Thursday, February 05, 2009

Shame on you, Pakatan Rakyat supporters

The time now is 10.00pm in Ipoh. Today is the 5th of February, the day Anwar's hypocrite "value" is shown to the world.

Anwar forgot that he sent people to Taiwan to woo BN MPs.
Anwar forgot that he went all over Malaysia to woo BN MPs.
Anwar forgot that he went to Hong Kong to meet BN component party leaders and MPs.

He wanted to be Prime Minister of Malaysia through crossovers. Now, PKR and DAP ADUN left their respective parties to be Independent ADUNs and gave their vote of confidence to Barisan Nasional to form the new State Government.

Why are you fussing so much now, Anwar Ibrahim?

I am sick and tired of you, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. You are not fit to lead Malaysia. This is something I dare say and APOMM have been saying this for a long time.

I am sad to say, the Pakatan Rakyat supporters at the MB's house now have caused a big issue.

The road heading towards Ipoh Specialist Hospital and down to the MB's residence has been blocked by police.

Reports from people I know are saying that PR leaders are at the MB's residence giving speeches.

Go ahead and park at the shoulders of the road or do whatever is legal.

But Pakatan Rakyat leaders must apologize to the patients and family members of the sick and needy at Ipoh Specialist Hospital.

Pakatan Rakyat supporters are parking their cars at the car park of Ipoh Specialist Hospital.

What more to say about the inconvenience caused by the gathering at the MB's house to the traffic flow around town and especially to the Ipoh Specialist Hospital?

This is disgraceful! I am sure there are better venues elsewhere than such a highly sensitive zone.

I am not creating stories here for I have been travelling to and fro ISH many times a day since the weekend for some family related matters.

I slam the attitude of those supporters.


Anonymous said...

WOAH there, distributor of diatribe. I mean you might genuinely love the BN and God only knows I'm really sorely sorry that you're sick and all but surely you've got to do better to 'slam' the PR/Anwar/whatever than by name calling and complaining about parked cars? Why don't you take issue on some policy, illegality, like bribery, or act of misgovernance? You must know of some. So go get them, tiger! And may the force be with you.

Wei Liang Goh said...

i dont know who you are, but it is clear that you are a first time at my blog.

i have consistently over the past few months and especially in recent days, slammed the crossovers for it betrays the votes during the GE.

the reason why I blogged about the morality of PR supporters is just to keep my readers informed about what is happening around.

other blog posts will show my stand on the issue.

thank you for coming to APOMM.