Monday, February 23, 2009

A Reflection for Pakatan Rakyat - 3

  • There are a lot of pictures circulating online these days, especially UMNO leaders' children. And I can confirm, pictures of Najib's son are in circulation. (The picture below is just one of the many. I leave it for you to search it, if you haven't received the circulated emails)
  • When these pictures came about, the people say that these leaders and their children are immoral and against the religion.
  • No one from Pakatan Rakyat or among the people who said that these are invasion of privacy of their family.
  • Those pictures, if we say or blog that they are wrong, some will come and tell me "You are a fool. This is what we call press freedom and freedom of information."
  • But when pictures of Elizabeth Wong came up, leaders claim that it is invasion of privacy, not immoral.
  • Have we ever thought about the feelings of Najib Tun Razak's son who is still studying in a University? No, we haven't. Because we treat the people in UMNO like enemies.
  • A picture paints a thousand words. These words can be the truth, half-truth or lies which supplement the picture.
  • We (the non Bumiputeras) tend to forget UMNO is the party that fought for the Independence of Malaysia and granted citizenships to our forefathers via jus soli.
  • What more to say about the Malays who are supporting a very unstable alliance of PAS, DAP and PKR against UMNO?
  • Khalid Ibrahim is asking the Federal Govt to honor the free water promised by Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor. What they promised, they ask the Federal Government of Barisan Nasional to provide.
  • Guan Eng always say "We will work with the Federal Government to tackle these issues". But I wonder if Pakatan Rakyat remember the days when they publicise the investments and businesses in Penang?
  • When they have money, the call the press and say this is Pakatan Rakyat's effort! But when they can't find anything to boost the economy, they tell the press and the people "Barisan Nasional Federal Govt is not helping us".
  • The non Bumis might not understand the importance of a respect for the Sultan, but the Malays must not forget.
  • When an unregistered coalition seeked an audience with the Palace in Perak to form the State Government in March 2008, I felt it was improper because Barisan Nasional had the most seats. (given that BN contested as a party, but the Opposition contested on their own platforms). Yet, I respected the decision of the Palace.
  • You see, you can claim that this is not under your orders, but your supporters did the job. Why not send a peace mission with an apology to the Sultan of Perak? Unless of course, Nizar & Co "masih ingin derhaka".
  • Nizar can continue to say he is a PAS leader and a PAS MB of Perak. But then, it seems that the DAP is running the show. Look at the news articles and pictures of Nizar. Ngeh Koo Ham and DAP leaders are always beside him.
  • Is Nizar a PAS member or a DAP member? What happened to the PAS supporters or PAS legal advisors?
  • I think Sivakumar (Perak State Assembly Speaker) and Wong Kam Woh forgot to suspend or report the ADUNs of Changkat Jering and Behrang, formerly of Parti Keadilan Rakyat when they were arrested red handed for corruption.
  • These two ADUNs went on as EXCO of Kerajaan Negeri Perak until they left Pakatan Rakyat to be Independents. Their support for Pakatan Rakyat were well received by Nizar and Co.
  • Nizar & Co, refused to suspend these two ADUNs. What kind of integrity are you talking about? And yet you place yourself as the righteous leaders of Perak?

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(Credits to Malaysiakini, MStar and The Star for the photos)


Anonymous said...

oh boy.. u gonna receive a lot of bashing from the rabid, cock-eyed pakatan rakyat supporters on this one!!!!


Jimmy Tham said...

Wear extra layers of undies just for the sake of protecting your asshole my dear friend. Lin peh tak dapat tolong you ni. lol~

Like the poem witht the title, the road not taken, I wonder what you become of Malaya Union if non-bumis were not grandted citizenship. Probably we would fall into chaos and chinks would probably just flee back to mainland never to be back again. Thus the granting of citizenship is not a show of gratitude or sacrifice from 1 side but more of a necessity to keep the situation a status quo.

Regarding the Perak Exco lineup, i think it is only fair for DAP to get the lionshare just to keep the alliance from falling apart. It has been agreed earlier and when every1 is happy and when it is Nizar who make the final shot i.e. PC and policies I don't see any problem with that. But yea, Ngeh simply can't resist to be shown along the MB and he thinks he is a big shot which most of us would agree it is menyampah.

Just because most DAP appear in the PC doesn't mean they make the shot and Nizar is just a puppet, after all it is a fact that most DAP members are exco members and it is only right for them to show some solidarity. More proof are needed else people will think this is a baseless accusation. Attach some news clips or other blogs and I think people will be more willing to accept it.

PR simply comes out with many statements without thinking of the repercussion i.e. crossover or condemning the terengganu MB case thinking it would never happen to them. So take that as a hard lesson.

joesmith said...

i happen to know najib's son in high school in Malaysia and do occasionally run into him in uni. i tell you, he is such a shy, nerdy guy, you would never believe. especially if you were to see those photos.

if any of you studied in US or Europe AND did not cocoon yourself only with malaysian students eating nasi lemak everyday(which most of them do) you are bound to have pictures with your classmates - female or male, and most probably at social functions - parties, retreats etc. and i believe that is all those pictures are.

pale in comparison with nude pictures, if you ask me.

Wei Liang Goh said...

pictures always paint a thousand words. but we tend to forget if these words are right or wrong.

the pictures in circulation of najib's son were never defended until now.

yes it is treat. the pictures of najib's son were all at social events

Jimmy Tham said...

I really have no comment bout the pictures being circulated if you ask me. It's just like human cloning, some sect are willing to die and go against it where as others claim it as the very miracle cure to all sickness. Pictures are necessary as proof and illustrate points and depending on how you interpret it can propel or destroy 1 person. It really boils down to the intention.

My friend, when you posted that many posts on local politics, I'm thinking of asking you to post some snippets or post regarding the severity of current economy conditions like what I sent to you earlier today. At least both BN and PR supporters can share a common issue together and show them that indeed both do have some similarities that we live in Malaysia and we sink or swim with it.

Above is the url that shows a good comparison as to what's about to come and hit us hard. I, myself missed this pointers as well being so occupied with US and China economy issues. It seems that ECB is not some what that invincivle as claimed by certain sectors. When 1 of the Baltic countries' cabinet resigned enmass as a sign of apology for failing to handle the economic issue, we should know a very big wave is about to come. Most would agree M'sia is at the very top of a supllier chain, that we supply mostly natural resources (inputs) to other manufacturing intensive countries and there will be a certain time laggard before we get to feel the full impact.

Again, Nero fiddles while Rome burns with the barbarians at its gate.

Anonymous said...

Full text by Judge N. H. Chan (Former Court of Appeal Judge) of his legal commentary on the constitutional tussle:

Anonymous said...

Mr Goh,

The difference between Eli Wong and Najib Jr is that Najib Jr consented to the photos being taken (you could also argue he was drunk or distracted by cleavage) while Ms Wong's privacy was invaded where she did not consent to the photo's be taken.

It is unfortunate that Najib Jr and friends probably like uploading such photos onto [choose your favourite social networking site] and add 500+ friends to fully view their photos. As a result, someone decided to circulate them around. And the photos are rather telling about the lifestyle these children lead.

I think you would agree with me that Ms Wong's photos aren't the typical photos anyone would take of themselves, let alone upload to a social networking website.

So stop trying to take the moral high ground. You can't compare apples with oranges.

Wei Liang Goh said...

That's right. Very well said and I agree with you on your opinions.

However, I hope people can remind Pakatan Rakyat not to put the blame in BN's courtyard before any investigations were carried out.

They claim that it was BN's conspiracy. But the next day when people found out it was a PKR inside job, we were advised to stop talking about the case.

Is that proper? It is just like the Malay proverb - baling batu sembunyi tangan.

It is said that the naughty boy went to Indonesia. Coincidentally, Eli was claimed to have went on leave to Indonesia too.

As far as I know, Anwar has many friends who are powerful in Indonesia.

Hopefully we see something coming up in the weeks to come.

What Hilmi can do now is to put the blame and claim it is a BN conspiracy. Then, Pakatan Rakyat and the "rakyat" will support him and he will be defended.

Of course, I am being sarcastic but this is a possibility.