Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Script

Two by-elections will be announced this Friday officially by EC for the Parliamentary seat of Bukit Gantang and the State seat of Bukit Selambau.

It is nothing new to the Malaysian political landscape, but there will be a recycled script. This script has never failed to be used by Pakatan Rakyat.

During the coming campaign period, I guarantee you that the words used in Permatang Pauh, Kuala Terengganu and many other by-elections will be repeated.

"Phantom voters!"
"Conspiracy of Barisan Nasional!"
"Rigged voting!"
"Vote buying"

Actually, the people hates vote buying. I am not sure if there really are such cases before, but I have seen one or two YBs presenting pieces of evidence that voters have been paid to vote.

However, given the fact that people hates corruption these days, I am worried that a particular party could set up conspiracies like "vote buying" activities for the candidate from another party.

The storyline can be something like this.

Party A's supporters can go around buying votes from the people to support and vote for Party B. Since Party A knows that the voters hate corruption, they will vote for the "clean" Party A.

The candidate said to be buying votes will face hatred and a backlash of the people. The real winner from this move will be the "clean" candidate.

This story might seem fictional, but there are many versions and politics are always synonymous with dirty tales.

We must be calm. The script will not end with the issue of voters unless Pakatan Rakyat wins these two Bukit.

Do we not agree?

After the many by-elections, the story of "phantom voters" stopped when Pakatan Rakyat won the seats.

If those who support "Ketuanan Rakyat" feels that the "phantom voters" (if they exist) vote for Barisan Nasional only, then they are wrong.

There are thousands of BN people and Government officials who vote for the Opposition too, as seen and proven in the March 2008 election and as claimed by senior politicians in Malaysia.

Once again if we hear about phantom voters, whether PR or BN wins, the election results must be declared null and void in a Court of law.

This is, the true meaning of democracy and Ketuanan Rakyat. Ketuanan Rakyat has been misinterpreted and hijacked to be Ketuanan Pakatan Rakyat.

Malaysia will be doomed if we all provide a bias and emotional support for either PR or BN.

Instead, intelligent votes based on policies and election promises will be a better guarantee for a strong Government of Malaysia.

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Azhar Abdullah said...

To PR, all that matters is their needs fulfilled...If the results of anything goes to them, then it is fair and good...but if it goes against them, then that is not right...

We pity those who still believe in them, proving that selling words are much easier than getting the words worked...

And now is the season where their MP's and ADUN's are missing...just a simple questions, were they at their offices before this every day when people seek their assistance as an MP or ADUN?

lordapes said...

"Ketuanan Rakyat has been misinterpreted and hijacked to be Ketuanan Pakatan Rakyat."

nice one. I only started today, but it seems like I'll be following you for a long time.