Sunday, June 08, 2008


I was looking through my blog traffic. Haha. I realised that some googled for certain keywords and they came to my blog.

Some of my blog entries that my readers read, I dont even remember I wrote them !! It is good for me to know which webpages my regular readers or random readers, who googled some keywords, are visiting.

These movements of blog reading made me recall back what I have written so far. I think I have written about 270 ++ blog posts since late 2006. Hmm.

In view of the scholarship issue now and the fact that many professionals are condemning Malaysia, and the fact that there are many emigration cases, some random reader opened up this blog entry of mine and honestly, I totally forgot about this article. Haha.

Made me recall many things. One of them include the wrong perception that Chinese are the main contributors to the statistics of emigration. I think there was once an article by NST (perhaps other mainstream too) that Malays are the biggest contributor followed closely by the Malaysian Chinese.

Hmm. I currently do not have the time or the mood yet to write on race issues. I did jot down some matters I want to write on and I will post several articles up perhaps in a few weeks time.


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Zawi said...

Liang Goh,
With many more Malays getting overseas education and better qualified, they were accepted by the world job market. Recently a long lost classmate was found to be residing in London and working there. Since he told me that he will be retiring only at the age of 65, I assume he must have emigrated there and obtained a PR at least.