded by Datuk Husam Musa - a promising politician. Let us all leave politics out of this and I am sure you all know Datuk Husam Musa is from PAS. Politics should never be mixed up with caring organizations.

I am introducing these two organizations here to create the awareness among all my readers and the 27 million Malaysians of their struggles and contributions to the society. If there are any readers who are willing to donate, please consider these two organizations.

Speaking about charitable organizations, I would hope to see the Parliament of Malaysia table a bill to regulate and audit all charitable organizations in Malaysia. I realise that fund are always collected from the public by multiple charity organizations. However, the collections and distribution of the funds do not have sufficient transparency.

Some organizations I believe still hold back cash in their funds for a long period of time. These organizations should be aware that they are not meant to act as a financial institution or corporation but a medium for aid distribution in terms of cash, food, clothing etc.

I hope the Parliament of Malaysia can look into this matter. We Malaysians are never stingy when it comes to charity. But we are always wary of cheaters and ineffective organizations.

Hmm. I dont feel really well these days. Keep having headaches and mom is worried back home. Haha. Dont worry. I will be home soon enough, mom. Might try blogging from the airport via my Sony Ericsson.

I will be so bored of waiting at the airports. Haha. Damn. It will be a long journey home ! Will have to fly from Canberra to Sydney and then Sydney - KLIA. Fuh ...

I should share some pictures with everyone. I took it during my summer class in ANU. And the flowers were very nice. I didnt have a camera around. Took it using my Sony K770i. The picture doesnt really show the real beauty of the flowers.

Those in ANU, should really check it out in December or January. These flowers were at the garden in between Haydon-Allen and Moran building :)

And this seems like a nice shot ... took it in Sydney when I was there in my first year. Haha. I am in Sydney every single year. Hmm. Wait. Have not gone there this year. Might make a trip there next semester.

All right. That's all for now.

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