Monday, November 30, 2009

MCA : Conditional Fresh Polls

Three factions in MCA are negotiating on fresh polls.

Thus far, we only hear about Dr Chua Soi Lek and Liow Tiong Lai's men discussing about
  • the need for fresh polls,
  • the time and date of fresh polls and
  • the system to be used.

I do not know if Soi Lek's negotiations are also on behalf of Ong Tee Keat or the President has his own men in the round table discussion.

I will be posting a "MCA : Fresh Elections Analysis" soon. But to give you an insight, let me share with you some preliminary thoughts first.
  1. Ong Tee Keat introduced the 1MCA 1Team with the support from his men, as well as faction leaders Liow Tiong Lai, Wee Ka Siong and Chew Mei Fun.

  2. Now, Ong Tee Keat's support has been reduced and he is dependent on his loyal supporters only after Liow, Wee and Chew left the alliance as they see an opportunity to move up the ladder.

  3. Dr Chua Soi Lek survived two political battles.

  4. The 1st was the "snoop squad - sex scandal" but he came back with a win over Ong Ka Chuan in 2008 to be elected as Deputy President of MCA.

  5. The 2nd was when he received sufficient Delegates support to move an EGM to overturn his suspension in MCA (4 years). Dr Chua then obtained a Registrar of Societies ruling to reinstate himself as Deputy President of MCA.

  6. Soi Lek's men remained, Tee Keat's men split into two factions - loyalists and another became the 3rd force.

Do read my further analysis on this matter soon. Anyway, the fresh polls should only be conducted IF AND ONLY IF
  1. Whole MCA leadership is reelected - National MCA Leadership, Wanita MCA, MCA Youth

  2. Direct elections system is used

There is no reason why Liow and Dr Chua should reject the above two.

Not all the Youth leaders support Wee Ka Siong's actions of backing Liow Tiong Lai's moves. Not all the Wanita MCA leaders support Chew Mei Fun's actions of backing Liow Tiong Lai's political games.

Moreover, both Wee Ka Siong and Chew Mei Fun won uncontested in 2008 MCA Elections based on "handover" and "unity" concepts at that time.

So, don't play political games with the National MCA Leadership and create a big hoo-haa about fresh elections if you do not want to face the fresh party polls yourself.

Ong Tee Keat must be firm with his conditions for fresh polls.

This could draw flak from both Liow and Dr Chua's team but with the right words and statements, Ong Tee Keat can muscle his way through easily.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

MCA 1128 "Briefing Session"

When the EGM II was on schedule, I asked the following questions

  1. What if the 2377 Central Delegates attend the 28th November EGM ? How do we interpret that ?

  2. What if the 2377 Central Delegates decide to vote on the 28th November EGM ? Can we use the 2377 delegates' decision as a sample size of the voice among MCA members ?

  3. What if the 2377 Central Delegates vote against Liow Tiong Lai's resolutions and motions ? Do we say "good. see Liow, we told you so" or do we say "Doesn't matter, it is illegal anyway" ?

  4. What if the 2377 vote in favor of Liow Tiong Lai's resolutions and motions ? Can we say that Central Delegates are unconvinced of the GUP and do not accept the Ong - Chua team ?

  5. What if the 2377 Central delegates do not attend the 28th November EGM ? Will Liow, Wee and Chew resign and accept it as a signal from MCA grassroots ?


Now that the EGM II has been called off and the "special briefing session" was carried out today, 28 November 2009, let me ask the following questions. (over 1000 Delegates and members attended)
  1. How do we interpret the attendance of over 1000 members and Delegates at Liow Tiong Lai's dinner and briefing session ? (estimated 547 Delegates attended - by justice4otk)

  2. If 547 Central Delegates attended Liow's dinner and briefing, how many of the remaining (less than) 1830 delegates support Ong Tee Keat and how many of them support Chua Soi Lek ? (assuming all the 547 Delegates support Liow)

  3. An even better question - how many of the Central Delegates support Tee Keat and how many of them support Soi Lek independently (if they go heads on) today ? (more on this soon)

On 15 Nov 2009, The Star headlines read : Division chiefs close ranks behind Ong and Dr Chua. 155 out of 191 Division leaders attended and gave their support to Ong - Chua.

  1. How do we compare the 15 Nov 2009 briefing and the 28 Nov 2009 briefing ?

  2. How do we interpret the results of both the briefing ?

At this moment, we can conclude that 81.15 percent of Division leaders accept the Greater Unity Plan. I have to say I am not sure if the Division members have endorsed their leaders' acceptance of the GUP.

Also, based on the estimated attendance of the Delegates, 547 out of 2377, we can perhaps say that 23.01 percent showed up to support Liow's team.

My view ? Things don't look good for Ong - Chua. I have written a lot on this matter and sounded the warning bells to Ong - Chua faction that strategies and methods are not right. Even the Press Statements by leaders are disastrous at times.

I will provide more angles on MCA Leadership crisis for us to consider soon.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

MCA : Questions on 1128 EGM

The 3rd force - manned by Liow Tiong Lai, Wee Ka Siong, Chew Mei Fun and several other leaders - are adamant and want to proceed with the EGM on 28 November 2009 (Saturday).

The EGM is more popularly known as 1128. Indeed, the trio - Ong Tee Keat, Chua Soi Lek and Ti Lian Ker - have voiced out and said that the EGM is unconstitutional and should not be accepted by MCA members.

However, we cannot avoid asking such questions and till today, I have NEITHER SEEN NOR HEARD any leaders asking these questions publicly.

Now, here I begin to shoot and fire away so that MCA leaders, aides and supporters can begin to think and draft their strategy properly.

Let us not repeat the mistakes of the past where wrong and unplanned moves ended up hurting ourselves.

  1. What if the 2377 Central Delegates attend the 28th November EGM ? How do we interpret that ?

  2. What if the 2377 Central Delegates decide to vote on the 28th November EGM ? Can we use the 2377 delegates' decision as a sample size of the voice among MCA members ?

  3. What if the 2377 Central Delegates vote against Liow Tiong Lai's resolutions and motions ? Do we say "good. see Liow, we told you so" or do we say "Doesn't matter, it is illegal anyway" ?

  4. What if the 2377 vote in favor of Liow Tiong Lai's resolutions and motions ? Can we say that Central Delegates are unconvinced of the GUP and do not accept the Ong - Chua team ?

  5. What if the 2377 Central delegates do not attend the 28th November EGM ? Will Liow, Wee and Chew resign and accept it as a signal from MCA grassroots ?

Interesting and mind boggling, isn't it ?

UPDATED 4.39pm
MCA EGM II called off, fresh polls soon

So now do we praise, appreciate or criticize the intervention by DPM ?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Image and Perception of Tee Keat

To begin, I have to say I was happy to read this : Ong amenable to MCA polls in March 2010 and several other news articles these days.

Finally, some "good and positive" headlines from Tee Keat's camp. And it is the right way to argue things and it is a good effort to correct the perception of the people.

Indeed, Tee Keat was the first one who proposed fresh polls but the 3rd force declined. Now, the 3rd force act as though they are the biggest and loudest proponents of democracy.

As political analysts always say, don't underestimate tears and misleading information. It might be too late to correct and defend against those "misleading statements" by opponents in our bids to hold our fort.

Over the past few weeks, the newspapers have been harsh with their choice of words.

Some newspapers played it as though Tee Keat is a dictator. Don't believe me ? Come let me show you some headlines.

Ever since September 2009
, the headlines that Tee Keat had been grabbing were

Let us be truthful to ourselves. Chinese community are not unanimous in saying that Tee Keat is a great leader. Those who think so are either dumb or just simply ignorant.

Though I must say, a lot are describing Tee Keat as "Justice Pao" and this is one image which we must highlight more often.

We must also hear the dissent and opposing views whereby some are saying
  • Tee Keat is a dictator or
  • Tee Keat is corrupted by power.
  • Tee Keat did not keep his promise to go if he lose the 10-10-10 EGM
  • Tee Keat is afraid to go for fresh polls in MCA.

It is these clusters of people that we must target. We all know that Tee Keat has support (majority or minority, I don't know) in MCA and from the Chinese community.

But we must also implement "contain, control and treatment" steps on the opposing clusters to win their support as well. Otherwise, dissent might grow and it can spread.

At least, for now, I can see that Datuk Ti Lian Ker and Tan Sri Robert Phang are doing some "damage control" and correcting the misguided perception of the MCA internal crisis.

Again, my advice to the Presidential team. Work harder and improve your methods to avoid repetition of such "image and perception crisis" in the future.

Talk to the opposing clusters and win their support too !

I am not sure how much MCA can depend on the Press anymore especially Sin Chew these days except The Star perhaps. Some of the Editors and Columnists seem to have a personal agenda against MCA and the leadership.

I hope that the replacement of Simon Lim will get busy and counter all allegations or veiled agenda of some newspapers if "goodwill gestures" to the media are not kindly received and all other avenues fail.

My next article will be my 5 questions on the 28 Nov 2009 MCA EGM. It will be published tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where Tee Keat-Soi Lek erred (2)

*** This is a continuation of Where Tee Keat - Soi Lek erred (1) ***

The previous post was focused mainly on the negotiations for fresh party polls in MCA. This time, I will turn the focus on Tee Keat's team.

Frankly, it will be disastrous if Tee Keat hears only opinions that tell him

"Yes boss. That's the right way. Good boss. Betul betul. Nothing more to add boss, you are right boss."

You see, sometimes the President of United States make mistakes. Sometimes Najib Tun Razak makes mistakes. Sometimes Dr Mahathir makes mistakes.

But each time an "unpopular" or "badly worded" headline appear in the newspaper, the team will introduce some "sweeteners" or "acceptable and properly worded explanations".

The follow up methods will be to make "positive" headlines that people will nod and say "Yes, that's a good thing" or "Hey, it makes sense" (like Tan Sri Robert Phang's article).

Why didn't Tee Keat or his team adopt such methods back then and allow the President to be embroiled in an "image and perception" crisis today ?

The impression some people are getting now and embedded in their minds is that Tee Keat only focuses on removing people whom are not with him.

Sometimes, this can be seen as "We need people whom we can work with only so that the Party can become stronger."

But in fact, if you ask me, some can easily point out that this argument does not hold and can hardly be justified.

All I have to do is just walk us back to the crisis of Mahathir-Razaleigh and Mahathir-Anwar where opponents of Mahathir were kept in the Cabinet and Supreme Council of UMNO.

A new set of arguments and irrefutable answers must be provided. We cannot rely on telling the people "Hey, it is the President's right or it is written clearly in the Constitution."

We have already used the Constitution argument to maintain the President's position after the 10-10-10 EGM.

We cannot afford to use it again to "reshuffle" or "sack" figures in the Party using the same arguments. It was a very costly political move in terms of "image and perception".

One can only do such things and argue in such a manner when the Presidential position is stable and command a strong majority support from the Delegates and grassroots (not just the Central Committee).

Mark my words. Tee Keat might not be able to survive a second onslaught from the warlords who still control some "China men" in the Party if the current team
  • does not get out of their comfort zone and
  • does not introduce or change the methods of promoting and marketing Tee Keat

So, wake up and go back to the drawing board with steps properly outlined from now on !

Monday, November 23, 2009

Where Tee Keat-Soi Lek erred (1)

I will be publishing a "2 parts series" to point out where the MCA President's political team have erred and lay out what Tee Keat should do. Why ?
  1. I do not want to be a hypocrite.
  2. I do not want to be a Yes Man though I support the President.
  3. I do not want to provide analysis only when everything is too late.

It is best that I talk now for the sake of the President and the Party. True friends and supporters will not only
  1. point out your mistakes (to avoid repetitions and encourage improvements)
  2. but also help you to see the light and walk down the right path to success.

I shall begin with something light and easy for this Part 1. I refer to the article " MCA : Waiting for DPM to call for talks ".

If the article is not a report of the true events in Ong-Chua-Liow negotiations, then I am willing to retract this blog article.

According to this article, both camps have already negotiated and agreed to a conditional fresh party polls.
  • Team Ong-Chua agree to use the 2400 delegates platform but wants it in 6-8 months time to allow the leadership to explain the GUP

  • Team Liow is happy to use the 2400 delegates but wants it in December 2009

The disagreement lies in the timing of the election. Here comes my unhappiness over the method of arguments.
  1. The only strong reason to hold the elections in 6-8 months is because we want to use a more democratic platform which is direct leadership election system.

  2. If we argue that it should be held later with the current 2400 delegates platform as we want to explain the GUP, this is not a strong enough reason.

  3. Team Ong-Chua is also saying that they have about 70-80 percent of the Party support. But to me, this argument provides loopholes for others to attack.

  4. For example, if I may ask, why fear the fresh party polls in December since you have the 70-80 percent support and why bother going around explaining the GUP ?

  5. The fresh party polls can weed out the 3rd force right away in December IF you have the claimed 70-80 percent support.

  6. And after sending the 3rd force off to pack their bags with the claimed 70-80 percent support for Ong-Chua, won't the GUP become a reality and a dream come true ?

  7. So, the arguments 1,2, and 3 do not make sense at all and contradicts.

  8. Stick with the "direct elections" argument if you want to have it in 6-8 months.

  9. We can then use this to ask the 3rd force - Why hurry and why not wait for the installation of direct party elections ?

I can talk more on this. But I believe this is enough said.

I think Ong-Chua's camp is overly nice by giving in to so many of Liow's camp demands and antics.

And I hope if Muhyiddin and Liow wants fresh polls as solution for MCA crisis, then do the right thing with direct elections system.

Otherwise, I don't see the justification to hold fresh party polls with 2400 Central Delegates and I don't see why Liow's men cannot accept the GUP.

I even heard Liow's men were given many chances and offered good unity deals to accept the GUP. Both Ong-Chua are even willing to accept everyone with open arms under 1MCA 1Team 1Family.

So, be strong and uphold the reform agenda. Introduce and install the DIRECT ELECTIONS SYSTEM for MCA's leadership.

Anyway, after reading so many comments statements by various politicians, bloggers and supporters, I find that Tan Sri Robert Phang's thoughts are the best worded of them all.

Though I don't agree with some minor pointers (will be explained more in Part II), I can use just one word to describe his piece - CONVINCING !

Read : Forcing a settlement is not the answer

Team Ong-Chua should invite Tan Sri Robert Phang into their folds in MCA as I think he structures his statements brilliantly and very convincingly.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

MCA Youth Chief is impatient

It is now Dr Wee Ka Siong's turn to make the wrong political statement.

From The Star

“We have the central delegate’s list. I do not see any problem (to call for an election). Everything will be ready in one or one and the half month time.”

You see. MCA President Ong Tee Keat in his election manifesto promised direct party elections. A good move which will be implemented by PKR and UMNO as well.

Yeah. By the way, the "most democratic" party - DAP - is so quiet on direct elections. WHY NO ONE IS ATTACKING DAP ON THIS ?

So anyway, I don't see why Dr Wee Ka Siong and Liow Tiong Lai cannot wait till March - right after the direct leadership election system is installed.

Unless of course, it is easier to "convince" 2400 delegates than all the Party members. IF money is involved, it is also cheaper.

If time is involved, it takes lesser time to get 2400 people behind you rather than 150,000 or 1 million members !

I said IF. I didn't say anyone is buying votes, I am not implying anything and I am not accusing anyone. But I won't stop your imagination from flowing freely either.

I am merely pointing out the "follow - up" problems if direct elections are not installed.

To avoid all these unnecessary suspicions and criticisms, it is best that Tee Keat proceed swiftly to introduce the direct election system.

Evidently :
  • Ong Tee Keat wants direct party elections system for all members or a big percentage of them to vote

  • Wee Ka Siong is asking - Why not now ?

  • Liow Tiong Lai has just announced that he will call off the EGM II if and only if the fresh elections are held this year. Read it HERE.

I know MCA members who say that Wee Ka Siong is an asset to MCA. He is a good speaker with great oratory skills.

It is one of my hopes to see Wee Ka Siong, Chua Soi Lek and Ong Tee Keat working together. MCA will be achieving great things under the trio I believe.

As such, I appeal to the MCA Youth Chief to take up Tee Keat's offer to accept the remaining position in the Presidential Council - Vice President.

I believe Tee Keat and supporters are willing to wipe all misunderstandings away.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Strategic Moves in MCA

Dear friends, members and leaders of MCA,

To begin, A PIECE OF MY MIND has all along been a supporter of Ong Tee Keat. And I still am a supporter of Ong Tee Keat.

But let me point out certain things that I don't think is proper and could have been done in a better way.

I am not a yes-man and I want the best for the President, MCA and Barisan Nasional. Allow me to begin my ramblings.

Sometimes in politics, "doing nothing" is also a strategic move.

Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat kept on hammering Najib with allegations and policies. Yet, Najib took it like a man and did not stoop low to play the "personality and private" card.

Otherwise, Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat's leaders are in trouble. Najib went on to even enjoy tea with Anwar Ibrahim, the man whose supporters are calling the Prime Minister "Najis" and "murderer".

How ironic and such hypocrites among our Opposition leaders !

So anyway, Najib "did nothing" to them. And I believe so should have Tee Keat and his supporters. "Do nothing" can be a strategic move.

The Chinese community initially were unhappy to see the 3rd force led by Liow Tiong Lai, Chew Mei Fun and Wee Ka Siong as they are portraying their ambitious side and greedy characteristics.

Now, the people are wary of Tee Keat's move. Even the Press are playing the news as though Tee Keat is a dictator.

The President since the 10-10-10 EGM has been under heavy fire from all sides, internally and externally. This is a fact which we cannot deny.

Decisions made on his own will naturally be seen as a dictatorial move, although authoritative - one which we need in MCA but the timing of decision was not right.

Sometimes, there are many ways to deal with things. Tee Keat should have made the decision together with the Central Committee or at least with Deputy President Dr Chua Soi Lek.

This is to ensure that the burden of responsibility is spread among those who made the decisions. Tee Keat's image stays intact this way.

Collective decisions are seen as "more democratic" than individualistic decisions. In fact, it would have been better if the President had said that

"after a thorough consultation with the CC and the Deputy President, we have decided to reshuffle the Presidential Council to ensure 1MCA 1Team gets underway in preparation for the 13th GE"

That way, the responsibility and burden are spread - not just centred on the President alone in such testing times.

If and only if Tee Keat had announced that it was a collective decision, then, the ball game is different and perception will still be better.

Also, as we prepare for the 13th General Election, we must remember that
  • Liow Tiong Lai is the Vice President of MCA and Penang MCA Chief
  • Chew Mei Fun is the Wanita MCA Chief
  • Wee Ka Siong is the Pemuda MCA Chief

In Pemuda MCA, the split is apparent with two factions - one under Wee Ka Siong and one under Dr Mah Hang Soon.

In Wanita MCA, the split is also apparent with two factions - one under Chew Mei Fun and another under Heng Seai Kie.

Supporters and members of MCA will be confused with the order of rank and seniority in the Party.

Do we follow the orders of Dr Mah Hang Soon and Heng Seai Kie or do we act on the orders of Wee Ka Siong and Chew Mei Fun ?

Remember that both Wee Ka Siong and Chew Mei Fun are still constitutionally and legally the elected Pemuda and Wanita MCA Chiefs.

To be honest, I worry only for the machinery and strategies of MCA in the 13th General Election. The lines have been drawn in the political battle internally in MCA.

I fear only the probable sabotages or boycotts among MCA warring factions.

Do not forget that Chew Mei Fun and Wee Ka Siong still hold the strategically powerful Wanita and Youth Chiefs position.

My advice is simple and clear cut.
  1. If we want to chop something, we might as well chop it all the way. Do not chop things half way.

  2. If we decide to chop things halfway, we might as well adopt the "do nothing" strategy and let their popularity fizzle out.

  3. If we chop things halfway only, the wounded might be even more vicious and when under such pressure, they will tend to do all sorts - even to the extent of executing the proverb "if I drown, I will make sure we all drown together".

I heard that there are dirt in the backyard of the 3rd force.

So why not dry the dirty linen in public and make them go down on their own, instead of sacking which will earn them sympathy and put a dent in the President's image ?

I would say it is a good move to be authoritative, but the delivery methods or the style is wrong. The timing is also wrong.

As such, again, I question Tee Keat's political strategists. Please don't send Tee Keat straight into the wall and don't ill-advice the President of MCA.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

MCA Presidential Council Reshuffle

To make things clear, I am a supporter of the Greater Unity Plan.

But I am also a supporter of fresh party polls since I dislike Anwaristas in MCA to continue bugging MCA with claims that they have the support and numbers against the leadership.

Now that the Central Committee members have rejected the 28th November EGM and against fresh party polls, it is time for me to comment why this is not right.

This might draw flak and criticisms from Tee Keat's camp, one which I have supported since the very beginning.

You see, there are many ways to deliver and play the political game. It is just that I don't believe the current game plan will do MCA any good and will not strengthen MCA in Malaysian politics.

I am of the opinion that the Central Committee (or Presidential Council) overlooked one important point.

  1. Liow Tiong Lai is still Penang MCA Chief and Vice President
  2. Wee Ka Siong is still National MCA Youth Chief
  3. Chew Mei Fun is still National Wanita MCA Chief

Sacking Ka Siong and Mei Fun from the MCA Presidential Council might be a strategic move to ensure one voice in the top MCA leadership, but it will be costly indeed.

Both Mei Fun and Ka Siong still call the shots in Wanita MCA and Pemuda MCA at the national level.

When it comes to the General Election, the organisation chart must be obeyed and the order of seniority must be followed in MCA machinery.

Reshuffling is good as we need a team in MCA to be able to work together to win seats for Barisan Nasional.

But Ka Siong and Mei Fun are still the ELECTED Chief of the Youth and Wanita MCA wings.

Their roles are vital in mobilizing supporters and election staff across the nation in order to win votes and seats for MCA (Barisan Nasional).

Did the Central Committee consider this point or not ? Does the Central Committee have answers to this ?

Without the ELECTED Youth Chief and Wanita Chief, I don't know how things will work.

Putting Dr Mah Hang Soon (Deputy Youth Chief) and Senator Heng Seai Kie (Wanita Sec Gen) in the Presidential Council will still ensure that both movements are represented.

But as I said, order of ranks must be obeyed and Dr Mah Hang Soon and Senator Heng Seai Kie could be in a dilemma since their movements' highest ranking officers are still Wee Ka Siong and Chew Mei Fun.

This is a fact which we cannot deny and problems will exist when MCA mobilize their Election Machinery.

Thus, either a fresh polls or the removal of Wee Ka Siong and Chew Mei Fun might solve the problem from this perspective.

I am afraid that wrapping the differences under a protective cover will only cause the wounds to show and get deeper during the General Election.

Sabotages might happen, order of seniority will not be respected. This will be a problem and I have a hunch that the internal party crisis might jeopardize MCA chances in the Elections.

As far as I can see, the current game plan is being played in a wrong way. Though it is authoritative, it is a quite worrisome that the moves are overboard.

I discussed with a fellow blogger and I have been informed that MCA Presidential Council deals only with policy and administrative matters. Both Ka Siong and Mei Fun are still in the Central Committee.

Well, someone high up in MCA ought to come out explain to us and clear the air I hope. Otherwise, questions will still be left unanswered among the Chinese community and Party members.

I stand corrected.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

MCA : Fresh Elections or not?

I wrote this article last week, but I delayed publishing it since I needed it elsewhere first. I joined a new web portal - and I am a guest blogger there for the time being.

If anyone is interested to join, do email the admin at

After the publication of my article there, I am entitled to publish it here also and share with A PIECE OF MY MIND readers.


MCA's internal party crisis continues even after the 10-10-10 EGM. The question mark in the party has now boiled down to - accept the Greater Unity Plan (GUP) or go for fresh party polls?

The focus today is of course on the 3rd faction or more popularly known as the 3rd force - Liow, Wee and Chew (main players).

Naturally, the 3rd force cannot afford to back down. They have a lot at stake and they can only make an "all-in" move.

The 3rd force will never back down. They will mobilize their supporters from the East of Peninsular Malaysia, the Wanita movement and the Youth movement.

They don't need each and every member from their wings or the Party as a whole to support them. All these leaders need are just the delegates or those holding office in the divisions.

From here, the leaders can claim that "we have the numbers, we have the support" and behave exactly like Anwar Ibrahim or the Anwaristas.

Don't believe me ? Read : Grassroots don't back unity plan (Liow).

No matter what Tee Keat or Soi Lek does, (MCA rejects fresh EGM, Ong axes foes from advisory panel), Anwaristas in MCA will still create instability and continue the talking.

In fact, those evidently against the GUP do have support at the ground level to a certain extent - especially Ong Ka Chuan from Perak.

All the 3rd force has to do is to continue to argue from the basis of upholding democracy, and from there, the 3rd force will still be seen as noble though some Chinese are saying that they might be overly ambitious and greedy.

This will still put MCA in a checkmate and the solution is still unclear to all.

Since "all-in" is the only move, the 3rd force will be expected to give it a shot at fresh party polls. They are widely expected to contest strategic positions such as the office of President, Deputy President and Vice President.

Of course, they have the other option to back down, rebuild their image and move to support Unity in MCA. This will be a tough decision though and the rebuilding process will not be easy.

We have to be honest.

The GUP will only work if all 3 Factions come together and wipe away all misunderstandings and uneasiness over a nice Unity Dinner at MCA for the sake of the Party.

Their supporters must also be clear that if they were to back down and pledge their support to the leadership and GUP, they must all be able to argue and stand up for Tee Keat, Soi Lek and the Malaysian Chinese Association when the need arises.

If they can't do that, for the interest of the Party, it is best that their leaders step down and allow the concept of 1MCA 1Team to carry on the work of reinventing, rejuvenating and reforming the Party.

Again, when this happens, will they resign and step down ?

In other words
  • if they support the GUP, their supporters must be able to stand up for the leadership. If not, the leaders of these rebellious supporters must resign.
  • if they don't support GUP, they must push for fresh party polls. But the losers might consider a comeback using the popular "Save MCA Campaign" structure.
The crisis will not end in MCA.

Fresh party polls will be the best solution if the 3rd Force members are unwilling to back down and accept the Greater Unity Plan (GUP).

Tee Keat was the first to propose an EGM for fresh Party polls which were shot down by the same team who are calling for it now. Surprising, isn't it ?

Though I believe fresh party polls will end the impasse, the time has not come yet. As President of MCA, Tee Keat has the powers to call for an EGM or a Party election.

I urge him to consider this option only after he has executed his core party election manifesto which is to implement direct party leadership elections.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Selangor Bangkit

The project Selangor Bangkit is a project to call for politicians and the people to rise against the Opposition ruled State Government.

However, I sure hope that no one does anything rash and irrational this time to spark another CONSTITUTIONAL or POLITICAL CRISIS.

It has to be done with the backing of the people, no matter how legal or Constitutional the crossovers are.

We are already facing a tough time convincing Perakians to support Barisan Nasional again and allow the people to see the behaviour of the Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen.

Having said these, I am a little bit disappointed with the Barisan Nasional team as Opposition in Selangor.

Subang Jaya ADUN Hannah Yeoh recently posted an article to show to us the "performance" of the BN ADUNs.

From Hannah Yeoh's blog, the following were pictures taken during State Budget 2010 Presentation.

Barisan Nasional ADUNs - 7 out 20 in attendance, sometimes only 1 ADUN is present. How do they function as effective opposition if they are not interested and diligent? [the BN-friendly ADUN from Port Klang is hardly seen at the assembly, hop or not - makes no difference]

Seeing such things, I wonder if any Key Performance Indicator (KPI) will be carried out on Barisan Nasional Representatives in State Assemblies and the Parliament.

Many BN reps are sitting on "safe seats" at their constituencies.

BN has safe seats just like Pakatan. The same analogy applies where if BN nominates a Tree to run in the safe seat, BN will also win.

But safe seats don't last long and after 2 or 3 series of General Election, the support will be getting weaker.

So, Najib and Muhyiddin should consider a KPI on elected reps based on
  • attendance in State and Parliamentary sittings,
  • time spent at constituency service centres
  • and other key points.

The Opposition members are attending many of the State Assembly and Parliamentary meetings, if not all. Surely, we can learn a value or two from them.

The pictures by YB Hannah Yeoh really disappointed me and I am highly unhappy with the Selangor BN ADUNs.

I have heard far too many comments of ADUNs and MPs who are not visiting their constituencies and not attending Assembly sittings.

Please, SHAPE UP or else, do not run in the next election !

Saturday, November 14, 2009

PAS : Bullet proof image now gone

Over the past 20 years or so, people have always thought that PAS is perfect. At least, the supporters of PAS embedded such imaginations in their minds.

Putting it simply, PAS thought they were "kebal" (Malay word) or "bullet proof". Supporters of PAS have been carrying out slander and accusations against UMNO for many years.

Back in those days, UMNO was accused of betraying the cause of Islam. Leaders in UMNO were accused of being in the same boat with "orang kafir" (infidels).

By that, UMNO was accused of being allies with non Muslims in the form of Gerakan, MCA, MIC and East Malaysian parties.

Yet, UMNO did not bother to listen to the madmen in PAS who volleyed such attacks. UMNO continued to work with other races in Malaysia's unique multiracial society.

Hand in hand, UMNO promoted Islam not only through religious practices and developments but also through ideas revolving around finance, food and beverage sector as well as the wholesale markets.

While doing so, UMNO encouraged other races especially the Chinese to practice their rights. The Chinese and Indians saw development in many areas especially educational institutions and policies.

That is UMNO to me, and UMNO to you all except that UMNO is a traitor of Islam who works with infidels in the eyes of PAS.

Today, PAS ideologies have turned dramatically. Their stand have not evolved to assume a softer stance, somewhat similar to the concept by Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

PAS is willing to even sit in the same boat as PKR and DAP, a party that shouts through the microphone that Malaysia is not an Islamic state way before their alliance materialized under the umbrella of Pakatan Rakyat.

We sit here wondering why PAS can go knocking on the doors of DAP and say let us be friends when in fact, their objectives are different.

PAS aims to promote Islam and install an Islamic rule at the Federal level while DAP fights to maintain Malaysia as a secular state.

Moreover, we have always heard that PAS will accept the leadership of PKR and DAP.

But if you are observant, we have never heard DAP or PKR saying that they will accept PAS leadership at the Federal level.

A crisis looms if one day PAS wins more seats than PKR and DAP.

In fact, till now, pro PAS bloggers and their Party voice Harakah Daily are silent on the direction of the Party and on why they are working with parties that do not agree with their ultimate objectives.

The alternative media like The Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini are also busy commenting on Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the crisis in MCA and the direction of UMNO.

Guest writers are not even commenting much if any on PAS, DAP and PKR.

Many of the articles are only picking on the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional, some in a professional manner and many filled with promotion of hatred.

Perhaps, we now know why we are all encouraged to read the alternative media and boycott the mainstream press.

I dare say that we have been poisoned by a propaganda to read the alternative media as these web portals feed us news that are anti Barisan Nasional only.

PAS is confused and this is a fact. It was raised by delegates at the recent PAS Seminar but the seminar was more like a gathering to talk only with no actions or remedies.

Read : Who holds the PAS strings ?

Now, the crisis in Kelantan is getting stronger. Datuk Husam Musa's right hand man was sacked from Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan, the State's investment arm.

He is also a staunch PAS supporter and blogs at

Syed Azidi denied two things and maintained his stand that Tok Guru's son in law will be a burden to the Kelantan PAS Government.

I would say, he was nice with his parting words by keeping the integrity and name of Tok Guru Nik Aziz intact. He did not attack or slam Tok Guru but placed the blame on the people around Tok Guru.

Read more here : Penamatan Kontrak Serta Merta

Things are now getting murkier in PAS Kelantan. Information has leaked out on Tok Guru's sponsored trip to perform the Haj.

In fact, I just found out that Pak Lah as former PM of Malaysia spent lesser than Tok Guru for his Haj pilgrimage. (RM23000 vs RM 65000)

More details on the background of the sponsors and their links to Kelantan have since been found and released. Read

PAS' once bullet proof image is now dented and people are sensing that things might not be what it seems to be in PAS.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Kelantan : Oil Royalty and BN Kelantan

Over the past week, a big brou-ha-ha was made on the issue of Wang Ehsan (compassionate payment) announcement for Kelantan.

In response to a question by a PAS Parliamentarian on Kelantan's claims for oil royalties from Petronas, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced a compassionate payment for the State on top of a Federal Government budget allocation under the 9th Malaysia Plan.

Quoting from Wang ehsan for Kelantan from next year (NST : 4 Nov 2009) and Najib: 'Wang ehsan' is an additional amount (NST : 5 Nov 2009) ,

  1. "Under the 9th Malaysia Plan, the government is giving Kelantan more than RM7 billion. That is huge. Even without the wang ehsan, the government is already committed to developing Kelantan."

  2. "The wang ehsan is an additional amount, which is being channelled to the Kelantan people," he said, adding that the government would be transparent and would discuss with the Kelantan government before implementing projects."

  3. "To ensure that the money is enjoyed directly by the people of Kelantan, the allocation will be in the form of development projects and poverty eradication programmes and will be channelled directly by the federal government after discussion with the state government."

There are many pro PAS bloggers out there. However, I only enjoy reading one - Sheih Kickdefella - since he provides detailed arguments and reasoning consistently.

Though at times I do not agree with certain views, we must agree to disagree and understand that his perspectives are as a PAS member.

Sheih wrote two articles that seem to argue, with great details, on Petronas operations in waters of Kelantan (debatable due to boundaries definition).

The original article presented the points :

Petronas Jangan Tipu Rakyat Kelantan (summary)
  • Pada 9 Mei 1975, Menteri Besar Kelantan ketika itu, Dato’ Haji Mohamed Bin Nasir telah menandatangani perjanjian dengan Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) yang diwakili oleh Pengerusinya, YBM Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah.

  • Salah satu butiran perjanjian itu adalah seperti yang tercatat di dalam seksyen 1 (1) yang berbunyi,

    “Petronas hendaklah membayar wang tunai kepada Kerajaan secara bayaran tahunan sebanyak yang setara dengan 5% dari nilai petroleum yang didapati dan diperolehi di Kelantan…”

  • Akta 144 Kemajuan Petroleum 1974 - setiap kawasan di dalam Perairan Malaysia adalah milik salah satu daripada 13 negeri yang disebut di dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan
  • Akta 440 Malaysian-Thailand Joint Authority 1990 - menjamin hak Kelantan ke atas perairan tersebut serta terus mengangkat sebarang perjanjian yang dimeterai sebelumnya.

However, a mainstream blog BigDogDotCom, which I enjoy reading also, has refuted Kelantan's claims on royalty payments from Petronas also based on legislation.

Heuristically hydrocarbon (summary)
  • Federal Government is not compelled to give any part of the earnings from oil and gas to any of the states, including Kelantan.

  • The Petroleum Development Act does not provide such provisions but instead named Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) as the sole custodian to all matters pertaining oil and gas.

  • The agreement signed between the Petronas and Kelantan State Government on 9 May 1975 still falls under the Petronas Development Act.

  • The state borders - three nautical miles from the shores. The international boundary - 12 nautical miles.

  • The drilling operations under Malaysian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) - 200 nautical miles (370 km radius) from the shore.

I have a feeling that this matter will end up in Court.

Anyway, do read BDDC's article as he provided details on Barisan Nasional Government's service to the people (fuel subsidies) and Kelantan (development projects).

I have read many blogs since last year with campaigns called "Perak Bangkit" and "Selangor Bangkit".

These are calls to the people and politicians of the States to rise against the hastily and poorly assembled Opposition parties that have resulted in multiple unrest and numerous by elections.

It is about time Barisan Nasional look into "Kelantan Bangkit" - one mission which Dr M, Tengku Razaleigh and Pak Lah failed.

We almost had it in 2004 where Kelantan was led by PAS with only a one-seat majority. Surely, Kelantanese are not fully behind PAS and their votes do swing to Barisan Nasional.

I say, let's do it and win the people back !

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

MCA : Ong - Chua signals unity

Previously, I raised several pointers. To begin making my point, allow me to repeat what I wrote over the past two weeks briefly.

  • The current infighting will only make matters worse. When bloggers campaign for the leaders they support, we tend to overlook the long term plan.

  • If the supported is still at the top and the opposed is also holding office, and when we go into the Elections, can we go in as a team to win it for the Party ?

  • When we enter the Elections and when we go to the ground, we do not walk in as pro Tee Keat, pro Chua or pro Liow men. We go in as a team and we exit as a team.

  • Pro Chua men must be able to argue for and support Tee Keat and Pro Tee Keat men must be able to argue for Chua.

  • The same applies for the third force supporters where they must also be able to argue for Soi Lek and for Tee Keat when the need arises such as during Elections.

  • The question right now is are we able to do so ? Are all MCA members, Central Delegates and Central Committee members able to handle, argue and market the Party this way ?

  • If we cannot do such things, then MCA is still in a checkmate and I believe not many are able to.

  • Some of us can do it, definitely not all. But "some" is not enough. MCA must mobilize their machinery as a team and not have contradictions at any point in time.
Recently, the Registrar of Societies (RoS) reinstated Dr Chua Soi Lek as the Deputy President of MCA. This surely puts the 3rd Force in a dilemma and a very big one.

If we bother to check the recent news and from Dr Chua's blog, the man himself has offered a goodwill gesture to Tee Keat and his supporters.

Today, Dr Chua is speaking out and ready to even argue on behalf of the President as well as the Party (MCA). The signals are clear from him.

Again, the observant types will notice that Tee Keat is also returning the goodwill with friendly and warm receptions to Soi Lek through his statements and recent appointments in the MCA Central Committee and Bureau Heads.

As far as the signals are concerned, the once warring factions - Tee Keat and Soi Lek - are ready to unite under one umbrella and under one aim which is to reinvent, reform and rejuvenate the Party that upholds the 1MCA 1Team formula.

This is a combination of two top MCA leaders' manifestos and the best we have ever seen in history of the Party (if they can work together, that is).

Questions might be raised for Tee Keat's supporters on their attacks targetted at Soi Lek pre EGM and the same for Soi Lek's supporters who slammed Tee Keat pre EGM.

Of course, as I said, not everything can be forgotten and the Opposition leaders and supporters will make use of this opportunity to say "eh last time you all attack him, now you support him?"

Yes, when we were asked to choose between the two and decide, opinions were divided.

The analogy is clear.

If we are asked to choose either nasi lemak or roti canai for breakfast whereby both are our favourites, we have to choose only one no matter what and provide our justifications for our choice. If we are given the option of having both, of course we will say, why not ?

Soi Lek's track record as Minister of Health is still intact and very much appreciated by the community and MCA, including Tee Keat's supporters.

That is why during the pre EGM period, none from Tee Keat's camp attacked Soi Lek's record but only questioned his private affairs.

Tee Keat's track record as an MCA leader, a Chinese community representative and of course as public servant in various Ministries are also very much intact.

None from Soi Lek's camp attacked Tee Keat on his track record but merely voiced uneasiness over Tee Keat's style which analysts said that seem to clip Soi Lek camp's wings.

Now, Tee Keat and Soi Lek's supporters are ready to work as 1 team now, and no longer involved in an "either you or me only" political battle.

This should be sufficient for us supporters and bloggers to answer any questions raised from here on. We have work to do now for MCA and Barisan Nasional as a whole.

The 3rd force's political moves are now in a checkmate position.

The Chinese community, if the leaders bother to put their ears to the ground to listen, is saying that MCA leaders are showing their greedy nature for power and positions.

If the 3rd force still wants to proceed to battle, then be prepared for the backlash from Tee Keat's camp, Soi Lek's camp, the MCA and Barisan Nasional machinery as well as the Chinese community.

The ball is now in Tiong Lai, Mei Fun and Ka Siong's court.

Monday, November 02, 2009

MCA searching for answers

As MCA struggles to find the solutions for the largest leadership crisis and power struggle in history (from President to Central Committee), we begin to realize and sense the need for an authoritative figure in MCA.

UMNO has Dr Mahathir, Tengku Razaleigh and Najib as authoritative figures. PKR has Anwar Ibrahim, DAP has the Lims while PAS of course has Tok Guru Nik Aziz.

MCA ? No one. We do not have fatherly figures in MCA. Someone must stamp their mark and discipline the naughty boys in MCA, don't you think so ?

If Nik Aziz is not around in PAS, the Party will be divided into factions. If Anwar is not in PKR, the Party will split. You see my point?

Indeed, we want to see democracy but once we have carried out the democratic process, members of the Party must uphold the democratic principle and concept.

MCA must learn to understand one concept of democracy. When you are a democratically elected leader, you are entitled to make autocratic decisions.

This is a fact in all democratic systems in the world and one concept which MCA leaders have failed to grasp.

For now, Tee Keat is widely known as a no-nonsense man and commands the respect of many. With the right moves and game plan, Tee Keat can be the authority in MCA.

If you ask me, I have a slight preference for new party polls instead of the Greater Unity Plan.

This will end all the campaigns, factions realignment and all internal party politics once and for all before Barisan Nasional enter the 13th General Election.

It will also deny opportunists to act like Anwar Ibrahim by saying "we have the numbers, we have the support" and go for another round of a veiled "Save MCA Campaign" which in truth is just a tactic to elevate one's political career at the expense of those already at the top.

MCA needs to end the impasse soon. It is becoming increasingly difficult for pro Barisan Nasional and pro MCA bloggers to market the Party in the blogosphere and among the people.

Also, there are MCA bloggers who voice their support and campaign for particular leaders in the Party. The bloggers are divided according to the people they support, not the Party.

The current infighting will only make matters worse. When bloggers campaign for the leaders they support, we tend to overlook the long term plan.

If the supported is still at the top and the opposed is also holding office, and when we go into the Elections, can we go in as a team to win it for the Party ?

How then can the supporters of every individual leader answer the questions of the people when asked on issues related to the opposed who happens to be in the same Party and holding office also ?

To make it simple, how can pro Tee Keat men answer questions related to Dr Chua ? How can pro Dr Chua men answer questions related to Tee Keat's team ?

When we enter the Elections and when we go to the ground, we do not walk in as pro Tee Keat, pro Chua or pro Liow men. We go in as a team and we exit as a team.

Pro Chua men must be able to argue for and support Tee Keat and Pro Tee Keat men must be able to argue for Chua.

The same applies for the third force supporters where they must also be able to argue for Soi Lek and for Tee Keat when the need arises such as during Elections.

The question right now is are we able to do so ? Are all MCA members, Central Delegates and Central Committee members able to handle, argue and market the Party this way ?

If we cannot do such things, then MCA is still in a checkmate and I believe not many are able to.

Some of us can do it, definitely not all. But "some" is not enough. MCA must mobilize their machinery as a team and not have contradictions at any point in time.

Otherwise, the election machinery and campaigns by MCA and Barisan Nasional will be jeopardized and provide ammunition to the Opposition.

The big players at the moment are Tee Keat, Soi Lek, Tiong Lai, Mei Fun and Ka Siong.

There are also other politicians of the past who are playing a role in the current leadership struggle such as Tan Chai Ho and rumours circulating around Chan Kong Choy and former Sec Gen Ong Ka Chuan.

MCA is running out of talents and fast losing out to DAP whom have gathered well trained professionals and attracted young talents over the years.

The future is bleak for MCA if former leaders are not here to guide the Party but to make a return. The future is bleak for MCA if current leaders are not united behind the President and always conspire to topple the leadership for personal gains.

One good advice that Tun Dr Mahathir once reminded Barisan Nasional recently should be repeated in the ears of MCA members and leaders.

Today you could win Party Elections and positions but you would still lose the General Elections because the people would not support you.