Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where is Arumugam?

I find it suspicious. If someone comes up with a statutory declaration which can be done at a Commissioner of Oath's office for a fee of RM 5, he will disappear the next day!

Then, some leaders will come out and say "Where is this man? He made a SD against this politician but he cannot be contacted now!"

I remember there was once a prominent blogger publicised a SD by the former driver of Nallakaruppan that claimed Najib practices Hindu religious rites.

Sometimes, the way some leaders word their statements made it look as though Najib or Barisan Nasional leaders had a hand in hiding these people.

As the rakyat, we have to consider other options.

It could also be that SOMEONE paid them to make the Statutory Declarations and then advised them to go overseas and not to return home or they will not see daylight in Malaysia.

Well, stories come and go and my storyline above is "highly fictional" And rumours that Najib hid these people who made the declarations can also see a "counter rumour" like the storyline I just wrote above.

Something new is happening in Kedah now. Let us see some headlines and the contents of the article.

A by-election in Bukit Selambau?
It is learnt that Arumugam has submitted his resignation letter to the Kedah assembly speaker today and had gone overseas. Early this month, Arumugan had lodged a police report claiming, among others, that there was an attempt to kidnap him. He also claimed that he and his officers have received numerous threats. "All of this is being done in order to force me to leave PKR and move to Barisan Nasional," he had said after lodging the police report. He had said that apart from the threats, he was also approached with lucrative offers in order to coax him into leaving PKR.

PKR Assemblyman gone missing
A check by Bernama at his rented house at the Kelab Cinta Sayang housing area, here, found that the house was locked with no sign of people inside. According to neighbours, Arumugam was seen leaving the house with family members two days ago.

At one point there were rumours going around in blogs or the alternative media that Arumugam was kidnapped. And of course politicians from PKR said they could not reach Arumugam at all.

I wonder why the neighbours saw Arumugam leaving the house with family members two days ago.

Some even immediately assume that certain political leaders had a hand in kidnapping Arumugam last week!

Now, the Pakatan Rakyat leaders and bloggers must bite their own tongue. Kedah PKR claim that Arumugam is in a safe place.

Was Arumugam kidnapped with his family members and the neighbours saw it happening or is the rumour a baseless allegation and conspiracy against Barisan Nasional?

All these are done by bloggers, Arumugam or any political leaders to divert attention from THE TRUTH.

Whatever it is, I hope the authorities can investigate the police reports. Arrest those guilty of criminal activities - money politics, kidnapping, and of course false reports too.

(Credits to BHarian, MT, and BDDC for the photos)

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