Saturday, February 07, 2009

Najib Bankrupt

PERAK (updated 10.40pm)
1. Pakatan reps tell of attempts to buy them over
2. Najib offered to give RM50m for defections
3. BN 'poaching' for more defectors

Sivakumar - RM 60m
Sivanesan - RM 10m
Keshwinder Singh - RM 10m
Fauzi Muda - RM 50m
S. Kesavan - not reported
A. Subramaniam - not reported
Malaysiakini reports - RM 7-10 million (updated)

(Assume RM5 million each for the "not reported" and RM 10 million from Malaysiakini's sources)

Total bribes that could take place if true - RM 150 million (updated)

We were offered cash, claim Kedah PKR reps

Lim Soo Nee - several millions
Tan Show Kang - several millions

(Assume RM5 million each)

Total bribes that could take place if true - RM10 million

Najib Tun Razak : (RM160 million)
Jabatan Kehakiman : Najib is declared bankrupt.

This will be the story if everyone becomes emotional and listen to the allegations with no evidences from the alliance formed as a "marriage of convenience".

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lordapes said...

politicians are supposed to be immune to bribes. either take it, leave it or report it to the ACA. or at least record it as proof of the bribery proses. the fact that they report it to the newspapers first intrigues me.