Monday, February 02, 2009

Malaysia and Islam

Thank you CY for the comments. Congratulations on your invitation to proceed with Honours.

I have to respond to several matters.

Malaysia's official religion, as agreed by our founding fathers, is Islam as stated clearly in the Constitution.

Although the Constitution recognizes Islam as the official religion, Malaysia respects the faiths of others as well.

Since our official religion is Islam, I see no reason why our nation is not an Islamic one. Remember that Malaysia is a member state in the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).

The official status of Islam has been greatly misunderstood.

A book I am reading now attracts my attention to the real meaning of Islam in the Quran. Let me quote the paragraph for you.

"The Quran is quite clear that Christians are the friends of the Muslims. It was the Christians of Abyssinia who saved and protected the Muslims from their foes. And the Quran categorically advised the faithful that those who are not of the faith will pray in their own way and will believe in their own beliefs. The faithful will pray in their own way and belief in their own beliefs. To the faithful their own religion and to the unbelievers their own religion".

Let me reiterate that the ISA must not be abolished. Instead, it should be amended. The ISA is not a sinful law. Have we forgotten about the militant groups arrested under the ISA law?

I am sure many remember the famous Al Ma'unah group. The essence of ISA law is to protect the Malaysian citizens.

If ISA is dumb, why are the Americans whom we praise a lot and many other developed countries using ISA?

Perhaps the use of ISA in Malaysia, in recent days, are for political reasons which warrants us to cry for justice and support the abolishment of ISA.

In my own opinion, amendment of the ISA will be a better solution.

The case of Malaysia's status will close here for now. Enough is said already and I will keep some other thoughts of mine for the future.

Wei Liang Goh

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Satish said...

I agree..ISA is not a bad's just abused to the max.