Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thank you Craig

I just received an email not long ago from a reader, Craig. Thank you for telling me where to follow up on Thailand politics.

I appreciate it. Actually, I do read http://www.bangkokpost.net/ very frequently but not The Nation and Asia Times.

I will surely go shop for Paul Handley's book, 'The King never smiles' that you recommended :)

Anyway, some comments about your email. I am not well versed in Thai monarchy matters but I do know that some Thais are a little skeptical of the next generation to take over the throne. Thaksin seems to be silent there in Thailand and at the moment, he is focusing on investments.

Apparently he is going to invest US $10 billion in Cambodia and his proposal to have a resort and casino there is awaiting approval from the authorities. It was said that he had a discussion with Hun Sen over a round of golf some time ago.

Hmm. Whether or not Thaksin will make use of the succession to the throne in Thailand for his political comeback, only time will tell.

Nevertheless, thanks Craig. Kob kun krab !

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