Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elizabeth Wong

In my humble opinion, Elizabeth Wong should continue as ADUN if the people of Bukit Lanjan wants her.

I truly understand how she feels but if her service is still needed by the people, she should continue because the people will back her all the way.

It is not like she spends her private time killing people or robbing banks!

In this hour, I do not want to go all out to rebuke the statement by Eli Wong. I share your pain and feelings.

However, I have to make something very clear. The pictures were not taken by BN people for sure.

As a leader, it is improper to make unjustified statements and blind accusations. What more to say, from a lawyer?

I hope Elizabeth Wong understands this.

If it is investigated that the acts of distribution originated from a BN party member, then BN leaders should apologize publicly, sack the culprit, and let the authorities take further action.

Even President Obama dares to admit "I screwed up".

Nizar and Anwar can wipe their hands clean from the incident in Kuala Kangsar, February 2009.

But Barisan Nasional leaders should not be like them. BN should not sweep aside if one of their members break any political ethics but should humbly face the people and say "We are sorry for what happened and we do not condone such actions".

If it is investigated to be otherwise, I demand that the Opposition leaders come up with a press statement to clear the air for the hinted conspiracy against Barisan Nasional over this immoral intrusion of privacy case.

Nevertheless, I strongly urge Elizabeth Wong to look inside her family or her own party over this issue. They could be the source of this scandal.

I stand firm that Elizabeth Wong need not resign solely due to this incident. I urge the authorites to collaborate with MCMC and arrest the culprit who distributed the pictures.

(Credits to TheMalaysianInsider, BBC, AFP and NST for the photos)


Anonymous said...

You are a hypocrite , if you are for BN how can you be for ELI. period

If you can be successful in politics here, you would be another Mdm Hee.

Wei Liang Goh said...

Haha. Being a BN supporter (if I am), means I cannot support Elizabeth Wong?

Mind you, I am an ardent fan of Fong Po Kuan, M Kulasegaran, Husam Musa.

And yet you call me a hypocrite.

Oh by the way, Mdm Hee left because of very obvious reasons.

Ngeh Koo Ham and Nga Kor Ming. If you don't believe me, ask Perak DAP to sit in front of an open forum.

And we can see who almost cost YB Fong not to contest because of a leader who wanted to put his relative in that seat (ask Ngeh-Nga).

Or perhaps, you can also see the pictures, videos online.

Seems like everywhere Nizar goes, Ngeh Koo Ham is there. Makes me wonder if Nizar is from PAS or DAP because I hardly see any PAS supporter/legal adviser with him at all!

Oh well.

Call me a hypocrite or whatever you like.

My opinion is clear that YB Eli Wong should not step down if the rakyat wants her.

Surprisingly, Barisan Nasional's leadership also share the same ideas as me.

Oh oh ... one more thing. I think Anwar, Haji Hadi and Lim Kit Siang told Pak Lah to stay on because they like him!

If they are for Pakatan Rakyat, how can they be for Pak Lah ?


Your comments just showed the gap of knowledge and maturity between me and you.

Anonymous said...

Only the ladies from MCA supports ELI, not the men. The men from there are hypocrites (if they claim to support ELI).
Come back to work here OK. You are much in need here. Oh I forgot You are from a wealthy crony background and you only work for your family. Come back lah anyway, hope your offsprings will continue your good luck
Oh oh ... one more thing. I think Anwar, Haji Hadi and Lim Kit Siang told Pak Lah to stay on because they like him I forgot you like older man for (their money).They whispered to you, luv?

Wei Liang Goh said...

Er. I don't understand your personal attack on me.

My family has no connection whatsover to Barisan Nasional.

Not a single bit.

My family don't own any business. My dad works in a factory by the way as a production employee.

And you call me a rich crony? My family owns a car only and that is Proton Waja.

And I am a rich crony.

So I don't know what you mean that I will work for my family only.

My family owns ZERO businesses. Check with the Registrar ok?

And also, I think if you read my blog since 2006, I am passionate about Malaysia.

I have a PSD contract of 4 years waiting for me in 2010 (for my Undergraduate scholarship) and I am dedicated to public service in Malaysia.

You are really funny, my friend.

Personal attack like a clown on me with absolutely weird points.

Anonymous said...

she should resign. a person should not be judge on his / her brain alone but also on his / her action when nobody arounds. I guess you would not go to a roti canai store again if you happen to see the roti canai man "korek tahi hidung" while waiting for a customer eventhough he did washed his hand when you begins to order one.