Monday, June 30, 2008

The Man In The News

Anwar Ibrahim. From pre elections to post elections, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is always in the news. Before the elections, we had Bersih demonstrations. During the elections, DSAI grouped all the Opposition together to form a loose pact and challenged BN as a team.

After the elections? DSAI came up with inconsistent dates and not credible information that he will form the next Government of Malaysia. The latest date given was said to be September 16. Day in day out, Anwar meets thousands of people. And in the recent mega gathering in Penang, if I am not mistaken, he gathered a crowd of 30000 people.

Two days ago, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had a police report lodged by his former personal aide, Saiful Bukhary who alleged that Anwar had sodomized him. A Piece of My Mind stayed up the whole night for chats with friends and received an instant update about that piece of news.

However, I did not bring forward any comments because it was still fresh and premature to hold any discussion or analysis. Now, the time is ripe. Allow me to raise a few things.

Point 1
According to Rockybru, and I agree, that Saiful Bukhary's life will be poured out. Every single information about him from the day he is born, the pages of his life will be under the magnifying glass of the PDRM, Government of Malaysia, Opposition parties, NGOs, the Press, bloggers and the public.

Basically, everyone ! However, I would like to call upon all parties who are interested in the story of Saiful - Anwar Ibrahim not to disturb Saiful's fiancee. She is innocent and do not deserve the harassment from the Press or public. Perhaps the Police can record a statement from her. But that will be it. Be understanding, please.

Point 2
Anwar has held all kinds of rallies and speeches. Why would it be so hard for someone to assassinate him? If indeed someone from the trained forces or someone well experienced in assassination would want to send Anwar to his grave, it will be so easy.

Anwar has been exposed to potential assassination situations millions of times. For example, his gathering for rallies and speeches in streets, stadiums, stages. A sniper could have put a bullet right through his head from anywhere on the roof of the shophouses, from between the trees etc.

Someone could have gone near him to stab him or poison him with chemical. Well, Datuk Nik did it on Tun, why not on Anwar? Why would anyone wait till now to kill Anwar? Makes no sense. Read more here.

Point 3
I hope people have read the statements by Datuk Nalla and Dr Chandra Muzzafar after the police report was made. They claim that Anwar is great in manipulation of the stories and make him look great and innocent. He deceived many of us. Well, coming from both of them who were once the greatest supporter of Reformasi and Anwar Ibrahim, what else have I got to say?

Point 4
This one is a question that needs to be answered. Why the Turkish Embassy? We all know how well connected Anwar is with the United States government and leaders. Why didnt Anwar choose the US embassy?

Did the US embassy coordinate with the Turkish Embassy to determine Anwar's "safehouse"? Well, I read up in some websites that Anwar Ibrahim is close with the Turkish PM and the Government. Hmm.

Some even said that Pakatan Rakyat received advice from the Turkish PM's strategists. Nevertheless, I disagree with Anwar Ibrahim who hides there. By hiding there, even if he is found guilty, Malaysia will not be able to arrest him because he is residing in Turkish grounds.

I wonder if Malaysia has extradiction agreements with Turkey. Again, I agree with Datuk Seri Rais Yatim's move to have a meeting with the Turkish Ambassador for his interference with domestic internal affairs of Malaysia.

Point 5
If you lodge a police report, do you expect the police to investigate? We always slam the police for not investigating cases properly. Now, I believe the Police will go all in and investigate the truth of this sodomy claim.

But let us look at this from Saiful's perspective. Well, Saiful Bukhary lodged a police report that he was sodomized. He is just 23 years old. Do you think he enjoys lodging a report on a case where he claimed that he was sodomized?

His family and Saiful himself will have to live with the tag "I was sodomized by Anwar" all his life if it was investigated to be true or "I am a liar" if his claim is not true. We shall leave that to Saiful himself and the police.

From the public gallery, we should not come up with conclusions ourselves and claim that this is another wayang kulit and set up from the Government, Barisan Nasional or UMNO. Saiful has his rights and he claimed that he was sodomized.

So let the police investigate. We never know whether or not Anwar sodomized people. Please read the judgement of Anwar's 1999 case here. I have once blogged here and said in the past that Anwar was released due to inconsistency of timeline presented in court and inability of the Prosecutors to prove it beyond reasonable doubt.

Point 6
This is for Pakatan Rakyat's sake. DAP and PAS are strong parties themselves. However, PKR was founded because of the man in the news - Anwar Ibrahim. If indeed there are concrete evidence that Anwar has committed sodomy acts this time on Saiful, then Pakatan Rakyat will fall. No one else can lead Pakatan Rakyat.

There is no better leader to lead the Opposition than Anwar Ibrahim because of his speaking skills, charisma, and aura in politics. His influences stretches to the international arena too. PKR and Pakatan Rakyat's credibility will be crushed for quite some time.

If he is cleared, then nothing much will happen. It doesnt mean that Pakatan Rakyat has won the Federal Government. Due to this uncertainty, I advise the leaders of DAP and PAS as well as those in PKR to come up with contingency plans for the future of Pakatan Rakyat. Just in case ... you know? We will never know what the future holds.

I will not comment much on whether Anwar is really a homosexual or not. I dont know the truth. Tun said he acted back then based on intelligence and police reports. Haha. Tun even calls Anwar - "mata lebam". Anyway, now, the recent police report was made by Anwar's personal aide, Saiful Bukhary. Let me just add a little bit.

To be honest, I believe many people from all walks of life thought that it was Tun Dr Mahathir who created the whole sodomy story (no one slammed the Prosecutors or even Anwar when he was sacked, charged and jailed for corruption).

And Tun felt the anger of the Reformasi members, politicians inside and outside UMNO and more importantly, the voters in the 1999 Elections. BN's majority fell and they lost another State (Terengganu) to the Opposition.

If that was the effect of the "sodomy" court case thought to be engineered by UMNO and Tun, then will anyone even dare to come up with the same sort of accusations against Anwar now? Do not forget that we just had the great tsunami in March.

Will BN or UMNO or any individual actually "fix" Anwar up for a sodomy case now? Well I use the terms "fix" because many people seem to think Anwar was actually "fixed" in 1998.

Hmm. Given that Saiful was Anwar's personal aide, perhaps we can view it as a "sandiwara" from the Opposition to stir the feelings of the people up more? Well, I am not claiming that Saiful acted on Anwar's advice, strategies and plans. I am merely seeing things from another side.

If people can claim that UMNO, Tun Dr M, or Najib planned and "fixed" Anwar up with this "sodomy delicacy", then I dont see any reason why some of us cannot claim that it is Anwar actually playing games here with "sodomy tales".

PKR seem to be linking Saiful to the office of the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia - Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. We can also see it as a "story telling" game plan from Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Nevertheless, if Saiful is the chip of Najib or UMNO or Anwar or Pakatan Rakyat, then I do not know what benefits he will be getting. Because for sure, he will either live with the tag "I was sodomized" or "I am a liar" around his neck for the rest of his life of probably 52 years more (based on life expectancy rates).

If he is telling the truth, then I can understand because he merely wants to seek justice! If he is lying for either party, then I am really curious to know what will enter into his pockets from his sponsors.

I know some of you have been waiting to read what I will comment about this case. I have said what I want to say above. And let us all wait. Only time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

Point 7

You must be as dumb as Saiful himself.

- He is a grown man, 23 years old, so he's not an innocent, clueless kid.

- He got admitted into college, so he has some brains, or has the sense to pull some strings.

- He was even deputy president of the students council, more proof he has brains.

- He was able to apply for jobs and get them, so again, he has the brains.

- He has, according to you, a girlfriend; it takes effort, understanding and cooperation (brains) to develop a normal heterosexual relationship. (Why are you standing up for her? She too will get to enjoy whatever bounty Saiful will get for agreeing to take part in this sordid scandal.)

- There is not the slightest evidence that he is retarded, educationally-submormal or mentally-challenged in any way.

What? Are you trying to say that this man, with all the qualities above, quietly and meekly and submissively laid down naked on the mattress or whatever, without a single whimper or protest, just because he was asked to, and allowed Anwar Ibrahim to approach him from behind and do the deed?


If that had actually happened, with his brains, don't you think he would figure out that the best way to profit from it would be to blackmail Anwar?

The fact that he did not do that points to the possibility of a larger and more sinister picture. Logic says that, in order for the whole humiliating experience of being dragged through a very public trial to be worthwhile for him, he must be profiting much more from elsewhere than if he had blackmailed Anwar.

Do you seriously believe that he allowed himself to be sodomised because of his love for his country? Heh heh, c'mon.

It's clear he has brains. What is not clear is his character and principles. He's probably lazy, having dropped out of college. As the saying goes, the love of money is the root of all evil.

Now why don't we look up Anwar's former driver, and see what sort of lifestyle he now leads? Should be a very comfortable one.

Point 8

If Anwar is such a sex-crazed sodomising homosexual, there must be other sweet, young, pretty boys who have had relationships with him or at least been propositioned by him. Where are they?

So far, the few people who have accused him of sodomising them appear to have been baited or planted by unknown others, and also appear to have had help from higher-ups.